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User manual
DMX-TX module MKII
for the LFXHub©
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LightingFX Tools
copyright © movie-intercom® 2010
edition 2010-1410V2
This user manual is valid for the DMX-TX module MKII for the
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user manual DMX-TX module MKII for the LFXHub
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table of content
Quick Start
Key features of the DMX-TX module
indicators and interfaces
connect DMX-TX module to LFXHub
menu structure for DMX
set-up of menu language
set-up of DMX channels
resetting to factory settings
upgrading LFXHub´s software
trouble shooting
specifications, cleaning, disposal
address & support
edition 2010-1410V2
user manual DMX-TX module MKII for the LFXHub
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Please read this user manual before the first operation!
Please protect the DMX-TX module against humidity and rain before
and during operation.
This optional available DMX transmitter "DMX-TX module MKII" is exclusively engineered to be operated with the LFXHub.
movie-intercom LightingFX Tools is not responsible for any damages or
injury may caused by a malfunction, over voltage injected by the connected DMX line at the output of the DMX-TX module.
The safety instructions for operation with DMX-512 based equipment
must be observed.
Keep the rubber lid closed when the unit is not used.
edition 2010-1410V2
user manual DMX-TX module MKII for the LFXHub
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Quick Start
connect the DMX-TX module MKII at
the LFXHub´s socket "DMX IN/OUT
user manual
turn rotary switch "EFFECT" to position*
(all connected lamps are OFF)
DMX address at the receiver device must
match to at least one DMX channel within
the selected range of the DMX-module.
read DMX address range of each LFXHub connect DMX cable between socket DMX
output channel or modify the DMX addresOUT of the DMX module and the receiving
turn rotary switch "EFFECT" to position*
"Dimmer" (horizontal position) > use knob
DImmer max. at LFXHub to test dimming.
CH1= 001
CH2= 013
CH3= 025
to 012
to 024
to 036
If available at the receiving device there is
a DMX receiving indicator.
socket of
DMX-TX module
edition 2010-1410V2
DMX line
DMX IN socket of device
user manual DMX-TX module MKII for the LFXHub
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Key features of the DMX-TX module
Key features
control DMX-512 based devices (USITT DMX-512 (1990) /
DIN 56930-2)
control up to 192 DMX channels, maximum is 64 DMX channels
for each LFXHub channel
self-locking plug at socket DMX IN/OUT of the LFXHub
plug & play
maintenance free
ESD protected output
multilingual display (English, French, Spanish, German)
configuration of DMX IDs via the display of the LFXHub
Minimum requirements of the LFXHub for operation with
the DMX-TX module
The operation of the DMX-TX module MKII requires the latest DMX software in the LFXHub.
Because of the software based engineering of the LFXHub, the required
software can be installed later either.
LFXHubs, delivered after May 1, 2006 are already equipped with DMX
software. In this case there is no software upgrade necessary.
How to find out whether the LFXHub is equipped with DMX software:
turn "EFFECT" to position "off/set-up"
with JOG navigate to:
basic settings > identity > software versions
software versions.
CIO: 1.0 CHP: 1.18
FT: 2.4 MT: 2.15
XT: 2.0
The version for "CHP" must be at least version 1.15
If the software version of CHP is smaller than 1.15 please read
☞ upgrading the software of the LFXHub, chapter 11 or contact us >
page 16
Please read the safety instructions before the DMX module will be
used for the first time. As well please read the safety instructions
of the LFXHub!
included in delivery
- DMX-TX module
- user manual
- eventually a CD containing DMX software for the LFXHub
(depending on the version of the LFXHub´s software)
edition 2010-1410V2
user manual DMX-TX module MKII for the LFXHub
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Indicators and interfaces
output for
DMX-512 receiver
5-pin XLR female
behind rubber
plug into "DMX IN/OUT" of the LFXHub
status indicator DMX
• is flashing during transmission of a DMX signal
• steadily on during DMX channel set-up
The serial number label is located on the bottom of the module.
edition 2010-1410V2
user manual DMX-TX module MKII for the LFXHub
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connect DMX-TX module at the LFXHub
The plug of the DMX-TX module is self-locking.
Insert the plug with an audible click. Arrows mark the insertion angle.
To unlock the plug please pull the centre ring of the plug (as marked below.)
The external DMX module is powered by the LFXHub.
Please make sure after insertion the green indicator at the LFXHub´s
control panel is steadily on.
If not please reinsert the plug of the DMX-module.
edition 2010-1410V2
both arrows should
face to each other
user manual DMX-TX module MKII for the LFXHub
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menu structure
This menu is visible when the DMX-TX module is connected to "DMX IN/OUT" and the
rotary switch "EFFECT" is in position "DMX IN/OUT".
rotary switch
connect DMX module here
connection status LED
LCD menu level 1
LCD menu level 2
LCD menu level 3
Please connect DMX
module at socket "DMX
IN/OUT" on you left
hand side!
no external LFX Tool
is connected at "DMX IN/OUT":
green LED at LFXHub is flashing
CH1= 001 to 004
CH2= 004 to 008
CH3= 009 to 012
>change DMX-TX ID
display alternates
every 5 sec.
external DMX-TX module is connected:
green LED at LFXHub is steadily on
change DMX ID >help
CH1= 001 to 004
CH2= 004 to 008
CH3= 009 to 012
DMX-512 module
is connected
and controls
these DMX channels:
with the JOG
Each channel of LFXHub
match its DMX address
Adressable range
for each LFXHub
channel is 64 DMX
alert displays ...
... if chosen DMX-ID is
not in a valid range between 001and 512:
DMX-ID should have a
value between 001 and
Please change ID!
recommended input
configuration of ...
CH1 : CH2 : CH3
... if chosen address
range is too large
max range of DMX-IDs
is 64 addresses/CH.
Value is rectified to
possible range.
change DMX-ID:
1. turn JOG:
select digit
2. push JOG
sel. addresse range
needs your attention!
Rule for range:
CH1 < CH2 < CH3
3. turn JOG > change
DMX address
4. push JOG again:
confirm value
... if incremental
address range rule is
not valid.
An input error is
Red digits are variables and might show different values, depending on your settings.
edition 2010-1410V2
user manual DMX-TX module MKII for the LFXHub
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Menu language
The menu language of the DMX module can be changed within the
menu of the LFXHub.
LFXHub´s display
turn "EFFECT" to position "off/set-up"
with JOG navigate to:
basic settings > language selection
A reset to factory settings of the LFXHub will not reset the selected
edition 2010-1410V2
user manual DMX-TX module MKII for the LFXHub
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setting up DMX channels
For each channel of the LFXHub there is a maximum range of 64 DMX
allocate a maximum of 64 DMX channels A maximum of 192
DMX channels can
allocate a maximum of 64 DMX channels be controlled with
a single LFXHub
allocate a maximum of 64 DMX channels with the DMX-TX
module MKII
Application example
Control a 12 channel DMX dimmer pack.
Each of the four blocks would use three lamps for fire effects with flickering shadows. This dimmer pack uses a single DMX start address.
Smart set-up procedure
Always start the configuration of the DMX channels with LFXHub channel 1, then LFXHub channel 2, then 3 in the DMX set-up menu.
The DMX-module automatically subsequences the probably required
values. Simply set the start address range of LFXHub channel 1. Then
the other channels are set automatically.
Always use this configuration order: channel 1 > channel 2, channel 3
The DMX address range of each LFXHub channel is arbitrary.
During DMX channel set-up (position of rotary switch "EFFECT" is
"DMX IN/OUT") all connected lamps are OFF.
turn "EFFECT" to "DMX IN/OUT"
push JOG
select a digit with the JOG
turn JOG
push JOG: select the
change DMX-ID
CH1= 001 to 002
CH2= 003 to 004
CH3= 005 to 006
change DMX-ID
CH1= 001 to 002
CH2= 003 to 004
CH3= 005 to 006
Range of CH2 and CH3
are set automatically
due to range of CH1.
CH1= 001 to 002
CH2= 003 to 004
CH3= 005 to 006
>change DMX-TX ID
turn JOG:
underlined digit
change digit between the
flashing arrows
change DMX-ID
CH1= 001 to 0>4<
CH2= 003 to 004
CH3= 005 to 006
change DMX-ID <help
CH1= 001 to 004
CH2= 005 to 008
CH3= 009 to 012 back
push JOG:
confirm new DMX
address range
Please feel free to allocate e.g. CH1= 001 to 012, CH2= 023 to 023 and CH3= 024 to 074.
edition 2010-1410V2
user manual DMX-TX module MKII for the LFXHub
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resetting to factory settings
The DMX-TX module stores all set up DMX-addresses without any time
limit. There is no battery neither in the LFXHub nor in the DMX module.
Please consider:
The DMX-IDs are stored in the DMX module, not in the LFXHub.
We do recommend resetting to factory settings if the LFXHub
and the DMX module is returned to the rental house.
for rental houses
Every lighting crew starts so with same conditions.
The DMX channels can be reset with the LFXHub.
resetting LFXHub
to factory settings?
• no
1. turn "EFFECT" to position "OFF / set-up"
2. choose menu item
"basic settings" > "factory reset"
3. confirm with "yes"
The default settings of the DMX channels are:
CH1 = 001 to 002
CH2 = 003 to 004
CH3 = 005 to 006
edition 2010-1410V2
user manual DMX-TX module MKII for the LFXHub
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10. upgrading LFXHub´s software
Because of the software based design of the LFXHub the LightingFX
Tools are always up to date with the newest effects and features.
A detailed guide is shipped with the new software, by e-mail or postal
mail on a CD.
A software update or upgrade is accomplished using the optional
available PC-data cable (order code: pcda) linking the LFXHub and a
PC-data cable
edition 2010-1410V2
user manual DMX-TX module MKII for the LFXHub
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11. trouble shooting
Possible problems using the LFXHub might be solved here.
Basic conditions for operation
1. The DMX-TX module and the LFXHub, especially the power cord, have no damages.
2. The operation voltage of the LFXHub is 200 - 240 VAC /50 Hz.
3. The built-in main fuse is turned on.
4. The DMX-TX module is properly connected to the socket "DMX IN/OUT" of the LFXHub.
In case of a malfunction of the LFXHub the internal fuse of the power supply could have
been triggered.
This internal fuse is self resetting. Please power off and wait 10 minutes and try again. Do
not open the the LFXHub, it is not necessary.
possible reason
DMX module is not identified by the LFXHub
software of the LFXHub is
not upgraded to DMX
plug of DMX module is not
properly connected
load latest software for the
unplug and reinsert the plug of
the DMX module with an audible click
a connected lamp of a DMX DMX dimmer pack is not po- power up the DMX dimmer
dimmer pack will not come wered up / has no mains
connected lamp is switched switch on lamp
connected lamp is broken
replace lamp
value of "Dimmer max." is
increase "Dimmer max."
too low at the LFXHub
DMX-ID of the transmitter
set up DMX-ID
(LFXHub) does not match to - at the LFXHub or
the receiver
- at the receiver
a connected lamp of a DMX There are "dimmer packs" or use a dimmer pack instead of a
device can be switched but "switch packs", both use
switch pack
not dimmed
a connected LED lamp does some LED lamps need more please read the user manual of
not work
than a single DMX channel the LED device or modify the
DMX addresses at the LFXHub
DMX dimmer works but the dimmer curve of the dimmer set dimmer curve to "linear" at
effect looks bad, too soft
pack is not set correct
the dimmer pack
a connected lamp at the
Due to DMX-512 specificati- Reconnect the DMX module at
dimmer pack is still on when ons a receiver holds the last the LFXHub including the comthe DMX-TX module is un- state when the DMX signal plete DMX line, turn "EFFECT"
is lost.
to position "OFF", unplug DMX
the unit does not work altHumidity might be too strong Leave both LFX Tool dehumihough all settings are cor- inside the DMX-module or
dify at a warm and dry place for
at least one hour
edition 2010-1410V2
user manual DMX-TX module MKII for the LFXHub
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12. specifications
operation voltage
5 VDC (powered by the LFXHub)
temperature range
-20°C ...50°C (-4°F ... 140°F)
dimensions (l x w x h) (without cable)
125 x 61 x 26 mm (5" x 2.4" x 1")
220 grams (0.6 lbs)
DMX output socket
5-pin XLR female
(Pin 1 ground, Pin 2 DMX-, Pin 3 DMX+,
Pins 4 and 5 not connected)
DMX protocol
USITT DMX-512 (1990) / DIN 56930-2
number of DMX channels
max. 192 DMX channels,
max. 64 / LFXHub channel
DMX channel selection range
001 to 512
cleaning the unit
ONLY clean the unit when disconnected completely from all cables!
Use a clean slightly wet cloth.
In order to avoid any possible effects resulting from the disposal of electrical an electronic
equipment containing substances damaging the environment and human health, the European Parliament and Council directives 2002/96/EC on waste electrical and electronic
equipment (WEEE) and 2002/95/EC on the restriction of the use of certain hazardous
substances in electrical and electronic equipment (RoHS) have been transferred into national law in all EU member states.
The product you have purchased was developed in line with the current state
of the art in an environmentally friendly manner and with the view of recycling.
The product is labelled with the symbol shown to the right. If you wish to dispose this product, this symbol obliges you to do so separately from industrial sorted waste.
Waste equipment should be shipped to movie-intercom. We will dispose the waste for you.
Electrical equipment does not belong in regular waste.
edition 2010-1410V2
user manual DMX-TX module MKII for the LFXHub
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13. address & support
Do not hesitate to contat movie-intercom.
We are looking forward to answer your questions.
postal address
Urbanstr. 171B
10961 Berlin
phone 24h / 7 days
+49 (0)30.2232.0575
+49 (0)30.2232.0571
[email protected]
call back service
call back service
edition 2010-1410V2
user manual DMX-TX module MKII for the LFXHub
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14. Index
channel set-up > page 11
connection to the LFXHub > page 8
contact movie-intercom > page 16
cleaning the unit > page 15
dimmer pack > page 5
display of DMX channels > page 9
disposal > page 15
DMX address range / set up > page 11
DMX address reset > page 12
DMX socket > page 7
default DMX addresses > page 12
EFFECT switch LFXHub > page 9
factory reset > page 12
function overview > page 6
help > page 14
included to delivery > page 6
JOG > page 9
language selection > page 10
maintanance > page 6
menu structure > page 9
output channel configuration > page 9
quick start > page 5
rain, operation with - > page 4
rotary switch EFFECT > page 9
safety instructions > page 4
serial number > page 7
software update > page 13
support > page 16
specifications > page 15
trouble shooting > page 14
edition 2010-1410V2
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