Schneider Electric Rack Air Removal Unit SX Duct Kit User Guide | Manualzz
Duct Kit for Rack Air Removal Unit,
Installation—ACF126, ACF127
Support for the air manifolds
Plastic air manifolds
Ceiling adapter (1)
ACF126—24 in
ACF127—600 mm
Holder flanges
M4 Phillips machine screws
Flange nuts
Tools required
#2 Phillips screwdriver
Utility knife
Wire cutters
Tape measure
Hex nutdriver
 Thread a holder flange counterclockwise onto one end
of each hose and tighten by hand until it is firmly
secured. Do not overtighten.
 Using wire cutters and a utility knife, cut the
hoses to fit your configuration. The length of the
hose should equal the distance from the top of
the plastic manifold to the ceiling, plus 6 in
(15.24 cm).
Duct Kit for Rack Air Removal Unit, Installation—ACF126, ACF127
 Assemble each plastic air manifold. Fit 2 pieces
together, and secure them using two M4 machines
screws and flange nuts. Then secure the two manifolds
 Install the support for the air manifolds on the
frame of the Rack Air Removal Unit (ARU)
using 3 M4 machine screws.
 Attach the end of the each hose without a holder flange
to the ceiling adapter. Loosen the clamps on the ceiling
adapter and insert the end of the hose. Tighten the
clamps to securely hold the hose in place.
 Install the plastic air manifolds onto the support
for the air manifolds using 4 M4 machine
Air Duct Kit for the Rack Air Distribution Unit
Duct Kit for Rack Air Removal Unit, Installation—ACF126, ACF127
 When using 2×4 ft ceiling tiles, cut the tile removed in
step 7 to size, and install it to cover the opening.
 When using 2×4 ft ceilings tiles, insert a cross
member (not provided) for additional support.
 Secure the ceiling adapter to the building’s structural
support (not the drop ceiling), using 10-gauge
(minimum) steel wire.
 Remove the ceiling tile directly above the unit
and save it for step 10. Install the ceiling adapter
in the opening.
 Slide the holder flanges on the unattached ends
of the hoses over the air manifold sleeve, and
turn them clockwise to lock them into place.
Air Duct Kit for the Rack Air Distribution Unit
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