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RAININ Catalogue 2010
Manual Pipettes
Electronic Pipettes
Multichannel Pipettes
Specialty Products
BioClean Tips
Pipettes, Tips and Service Top products for top performance
Pipetting 360˚
Pipetting 360°
brings true value
• Enhances pipetting performance
• Reduces total cost of ownership,
fewer out-of-tolerance pipettes
• Complete management of your
pipette inventory
• Offers the broadest selection of
pipettes, tips & services
• Facilitates standards compliance
Pipetting 360˚
Only an Integrated Solution Delivers Best Pipetting Performance
Hand-friendly Pipettes
World’s largest selection of high-quality pipettes with innovative
ergonomic designs, including the patented LTS LiteTouch System.
BioClean™ Tips
A wide array of tips, flawless and free from contamination. Available
in a variety of feature sets, volume ranges, and packaging options.
Perfect Performance Services
Comprehensive service range including maintenance, calibration,
training, quality control, and improvement processes.
Pipetting 360°
This is What You Can Expect
Worry-free Pipetting for Top Performance
Every measurement involves risks which can
compromise results and impair the quality of
your final product. Pipetting 360° ensures the
constant quality of your processes.
Knowledge Increases Competence
Your process requirements are at the heart of
our solutions. Professional training and support
from Anachem increases your measuring
accuracy and guarantees that both the user and
the pipette are up to the task from the start.
Which pipette and tips to choose, how often
calibration is required, and how to fulfill
regulatory issues? Pipetting 360° gives you
clear answers.
Tailored Service Programs for Your SOPs
Minimize your risks by knowing them. GLP
standards require users of food, drug, medical
devices, and biological products to calibrate,
clean, and maintain instruments (which also
include pipettes) at suitable intervals.
Careful Selection Protects Your Investment
Selecting the right supplier of pipetting solutions
can have a great impact on the quality of your
end products. This can have a direct impact on
your risk management.
Ergonomic Pipetting
RAININ LTS™ LiteTouch™ System
Hand Friendly Pipettes
Good Ergonomics
Single Channel Pipettes
RAININ Classic™
EDP™3 Electronic Pipette
EDP™1 Electronic Pipette
Multichannel Pipettes
MultiChannel Pipettes with LTS™
Pipet-Lite™ Manual Multichannel
EDP™3-Plus Electronic
Adjustable Spacer Pipettes
Pipetting Accessories
Liquidator™ 96
Pipette Specifications
Quick Guides
Speciality Products
SINCE 1970 ANACHEM Ltd. has been supporting
scientists in the UK and Ireland with an extensive
range of high quality pipetting and laboratory supplies.
Now, in its fortieth year, the Company is very proud to
have become part of METTLER TOLEDO International Inc.
“As part of the METTLER TOLEDO organisation we will now be
able to introduce our customers to the entire range of RAININ
pipettes” said Carole Staniford, Marketing Director, Anachem Ltd.
“These products offer advances in ergonomics and performance,
essential for today’s demanding laboratory procedures.”
The Anachem and RAININ names have always been closely
aligned since Ken Rainin became one of the founder members of
Anachem forty years ago. The two Companies have both enjoyed
significant growth and success since then and RAININ itself
became part of METTLER TOLEDO in 2001.
Pos-D™ - Positive Displacement
AutoRep™ E - Repeater Pipette
GlassMaster™ & GlassMate - Pipette filler
RP-1™ Digital Peristaltic Pump
BioClean™ Pipette Tips
RAININ’s Tip Manufacturing Facility
BioClean™ Tips TechZone
Tip Packaging Solutions
RAININ Pipette Tips Range
BioClean™ Tip Packaging Formats
Tip Ordering Information
LTS™ Cylindrical Tips
Traditional Conical Tips
RAININ LTS™ LiteTouch™ System
Ergonomic Pipetting
The best choice for your hands
RAININ’s LTS cylindrical shaft and tip design provides a reliable,
consistent seal without excessive force. LTS thin-wall tips incorporate
a small well-defined seal area and a positive stop. The positive stop
lets you know exactly when the seal is made...
Pipetting is the most repetitive task in many laboratories
• Many researchers commonly pipette 2 to 4 hours per day
Pipetting is a high-force activity
• Traditional plunger forces may exceed 4kg
• Traditional tip ejection forces may exceed 4kg
Many researchers suffer from tired hands, leading to
• reduced pipetting accuracy
• decreased productivity
• repetitive strain injuries (RSI)
Traditional Pipetting
Large sealing area
and thick-walled tip
creates high friction
Conical shaft fits
into conical tip with
no positive stop
LTS Cylindrical Tip & shaft
Cylindrical Tip
with small seal area
Positive Stop
eliminates jamming
More accuracy and better productivity
LTS LiteTouch System – reducing tip ejection forces by 85%
With traditional conical tip/shaft designs, tip ejection forces can be as high
as 10kg, with an average of 4kg. Tip ejection force is only 0.6kg with LTS.
Tip forces shown below are for LTS and a competitor’s traditional pipette.
Less force results in less fatigue, with consistent sample pickup, consistently
reproducible results, and better productivity.
Multichannel pipetting with LTS, consistent sample pickup
Multichannel pipetting with LTS is problem-free, providing absolutely
consistent sample pick-up on every channel, every time. The positive stop
indicates when a perfect seal is made, on all channels at once, without
rocking or tightening tips by hand.
Multichannel pipetting with RAININ LTS pipettes and tips saves you time
and money – no time wasted making sure each channel is secure, even
sample pickup across all channels, reproducible results.
T: 01582 747500
F: 01582 483332
E: orders@anachem.co.uk
Hand-Friendly Pipettes
Products & Solutions
Top precison. Top ergonomics
RAININ pipettes enhance lab performance and help reduce time-to-market by guaranteeing
highest accuracy and repeatability. Innovative ergonomic designs, including the patented
LTS LiteTouch System, minimize fatigue and injury, reduce operator errors and inaccuracy.
High quality materials.
Ensure efficient, reliable, and secure pipetting. Durable & rugged
construction for low out-of-tolerance errors & low cost of ownership.
State-of-the-art manufacturing processes.
Ensure that RAININ provides durable and reliable pipettes that
greatly diminish mechanical drift.
Wide selection of pipetting options.
Enables scientists to always use the optimal
application-specific instrument.
World’s largest selection
of high-quality pipettes
Single-channel Pipettes
RAININ offers the greatest flexibility. The vast choice of manual
and electronic pipettes allows you to always have the right tool
for a given application. Loaded with both ergonomic and
performance enhancing features, such as the innovative LTS
LiteTouch System, they are the optimal choice for just about
every pipetting task.
Multichannel Pipettes.
RAININ multichannel pipettes, a hassle-free way to enjoy
the benefits of pipetting with multiple channels. The LTS
LiteTouch System gives an excellent seal without nozzle
o-rings, resulting in absolutely consistent sample pick-up
on all channels, every time.
Liquidator 96
Liquidator 96 pipetting system is a powerful personal research
tool for all laboratories, pipetting 96 channels at the same time
for maximum throughput. Accurate and efficient, Liquidator 96
maximizes workflow, without complicated programming or
dedicated technician time. Incredibly fast, Liquidator 96 adds
outstanding quality features to high throughput pipetting, with
many applications.
Good Ergonomics - Less Force
Enhance your Lab Performance
Mastering perfect pipetting is not only about achieving
highest measuring accuracy, but also about going easy
on your hands. Keeping a good posture, occasionally
switching hands and taking regular short breaks can
increase productivity immensely. The use of ergonomic
equipment is essential in today’s pipetting tasks.
Magnetic Assist
A magnet assists the thumb to feel and hold the piston at the zero
position. This reduces the need for a large differential between the
aspiration and blowout springs, and both springs can be
significantly lighter, resulting in 50% lower plunging forces.
Magnetic assist also improves accuracy and reproducibility by
providing a secure and positive feel at the zero position, ensuring
that the proper amount of sample is aspirated every time.
Ergonomic Design in all Models
Ergonomically designed handles with finger-hooks ensure effortless
pipetting. They feel good and require only a light grip to hold the
pipette firmly for precise operation. The finger-hook allows you to
rest the hand between each pipetting cycle. Symmetrical design
allows you to switch hands occasionally to further reduce stress on
long pipetting days.
The LTS LiteTouch System
LTS is the biggest innovation in ergonomic pipetting today. While
traditional, conical tip and shaft designs with large sealing areas
require high forces to mount and eject tips, the revolutionary LTS
System features a cylindrical tip and shaft design that reduces
these forces by 85%. By drastically reducing the largest pipetting
force, LTS also reduces hand-fatigue and injuries, such as RSIs,
commonly associated with pipetting.
Silicone Shock Absorber
Last but not least, the soft silicone shock absorber in RAININ’s tip
ejector softens impact forces when ejecting tips. It gives extra
protection for the thumb and provides a smooth and easy tip
T: 01582 747500
F: 01582 483332
E: orders@anachem.co.uk
Pipetting Innovations
RAININ has always been the clear leader in pipette innovation, inventing the first
electronic pipette and introducing the first ergonomic pipette system. RAININ has
developed a series of innovations and technologies to make pipetting more
productive and comfortable, and we continue to do so. This RAININ “TechZone”
gives an overview of the innovative technologies used in RAININ Pipettes.
Easy, secure volume setting
Stepper motor
The snag-proof design allows rapid volume
adjustment, even when wearing gloves.
The easy-to-read display lets the user set the
volume quickly & precisely to eliminate setting
errors. The integrated volume lock prevents
accidental volume changes during pipetting.
Each RAININ electronic pipette is powered
by a stepper motor for high performance
& reliability, with extremely fine control.
RAININ electronic pipettes can be set in
increments of 1/1000 of nominal volume.
Quick-release tip ejector
Automatic linearity correction
The tip ejector can be removed quickly & easily
by lightly pressing the ejector tabs. The positive
lock feature ensures the ejector stays securely in
place. All RAININ pipettes incorporate quick
release tip ejectors which allow easy cleaning.
RAININ electronic pipettes feature the
innovative automatic linearity correction
which uses a patented correction factor to
ensure a truly linear response over the entire
volume range of the pipette.
Robust design, lasting performance
Real-time sensing technology
High-quality materials used in all RAININ pipettes
ensure years of outstanding performance with
lowest out-of-tolerance failures, and low cost of
In E-Man Hybrid, the plunger position is
continually updated and communicated to
the LCD display in real time, giving highly
accurate four digit volume settings.
Adjustable-Spacer Multichannels
RAININ’s Adjustable-Spacer multichannel
manual and electronic pipettes allow quick
and easy adjustment of nozzle spacing
between 9 and 19 mm, for flexibility and time
saving when using different plate formats.
RAININ Ergonomic Innovations
Ergonomic handle, finger-hook
The ergonomic handle and finger-hook
on RAININ pipettes ensure effortless
Magnetic Assist – Pipet-Lite
A magnet assists the thumb to locate
and hold the zero position while
reducing heavy springs.
Silicone shock absorber
The shock absorber reduces impact to
the thumb.
Pipetting is one of the most repetitive
tasks in the laboratory.
Over 30% of all workplace injuries are
musculoskeletal disorders, including
repetitive strain injuries and cumulative
trauma disorders (injuries associated
with repetition and excessive force).
LTS LiteTouch System
With LTS LiteTouch system, tips mount
and eject easily, leading to a significant
reduction of tip ejection forces.
Most traditional manual pipettes require
an average of 4kg of peak plunger force
to dispense sample, and 4kg to eject
Forces should not exceed 30% of
maximum thumb strength capacity: kg
for men, 2.1kg for women.
RAININ FinePoint® Traditional Tips
RAININ’s thin-wall, flexible FinePoint
tips seal properly with minimal force on
traditional shaft pipettes from RAININ
and all major manufacturers.
T: 01582 747500
F: 01582 483332
You are at risk if you pipette more than
one hour a day or 300 hours a year, and
you use traditional manual pipettes.
Prevention is the key to reducing
repetitive strain injuries.
E: orders@anachem.co.uk
Pipet-Lite™ with Magnetic Assist
Single Channel Manual Pipettes
The ergonomic masterpiece
Every feature of the RAININ Pipet-Lite has been designed to make it the most ergonomic
manual pipette on the market. From handle design to the maximum reduction of plunger
forces, this pipette ensures light and smooth operation even after hours of pipetting.
or Traditional.
Pipet-Lite gives you the flexibility of choice to suit your pipetting needs. Select either
traditional universal tip/shaft configuration (SL-) for use with universal tips. or LTS™
LiteTouch cylindrical system (L-) for maximum ergonomic benefits. LTS dramatically
reduces tip ejection forces, only 0.6kg compared to 4-10kg with other pipettes.
Volume Setting Lock.
Ergonomic Design.
Low Plunger Force.
Lighter Springs and Low Drag Seals
The snag-proof design allows rapid volume adjustment even when wearing gloves.
Once the volume is set a turn of the integrated volume lock prevents accidental
volume changes. Much better for GLP.
This light-weight, ergonomically shaped pipette with finger-hook assures optimal
handling comfort even for long pipetting days. Lets you use a lighter grip during
pipetting and rest your hand between cycles, reducing fatigue & pipetting errors.
The proven “Magnetic Assist” technology offers the lowest plunger forces of any
manual pipette in the market. Up to 50% less than in traditional pipettes. Helps you
find and hold the zero position before aspiration for consistent sample pick up.
Reduces thumb force.
Durable, rugged construction.
Stainless steel and quality PVDF ensure fewer out-of-tolerance failures, and give
many years of performance with low cost of ownership. Simple maintenance.
No lubrication.
Silicone Shock Absorber.
Low Force Tip Ejection.
If chosen in the LTS edition, tip ejection forces are reduced by up to 80%.
Quick-Release Tip Ejector.
Extensive Model Range
In addition to the standard range, 300µl, 2000µl and 20ml models are available.
All models specified within 10% of nominal volume
The silicone shock absorber in the tip ejector provides extra protection by
reducing thumb impact forces when ejecting tips.
The clip-lock holds the tip-ejector arm firmly in place, yet it allows for easy
ejector arm removal just by pressing lightly on the ejector tabs.
Accuracy and Precision guaranteed across full volume range.
Gilson and PIPETMAN are registered trademarks owned by Gilson SAS
Pipet-Lite™ Traditional
Pipet-Lite™ with LTS™
The Best Pipette Choice
For Use With Traditional Tips
Most traditional pipettes require significant
plunger force (about 4kg) to operate. Low-drag
seals & Magnetic Assist in Pipet-Lite allow the
use of light plunger springs. Pipet-Lite SL reduces
plunger force by more than 50% compared to
other manual pipettes.
Maximum Ergonomic Benefit
LiteTouch tip ejection system reduces tip
ejection forces to 0.6kg.
Tips fit first time everytime, no force required
STARTER KITS - The Most Economical Way To Buy Your Pipet-Lite
Pipet-Lite™ Traditional Starter Kit
Pipet-Lite™ with LTS™ Starter Kit
Pipet-Lite SL Pipettes:
SL-20, SL-200, SL-1000
Pipet-Lite Pipettes:
L-20, L-200, L-1000
Racks of Traditional Tips:
RT-200F, RT-250, RT-1000
Racks of LTS Cylindrical Tips:
RT-L10, RT-L250, RT-L1000
3 x Hang-Ups (HU-M3)
Pipette Holders
3 x Hang-Ups (HU-M3)
Pipette Holders
T: 01582 747500
F: 01582 483332
E: orders@anachem.co.uk
RAININ Classic™
Single Channel Manual Pipettes
Improved traditional pipetting
Based on the look, feel, and handling of classical pipettes, RAININ Classic
provides years of reproducible performance. Lighter spring forces, low-drag
seals and a shock absorber makes it easier on your hands.
Durable Construction.
Stainless steel and quality PVDF ensure fewer out
of tolerance failures, many years of performance
with low cost of ownership. Simple maintenance.
No lubrication.
Low Plunger Force.
Lighter aspiration and blowout springs reduce
pain and injury. Plunger force in RAININ Classic is
5% less than in similar traditional pipettes.
Comfortable Finger-hook.
The ergonomically designed finger-hook allows
you to rest the hand and use a lighter grip during
pipetting cycles.
Silicone Shock Absorber.
The silicone shock absorber in the tip ejector
provides extra protection by reducing impact
forces when ejecting tips.
Durable and Rugged.
Like all RAININ pipettes, RAININ Classic is built to
give years of solid performance with low out-oftolerance errors. Its rugged construction is evident
when you first pick it up: it feels good in your
hand – you know you are holding a thoroughbred.
Modern, hand-friendly ergonomic design.
RAININ Classic incorporates lighter springs and a
low-drag seal. Less thumb force is needed,
resulting in reduced fatigue, so you can
concentrate on your results.The ergonomic handle
and finger-hook mean you don’t have to grip: hold
RAININ Classic loosely while pipetting and relax
completely between pipetting cycles. The silicone
shock absorber in the tip ejector takes the impact
out of tip ejection.
Quick-Release Tip Ejector.
The clip-lock holds the tip-ejector arm firmly in
place, yet it allows for easy ejector arm removal
just by pressing lightly on the ejector tabs.
Gilson and PIPETMAN are registered trademarks owned by Gilson SAS
RAININ Classic Starter Kit
RAININ Classic Pipettes:
PR-20, PR-200, PR-1000
Racks of Traditional Tips:
RT-250, RT-1000
3 x Hang-Ups (HU-M3)
Pipette Holders
T: 01582 747500
F: 01582 483332
E: orders@anachem.co.uk
EDP™3 Electronic Single Channel Pipette
Single Channel Electronic Pipettes
Benefit from linear pipetting
RAININ's EDP3 masters today’s most demanding pipetting tasks.
With automatic linearity correction, EDP3 dispenses accurately through
the entire volume range. Computer controlled stepper motor eliminates
user based variance for maximum precision – always.
One hand does it all.
Easy programming, simple operation,
4-button control
Linearity Correction.
Automatic linearity correction (ALC) for the highest
accuracy in dispensing over the working volume
Accurate and precise.
Unique micro-stepper motor allows precise
settings of 1/1000 of full scale. For a 200 µl
model that's a minimum increment of 0.2 µl.
Always ready.
Powerful, rechargeable Li-Ion battery provides
over 3000 cycles on a one hour charge; and over
500 cycles after only 10-12 minutes.
Pipet: Selects volume, aspirate and dispense with light-action triggers
Multidispense: Aspirates any volume, EDP3 automatically calculates the number of aliquots to dispense.
Dilute: Diluent, an air gap, and sample are aspirated separately and dispensed together.
Titrate: Dispenses under trigger control to desired endpoint. Total volume shown on display.
Manual: Measures unknown volumes; allows manual operation.
GLP: Operator log (cycles, date, technician ID).
Speed: Up to 10 settings for each mode.
Mix: Mixes by repeated movement of liquid in and out of the tip.
Volume Sequencing: Aspirates &/or dispenses up to 16 preset volumes in pipet, multidispense, & dilute mode.
Cycle Counter: Displays up to 999 pipetting cycles
Sound: Signals when ready to aspirate, when sample is fully dispensed. On/off and volume control.
Fixed Pipetting; Aspirates and dispenses up to 6 preset volumes.
All EDP3 pipettes require a power supply to recharge the battery - See page 21
EDP™1 Electronic Single Channel Pipette
Durable laboratory workhorse
EDP1 is the improved version of our original electronic pipette. Like all
RAININ’s electronic pipettes, EDP1 eliminates user variance for consistent
results, at the push of a button. EDP1 is loved for its ease of use with its full
numeric keyboard, as well as the big and easy-to-read display.
Consistent accuracy.
EDP1 electronic pipettes increase accuracy and precision by making piston
movements operator independent. The piston moves the correct distance, at the
correct speed, user-to-user and sample-to-sample. EDP1 pipettes self-calibrate
by resetting the zero piston position at the end of each dispensing sequence.
Simple one-hand operation.
Designed for thumb and index finger operation, EDP1 is easy to use with either
hand, even with gloves. The intuitive software allows simple operation without
studying a complicated user manual. Pipetting is actuated by pressing the
trigger with the index finger, reducing plunging forces by up to 95%.
Easy-to-use keyboard.
Set volumes instantaneously - no scrolling!
Cordless operation, low power consumption.
Power is supplied to the EDP1 pipette by a wall power supply or a rechargeable
NiMH (nickel metal hydrid) battery pack. With the battery pack installed, EDP1
will provide up to 1000 full-stroke pipetting cycles.
EDP1 Modes
Pipet: transfers individual liquid samples
Multidispense: transfers equal, multiple aliquots from a single volume
Titrate: partially dispenses under trigger control to desired endpoint
Dilute: picks up diluent, air, and sample separately and dispenses them together
Mix: mixes by repeated movement of liquid in and out of the tip
Volume Sequencing: picks up and dispenses up to 12 stored volumes
Measure: determines the volume of aspirated sample
T: 01582 747500
F: 01582 483332
E: orders@anachem.co.uk
Multichannel Pipettes with LTS™
Multichannel Pipettes
Consistent sample pickup, all channels
LTS tip and shaft design provides an excellent seal without
using nozzle o-rings. The LTS tips are easily mounted & ejected,
increasing productivity with absolutely consistent sampling.
Consistent sample pickup
Unique LTS system ensures consistent sample pickup
and improves accuracy and precision
Leak-free seal – every time
The LTS cylindrical shaft and tip with single-point seal
provides an excellent seal without O-rings.
LTS cylindrical tips provide a leak-free and
reliable seal without hand tightening.
Fastest tip loading
Load tips in two seconds. No rocking or hand
tightening is required, increasing reliability.
12-channel easier than 8
RAININ 1-channel pipettes are even easier to use than
traditional 8-channel pipettes!.
No O-rings, no breakage, no maintenance,
no sample contamination, no problems.
Electronic models – automate!
Multidispense, timed aliquots, and mixing modes
eliminate slow manual procedures.
Multichannel Problems
Traditional conical shafts and tips require high insertion force
(up to 10kg), plus rocking or hand-tightening to seal. This leads
to inconsistent sample loading. Additionally, some pipettes use
nozzle o-rings, which are a weak point and need constant cleaning.
Large seal area
requires high force to
mount and eject tip
RAININ’s Unique LTS Solution
LTS cylindrical tips mount and eject easily, creating an absolutely
reliable seal on each channel with minimum force (only about
0.5kg for 8-channel pipettes). This provides consistent sample
loading without rocking or hand-tightening. No nozzle o-rings
mean no breakage, no maintenance, and no contamination.
Small seal area provides
strong,consistent seal
Positive stop
eliminates jamming
Pipet-Lite™ Manual Mutichannel Pipette
Best for routine 96-well plate work
Thanks to the LTS LiteTouch System, these pipettes offer absolutely
consistent sample pick-up on all channels. No hand-tightening,
no inconsistencies, no hassle: Pure performance.
Top Consistency.
LTS LiteTouch System provides absolutely consistent
sample pick-up on all channels.
Easy Volume Adjustment.
Including volume lock.
Low Plunger Force.
Low-drag seals and “Magnetic Assist”.
Ergonomic Design.
Light-weight, ergonomically shaped with finger-hook.
Silicone Shock Absorber.
Extra thumb protection.
T: 01582 747500
F: 01582 483332
E: orders@anachem.co.uk
EDP™3-Plus Mutichannel Pipette
Multichannel Pipettes
Ideal for high-production environments
Stepper motor eliminates user variance and ensures maximum precision – always,
and user-independently. LTS provides absolutely consistent sample pick-up on all
channels. No hand-tightening, no inconsistencies, no hassle: Pure performance.
Ultimate Consistency.
Absolutely consistent sample pick-up on all
channels. No user variances.
Ultimate Linearity.
Top linearity throughout the entire volume range
thanks to Automatic Linearity Correction.
Ultimate Comfort.
Ergonomic design and tip ejection force reduction
with LTS LiteTouch-System
Ultimate performance.
Powerful battery for up to 3000 cycles on one
See Page 21
Adjustable Spacer Pipettes
Available in Manual and Electronic
Ideal for routine work in Genomic, Proteomic, Tissue
culture and Cell culture applications, this pipette can change
the format spacing from 4-well to 96-well. Just a twist is all it
requires to change spacing!
Adjustable Nozzle Spacing.
Continuously variable spacing mechanism for maximum flexibility & quick change.
Comfortable Adjustment Wheel
Precise and lockable adjustment wheel.
Reproducible Nozzle Spacing
Easy-to-read spacing marks ensure proper setting without guessing.
Absolutely consistent sample pick-up and easy tip mounting and ejection with LTS.
Adjustable Spacer
T: 01582 747500
Adjustable Spacer
F: 01582 483332
E: orders@anachem.co.uk
Pipetting Accessories
Pipetting Accessories
Protect your investment
RAININ accessories protect your high-performance pipettes and facilitate their use.
From pipette storage options, energy supplies for electronic pipettes, to practical
reservoirs, these accessories help you to make the most of your pipettes.
Holds RAININ pipettes, Pipetman®, Microman® and Distriman® safely. Available in two styles:
Individual Hang-Ups
with magnets.
Shelf Hang-Ups without
Adhesive disks included
for mounting to nonferrous surfaces.3/pkg.
Mounts to lab shelf with
clamp and adjustable
Pipette Rack
RAININ Carousel Stand
Holds 3 RAININ pipettes
with finger-hook, also
Holds 7 Pipet-Lite, PipetPlus, Pipetman,
Microman, Distriman.
Will hold EDP3 pipettes
when used with Adapter
(next page). Rotates for
easy access. Sturdy base
won’t tip over.
Pipette Stands
Filters for Macro Pipettes
PIPETMAN, MICROMAN and DISTRIMAN are registered trademarks owned by Gilson SAS
Accessories for Electronic Pipettes
Either a Wall Power Supply or Rapid Charge Stand MUST be purchased to charge the EDP3 Battery.
Rapid Charge
StandFor EDP3
Wall Power
Supply For EDP3
Rapid Charge
Stand For EDP1
Stores up to three
EDP3 pipettes and
recharges them
sequentially. Can be
mounted on a wall.
Recharges EDP3 in
about an hour.
Corded operation
while recharging,
even without battery.
Convenient stand
charges the EDP1
Battery quickly.
(about 90 minutes).
Works with
Accessories for Multichannel Pipettes
Adapter for Hang-Ups
and Carousel Stand
Adapter in
Carousel Stand
Reagent reservoirs
Sterile polypropylene reagent
reservoirs for use with single
and multichannel pipettes.
Reservoirs are stable &
stackable, available with or
without lid. Large 75 ml
capacity with easy-to-read
calibration markings.
Ideal for multichannel and
EDP3 electronic pipettes,
the adapter slips easily into
a Hang-Up (HU-M3) or
Carousel Stand (CR-7). No
tools are required. 3 per
T: 01582 747500
F: 01582 483332
E: orders@anachem.co.uk
Liquidator™ 96
Simultaneous 96-well manual pipetting
Liquidator 96 is a powerful personal research tool for all laboratories. Accurate
and efficient, Liquidator 96 maximizes workflow, without the need for complicated
programming or dedicated technician time. Incredibly fast, Liquidator 96 adds
outstanding quality features to high-throughput pipetting, with many applications.
Medium to high-throughput applications.
96-well and 384-well plates with adapter.
Minimal footprint.
Fits any lab bench or laminar flow cabinet.
Replicating / dispensing plates.
Expression profiling or yeast two-hybrid systems.
Filling, washing, mixing plates.
ELISA, protein crystallization, screenings.
Dispensing buffers, master mixes.
PCR, dilution series, assays. Removing liquids
from plates. Changing media in cultures.
Liquidator 96 LTS Tips
Specially designed for Liquidator 96
• RAININ BioClean tips: no contamination
• Perfectly straight, flawless tips
• Small seal area, positive stop for
leak-free sealing
• Consistent pick-up across all channels
• Sterile or non-sterile, filtered or non-filtered
• Easy tip mounting: LTS with positive stop
• Totally stable: base of rack locks into tray
Liquidator Accessories
Deep-well 8-section reservoir
Height Adjustment Posts
96-well Tissue Culture Plate
384-well Adapter Plate Stage
Speed your work, save time and money.
Fill 96 wells in less than 20 seconds, fill or
replicate 25 plates in less than 10 minutes.
Recoup your investment in months with faster
throughput, fewer errors, and many applications:
• Mother-daughter replication
• Reformatting from 96 to 384 well
• Washing steps
• Dilutions
Vital for time critical enzyme-based assays:
all 96 reactions can be started and stopped
Simple to use.
No complicated software, no programming,
no electricity. Always ready to use by everyone
in the lab.
Technical Data
• Volume range 5–200µl, in 1µl increments
• Three SBS footprint operating positions
• Settable immersion depth for each position
• Small footprint, 2.5 sq. ft
• Weight 14 kg (31lb)
• Dimensions 15 x 16 x 13 inches
Flexible, familiar operation.
Works like a conventional manual pipette. Manual
pipetting from any kind of multi-well plate,
reservoir, or deep-well container, into 96 or 384
well plates. Fits anywhere – benchtop or in a
laminar flow cabinet.
Ergonomic, hand-friendly.
Counterbalanced design, large controls, and
Liquidator LTS tips result in very low user forces.
Ejecting all 96 tips at once is particularly easy.
, SBS footprint
Filling, washing, mixing plates.
ELISA, protein crystallization, screenings.
Dispensing buffers, master mixes.
PCR, dilution series, assays. Removing liquids
from plates. Changing media in cultures.
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Liquidator LTS tips must be used with Liquidator 96
E: orders@anachem.co.uk
Pipette Specifications
Pipette Specifications
Pipet-Lite and RAININ Classic
Quick Guide
RAININ Manual Pipettes
RAININ Electronic Pipettes
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E: orders@anachem.co.uk
Pos-D™ Positive Displacement Pipette
Speciality Products
Problem-free pipetting of problem liquids
Pos-D is specially suited for liquids with high densities, viscosities or vapor
pressures. Given the disposable capillaries and pistons, positive displacement
absolutely eliminates cross-contamination from aerosols, samples or pipette.
Pos-D rests in your hand while you work – no need to
grip! The display faces you, so no twisting wrist or
pipette to set or read volume. Natural feel, fits
comfortably in your hand.
Easy to load.
Pre-assembled, presterilized capillaries in racks.
No aerosol contamination.
No air between the liquid sample and the piston
prevents formation of aerosols and protects samples
from instrument contamination.
Presterilized and racked capillaries
Sterilized by e-beam radiation.
Get the security of assembled, presterilized, and racked
capillaries and pistons for almost the same price or less
than non-sterile capillaries.
Easy to pick up and eject.
Assembled and racked by a robotic process without
human contact, RAININ capillaries are easy to use
and also fit Gilson Microman.
Prevent sample carryover.
Disposable capillaries and pistons provide absolute
protection against cross contamination.
Color-coded racks and pipette buttons.
For convenience, the plunger button tops on each of the
six volume ranges of the Pos-D pipette match the accent
color of the appropriate capillary-piston rack.
AutoRep™ E
Adjustable electronic repeater
Speed up long pipetting series, precisely and fatigue-free. Wide selection
of easy-to-exchange syringes ensures optimal performance on any given
volume from 1µl – 50ml. Encode syringes recognized by AutoRep.
Reduces repetitive strain injuries.
AutoRep™ E virtually eliminates all forces contributing
to repetitive strain injuries often experienced in
multi-dispense pipetting.
AutoRep™ M
Manual Dispenser
Three modes for flexibility.
Dispensing: Step counter displays volume.
Auto-Dispensing: Learns your pace and continues
at this same pace. No time-interval programming.
Pipetting: Positive-displacement syringe.
Rechargeable battery eliminates downtime.
Fully charge the AutoRep™ E in only 2.5hrs.
The no-memory, no-maintenance NiMH battery
pack may be charged in the same base while
another pack is used.
Encode™ Syringes for AutoRep E and M
• AutoRep E displays Encode
syringe volume automatically
• Ideal for viscous or high
vapor pressure liquids
T: 01582 747500
F: 01582 483332
E: orders@anachem.co.uk
GlassMaster™ & Turbo
Speciality Products
Pipet Controller
Weighs only 180 grams.
Pistol-grip to hold the pipet for use in a laminar flow or biological safety cabinet. Uses all types of disposable
pipets from 1 to 100ml. Turbo model for faster operation with 25, 250 and 100ml pipettes.
Protection from aerosols.
Supplied with 0.45 and 0.2µm hydrophobic filters for protection against contamination
during aspiration and accidental entry of liquids into the mechanism.
3 speeds for precise control.
Three aspirate and dispense speeds with two finger triggers.
Portable 8-hour operation.
GlassMaster operates for approximately eight hours after
recharging. Can be used while re-charging.
Pipet Filler
Silicone bulb, thumb lever
control. Mini-squeeze control
for blowout pipets. Supplied
with filter and color-coded
pipet cones. For all types of
pipets from 1 to 100ml.
RP-1™ Digital Peristaltic Pump
Versatile laboratory workhorse
RAININ’s RP-1 digital peristaltic pump has been designed specifically for laboratories with
high requirements for precision, steady flow rates, and minimal pulsation. Pump speed is
precisely controlled by state-of-the-art microprocessor and stepper motor technology.
Stepper-motor technology.
A high-torque stepper motor provides the action. Coupled
directly to the motor, the pump head rotates at a continuously
adjustable speed between 0.01 rpm and 48rpm, in either
Interchangeable heads.
Interchangeable pump heads with one, two, four, or eight
channels can be installed in less than a minute.
10 stainless steel rollers minimize pulsation.
Ten precision rollers – five always in contact with tubing –
minimize pulsation, at pressures up to 4.6 bar.
Tubing compression adjustment greatly reduces wear & tear
Channels are independently adjustable, and different tubing
diameters can be used on each channel. Tubing can be
installed while pump is running.
Quiet. .
RP-1 runs quietly at pressures up to 4.6 bar.
T: 01582 747500
F: 01582 483332
E: orders@anachem.co.uk
RAININ’s Tip Manufacturing Facility
RAININ BioClean Tips
Designed to deliver the cleanest tips
A clean manufacturing process designed to reduce the risks of
contamination is the only way to ensure clean pipette tips will be
delivered to every laboratory. This involves implementing these
critical procedures and controls at the tip production facility.
Staff procedures and training.
All RAININ manufacturing personnel wear masks, gloves, and hair nets to reduce the risk
of introducing contamination.
Automated material handling.
Fully-automated material handling process feeds virgin polypropylene material from stainless
steel silos directly to each molding machine.
Clean room environment.
Over 20,000 sq. ft. of clean rooms specially designed for tip production and packaging.
HEPA filters and positive pressure ensure contaminants do not enter the tip production area.
Filtered and presterilized bioclean tips are gamma-irradiated and include a certificate.
Clean pipette tips are critical in life science research.
To ensure high quality lab results, tips coming into contact with
samples must be free of DNase, RNase, DNA, pyrogen and
adenosine triphosphate (ATP). Understanding these typical sample
contaminants and taking precautionary measures to reduce or
eliminate them at their source is vital to protecting sample integrity.
Contamination originates both in and out of the lab.
Human contact is the primary source of contamination. Poor
handling procedures, such as not using protective gloves or
inadvertently exposing tips to other contamination sources in the
laboratory, can compromise tip cleanliness. The manufacturing
process and tip packaging environment is another potential
contamination source that should not be overlooked.
How can contaminants be reduced or eliminated?
Laboratory personnel typically employ a set of procedures to assure
sources of contamination in the lab are minimized. But because
sample contaminants can originate outside the lab, it is important to
evaluate what controls have been put into place at the production
level, to assure that possible risk factors have been reduced or
eliminated before the product arrives in the lab.
BioClean™ Tips TechZone
Contamination-free performance
RAININ high-grade BioClean tips ensure top pipetting performance through
innovative design and high-quality production. Manufactured under cleanroom
conditions, these flawless tips are 100% contamination-free, preventIng
experiment inconsistencies and failures.
BioClean production – No Contamination
To ensure high quality lab results, tips must be free of DNase, RNase, DNA, Pyrogen & adenosine
triphosphate (ATP). RAININ puts great focus on BioClean production by eliminating human
contact wherever possible. Bioclean filter and presterilized tips are gamma irradiated & certified
free of DNase, RNase, DNA, Pyrogens and ATP. A test protocol is included in each package.
Perfect Production – Flawless Tip Geometry
Virgin polypropylene material and state-of-the-art manufacturing result in
flawless RAININ tips. No deformation, cracking, flash, just perfect form.
This is your guarantee of best consistency and performance.
FinePoint – Thin walls for Top Performance
Continuous tapering and thin-wall construction give FinePoint tips greater
flexibility and softer feel than standard tips. Wall thickness at the tip orifice is
critical, as droplets will cling to tip surfaces. The thin-walled orifice of RAININ
tips makes it easy to touch off the last drop of each sample dispensed.
Ecological Design
Innovative packaging solutions for tip rack refilling to reduce plastic
waste at the source.
LTS LiteTouch System
This icon indicates RAININ LTS tips for use with RAININ LTS pipettes.
Traditional (universal-fit) tips
This icon indicates RAININ tips for use with RAININ, Pipetman, and
other traditional universal-fit pipettes.
PIPETMAN, MICROMAN and DISTRIMAN are registered trademarks owned by Gilson SAS
T: 01582 747500
F: 01582 483332
E: orders@anachem.co.uk
Aerosol Resistant Tips
RAININ BioClean Tips
Protection against aerosol contamination
RAININ’s Aerosol Resistant tips are the best choice for preventing aerosols
and liquids in the tip from reaching & contaminating the pipette shaft.
Ideal for PCR use, tissue culture, genetic studies, & forensic applications.
Hydrophobic filter eliminates contamination
Hydrophobic filter forms a barrier against aerosols
and liquids, eliminating potential sample and
pipette cross-contamination that could jeopardize
Pipette shaft
Pure polyethylene, no additives, no contaminants
Filters in RAININ aerosol-resistant tips are an
extremely strong inert matrix molded from pure
virgin polyethylene that does not flake or shed
particles. Average pore size of 20 microns prevents
aerosol passage but does not restrict air flow.
No additives which could contaminate samples.
Without Filter
With Filter
Filtered and presterilized bioclean tips are gamma
radiated to ensure the packaged product is free of
bio-burden contamination. Each tip lot is process
tested to specifications shown here and labeled
“Certified free of DNase, RNase, DNA, Pyrogen,
and ATP.” A test protocol certificate is included in
each package.
Contaminants Tested
Testing Detection Levels
Pyrogens (LAL test)
≤10-9 Kunitz units/µl
≤10-7 Kunitz units/µl
≤1 copy human DNA
0.001 EU/ml
≤10-12 mg/µl
Extended Length Tips - For pipetting into tall narrow tubes
102mm Long
RAININ extended-length LTS tips will reach to the bottom of blocks, tall vials, flasks, 100mm tubes, etc.
Narrow Diameter
These tips will pass through 8mm ID penetrable septa, such as on the Gen-Probe® APTIMA® specimen collection kits.
Reach the bottom of these vials easily, without the pipette shaft touching the vessel wall and becoming contaminated.
Gen-Probe® and APTIMA® are registered trademarks of Gen-Probe Inc.
Low Retention Tips - For pipetting proteins, enzymes and DNA
Ultra Hydrophobic Tips
Extremely smooth tip surfaces free of surface defects. Then an exposed trifluoromethyl surface is
created on the tip walls. Not compromised by autoclaving, this highly inert fluorocarbon polymer
creates very low surface energy to help repel liquids. In 10, 250, and 1000µl volumes.
Low Retention Tips Perform Better
More pipetting accuracy means less of your valuable samples are wasted.
Large Volume Tips - For macro-volume pipetting
Deliver large volumes with the same accuracy as smaller volumes. Available in 2000µl, 5000µl, 10ml & 20ml.
Wide-Orifice Tips - Ideal for delicate samples
Ideal for delicate samples such as those containing mammalian cells or high-molecular-weight DNA.
The wide orifice (1.5 mm) minimizes shear forces on delicate samples and flow resistance for viscous samples.
Gel-Well™ - Great for dispensing samples in narrow wells
Designed for dispensing samples into narrow wells in electrophoretic slab gel apparatus, for
sample recovery, or when high accuracy is required at low volumes. The flexible ultra-thin micro
capillary is ideal for nucleic acid (DNA) sequencing and protein separation. Autoclave cycles at 1
bar and 11°C up to 15 minutes are possible without significant capillary shrinkage or closure
• Available with flat or round tip ends
• Certified RNase/DNase-free
ShaftGard™ 10µl Tips - Best against cross-contamination
Complete protection of shaft and tip ejector
Fitting inside the ShaftGard tip, the shaft and tip ejector are
protected from accidental contamination, reducing the need to
decontaminate or sterilize the shaft & tip ejector when working
with biological, radioactive, or other critical samples.
ShaftGard 10µl
Standard 10µl
Contamination-free tip ejection
With ShaftGard tips, the tip ejector is enclosed by the tip and
ejects the tip by pressing on the “shoulder” inside the tip...
...affording further protection against contamination.
Longer for microtube access
ShaftGard tips are significantly longer than standard micro-10
tips for easier access into microcentrifuge and PCR tubes.
Use with 2 and 10µl pipettes with traditional, conical shafts.
T: 01582 747500
F: 01582 483332
Shaft & tip ejector
protected from
from vessel walls
E: orders@anachem.co.uk
Shaft and tip
ejector may
by vessel walls
BioClean™ Tips in Green Packaging
RAININ BioClean Tips
Reducing waste at the Source
Many labs are concerned with reducing environmental impact. RAININ
has long been a pioneer in addressing these concerns through innovative
package design for tip-rack refilling to reduce plastic waste at the source.
Green-Pak™ SpaceSaver™ – 85% less waste
Reduce waste and save space
Standard or presterilized Your selection
Contamination-free Protected from contamination
Fast loading Refilling 96 tips takes seconds
Save space Needs only 35% the space used by 10 conventional tip racks.
Ecological Shell is recyclable code 1 PET.
Green-Pak – 75% less waste
Refills with aerosol-resistant tips
Standard, presterilized, & with filter Your selection
Protected Each refill is completely sealed. No contamination
Fast trouble-free loading Easy to align over the empty rack
Ecological Recyclable code 1 PET shell
Waste from
10 Racks
Waste from
Seeing is believing - Plastic waste comparison
The photo shows the plastic waste from 10 empty 96-place racks, and that
from an equivalent number of Green-Pak SpaceSaver stacked refills. Green-Pak
SpaceSaver reduces waste by about 85%, compared to regular racks.
RAININ Tip Packaging Options
With a vast choice of packaging options, from standard racks to bulk tips to
the waste-reducing SpaceSaver, RAININ has the perfect tip packaging for you.
Removable-cover racks
Backbone of RAININ’s ecological refill system
Standard, presterilized, & with filter Your selection
Refillable SpaceSaver and Green-Pak designed to refill these racks
Fast tip loading The sturdy, non-flexing shelf construction allows easy
tip loading with single & multichannel pipettes
Protected Sealed bottoms & overlapping lids protect tips from
particulates & microorganisms.
Autoclavable Two-position lid allows autoclaving with the lid in the vent position.
Economical bulk tips - High-quality, practically zero waste
Bulk tips are available in the following sizes:
LTS: 10, 250, 300, 1000, 2000, 5000µl, 10ml, and 20ml.
Traditional: 10, 250, 1000, 2000, 2500, 5000µl and 10ml.
10ml and 20ml are also available individually wrapped and sterilized
StableStak™ and StableRak™
Maximum stability for Multichannel work
RAININ’s unique Double-96 format systems have been
designed for multichannel, high-production environments.
Each layer contains 192 easy-loading tips, and rubber feet
prevent skidding. StableRak is ideal for filter tip users.
Easiest to use Deep-well for quick tip mounting
Stable Non-skid rubber feet keep the racks in place
Rigid Strong flat trays for even tip loading
Double-96 format Saves time, increases productivity
StableStak – Multilayer stacks
Save space, get 60% less waste!
• One StableStak (960 tips in 5 layers) replaces ten 96-place racks
• Each layer has 192 tips ready for use at once!
• Available in standard and presterilized; in 10, 250, 300,
and 1000µl volumes
StableRak – individual racks
Ideal for filter-tip users, 35% less waste
• Contains 192 tips in one rack
• Five StableRaks (960 tips) replace ten 96-place racks
• Available in filter, presterilized, and standard; in 10,
250, 300, 1000, and 1200µl volumes
T: 01582 747500
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E: orders@anachem.co.uk
RAININ BioClean Tips
LTS™ Tips for RAININ LTS™ Pipettes
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E: orders@anachem.co.uk
Pipetting 360˚
Traditional Tips
Expertise in Pipette Servicing for over 30 years
UKAS Accredited since 1998
Contact Us For All Your Preventative
Maintenance and Service Needs.
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e: pipetteservice@anachem.co.uk
20 Charles Street
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FS 26081
EMS 501993
accredited since 1998
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