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Product Version: 3.1 Pro
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Table of Contents
1. Introduction
Installing AutoScreenRecorder
3 Easy Steps to Record
AutoScreenRecorder 3 version Comparison
2. Getting Help
Frequently Asked Questions
The From Tab
The To Tab
The Advanced Tab
Video Editor
Technical Support
3. Registration and Licensing
Registration Benefits
How to Order
Distribution of Unlicensed Copy
License Agreement
About Wisdom Software Inc.
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AutoScreenRecorder 3 -- Record, edit and show! Get the power of an easy-to-use
and award winning screen recorder!
AutoScreenRecorder 3 Pro is a powerful and intelligent screen recorder to save you time and boost
productivity. Record anything you see and do on your screen and get it in a video file or Flash movie.
AutoScreenRecorder comes with a number of features including a video editor, that you can deliver high
quality video files. As well, AutoScreenRecorder 3 offers easy-to-use user interface and flexibility for your
recording needs.
With AutoScreenRecorder, can record your web cam sessions, favorite games, software operation steps,
training demos, videos and movies, The Flash movie file can be published to the Web in no time.
Easy to use, record exactly what you see and do
Redesigned user interface for easy operation. With an array of recording options, combined with Zoombox
and adjustable area, you can take any part of the screen precisely in flexible ways, including any window,
object, non-rectangular area and full screen.
Time saving smart feature for recording and video editing
Some exciting new features are bundled in AutoScreenRecorder 3. It supports multi-monitor, auto-stop,
scheduled recording on any date and time and recurring recording. It offers a new ScreenZoom feature that
you can enlarge your screen at any time. A new video editor is available in 3 that you can trim your recorded
videos frame by frame, and extract images, sound from them. Also you can re-record your sound to go with
your recorded video and re-generate the Flash movie.
High quality
With a redesigned recording module, AutoScreenRecorder 3 records your screen in an accurate framerate
and with minimum interference of what you do on your PC, a small footprint. It offers high quality recording
with video and sound synchronization. The image quality factor and framerate can be adjusted to ensure
maximum flexibility for high quality long recording.
High productivity
It can record mouse pointer with click effects, sound from your speaker or microphone. You can pan the
recording region during recording. It also offers annotation recording including AutoText, watermarks, date
and time stamps. Recorded video files can be saved to Flash movies and with automatically generated file
names. So you don't have to stop each time to enter a file name. It hooks up Windows sound recorder and
movie maker in one click.
At $49.95 US, AutoScreenRecorder offers high price-performance value compared to other comparable
products in the industry.
© 2002-2010 Wisdom Software Inc. All rights reserved.
Installing AutoScreenRecorder
System Requirements
Pentium 665MHz PC or higher
Windows 98/NT4/2000/ME/XP/2003/Vista and Windows 7 (compatible with 64-bit systems)
Run SetupAutoScreenRecorder.exe for self-extracting, automated installation.
Note: To add AutoScreenRecorder to the Startup group to start with Windows automatically, you can run
the installation again and check the box.
Or, you can add that later from the "Advanced" tab.
© 2002-2010 Wisdom Software Inc. All rights reserved.
Uninstall from your Windows Control Panel, Add/Remove Programs.
- Or -
Run Uninstall from the AutoScreenRecorder program menu.
3 Easy Steps to Record
Step 1
On the 'From' tab, in the "Hotkeys" group, pick hotkeys you press to start/stop, pause and cancel recording,
F9, Ctrl+F9, Ctrl+F10 for instance, and what to record.
On the 'To' tab, choose how you like to record and where you want the recorded video saved.
Step 2
Click the 'Stand By' button. The AutoScreenRecorder icon appears in your Windows system tray.
Step 3
Press the hotkeys you picked in Step 1 to actually record, F9 in this case.
Press the Stop hotkey which can be the same as the start key, to stop and save to a video file.
© 2002-2010 Wisdom Software Inc. All rights reserved.
To cancel
Before recording: Right-click the mouse button or press the Esc key to cancel.
During recording: Press the Cancel hotkey you setup, Ctrl+F10 in this case.
For instant recording, you can press the "Record Now" button on the top to start recording.
AutoScreenRecorder 3 Version Comparison
Recording Area
Rectangle area
Adjustable rectangle
Object / Window
Active Window
Fixed area
Specific Window
Full screen
Non-rectangular area
Adding to Recorded Video
Mouse pointer with click effects
Sound and voice
Multiple monitors
AutoText (Date/Time stamp, Note)
Double-click support
Timed Recording
Delayed recording
Scheduled recording
Recurring recording
Video File Features
Automatic naming, saving to a video file
Video image quality options
Framerate options for long recording
Recorded Video
© 2002-2010 Wisdom Software Inc. All rights reserved.
AVI video file
Long recording with multiple 2G files
Generating Flash movie file
Auto-scale Flash movie
Video Editing
Re-record sound
Trim video
Extract frame images
Extract video or sound
Re-generate Flash movie
Other Features
System tray
Zoombox options
One click for sound recorder and movie maker
Advanced options
Developer support
Single license
© 2002-2010 Wisdom Software Inc. All rights reserved.
Frequently Asked Questions
Before reporting any problems, please check the latest FAQ online at, to
see if there is a solution already.
For AutoScreenRecorder questions, please click below to go to the online FAQ page:
For AutoScreenRecorder Flash video guides, click below,
For ScreenHunter Step-by-step guides, click below,
© 2002-2010 Wisdom Software Inc. All rights reserved.
The From Tab
The AutoScreenRecorder Main Window consists of top buttons, three tabs, and a taskbar for tasks. Three
tabs are for you to specify your way to record.
The From tab is for assigning how and what you want to record.
Top Buttons
Record Now
Press this button to record immediately using the current settings.
Stand By
Press this button to get ready. The AutoScreenRecorder icon will appear in your Windows System Tray.
You can press your hotkeys to start recording.
© 2002-2010 Wisdom Software Inc. All rights reserved.
Taskbar Tasks
Video Editor
Click to show Video Editor and double-click the video in the editor view window to show the Video Editing
dialog. Click the "Show Main Window" button on the toolbar in Editor to show the Main Window again.
Open Video
Open an existing AVI file to play and edit. You can also drag & drop an AVI file from your desktop or Explorer
to open.
Movie Maker
Launch Microsoft Movie Maker that comes with your Windows XP or Vista.
Sound Recorder
Launch Windows Sound Recorder that comes with your Windows.
ScreenZoom is for enlarging the screen to see what's going on on the screen and draw lines and notes on
the screen. ScreenZoom is always handy for when you need to see the details. Just press the hotkey to
enlarge and use your mouse to draw on the screen, and press the hotkey again, right-click or Esc to cancel.
You can change the color of your pen and line width. You can also enter the screen draw mode without
enlarging the screen.
Help File
Show the external AutoScreenRecorder help file.
Show the About box.
End the program and exit AutoScreenRecorder completely.
Groups on the From Tab
A hotkey is the key you press to actually start, pause or stop an action.
If a combination of keys is chosen, to start recording, first hold down the control keys, then press the
selected function or letter/number key. You may choose a simple key as your hotkey, F9 for instance, or a
combination such as Ctrl + Shift + R.
Press each hotkey button to set up, such as F9 for "Start", Ctrl+F9 for "Pause". The currently chosen hotkeys
are shown on the button.
For the "Stop" hotkey, you can choose to use the same key for starting recording.
Record what
Select what you want to record.
Rectangular area
Record a rectangular area on the screen. A dynamic Zoombox shows the actual size precisely. Zoombox
can be customized on the Advanced tab. It uses Highlight color to highlight the area.
© 2002-2010 Wisdom Software Inc. All rights reserved.
Check to make the selected rectangle area adjustable. So you can further adjust the area using the mouse
and keyboard.
Object / Window
Record an object or selected window. It's highlighted in Highlight color.
Active window
Record the current active window immediately.
Fixed area
Record a user defined fixed area on the screen.
Click the size button to define the area. Use the mouse and keyboard to adjust the area and press Enter or
Space to set. The defined area is shown on the button.
Specific Window
Check to "lock-in" and record a specific window even it's minimized.
This is useful when you need to record a particular window periodically, and it's sometime minimized
that you may work on other things.
Enter the exact window title of the window you want to record.
Choose the Refresh time before recording. This is needed when the window is minimized. It takes
some time to open the window before recording. This is application dependent.
Full screen
Record the full screen.
Non-rectangular area
Record a non-rectangular area on the screen.
© 2002-2010 Wisdom Software Inc. All rights reserved.
Select a shape either Ellipse or Round Rectangle.
Background color is used to mask a shape in the recorded video.
Select what you want to add in the recorded video.
Mouse pointer
Check to include the mouse pointer in the video.
Check to show left and/or right mouse click effect in recorded video.
Check to record sound in your recorded video. A sound card and microphone are required to use this feature.
Click the Sound Options button to show the "Sound Recording Options" dialog box.
Note: If you want to record from your speakers, you need a sound card that supports "Audio mix", "Wave out
mix" or "Stereo Mix". Click the Sound "Options" button on the "From" tab, and click "Select an Audio Input
Device". Make sure you check the "Audio mix", "Stereo mix", or "Wave out mix", not "Microphone".
Check the online step-by-step guide for more sound recording details.
© 2002-2010 Wisdom Software Inc. All rights reserved.
Select an Audio Input Device
Click to select from your Recording Control dialog. You can select Microphone or Stereo Mix
(Speaker), etc, not both.
Record Sound / Test
Click to run Windows Sound Recorder to record sound or test your microphone, using the currently
selected audio input device.
© 2002-2010 Wisdom Software Inc. All rights reserved.
Use Media Control Interface (MCI) recording
Check to use MCI commands to perform Microphone voice recording. This way may give better
sound quality in some systems. You can compare by checking and un-checking the option to see if
your system makes difference.
Sound Quality Options
Choose the desired sound quality in your recorded video.
Multiple monitors
Check to add multiple monitor support. Check it only if you have more than one monitor to record.
Check to add AutoText including date/time, computer name and user name, or any text note you want to add
to your recorded video.
Text Options
Check to include the text you want to add to your record. You can choose a date and time format.
You can highlight an item in the list box and use the up and down buttons on the right to change the
© 2002-2010 Wisdom Software Inc. All rights reserved.
text sequence.
Visual Options
Choose text font, color, positions, wrap text options or adding a border.
Check to add a watermark to your video.
Image Filename
Click the folder icon at right to load your image as the watermark.
Visual Options
Choose different color, scale and transparency options. Choose a position for the watermark to
appear in the record video.
The real watermark size is previewed.
Use timer
Check to use a timer to set delay time, auto-stop or scheduled recording.
Select to set the delay from the time the start hotkey is pressed to the time the actual recording is taking
Select to automatically stop recording at a given time.
Start at - Scheduled recording
Check to record at the given date and time. Available only when 'Active window', 'Fixed area', 'Specific
window' or 'Full screen' is selected. When checked, 'Recurring' is not available.
© 2002-2010 Wisdom Software Inc. All rights reserved.
Click the drop-down to select the date for the calendar. Type or press up and down arrows to set the hour,
minute and second.
Check to record periodically. Available only when 'Active window', 'Fixed area', 'Specific window' or 'Full
screen' is selected. When checked, 'Start at' is not available.
Start from
Set the starting point of the recurrence.
Click the drop-down to select the date. Type or press up and down arrows to set the hour, minute
and second.
Recurrence pattern
Check days you want it record at the same time in 'Start from'.
Choose a day in the month, and month intervals.
End of recurrence
Select to set no end date.
End by
Select to end at a specific date and time.
© 2002-2010 Wisdom Software Inc. All rights reserved.
The To Tab
The To tab is for assigning how you want it record and how to do with the recorded video file.
Recording Options
It lists all compressors available from your PC. A codec or compressor is a component compresses an AVI
file to make it smaller in size and play faster. The default codec is the "Microsoft Video 1" compressor, which
comes with Windows. You may have other codec installed on your machine.
Image quality
The video image quality factor from 1 to 100.
Note: High quality (>90) also means slow recording and large video file size.
Frame rate
Frame rate is the number of still frames displayed per second or FPS. This defines how many pictures
(frames) per second a video file contains.
The recording frame rate: 1 to 50 frames per second or per minute
For long recording, you can choose to record # of frames per minute. It will result in significant small video
file sizes.
Note: The higher the frame rate, the smoother the playback will appear but the more processing power and
larger file size is required.
© 2002-2010 Wisdom Software Inc. All rights reserved.
15+ fps is considered a high frame rate. A typical value from 8 to 24 fps is used for most purposes. Higher
than 40fps is not recommended for normal recording.
Video File Options
AutoScreenRecorder will always create an AVI file first as your recorded file.
AVI File Options
Click to selection recorded AVI file options, and what to do after recording.
AVI File Recording Options
Due to Microsoft AVI file format limitations, an AVI file cannot be more than 2GB in size. When a
long recording reaches the maximum size, AutoScreenRecorder can create another AVI file and
keeps recording.
Use this file size limit
Check and assign a new file size limit of your choice in megabytes. Range:1- 1500MB.
After Recording Message Options
Play a sound
Check to play a sound.
Show the saved file name
Check to show the saved file name and location.
Show the conversion progress dialog
Check to show the progress dialog when finalizing the AVI file.
© 2002-2010 Wisdom Software Inc. All rights reserved.
Video Editor Options
Load AVI file in Video Editor
Check to load the recorded AVI to the AutoScreenRecorder video editor.
Play AVI file in the default video player
Check to load the recorded AVI to the default AVI video player on your machine, such as Microsoft
Media Player.
Create Flash (.swf)
Check to generate the Flash movie (.SWF) from the recorded AVI file.
Flash File Options
Rate: Assigns the playback rate of the Flash movie file.
Loop: Check to loop the Flash movie over and over again in the HTML file.
Include sound
Check to include sound in the Flash movie file. If it's unchecked, sound will not be in the Flash movie
and the file size will be smaller.
Compression: Choose sound compression in the Flash movie (.SWF)
Use this folder to save Flash files
Check to pick a different folder to save the generated Flash and HTML files.
Create HTML file
Check to generate an HTML file that shows the Flash movie file, which can be copy and pasted to
your web page..
Auto-scale on Flash Movie File
© 2002-2010 Wisdom Software Inc. All rights reserved.
Check to automatically scale the Flash movie file the assigned size. Click the Auto-scale button at right to set
a size. It can be to certain width, height or percentage.
Note: This option is only available when Flash movie file is selected.
Keep aspect ratio
Select to keep the original recorded video width and height aspect ratio.
To this width
Scale the movie to this width in pixels, keeping the aspect ratio.
To this height
Scale the movie to this height in pixels, keeping the aspect ratio.
Scale the movie by this percentage. For example, 50% means half of the width and height.
To this size
Resize the movie to this fixed size.
File name has 3 choices, 'Automatic', 'Ask me' or 'Fixed name'.
Automatic naming
Select to automatically save the capture with a generated filename.
© 2002-2010 Wisdom Software Inc. All rights reserved.
Filename Format
Check to include the text you want to add to your filename.
Check Number of digits if you want to have a fixed number of digits, such as 2 for 01, 02, and 3 for
001, 002, etc.
Check End at if you want to have filename number sequence end there.
You can highlight an item in the list box and use the up and down buttons on the right to change the
text sequence.
Note: The Prefix or suffix can be set in any sequence. E.g. the prefix can be in the middle and suffix
can be in the front.
Overwrite Options When File Exists
These options are only for actions when a newly generated filename already exists in the current
Never overwrite (generate a new filename)
Select to always generate a new filename automatically.
Select to ask me.
Select to overwrite all the time.
Ask me
Select if you need to name each file in a different way. A file dialog box will be displayed after each capture.
© 2002-2010 Wisdom Software Inc. All rights reserved.
You can change the file name and location.
Fixed name
Select if you need to use this filename for all recorded videos. It will overwrite the file if it exists.
Video File Folder
The default location where all video files using Automatic naming or Fixed name will be saved. Click the
folder button to assign a folder.
Note: You can enter a new folder name in the pop-up dialog box.
Temp File Folder
The default location where temporary audio and video files are stored. Click the folder button to assign a
Note: You can enter a new folder name in the pop-up dialog box.
On the Advanced tab, check 'Use the location chosen in the file saving dialog as default' if you want to reuse
the file saving location.
© 2002-2010 Wisdom Software Inc. All rights reserved.
The Advanced Tab
The Advanced tab provides more options to further customize your AutoScreenRecorder.
Hide the main window on startup. Show icon in the system tray only
Check to hide the main AutoScreenRecorder main window when started.
This option change will take effect when AutoScreenRecorder is restarted.
Show Screentips
Check to show screentips if available.
This option change will take effect when AutoScreenRecorder is restarted.
Use bold text for the selected items
For radio buttons and checkboxes on the main tabs, check to use bold text for the selected items.
Recording options
Enable double-click (slow recording)
Check to enable the double-click action when recording. This will result in slow recording and it is suggested
to uncheck until you have to.
© 2002-2010 Wisdom Software Inc. All rights reserved.
Minimize the Main window when recording
Check to set that the main window will be automatically minimized (in the system tray only) before recording.
Show the Stop button on screen when recording
Check to show the Stop button on screen that you can click anytime to stop and save the video.
Show the recording icon on the Taskbar and flashing focus on screen when recording
Check to show the visual corner focus on screen and an AutoScreenRecorder icon on your Windows
Taskbar. If you want to hide AutoScreenRecorder visual effects completely when recording, uncheck this.
Highlight color
Select a color used to draw the crosshair and highlight the rectangle, non-rectangle and object / window.
Zoombox uses this color too.
Zoom area size
Select the area size around the crosshair on the screen to be zoomed. You can choose 'No zoombox' to hide
the zoombox.
Zoom factor
Select how many times the zoom area is enlarged.
File options
Use the location chosen in the file saving dialog as default
Check to use the file location chosen in the 'Save As' dialog as the default next time.
Use each file path to save
In Video Editor, use the AVI file's original folder location in the "Save As" dialog.
© 2002-2010 Wisdom Software Inc. All rights reserved.
Video Editor
AutoScreenRecorder Video Editor is an intuitive and versatile video editor. You can edit your video right after
capturing -- by trimming, re-recording audio and re-generating the Flash movie. The editor is self-explanatory.
Double-click the video to show the video editing dialog.
When 'Load AVI file in Video Editor' is checked on the AVI file options dialog, the recorded AVI file will be
loaded here when recording is complete.
Menu items
Video Editor Dialog
© 2002-2010 Wisdom Software Inc. All rights reserved.
Use the selection slider to make a selection. You can cut the selection, extract video of the selected part,
extract image from any frame, and sound of the selected part.
Use the play slider to play. You can play the selection part only. The time and frame information is displayed
at the top of the dialog.
Click here for a step-by-step guide online.
© 2002-2010 Wisdom Software Inc. All rights reserved.
AutoScreenRecorder ScreenZoom provides a convenient way to enlarge your screen at anytime, to see
what's going on on the screen and draw lines and notes on the screen. Just press your ScreenZoom hotkey
to enlarge, and you can then draw or highlight it on screen. Press the hotkey again, right-click or Esc to
cancel. This can be integrated into your demo, discussion and training sessions, etc.
Click the hotkey setup button in the "Hotkeys" group on the "From" tab to set up.
© 2002-2010 Wisdom Software Inc. All rights reserved.
Press these hotkeys to start/stop
This group is for setting up the hotkey you press on your keyboard to start or stop zooming the screen.
Change the pen color
You can press these keys to change the pen color when it's in the ScreenZoom mode.
Change the pen width
You can press these arrow keys to change the pen width when it's in the ScreenZoom mode. The width is
from 2 to 14 pixels.
Technical Support
The latest information and FAQs are posted on the website,
Click to email [email protected]
Note: Registered users can send email to [email protected] with your name and email
address included. Registered users take priority in the support queue.
© 2002-2010 Wisdom Software Inc. All rights reserved.
Registration Benefits
As a registered user, you will receive:
A license key that will remove all "Unregistered" stamps in the software, and unlock all features that
are locked in the trial period. This license key will be emailed to you, or mailed in the CD-ROM
The benefit to have free upgrades for all future minor releases downloaded from our website. For
example, if you register 3.0 Pro, you can get a free upgrade for all 3.1 latest builds, and 3.1, 3.2 Pro.
One month free technical support by email with high priority.
How to Order
Price List
License Key
Multi-license file
When purchasing without the CD-ROM, a license key will be
emailed to you after your order is processed.
AutoScreenRecorder 3 Pro
After receiving your order, a manual checking against our registered user database will take
place in the next 48 hours. A new license key will be emailed to you after the process if you're
a registered user.
AutoScreenRecorder 3 Pro upgrade from 2.x and earlier
A Multi-license key is issued to unlock and permit the number of licensed installations.
AutoScreenRecorder 3 Pro, 2-14 licenses (each)
AutoScreenRecorder 3 Pro, 15-49 licenses (each)
AutoScreenRecorder 3 Pro, 50-199 licenses (each)
AutoScreenRecorder 3 Pro, 200-499 licenses (each)
A CD-ROM package is shipped by airmail in 3 days.
Product CD-ROM and shipping
All taxes are included in the prices.
All prices are subject to change. Visit our website for the latest information.
For private label/OEM offers and other volume discount rates, please email [email protected] or
© 2002-2010 Wisdom Software Inc. All rights reserved.
contact us for details.
Shop Online
Safe, Easy and Fast.
You can use your credit card to order online at for immediate license key
delivery 24x7, or place your order through online order services such as RegSoft, RegNow.
Telephone Orders
Telephone orders with your credit card.
Please have your credit card (Visa/MasterCard/AMEX) ready.
Monday to Friday 9:00AM to 5:00PM Pacific Time
Fax Orders
Print out the supplied order form included in the program group.
Fax the completed order form.
Your license key is sent via email.
Mail Orders
Please make your check or money order payable to Wisdom Software Inc.
Print out and complete the order form included in the program group.
Shipping is air mail worldwide.
Corporate Purchase Orders
We take corporate purchase orders for multi-licenses.
Bank Wire Transfer
We take direct bank wire transfer to our bank account as payment.
Please send your order by fax or email, indicating the payment will be bank wire transferred.
For our bank account information, click to contact us. [email protected]
Cash Order
Although not recommended, if none of the above options is available to you, you may send us a registered
mail with your cash payment in US or Canadian dollars.
Note: Registered mail with cash is at your own risk. We are not responsible for any lost mails.
© 2002-2010 Wisdom Software Inc. All rights reserved.
Distribution of Unlicensed Copy
Provided that you verify that you are distributing the unlicensed copy (check the About dialog box) you are
hereby permitted to make as many copies of the unlicensed copy of this software and documentation as you
wish; give exact copies of the original unlicensed copy to anyone; and distribute the unlicensed copy of the
software and documentation in its unmodified form via electronic means.
There is no charge for any of the above.
Wisdom Software License Agreement
NOTICE TO USER It is important that you read this document before using the enclosed software (the
"Software"). By using the Software, you agree to be bound by the terms of this Agreement. This is a legal
document between you (the "User") and Wisdom Software ("Wisdom").
Software License
LICENSE GRANT. Wisdom grants User a non-exclusive, non-transferable, limited license to use the
Software with compatible equipment.
COPYING. This software is licensed for use on a single computer in a single location. Any copying of the
software is prohibited.
OTHER RESTRICTIONS. User may not loan, lease, distribute or transfer the Software or copies thereof, nor
reverse engineer or otherwise attempt to discern the source code of the Software.
LIMITATION OF LIABILITY. In no event will Wisdom, its suppliers and distributors be liable for any lost
profits or other damages, including direct, indirect, incidental, special, consequential or any other type of
damages, arising out of this Agreement or the use of the Software licensed thereunder, even if Wisdom has
been advised of prior possibility of such damages.
General Provisions
GENERAL PROVISIONS. Neither this Agreement nor any part or portion hereof shall be assigned,
sublicensed or otherwise transferred by User. Should any provision of this Agreement be held to be void,
invalid, unenforceable or illegal by a court, the validity and enforceability of the other provisions shall not be
affected thereby. Failure of a party to enforce any provision of this Agreement shall not constitute or be
construed as a waiver of such provision or of the right to enforce such provision.
© 2002-2010 Wisdom Software Inc. All rights reserved.
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Company Overview
Wisdom Software's mission is to make your digital life easier, more exciting and
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Founded in 1997, Wisdom Software has produced creative graphics software in the
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