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Travel Cot Model # 073140Y



Safety Precautions




Do not use mattress other than the one supplied by the manufacturer.

Incorrect mattress can cause death.

Use only accessories as recommended by the manufacturer.

Ensure the top rails and base are fully locked.

Stop using this cot if any part of the cot is broken, torn or missing.


Use Only Accessories As Recommended By The Supplier.

Ensure The top Rails And Base Are Fully Locked.

Stop Using This Cot If Any Part Of The Cot Is Broken, Torn or Missing.

Failure to follow warnings and instructions could result in serious injury or death.

DO NOT use your folding cot if any parts are torn, missing or broken.

Contact the manufacturer for replacement parts or instructions if they are required. Never use substitute parts.

Keep children away while assembling/disassembling the cot.

Do not leave anything on the folding cot (such as toys) that provide a foothold.

Do not use the folding cot near naked heat sources, bar heaters, open fires or exposed flames.

Keep the folding cot clear of trailing cables and hanging cords.

Keep medication and small items that a child could choke on, away from the cot.

Do not use the folding cot if fabric or padding on the side rails or end rails has been bitten through.

FALL HAZARD – To prevent falls, DO NOT use the folding cot once the infant has reached the manufacturer’s maximum weight of 13.6kgs or a height of 86.4cm tall.

SUFFOCATION HAZARD – Infants can suffocate;

- In gaps between an extra pad or mattress.

- In soft bedding.

Never leave your child unattended.

Use this product with only one child at a time.

To reduce the risk of Sudden Infant Death Syndrome (SIDS), pediatricians recommend healthy infants be placed on their backs to sleep, unless otherwise advised by your physician.

Congratulations on your purchase of the

Childcare Orbit XL Travel Cot.

This product has been designed and developed with safety, comfort and functionality in mind. Please take the time to read this manual carefully before using this product and keep it in a safe place for future reference.


Assembly contents list

Assembly / Operating instructions

How to care for your Childcare Travel Cot

Due to variations in the style and design of our products, the photographs and illustrations shown in this instruction manual are generic, therefore product fabrics, colour and design may vary from images shown. CNP Brands reserves the right to alter product specifications without notice as a result of our ongoing policy of product improvement.


Assembly Contents

Check what you have received...

You have received 1 box. Please check the contents of the box against the list below.

If anything is missing, please contact Customer Service. In Australia, contact CNP

Brands on 1300 667 137, in New Zealand contact Wainhouse Distribution on

0800 567 5000.

Supplied loose in box:

Travel cot x4

Matress pad x1

Carry-bag x1

Assembly / Operating Instructions

To set up travel cot

1. Unzip bag. Remove travel cot and stand unit upright.

2. Unhook velcro tabs.

3. Remove mattress pad.

4. Separate tops of corner posts. Ensure centre support is raised at least 460mm.

5. Grasp centre of each side and end rail, lift to ‘snap’ into correct position. If ‘snapping’ of the side and end rail locks does not occur easily, recheck that the centrehub is raised to recommended height before proceeding.

6. Press down on centre hub to lock it into position. Check and ensure all the locking devices are fully engaged. If not, lift the centre support and repeat steps 5 and 6.


Before pushing down centre hub into locked posiion, check that thesupport legs are positioned flat on the floor to successfully lock dow the centre hub.

4 5

Assembly / Operating Instructions

To set up travel cot (continued)

7. Lay mattress pad on the base of the travel cot, soft side up.

Check the assembly of the travel cot is correct and safe. The travel cot is now read for use.


Check to be sure the travel cot frame is secure.

To fold travel cot

1. Unfasten the velcro fasteners underneath the cot base and remove mattress pad.

2. Twist and lift the handle gently to the highest position.

3. Lift each top rail slightly while squeezing in the button located on the side of the centre joint rail.

PLEASE NOTE: Latches will not release unless you lift up rail centre and squeeze the button at the same time.


Assembly / Operating Instructions

4. Push all sides of travel cot in towards centre hub.

5. Lay mattress pad on floor, soft side up, and lay travel cot on mattress pad.

6. Wrap mattress pad around travel cot and fasten the velcro tabs.

7. Place travel cot into bag and zip together.

8. The travel cot is now ready for easy carrying or storage.

How to care for your Childcare Travel Cot


To ensure the long-lasting use of your travel cot, wipe down with a damp cloth and use a mild soap solution if necessary. Do not use abrasive cleaners. Always store product in a clean dry place.


Always check parts regularly for tightness of screws, nuts and other fasteners – tighten or replace if required. To maintain the safety of your travel cot, seek prompt repairs for bent, torn, worn or broken parts. Use only those parts and accessories approved by CNP Brands.

If you have any difficulties in assembling the stroller, please contact our Service Department.

In Australia, contact CNP Brands on 1300 667 137, in New Zealand contact Wainhouse

Distribution on 0800 567 5000.



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