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View DoF Change Log
DoF Change Log
Windows, Android - Added a new setting to the Camera Dialog (Focal Length) to allow the option of entering focal lengths as 35mm
equivalents. This accommodates some cameras whose lens barrel is marked in 35mm equivalent focal length as opposed to the
actual focal length.
Android - Made icons smaller for lower resolution phones to avoid hidden units button.
Android - Tightened up spacing between buttons.
Added color coding of blur scale.
Added ? icon to Android version similar to Windows version - removed settings menu.
Added error message in Camera dialog if selecting New, Prev, Next or closing dialog if camera name has not been entered. This
prevents accidentally creating a camera entry with no name.
Added Reset Scales command to the end of the help menu (the one that shows up when you click the ? button). This lets you
recover without losing your camera settings if you manage to scroll and zoom the scales out of range.
Fixed bug that only shows up in some versions of Android OS in countries that use comma instead of period as a decimal point.
Fixed another comma problem and a problem with exiting Camera dialog causing loss of data.
Fixed some typos in reference manual
Android: long press on any button now displays a description of what it does.
Updated Android quick start
Built final DoF.apk and submitted to Google Play store
Edits to manual and quick start for Android vs Windows and other minor changes.
Rewrote Android quick start
Built signed Android release version for upload to Play Store
Added a short discussion of macro focus stacking to the reference manual and made some other minor edits.
Fixed a bug that could cause Windows or Android version to become unresponsive in Best F Stop or Focus Stacking mode when
dragging near and far limits on the distance scale since far limit must be > near limit. Added extra checks to ensure that if far limit
ever <= near limit, the program will recover gracefully.
Fixed popup help labels for teleconveter and f stop increment buttons.
Fixed typo in reference manual.
On exit, DoF now saves the previous DoF.txt file as DoF Backup.txt before overwriting it (both Windows and Android). Should help
with error recovery if something goes wrong and camera data is reset.
Added warning not to manually edit DoF.txt to the reference manual.
Fixed bug that could cause Windows version to become unresponsive in Focus Stacking mode when dragging near and far limits on
the distance scale.
Abbreviated some column labels to avoid overlapping text when resizing main window wider.
Fixed crash when minimizing program.
Changed to a different installer - one user was getting errors with previous installer.
Fixed bug causing no check mark to be displayed in f stop increment drop down menu.
Fixed display of zero distance values
Fixed a few more problems that might have caused program to misbehave.
Dragging f stop scale to change aperture now just resets distance scale when drag operation is complete - previously reset distance
scale on every f stop change
Fixed problem that caused a spurious extra blur label at top of distance scale in some cases
Updated Android version with last two fixes.
Corrected one of the formulas in the appendix to the reference manual.
Updated Android version to fix f stop increment problem fixed in Windows version yesterday.
Fixed problem causing camera name to disappear in Camera dialog.
Fixed resource leak causing controls to start to disappear after extensive screen updates.
Fixed problem causing hang when clicking on distance scale in some modes.
Reworked f stop readout since I had incorrectly assigned 1/2 and 1/3 f stops. Tic marks are now colored the same as the text (to
indicate diffraction blur).
Made some minor updates to user manual.
Fixed minor memory leak.
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