AFG-125 Data Sheet
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Arbitrary Fu Mo ———
| With De Power Pron
| C € | use lares
* Output Amplitude Range From
1mVpp to 2.5Vpp (into 500)
* Wide Frequency Ranges From
Tu Hz - 25MHz (sine wave)
* TuHz Resolution in Full Range
e Built-in Standard 120MSa/s, 10bit, 4k Points
Arbitrary Function for Both Channels
* True Dual-Channel Output, CH2 Provides
the Same Characteristics as CH1
The brand new AFG-100/200 Series USB modular arbitrary function generator has four models for
selections. The AFG-100/200 Series arbitrary function generator with many unique features such as
light weight, handy, and USB interface compatible is an ideal choice for the applications at the
general laboratories in applying stand-alone operation or collocation with the GDS-2000A Series
digital oscilloscope.
The model, channel, and power arrangements of the AFG-100/200 Series are as follows:
AFG-125 AFG-125P AFG-225 AFG-225P
Channels 1 1 2 2
DC Power NA Yes NA Yes
DC power selections include 2.5V, 3.3V, and 5V.
One external 5V power supply (optional GPA-501) and PC software are required to independently
operate the AFG-100/200 Series. When the AFG-100/200 Series is collocating with the GDS-2000A
Series digital oscilloscope, the USB port of the GDS-2000A Series will provide the AFG-100/200
Series with necessary power.
The main features of the AFG-100/200 Series are output amplitude of 2.5Vpp (connecting with a
load of 50 ohms), frequency range reaching 25MHz, frequency resolution of 1u Hz, and built-in
sine waveform, square waveform, triangle waveform, and noise signal. Square waveform can adjust
the duty cycle from 1% to 99% and it can be utilized as pulse signal. Users, via the GDS-2000A APP,
can select from the 66 built-in function waveforms to conduct arbitrary waveform editing. The AFG-
100/200 Series, with functions of AM/FM/PM/FSK/SUM modulation, frequency sweep, burst and
coupling, is suitable for various communications applications.
The AFG-100/200 Series provides arbitrary waveform sampling rate of 120 MSa/s, 10 bit resolution
and arbitrary waveform editing function with 4k point memory to produce true point-by-point
arbitrary waveform output. The easy-to-use external software interface allows users to quickly and
conveniently operate the AFG-100/200 Series.
The AFG-100/200 Series connects the GDS-2000A series digital oscilloscope through the USB
interface to directly duplicate and produce the retrieved waveform signals. Users can edit the required
waveforms by the external computer software and send the edited waveforms to the AFG-100/200
Series to produce signals. The external computer program supports importing CSV format files.
AFG-225/225P dual channel models support independent channel or related channel applications.
Three related functions are coupling, tracking and phase.
* The coupling function allows users to freely set ratio and offset values for frequency and amplitude
of both channels to realize that all parameters are simultaneously effective for both channels. The
measurement of the Third-Order Intercept Point for an amplifier and the simulations of two different
frequency oscillators outputting signals are two application examples for the coupling function.
* The tracking function can produce 180 degree phase offset differential signals with same frequency
and amplitude.
* The phase function allows users to freely set phase parameters for both channels such as sine and
cosine waveform signals.
The sum modulation function can sum up two signals into one and output this signal via one
channel. One of the related applications is to sum up sine waveform and noise to execute speaker
distortion tests.
* Dual-Channel Supports Couple, Tracking,
Phase Operations
* 1% ~ 99% Adjustable Duty Cycle for
Square Waveform
* Friendly User Interface for Easy Parameter
Setting and Parameters Display
* Multiple Editing Methods to Edit Arbitrary
Waveform Easily
e Built-in Standard AM/FM/PM/FSK/SUM/
e USB Device Interface for Remote Control
and Waveform Editing
| Arbitrary Function Generator
| Arbitrary Function Generator
816, 91]
a AFG-225
"mm 0:5 6) (6: 16, (61)
a AFG-225P
Power Supply / Transformer Simulations
e Laboratory and Educational Research
e Pulse Signal as Trigger or Synchronization
* Audio Electronics Applications
* Analog Circuit Testing
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MODEL AFG-125/AFG-125P AFG-225/AFG-225P
WAVEFORMS Sine, Square, Ramp, Pulse, Noise, ARB
Repetition Rate 60MHZz
Waveform Length 4k points
Amplitude Resolution 10 bits
Non-Volatile Memory 4k points
FREQUENCY Range Sine/Square | 14Hz-25MHz
Resolution TuHz
Accuracy Stability +20 ppm
Aging +1 ppm, per 1 year
Tolerance <1 mHz
OUTPUT Amplitude Range GPA-501 power supply: 1mVpp ~ 2.5Vpp (into 5002), 2mVpp ~ 5Vpp (open-circuit)
CHARACTERISTICS USB power supply : TmVpp ~ 2Vpp (into 5002), 2mVpp ~ 4Vpp (open-circuit)
Accuracy +2% of setting +1 mVpp (at 1 kHz)
Resolution 1mV or 3 digits
Flatness +1%(0.1dB) < 100kHz, +3%(0.3 dB) <5MHz, +5% (0.4 dB) <12MHz, +10%(0.9dB) <25MHz (sine wave relative to 1kHz)
Units Vpp, Vrms, dBm
Offset Range GPA-501 power supply: +1.25 Vpk ac +dc (into 50£2), +2.5Vpk ac +dc (Open circuit)
USB power supply: +1 Vpk ac +dc (into 5002), +2 Vpk ac +dc (Open circuit)
Accuracy 2% of setting + 1T0mV+ 0.5% of amplitude
WAVEFORM OUTPUT Impedance 50 typical (fixed), > 10M QQ (output disabled)
Protection Short-circuit protected. Overload relay automatically disables main output
SINE WAVE Harmonic = -50 аВс DC- 1MHz, Ampl >1 ee,
CHARACTERISTICS Distortion <-35 dBc 1MHz - 5MHz, Ampl >1Vpp ; =-30dBc 5MHz ~ 25MHz, Ampl > 1Vpp
SQUARE WAVE Rise/Fall Time = 10ns at maximum output. (into 50 © load)
Asymmetry 1% of period +5 ns
Variable duty Cycle 1.0% ~ 99.0% <100kHz; 10% to 90% < 1MHz, 50% < 25MHz
RAMP Linearity < 0.1% of peak output
CHARACTERISTICS Variable Symmetry 0% to 100% (0.1% Resolution)
PULSE Period 40ns ~ 2000s
CHARACTERISTICS Pulse Width 20п5 — 1999.95
Overshoot <2%
Accuracy 0.196+20ns
Jitter 20ppm +10ns
AM MODULATION Carrier Waveforms Sine, Square, Ramp, Pulse, Arb
Modulating Waveforms Sine, Square, Triangle, Upramp, Dnramp
Modulating Frequency 2mHz ~ 20kHz
Depth 0% ~ 120.0%
Source Internal
FM MODULATION Carrier Waveforms Sine, Square, Ramp,
Modulating Waveforms Sine, Square, Triangle, Upramp, Dnramp
Modulating Frequency 2mHz ~ 20kHz
Peak Deviation DC to Max Frequency
Source Internal
SWEEP Waveforms Sine, Square, Ramp,
Type Linear or Logarithmic
Start/Stop Freq luHz to Max Frequency
Sweep Time 1ms — 5005
Source Internal / Manual
FSK Carrier Waveforms Sine, Square, Ramp, Pulse
Modulating Waveforms 50% duty cycle square
Modulation Rate 2mHz — 100 kHz
Frequency Range TuHz to Max Frequency
Source Internal
PM Carrier Waveforms Sine, Square, Ramp
Modulating Waveforms Sine, Square, Triangle, Upramp, Dnramp
Modulation Frequency 2mHz — 20kHz
Phase deviation 0° — 360°
Source Internal
SUM Carrier Waveforms Sine, Square, Ramp, Pulse, Noise
Modulating Waveforms Sine, Square, Triangle, Upramp, Dnramp
Modulation Frequency 2mHz to 20kHz
SUM Depth 0% ~ 100.0%
Source Internal
SYNC OUTPUT Type Sync, Sweep Marker, Burst Marker or Arbitrary Waveform Marker
Level TTL Compauble into 500
Assignment Channel 1 or Channel 2
Polarity Normal or Inverted
Fan-out =4 TTL Load
Impedance 502 Typical
DUAL CHANNEL Phase -180° —180° (Square and Pulse can not be change, Phase is 0°), Synchronize phase
Coupling Frequency (Ratio or Difference), Amplitude & DC Offset
BURST Waveforms Sine, Square, Ramp, Arb
Frequency TuHz~15 MHz(sine), TuHz~15 MHz(Square), TuHz~1 MHz (Ramp)
Burst Count 1 ~ 65535 cycles or Infinite
Start/Stop Phase -360 ~ +360
Internal Period 1ms — 500s
Gate Source External Trigger
Trigger Source Single or Internal Rate
TRIGGER DELAY N-Cycle, Infinite Os to 655350ns
SAVE/RECALL 10 Groups of Setting Memories
POWER OUTPUT Only AFG-125P/AFG-225P | Output Voltage : (2.5V/3.3V/5V)+5%, Output Current : 0.6A
GENERAL Power Source DC 5V
SPECIFICATIONS Power Consumption 10 W (Max)
Operating Environment Temperature to satisfy the specification : 18 ~ 28°C, Operating temperature : 0 ~ 40°C
Relative Humidity : < 80%, 0 ~ 40°C, Installation category : CAT II
Operating Altitude 2000 Meters
Storage Temperature -10~70°C, Humidity : <70%
DIMENSIONS & WEIGHT 215(W) x 35 (H) x 107(D) mm, Approx. 1kg
Specifications subject to change without notice. AFG-100200GD1DH
AFG-125 25MHz Single Channel USB Modular Arbitrary Function Generator DS2-FH1 Module extension bay & USB Type A to
AFG-225 25MHz Dual Channel USB Modular Arbitrary Function Generator Type A/B cable
AFG-125P 25MHz Single Channel USB Modular Arbitrary Function Generator Plus Power Supply GPA-501 Power Adapter
AFG-225P 25MHz Dual Channel USB Modular Arbitrary Function Generator Plus Power Supply GTL-246 USB Type A to Type B cable
GTL-201A Ground lead
Quick Start Guide x 1, CD-ROM with AFG Software and User Manual x 1
GTL-101 BNC-Alligator Test Lead x 1 (only AFG-125/125P) GTL-105A Test Lead x 1
GTL-101 BNC-Alligator Test Lead x 2 (only AFG-225/225P) (only AFG-125P/225P)
No.7-1, Jhongsing Road, Tucheng Dist., New Taipei City 236, Taiwan [a
T +886-2-2268-0389 F +886-2-2268-0639
E-mail: [email protected]
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