MIS User Manual (MoW, 2013)

MIS User Manual (MoW, 2013)
Ministry of Water Sector Program Management Information System is
online based Information system which runs over a global internet .With
this system all information will be centralized and accessed via World Wide
Web at this address:
For support issue please send email to: [email protected] or [email protected]
The Sector Program Management Information system main menu consists
of six modules:
1.Planning & Budgeting
2.Procurement Management
3.Contracts Management
4.Financial Management
5.Reports and
Start up
The system is available over the internet at the following address:
To contact technical support please send email to [email protected]
When the program start for the first time, user will be prompted to
download Microsoft Silverlight plug-in to allow the application to open,
please download and run the Silverlight.
Download Silver Light 1
Download Silverlight 2
Install Silverlight 3
After installing properly the Microsoft Silver Light, the login page will open
up then fill in: User ID
 Password and
 Click Login to open the main page.
Login Page
Main Page
Administration Module, this module initializes various setups for the
operational of the system and defines all initial parameter for each major
modules i.e. Planning and Budgeting, Procurement Management, Contracts
Management and Financial Management.
This Module Includes:
 Planning and budgeting setup
 Procurement management setup
 Contracts Management setup
 Financial Management setup
 General Setup and
 Security Setup
Planning and Budgeting Setup
Planning and Budgeting setup, this part includes all setups and
configurations for planning and budgeting module. Is the core module
which lead the progressive of other modules which cannot be set if no
planning and budgeting done.
This Module Includes defining, Registration and Setups of the following: Programs
 Program Annual Budget
 Components
 Sub Components
 Implementing Agency Category and Implementing Agencies
 Source Fund Category ,source funds and
 Assigning Source Fund to Source Fund Categories
Program Objective Registration; This defines various program
objectives which are assigned to various projects in each components.
On Main Menu go to : Administration >>Planning and Budgeting
Define the following: Objective Code
 Objective Description
 Click save to Register Program Objective
Program Objectives
Program Registration; for MOW Program Management Information
System to work ,a program should be defined first. The Program code and
Program description are compulsory.
On Main Menu go to : Administration >>Planning and Budgeting
Define the following: Program Code
 Program Description
Planned Local Amount in Tanzania Shillings (TSh) this is the Planned
 amount to be contributed by the Government Of Tanzania
Planned Foreign Amount in Tanzania Shillings (TSh) this is the planned
Amount to be contributed by other development partners other than
 Government of Tanzania.
The Revised amount for Local and Foreign are used to amend the planned
 amount.
Program start date and program end date, these set the period planned
 for the specific project
 Click save to Register Program
Program Registration
Program Annual planning
Program annual budget, this defines the budget set annually for the
Administration >>Planning and Budgeting setup>> Program annual
 Select all required parameters i.e. program and financial year
Add program annual plan in Local and foreign Amount (Local for
 government contribution and foreign for other donors contribution )
For any revised Program Budget for specific financial year revised foreign
and local Amount are used to set the revised amount without changing
 the planned amount.
 Click Save to add annual budget
Program annual budget
Component is the breakdown of the programs and in some cases are called
sub programs, these are user defined and is one of the compulsory setup
before projects and its dependents are defined. In creating components
some fields are must (compulsory), and should be defined for the
successfully creation of the component i.e. Component code and
Component description.
To register component to a program go on main menu bar:
>>Administration >>Planning and Budgeting setup>>Components:
 Select Program
 add Component code
 add Component description then
 Click Save to register Component
Component Registration
Sub Components
Sub Component is the breakdown of the program components ,this give
more breakdown of the program and its optional to be defined ,the effect
of defining these later will exclude the previous defined project and their
dependents, selection will exclude the sub program on filtering.
To register Sub Component go to :
>>Administration >>Planning and Budgeting setup>> Sub
 Select Program
 Select component
 add sub component code
 add sub component description then
 Click save to register sub component
Sub Component Registration
Implementing Agency Categories
Implementing Agency categories, This groups different implementing
Agency into groups for easy filtering and narrow down the listings. User will
be able to allocate the implementing Agency by selecting the Agency
category, example of these categories are :- LGA, UWSAS, National Project,
Water Basins etc.
To define category go to Main Menu Bar:
>>Administration >>Planning and Budgeting
setup>>Implementing Agency Categories:
 Add description for Implementing Agency Categories
 Click save to register implementing Agency Categories
Implementing Agency Categories
Implementing Agencies
Implementing Agencies ,these are Agencies and all stakeholders which
are working together in various Project under Water sector, can be attached
to project or procurement activity during Implementations as Implementing
Agency or procuring Agency.
Implementing Agency received various funds from different source i.e.
development partners (Dp`s ) or Government (GOT) ,also will be
accountable for reporting expenditures as per the amount of fund received.
Implementing Agency should be attached to Program, Component and
Implementing Agency Category to allow filtering of Agencies.
To register Implementing Agency go to:
>>Administration >>Planning and Budgeting
setup>>Implementing Agencies
 Select Program, Component and Category
 Add description (Implementing Agency Name)
 Click Save to register Implementing Agency
Implementing Agency Registration
Source Fund Categories
These are different program accounts, which combines different
funds contributed by different development partners as well as government
(GOT).Example of source fund categories available under the Ministry of
water (MOW) are WSDP Basket fund category , Local Fund Category etc.
To register source fund category go to:
>>Administration >>Planning and Budgeting setup >>Source Fund
 Add description (source fund category name)
If the source Fund categories require name of the source fund, then check
the box, otherwise don't check if that category is has no identity for the
source fund name e.g. Basket category where the fund loose identity once
 are in Basket, then
 Click save to Register source fund category
Source Fund Category Registration
Source Funds(Donors)
Source Funds , this registers different source funds (Donors) including
Foreign and Local donors.
To register donors(Fund source) go to
>>Administration >>Planning and Budgeting setup >>Source
 Add description
 Click save to register
Source Fund Registration
Assign Source Funds to Source Funds Categories
This assigns the Source Funds (dp`s) to Source Fund Category, and this
helps filtering Donor partners as per categories .
To Assign Source Fund to categories go to :
>>Administration >>Planning and Budgeting setup >>Assign
Source Fund categories
 Select Source Fund Categories
 Select Source Fund
 Click Add to Assign source Funds to Source Funds Categories
Assign Source Funds Categories
Procurement management setup
Procurement Management Setup ,this sets and initializes all initial settings
for procurement module. This part includes settings up of :
Procurement Methods
This defines various procurement Method used in procurement process.
To Register Procurement Method go to :
>>Administration >>Procurement Management setup
>>Procurement Methods
 Add Procurement Method Code
 Add Description
 Click Save to Register
Procurement Method Registration
Procurement Categories
This Register Various Procurement Category used in procurement Process .
To register procurement category go to:
>>Administration >>Procurement Management setup
>>Procurement Categories
 Add procurement Category method
 Add Description
 Click save to Register procurement Category
Procurement Category
Selection Methods
This register various selection method used in procurement processes.
To register Selection method go to :
>>Administration >>Procurement Management setup >>Selection
 Add Selection Method Code
 Add Description
 Click Save to Register
Procurement Selection Method
Lot Numbers
This predefine lots numbers used in tenders with More than one lots, these
are just numbers depending how maximum the tender can have lots.
To add Lot number go to :
>>Administration >>Procurement Management setup >>Lot
 Add Numeric i.e. 1,2,3, ...
 Click Save add lot number
Lot Number Registration
Contracts Management Setup
This part of the system set and configure all parameters required for
contract Management module this includes: Providers
 Phase number
 Contract status
Providers ,this registers all service provider e.g. contractors, Suppliers,
and Consultants.
To register firms please go:
>>Administration >>Contract Management setup >>Providers
 Add Registration Details
 Click Save to Register
 Check/Uncheck "Is Active" to Activate and deactivate Provider
Providers Registration
Phase numbers
This register numeric numbers for assigning phases used in different
implementation of contracts. This list numbers depending on how many
phases are available in a specific contract.
To define contract phase go to :
>>Administration >>Contract Management setup >>Phase
 Add description as numeric number for the phases
 Click SAVE to Register
Contract Phases Registration
Contracts status
Contracts status, this predefines different status which are used when
updating the status of the contract, i.e. New, In progress, Completed or
terminated contact etc. .
To register contract status please go to:
>>Administration >>Contract Management setup >>Contact
 Add Description
 Click Save to register status
Contract Status
Financial Management Setup
This is a master setup for financial parameters, this part includes: Expenditure Category
Expenditure categories
Expenditure Categories ,this defines different categories of expenditure
in different groups, depending the nature of the activity carried out, i.e.
Works, Goods, Consultancy and Non Consultancy .Expenditure category use
procurement categories as expenditure categories.
To register Expenditure Categories go to :>>Administration >>Financial Management setup>>Expenditure
 Add code
 Add description
 Click save to register expenditure categories
Expenditure Category Registration
GFS Code
GFS Code ,this defines different sub categories of expenditure in different
groups, depending the nature of the activity carried out and their allocation
in terms of expenditure categories .
To register GFS go to :>>Administration >>Financial Management setup>>GFS Code
 Add code
 Add description
 Click save to register GFS Code
Registration of GFS CODE
General Setup
General Setup includes all setup which are general for the overall program,
these are: Currencies
 Financial Years
 Exchange Rate Master
This defines various currencies used in the program and local currency is
To Register currencies go to :
>>Administration >>General Setup >>Currencies
 Add Currency description
 Exchange rate and
 Symbol
Registration of Currencies
Financial Year
This defines Financial years with start date and end date
To Register Financial Years go to :
>>Administration >>General Setup >>Financial Years
Registration of Financial Years
Exchange Rate Master
This form is for recording quarterly exchange rates for use in Interim Financial ReportUses of Funds.
Under this section the quarterly exchange rates must be entered prior to preview of
Source and Use of funds - WSDP/FR/03 report.
Navigation to Exchange Rate Master Menu: Administration>>General
Setup>>Exchange Rate Master.
Exchange Rate Master
Security Setup
Security Setup, This defines all security configurations and system users
User Group
User Group Permission
Transaction Lock Master
User Group
User Group, This defines and categories user with same access level in user groups
To Register User Group go to :
>>Administration >>Security Setup >>User Group
 Add Description then
 Click save to register user group
User Group
User Group Permission
User Group Permission,This assign different permission to user
group,these are general permission to a group per system modules i.e.
write,read and delete.
To Assign User Group Permission go to :
>>Administration >>Security Setup >>User Group Permission
 Select user Group
 Select Module to be granted permission
 Tick all Function/sub module permission to be granted
 Click Save Permissions to assign
User Group Permission
Users,This Registers system users and assigns low level users permissions
by specifying user implementing agency ,source funds user can access and
resetting user password
To Register and assign user permission go to :
>>Administration >>Security Setup >>Users
Select user Group
 Add User ID,this will user id for login in the system
 Add user Full Name
 Add other details email and Phone number but these are optional
add user Password and Confirm password,this default password will be
 changed by user when log in for the first time.
 Click Save to Register User
To add User Permission:-
Select user then Click permission to be granted
 Click Implementing Agencies
 Select all fields and click Add to assign
 Click Source fund, then select source
fund and click add to assign
(a) User Registration
(b) User Permission for IA
(c) User Permission -Source Fund
Transaction Lock Master
Transaction lock master allow for transactions to be locked for specified date range
thus restricting addition, update or deletion of a transaction.
The lock is effective on the financial module only. To enable the lock on the records, a
password (AUD Password) must be specified for the date ranges (From Date and To
Date) the lock to act on. A blank password disables the lock.
From Date: start date from which the transaction lock is enabled
To Date: end date for which transaction lock is disabled there after
Alert Date: date for which the alert message starts to appear prior to To Date
AUD Password: required password for performing locked operation.
An alert date and message can be entered to notify or warn users for associated
locked features
To setup a lock, navigate to: Administration>>Security Setup>>Transaction Lock
Transaction Lock Master
Performing an Add, Update or Delete operations within locked dates ranges require a
password input upon prompt.
Transaction Lock Master – Password Prompt
Transaction Lock Master – Alert Message
Planning & Budgeting
Planning and Budgeting Module, this is the major module for this
system which initializes the data input from planning and budgeting,this
defines projects,project target,target activities,available in specific
program available.
This modules includes:-
 Project Registration
 Project Targets
 Project Target Activities
 Donor Commitments
 Donor Disbursements
 Fund Receipts to Project Accounts
Planning and Budgeting Module
Project Registration
This part registers all project for a specific program available,the
registration of Project in a program is a must as no any plan will be carried
out without registering a project.A project may be for one financial year or
across different financial years.
To register a project go to:
>> Planning and Budgeting >>Projects Registration
 Select Program and Component
 Add all parameters
 Click Save to register project
Project Registartion
Project Target
Project target,defines target of the project in a specific financial year,each
target are defined for each project.
To register project target go to:>> Planning and Budgeting >>Projects target
 Select Program
 Select Component
 Select Sub component(this is option and if not defined skip this selection)
 Select Project to add year target
 Select Objective to add year target
 Select Financial Year
 Add target description and
 Click Save to register target
Project Target Registration
Project target Activities
Project target activities,this defined sub activities as per financial
year budget across various project target, for each financial year project
target activities will be added and budgeted as per one financial year.
To register project target activities in a specific project go to:
Planning and Budgeting >> Projects target activities
Select all parameters i.e. Program,Component,Sub
 Component(optional),Project,financial year and project target.
 Add Project target activity reference #
 Add project target activity description
 Click Save to register project target activity
To add Projects target activities Amount
 Select Planned Activities
 Click planned Amount
(a) Project target activity registration
(b) Target Planned Activities Amount
Donor Commitments
Donor Commitments,this is where all fund commitments from different
source funds (donors) including government of Tanzania (GOT) are
registered for a specific program .The commitments are registered in
different currencies depending on commitment currency.
To register commitments go to:
>> Planning and Budgeting >>Donor Commitments
 Select Source fund category,Source fund ,Program and Currency
 Add Amount as per currency selected above
 Period of commitment(Date from and date to)
 Add any Remarks if any
 Click Save to Register Commitment
Donor Commitments
Donor Disbursments
This part of the system register and monitor all fund disbursed from
different donors as per their commitments.
To register fund disbursed go to:
>> Planning and Budgeting >>Donor Disbursements
 Select source fund category,Source Fund and Program
 Select the Committed amount you want to disburse from (Step 1)
Add date,Amount to disburse , reference number and remarks if any
 (step2)
 Click Save to Register disbursement
Donor Fund Disbusment (Step 1)
Donor Fund Disbusment (Step 1)
Fund Receipts to Project Accounts
Fund receipts to project account, this received fund disbursed from
program holding account, to the program at the ministry levels
To register fund receipts to Project Account go to:
>>Planning and Budgeting >> Fund Receipts to Project Accounts
 Add exchequer date,received amount,exchequer number,and remarks
 Click save to register receipt amount
Exchequer Notifications
Procurement Management
Procurement Management,this part defines all activities to be procured
in a program and annual activities.
This modules includes: Procurement Activity
 Procurement plan and
 Tenders
Procurement Activity
Procurement activity ,this defines new procurement activity by linking
them with the planned project and annual activity.
To Register Procurement Activity go to:
>> Procurement Management >>Procurement Activity
Select predefined i.e. program ,component, project ,Financial
year,Planned activity,Implementing Agency category and implementing
 Agency.
 Add Reference(Procurement activity Code)
 Add procurement Description
 Planned Local amount (these are government contribution)
Planned foreign amount (these are other donors contribution other than
 government)
 Click Save to register Procurement Activity.
Procurement Activity
Procurement plan
Procurement plan defines and set all procurement plan by setting all
required information for procurement and tendering process.(i.e. Key dates
i.e. expected date of advertisement, EOI, Release ,Submission ,No
Objection date,signing date, bid open and expected Contract award
date),procuring and implementing Agency,procurement planned
amount,procurement method,category and selection method.
To plan for procurement activity go to:
>> Procurement Management >>Procurement Plan
Select procurement activity by selecting all required fields i.e. program
,component,project,financial year and status.
 Click "Planning details for selected activity"(see Procurement plan step1)
 Add the basic details and expected date
 Click Save to add Procurement plan details (see Procurement plan step2)
Procurement Plan (step 1)
Procurement plan (step 2)
Procurement plan (step 3)
Tenders, this defines procurement plan to tenders and allow adding
multiple lots to tenders
To create tender go to:
>> Procurement Management >>Tenders
Select all the required information i.e.
 program,component,project,financial year,procurement plan
 Check multi lot if tender has lots
 Click Save to create tender
To add lots : Select tender to add lots
 Click lots for selected tender
 Select tender #
 Add tender description
 Click save to register Lot
Tender Registration
Tender Lots Registartion
Contracts Management
Contracts Management,This part of the system register and administer
all procurement planned activities which involve tendering process hence to
contract process.
The contract includes :
Contract Registration
Contract Phases
Contract payment schedules
Addendum/Variation Payment Schedule and
Contract history/progress Remarks
This defines contract after the contract has been signed ,by assigning all
the required information for contract with actual information and contract
amount with contract currency.
Also this allow to set extension date and remark of the Contract if the
contract has been extended as well as setting the Contract addendum and
variations if any.
>>Planning and Budgeting >> Contracts
 Select all parameters
 Add Contract #,donor Contract #
 Select provider
 No objection date,Sign date,commencement date,expiry date or duration
 Click save to register contract
Contract Registration
To add contract amount : Select tender
 Click the tab with "Amounts for selected contract"
 Select contract currency
Add contract amount (you can add more than one currency for one
 contract)
 Click save to register contract amount
Contract Amount
To Add Addendum/Variations: Select Contract from the List
 Select Addendum tab and Addendum window will pop up
 Add Addendum Variations Details
 Click Save to Register addendum/Variations
Contract Addendum/Variations
Contract Phases
Contract phases,this defines the contract phases for the implementation
of a contract.
To register contract phases go to:>>Planning and Budgeting >> Contract Phases
 Select all the required parameters
 Select Phase number
 Add phase description
 Set the dates for start and end date
 Click Save to Register phases
Registration of Contract Phases
Contract Phase Amount
Contract payment schedule
Contract payment schedules,this defines the schedule of paying contracts
To define contract phase go to:>>Planning and Budgeting >> Contract payment schedule
Select all required parameters i.e. Program,component,project,financial
 year,contract,contract amount and contract phase
 Add description
 Add scheduled Amount and
 Expected payment date
 Click Save to Register Contract Payment Schedule
Contract Payment Schedule
Addendum/Variation Payment Schedule
Addendum/Variation Payment schedules,this defines the schedule of
paying contracts Addendum/Variations.This will be only possible if contract
has addendum/Variation set.
To Addendum/Variation Payment schedules go to:>>Planning and Budgeting >> Addendum/Variation payment
Select all required parameters i.e. Program,component,project,financial
 year,contract and Addendum/Variation amount
 Add Addendum/Variation Payment Schedule description
 Add Addendum/Variation scheduled Amount and
 Expected payment date
 Click Save to add Addendum/Variation Payment schedule
Addedndum/Variation Payment Schedu
Contract history/Progress
Contract history/Progress,this register progress of the contract and set
status i.e. New,in progress,completed or terminated contract.
To add contract progress report go to :
>>Planning and Budgeting >> Contract payment schedule
 Select all required parameters
 Select Status i.e. New,In Progress,Completed or Terminated contract
 Add description of the status
 Click Save to register
Contract history
Financial Management
Financial Management,this manage all process involving expenditures
and fund receipts,allocations etc.
This modules includes: Program Funds Release
 Component Fund Release
 Contract Expenditure
 Non Contract Expenditure
 Addendum/Variations
Program Funds Release
Program fund release (allocations of fund), this receives fund from
program holding account (exchequers ) and release at component level up
to planned activity in a financial year.This depend where you end up to
release to,if fund is received to component level then end at component.
To register fund received go to :
>> Financial Management >>Program Fund Release
Select all required parameters i.e. Program,source fund category,source
 fund etc
 Select Release fund to i.e. Component up to where you want to end up.
 Select Currency
 Add Amount,
 Add reference # (this can be Exchequer No,or PV No,cheque No)
 Add Remarks if any
Component fund release
Component Funds Release
Component Fund Release,this release fund received up to level of
component ,then component allocate fund to implementing Agency up to
the level of planned activity in a financial year.
To add component fund release go to:
>> Financial Management >> Component Funds Release
Select all required parameters i.e. Program,source fund category,source
 fund etc
 Select release fund to i.e. component up to where you want to end up.
 Select currency
 Add Amount,
 Add reference # (this can be Exchequer No,or PV No,cheque No)
 Add Remarks if any
Component Fund Release
Contracts Expenditure
Contract Expenditure,this records various contract expenditure as per
payment schedules,in order add contract expenditure the contract must
have payment schedules.
To add contract expenditure go to:
>> Financial management >> Contract expenditure
Select all required parameters i.e. program,component,project,Financial
year,payment schedule,expenditure category,source fund category and
 source fund
 Add reference # by first selecting the reference Mode (Cheque or TIS)
 Add amount in contract currency
 Click save to add expenditure
Contract Expenditure
Addendum/Variations Expenditure
Addendum/Variations expenditure ,this records various
Addendum/Variations expenditure as per Addendum/Variations payment
schedules,in order add Addendum/Variations expenditure the contract must
have Addendum/Variations payment schedules.
To add Addendum/Variations expenditure go to:
>> Financial management >> Addendum/Variations Expenditure
 Select all required parameters i.e. program,component,project,Financial
year,Addendum/Variations payment schedule,expenditure
category,source fund category and source fund
 Add reference # by first selecting the reference Mode (Cheque or TIS)
 Add amount in addendum/variations currency
 Click save to add addendum/variations expenditure
Addendum/Variations Expenditure
Non Contracts Expenditure
Non Contract Expenditure:This registers all expenditure which are not
via contract but should be related to planned activity with a financial year.
To register non contract go to:
>> Financial management >> Non contract expenditure
Select all required parameters i.e. program,component,project,financial
year,implementing Agency category,implementing Agency,planned
 activity,expenditure category,source fund category and source fund
 Add payee name
 Reference #( by first selecting the reference Mode Cheque or TIS)
 Add amount
 Add Payment description and Remarks if any
 Click save to add expenditure
Non Contract Expenditure
Reports modules is grouped as per major modules i.e.
 Planning and Budgeting
 Procurement management
 Contract Management
 Financial Management
To generate any reports
Click the arrow reports to expand the reports contents
Click the arrow of the report content to select a specific report
Click the Report of your choice and
Fill the Required Parameters and
Click view to generate a report .(Note that, the report is generated in
default view, to save in MS Word, excel or pdf click the save (export)
Button on top menu)
Planning and Budgeting
Planning and Budgeting Reports includes:
Project Count Report
Component Budget Report
Project Budget
Procurement Management
Procurement Management Reports includes:
Procurement Plan Summary
Procurement Plans Details
Contract Management
Contract Management Reports includes:
 Contract Summary
Contract Listing
Financial Management
Financial Management Reports includes:
Disbursement performance
Component Fund allocation Vs Expenditure
>>Interim Financial Reports (IFR)
 Uses of Funds by Component
Expenditure by contract subject to post Review
Expenditure by contract subject to prior review
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