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User Manual

HT B04xx STD - Maritime Stand-alone Computer

Where xx is processor board option:

HT B04PM-STD - With Pentium M Processor

HT B04CM-STD - With Celeron M Processor

HT B04VE-STD - With Via Eden Processor

Jakob Hatteland Display AS

Åmsosen, N-5578 Nedre Vats, Norway

Phone: +47 5276 3700, Fax: +47 5276 5444


User Manual HT B04xx STD

Updated: 28 Apr 2005 Doc Id: INB100015-1 (Rev 9)

For models:

-A1, -A2


User Manual

Copyright © 2005 Jakob Hatteland Display AS


N-5578 Nedre Vats, Norway

Information in this manual are copyrighted to the respective owners. All rights are reserved by Jakob

Hatteland Display AS. This information may not, in whole or in part, be copied, photocopied, reproduced, translated or reduced to any electronic medium or machine-readable form without the prior written consent of Jakob Hatteland Display AS.

The products described, or referenced, herein are copyrighted to the respective owners.

The products may not be copied or duplicated in any way. This documentation contains proprietary information that is not to be disclosed to persons outside the user’s company without prior written consent of Jakob Hatteland Display AS.

The copyright notice appearing above is included to provide statutory protection in the event of unauthorized or unintentional public disclosure.

All other product names or trademarks are properties of their respective owners !


3 INB100015-1 (Rev 9)



Contents of package 4


Introduction to Jakob Hatteland Display AS

About this manual

Basic Construction - Maritime Stand-alone Computers

Product Labels (Example)

Serial Number Label

Warranty Label







Installation Recommendations ................................................. 11

Installation and mounting of computers


Physical Overview - HT B04xx STD

Driver/software installation

Pin Assignments - Common Connectors







Specifications - HT B04xx STD 20

Technical Drawings....................................................................21

Technical Drawings - HT B04xx STD A1 22

General - Appendix ....................................................................23

Basic Trouble-shooting

Testing & Approvals Overview

Return Of Goods Information



Revision History







Contact Information ...................................................................32

3 INB100015-1 (Rev 9)


Contents of package

This product is shipped with:

Item Description

1 pcs of Windows Operating System CD(s) or alternative operating system(s).

Driver software CD(s) for factory installed components like mainboard, IDE, network etc. For more information see the Installation Recommendations chapter.

1 pcs of Standard Power Cable.

(European or US standard) - Length approx: 1.9m

Note: Power cable not included in the DC version.

1 pcs of User Manual (Slim version)

Note : The separate documentation for third party components are available on attached CD. The printed manual only covers specific information for Hatteland products, and not third party components.

1 pcs of configuration, test report and checklist sheets.


Optional accessories for Panel Computers:

Item Description

Bracket mounting kit: (Delivered only with optional bracket)

4 pcs of RenCol Tristar Knob Male - M6X10 mm

4 pcs of MicroPlastic - 6 mm Nylon washer.

4 pcs of Bolt with shoulder washer - M6X1X20

4 pcs of Flat washer


Suspension Bracket


4 INB100015-1 (Rev 9)


5 INB100015-1 (Rev 9)


Jakob Hatteland Display AS

K N O W L E D G E - Q U A L I T Y - E C O N O M Y

Introduction to Jakob Hatteland Display AS

Founded in 1987, Jakob Hatteland Display (JHD), based in Norway, offers the widest range of type approved marine monitors, panel computers and type approved marine computers for the worldwide commercial, naval, yacht and cruise market.

Today the group develops and manufactures a complete range of IEC 60945 tested marine monitors, panel computers and IEC 60945 tested marine computers.

Approved Marine Displays (MMD/STD)

Hatteland Display’s marine monitors are based on high quality and state-of-the-art components with the highest specifications, and meet all requirements for harsh maritime use. The displays are easily integrated into your system, due to standardized products and features.

The MMD (Maritime Multi Display) series consists of sizes ranging from 10in to 23in.

Specifically designed for navigation and automation systems on ships, these certified LCD monitors comply to IP66 described in IEC 60925, are tested according to IEC 60945 and are approved by major classification societies such as ABS, BV, ClassNK, DNV, GL and LR.

Further to this marine standard, the 19in MMD, the 20in MMD and the 23in MMD marine monitors are also available as ECDIS and ARPA radar-compliant units.

Approved Marine Panel Computers (MMC)

The combination of the reliable design of the marine TFT-LCD modules, together with industrial computer boards, allows Hatteland Display to offer a product range for customer applications where space is critical and full function is desired in a single unit. In particular, the standardized

ETX-board form factor allows full flexibility when it comes to processor choice. Because of multiple useful standard components we can offer a highly attractive commercial package

The MMC (Maritime Multi Computer) series consist of sizes ranging from 10in to 23in.

These products have also been designed for typical marine applications in navigation, automation and other systems. Following Hatteland’s philosophy, these marine panel computers are fully tested according to IEC 60945 and are designed for type approval.

Approved stand-alone and rack-mounted marine computers

Two concepts are followed to offer variation in size, function and expansion slots for customers: approved black-box computers for limited space and approved computers for standard

19in racks, which offer a high degree of expansion. Configurations according to customer wishes are implicit, such as the operating system, CD-burner, RAM, graphic card, HD, add-on cards, factory installed software and many, many more.


General 7 INB100015-1 (Rev 9)

Jakob Hatteland Display AS

The approved computers are tested according to IEC 60945 and IACS E10 and meet the requirements for IEC 61174 (ECDIS). Several approvals by major classification societies such as

ABS, BV, ClassNK, DNV, GL and LR are available or pending. The 19in rack computers can be operated up to 70°C.

Flexible display solutions and night vision facilities

All the type-approved displays, panel computers and marine computers offer maximum flexibility for customers’ applications. Hatteland Display offers all products with AC or DC power supply, and marine displays and marine panel computers have a fully linear dimmable function for night vision.

Upon the customer’s request, specific colour, mechanical or electrical function designs are possible. Many more options are also available, including factory mounted touch screens, sun visors for marine monitors, different Windows or Linux operating systems and brackets

Design and Production

All products are designed and controlled by Hatteland Display in Nedre Vats, Norway.

The production and configuration of all products is taking place within Hattelands production plant#1 (opened in September 2003) in Nedre Vats, Norway. Here an extensive manufacturing capacity is available for all products, and can be expanded in the future.

The chosen materials for the production of the products are specifically industrial components and can fulfill form-fit-and-function requests.

About this manual

The manual contains electrical, mechanical and input/output signal specifications. All specifications in this manual, due to manufacturing, new revisions and approvals, are subject to change without notice. However, the last update and revision of this manual are shown both on the frontpage and also in the “Revision History” chapter. Please use that as a reference.

Furthermore, for third party datasheet and user manuals, please see dedicated interactive CD delivered with the product or contact our sales personnel for support.


General 8 INB100015-1 (Rev 9)

Basic Construction - Maritime Stand-alone Computers

Basic Construction

Maritime Stand-alone Computers

Cabinet Top

CD ROM Drive

Floppy Drive

PCI Riser Card

PCI Card


Compact Flash

User Controls

Power Module

System Fan

Module Board Cooler

Processor Board

220VAC or 24VDC Input

Connector Frame & Label

Mounting Brackets

Cabinet Bottom

Harddrive Bay Hatch

Removable 2.5” Harddrive


General 9


INB100015-1 (Rev 9)

Product Labels (Example)

Serial Number Label

Manufacturer & Country Product Type & Serial Number

Product Information

Manufacture: Product: Product type:

Jakob Hatteland Computer HT 202P4 STD-A1

Display Serial Number

NORWAY HT 202P4 STD-A1-121


Product Type & Serial Number


HT 202P4 STD-A1-121 Example

Serial Number

Intern Version (AC-Odd / DC-Even number)

Standard or Custom product version

CPU Type

Cabinet Version

Rack Size (2U,4U etc.)

Hatteland Display (manufacturer)

Warranty Label

If you are to perform service on a unit still under warranty, any warranty will be void if this label is damaged or removed. This label is useally located on the back of the product and near the serial number label. This is to help our service department to better determine if there has been any unauthorized service on a product still under warranty.


General 10 INB100015-1 (Rev 9)

Installation Recommendations

Installation and mounting of computers

1. Most of our units are intended for various methods of installation or mounting

(rack mounting, panel mounting, bracket mounting, ceiling/wall mounting)

2. Adequate ventilation is a necessary prerequisite for the life of the unit. The air inlet and outlet

openings must definitely be kept clear; coverings which restrict ventilation are not permissible.

3. Exposure to direct sunlight can cause a considerable increase in the temperature of the unit, and

might under certain circumstances lead to overtemperature. This point should already be taken

into consideration when the bridge equipment is being planned (sun shades, distance from the

windows, ventilation, etc.)

4. Space necessary for ventilation, for cable inlets, for the operating procedures and for

maintenance, must be provided.

5. To further improve the cooling of the unit we recommend installing Cooling Fans underneath

blowing upwards into the unit air inlet. This may be required in high temperature applications

and also when there is reason to expect temperature problems due to non-optimal way of

mounting (Ref.2-5).

General mounting instructions

- The useful life of the components of all Electronics Units generally decreases with increasing

ambient temperature; it is therefore advisable to install such units in air-conditioned rooms. If there

are no such facilities, these rooms must at least be dry, adequately ventilated and kept at a

suitable temperature in order to prevent the formation of condensation inside the unit.

- With most Electronic Units, cooling takes place via the surface of the casing. The cooling must not

be impaired by partial covering of the unit or by installation of the unit in a confined cabinet.

- In the area of the wheel house, the distance of each electronics unit from the magnetic standard

compass or the magnetic steering compass must not be less than the permitted magnetic

protection distance. This distance is measured from the centre of the magnetic system of the

compass to the nearest point on the corresponding unit concerned.

- Transportation damage, even if apparently insignificant at first glance, must immediately be

examined and be reported to the freight carrier. The moment of setting-to-work of the equipment

is too late, not only for reporting the damage but also for the supply of replacements.


Use only high quality shielded signal cables. For RGB/DVI cables use only cables with separate coax for Red, Green and Blue. We can supply a varity of high quality RGB/DVI, RS232,

PARALLEL, LAN and USB cables intended for this use.


Installation 11 INB100015-1 (Rev 9)

Physical Overview - HT B04xx STD

Connector area of computer

Power Input PCI Slot 2

PCI Slot 1

Parallel (LPT)

CD-ROM Drive

Floppy Drive



Power On/Off

Reset Button

Compact Flash HDD LED

Power LED

USB 1,2,3


Keyboard Port

Mouse Port

Network Lan



NOTE: Available connectors / locations (may) vary depending on model !

Power INPUT: (AC or DC Model)


The internal AC power module supports both 115VAC/60Hz and 230/50Hz power input using a standard IEC European power plug.


Secure the cables (check polarity!) to the screw terminal. The internal DC power module supports 24 VDC.

LPT1 Parallel Port INPUT/OUTPUT:

Standard LPT1 Printer/Parallel (SPP/EPP/ECP) port using a D-SUB 25P Female connector.

Fasten the cable to the connector using the provided screws on the cable housing itself.

Power Button & Power LED:

To turn ON the computer, press down button and release it immediately. The power indication

(LED) will turn green and any operating system will automatically boot. To turn OFF the computer, press down this button and hold it for 3 seconds. The operating system may require additionally tasks to be performed before computer shuts down and turns off the unit.

Reset Button: (Hard Reset)

To reset the computer in case of software failure, press this button (it is mounted inside, to access it use a screwdriver or a pen), This reset button is a hard reset which means the operating system will NOT be warned. Using this reset method may damage files and / or operating system in worst case scenarios. Precaution should be taken when using this. To perform a safe software reset, press either the power button, or use the operating system own reset functionality if possible.

12 INB100015-1 (Rev 9)


Physical Overview - HT B04xx STD


13 INB100015-1 (Rev 9)


12 INB100015-1 (Rev 9)

Physical Overview - HT B04xx STD

hard drive.

Hard drive LED (HDD LED):

The hard drive indication (LED) will turn orange when there occur read / write activity to / from the

CompactFlash Reader: (Not plug & play)

CompactFlash Reader supports Type I & II cards. Insert the card gently into the slot with the logo facing upwards (only when the unit is OFF). The card is removed by pressing the EJECT button next to the card slot. A wide range of card sizes are supported. The compact flash will be recognised as Primary IDE SLAVE. The selection of MASTER / SLAVE setting for the compact flash is jumper configurable.


This is because the CF Slot has been configured to operate as a IDE device. If the Flash

Card is removed from the slot while the unit is on, data may be lost or partly corrupted.


Will output a signal from the computer for use with external display or monitor. Connects via a

High Density D-SUB 15P Female connector. Fasten the cable to the connector using the provided screws on the cable housing itself.


Supports any USB1.1 (12Mbps) or USB2.0 (480Mbps) compliant peripherals. Drivers for most

USB devices are usually included in operating system or on separate installation CD’s delivered with products. USB 1.1 devices will operate in USB 1.1 mode (12 Mbps). Please review the datasheet for your particular model to determine if there is support for USB2.0

PS/2 Keyboard and PS/2 Mouse INPUTS:

Connect the PS/2 keyboard cable to the PS/2 5P Connector (female) marked with KEYBOARD.

Connect the PS/2 mouse cable to the PS/2 5P Connector (female) marked with MOUSE.


Supports 10/100Mbps Ethernet (LAN) and 10/100/1000Mbps Ethernet (GBLAN). Suitable for twisted pair cables CAT.5E. Make sure the network cable connector ”clicks” into the RJ-45 connector.

COM1,2,3,4,5,6 Serial Ports INPUT/OUTPUT:

Supports RS232 / RS422 / RS485 using D-SUB 9P Male connectors. Fasten the cable to the connector using the provided screws on the cable housing itself.

13 INB100015-1 (Rev 9)


Physical Overview - HT B04xx STD

PCI Slots 1&2: (Not available on all models!)

Supports PCI (Short Length / Standard Profile) card in two available slots. These PCI cards are normally installed from factory or returned to factory for upgrading if needed. In order to mount PCI cards yourselves, the top plate of the unit must be removed and the corresponding PCI bracket removed.

Back area of computer


Removable Harddrive:

Unscrew 4 pcs M3x6mm screws and remove the bay hatch. The harddrive is mounted to a supporting bracket which needs to be demounted. Unscrew its 4 pcs M3x4mm screws and then gently pull the bracket outwards and extract the harddrive.

Driver/software installation

To install the drivers and software for the product, insert the driver cd:

For HT B04PM xxx-xx and HT B04CM xxx-xx:

Choose ET800

*Important: Install the INF chipset drivers first!

For HT B04VE xxx-xx:

Choose ET863 to find the drivers.

For all models:

To install the NM9845 drivers (serial com 3-6); start - settings - control panel - system - hardware - device manager.

Choose the PCI serial device - update driver - choose search for driver and point to CD.

14 INB100015-1 (Rev 9)


Pin Assignments - Common Connectors

Note: Not all connectors may be available on your specific product. This depends on the amount of additional hardware installed from factory, or customized solutions. These pin assignments are for the common connectors used.

Pin Assignments - RJ45 10/100 LAN

1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8

Pin Assignments - RJ45 10/100/1000 GBLAN

1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8

Pin 01 - TDP Transmit Differential Pair (Positive)

Pin 02 - TDN Transmit Differential Pair (Negative)

Pin 03 - RDP Receive Differential Pair (Positive)

Pin 04 - NC

Pin 05 - NC

Pin 06 - RDN Receive Differential Pair (Negative)

Pin 07 - NC

Pin 08 - NC

Not Connected

Not Connected

Not Connected

Not Connected

Use category 5 - twisted pair cable

Pin Assignments - 9P Serial COM RS232

5 4 3 2 1

Pin 01 - D0P Differential Pair 0 (Positive)

Pin 02 - D0N Differential Pair 0 (Negative)

Pin 03 - D1P Differential Pair 1 (Positive)

Pin 04 - D2P Differential Pair 2 (Positive)

Pin 05 - D2N Differential Pair 2 (Negative)

Pin 06 - D1N Differential Pair 1 (Negative)

Pin 07 - D3P Differential Pair 3 (Positive)

Pin 08 - D3N Differential Pair 3 (Negative)

Pin Assignments - 15P HD RGB VGA

5 4 3 2 1

10 9 8 7 6

9 8 7 6

Pin 01 - DCD Data Carry Detect

Pin 02 - SIN Serial In or Receive Data

Pin 03 - SOUT Serial Out or Transmit Data

Pin 04 - DTR Data Terminal Ready

Pin 05 - GND Ground

Pin 06 - DSR Data Set Ready

Pin 07 - RTS Request To Send

Pin 08 - CTS Clear To Send

Pin 09 - RI Ring Indicate

Pin Assignments - USB

Pin 2: Negative Data Pin 4: Ground

Pin 1: VCC +5V Pin 3: Positive Data

Pin Assignments - 5P PS/2 KEYBOARD

Pin 6: Not Connected Pin 5: Keyboard Clock

Pin 4: Vcc +5V

Pin 2: Not Connected

Pin 3: Ground

Pin 1: Keyboard Data


15 14 13 12 11

Pin 01 Red, analog

Pin 02 Green, analog

Pin 03 Blue, analog

Pin 04 Reserved for monitor ID bit 2 (grounded)

Pin 05 Digital ground

Pin 06 Analog ground red

Pin 07 Analog ground green

Pin 08 Analog ground blue

Pin 09 +5V power supply for DDC (optional)

Pin 10 Digital ground

Pin 11 Reserved for monitor ID bit 0 (grounded)

Pin 12 DDC serial data

Pin 13 Horizontal sync or composite sync, input

Pin 14 Vertical sync, input

Pin 15 DDC serial clock

Pin Assignments - 5P PS/2 MOUSE

Pin 6: Not Connected Pin 5: Mouse Clock

Pin 4: Vcc +5V

Pin 2: Not Connected

Pin 3: Ground

Pin 1: Mouse Data

Pin Ass. - 5P PS/2 KEYBOARD+MOUSE Combined

Pin 6: Mouse Clock Pin 5: Keyboard Clock

Pin 4: Vcc +5V

Pin 2: Mouse Data

Pin 3: Ground

Pin 1: Keyboard Data

INB100015-1 (Rev 9)


Pin Assignments - Common Connectors

Pin Assignments - 25P Parallel

13 12 11 10 9 8 7 6 5 4 3 2 1

Pin 01 - STROBE

Pin 02 - DATA0

Pin 03 - DATA1

Pin 04 - DATA2

Pin 05 - DATA3

Pin 06 - DATA4

Pin 07 - DATA5

Pin 08 - DATA6

Pin 09 - DATA7

Pin 10 - ACK

Pin 11 - BUSY

Pin 12 - PE

Pin 13 - SELECT

Pin 14 - AUTO FEED

Pin 15 - ERR#

Pin 16 - INIT#

Pin 17 - SLIN#

Pin 18 - GND

Pin 19 - GND

Pin 20 - GND

Pin 21 - GND

Pin 22 - GND

Pin 23 - GND

Pin 24 - GND

Pin 25 - GND

25 24 23 22 21 20 19 18 17 16 15 14

This signal indicates to the printer that data at PD7..0 are valid.

Parallel data bus from PC board to printer. The data line are able to operate in PS/2 compatible bi-directional mode.

Same as Pin 02

Same as Pin 02

Same as Pin 02

Same as Pin 02

Same as Pin 02

Same as Pin 02

Same as Pin 02

Signal from printer indicating that the printer has received the data and is ready to accept further data.

Signal from printer indicating that the printer cannot accept further data.

Signal from printer indicating that the printer is out of paper.

Signal from printer to indicate that the printer is selected.

This active low output causes the printer to add a line feed after each line printed.

Signal from printer indicating that an error has been detected.

This active low output initialises (resets) the printer.

Signal to select the printer sent from CPU board to printer.









Pin Assignments - 24P DVI-D

1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8

9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16

Pin 01

Pin 02

Pin 03

Pin 04

Pin 05

Pin 06

Pin 07

Pin 08

Pin 09

Pin 10

Pin 11

Pin 12

Pin 13

Pin 14

Pin 15

Pin 16

Pin 17

Pin 18

Pin 19

Pin 20

Pin 21

Pin 22

Pin 23

Pin 24

T.M.D.S. Data2 -

T.M.D.S. Data2 +

T.M.D.S. Data2/4 Shield

T.M.D.S. Data4 -

T.M.D.S. Data4 +

DDC Clock

DDC Data

Not Connected

T.M.D.S. Data1 -

T.M.D.S. Data1 +

T.M.D.S. Data1/3 Shield

T.M.D.S. Data3 -

T.M.D.S. Data3 +

+5V Power

Ground (for +5V)

Hot Plug Detect

T.M.D.S. Data0 -

T.M.D.S. Data0 +

T.M.D.S. Data0/5 Shield

T.M.D.S. Data5 -

T.M.D.S. Data5 +

T.M.D.S. Clock Shield

T.M.D.S. Clock +

T.M.D.S. Clock -

DDC = Display Data Channel

T.M.D.S = Transition Minimized Differential Signal

17 18 19 20 21 22 23 24



INB100015-1 (Rev 9)

Pin Assignments - Common Connectors (Additional)

Note: These pin assignments applies for products with customer specified COM ports (factory setup).

These COM ports are configurable on the motherboard located inside the product. Attempting to config these yourselves, will result in warranty void as the main cover would have to be removed.

Pin Assignments - 9P Serial COM RS422

5 4 3 2 1

Pin Assignments - 9P Serial COM RS485

5 4 3 2 1

9 8 7 6

Pin 01 - N/C Not Connected

Pin 02 - TXTransmit Data -

Pin 03 - RX+ Receive Data +

Pin 04 - N/C Not Connected

Pin 05 - GND Ground

Pin 06 - N/C Not Connected

Pin 07 - TX+ Transmit Data +

Pin 08 - RXReceive Data -

Pin 09 - N/C Not Connected

9 8 7 6

Pin 01 - N/C Not Connected

Pin 02 - N/C Not Connected

Pin 03 - DAT+ Data+

Pin 04 - N/C Not Connected

Pin 05 - GND Ground

Pin 06 - N/C Not Connected

Pin 07 - N/C Not Connected

Pin 08 - DAT- Data-

Pin 09 - N/C Not Connected


17 INB100015-1 (Rev 9)

18 INB100015-1 (Rev 9)


19 INB100015-1 (Rev 9)

Specifications - HT B04xx STD

Note: All specifications are subject to change without prior notice!


Connector Type: Global/Standard Computer Specifications:



• Floppy FDD


• Compact Flash

• Parallel Port (LPT)

• Serial Ports

• 1st Ethernet

• 2nd Ethernet

• Keyboard Port

• Mouse Port

• Power Manager

• Monitoring

: Automotive Removable 30GB 2.5", 4200 RPM, 2MB Buffer

: 1 x 24x SLIM CD-R

: 1 x 1.44 MB 3.5" SLIM

: 1 x DSUB 15P (Spec: See Processor Board Options)

: CompactFlash Reader Type I/II with eject button

: 1 x Bi-Directional Centronics with SPP/EPP/ECP mode

: 6 x RS-232/422/485 (fully isolated in RS422/485 mode)

: 1 x 10/100 Mbps

: 1 x 10/100/1000 Mbps Intel 82541GI Giga Lan

: Standard PS/2 mini DIN connector

: Standard PS/2 mini DIN connector

: APM Ver 1.2 and ACPI 1.0a

: Power supply, fan and temperature supervision (Also see Processor Board Options)

Power Specifications:

Power Supply Options:

• 110VAC/60Hz or 230VAC/50Hz

• 24 VDC

• Power Consumption - Operating

: Model HT B04xx STD x1 (100W)

: Model HT B04xx STD x2 (100W)









Connector Type:


Screw Terminal

Processor Board Options:


• Processor : Intel Pentium M 1.1GHz Low Voltage, 1MB L2 Cache

• Front Side Bus : 400Mhz

• Chipset




• IDE Interface

• USB Ports

: Intel 82855GME

: Intel Extreme Graphics2 with 2D/3D Graphics Capabilities

: Phoenix 2Mbit Flash BIOS

: 1 x SODIMM slot, ->1GB, DDR200/266/333 MHz

: Enhanced IDE UDMA 33/66/100

: 3 x USB2.0 - 480Mbps

HT B04PM STD-Bx / Cx (Type testing Q1 2005)

• Processor (-Bx) : Intel Pentium M 725 "Dothan" - 1.6GHz, 2MB L2 Cache

• Processor (-Cx) : Intel Pentium M 755 "Dothan" - 2.0GHz, 2MB L2 Cache

• Front Side Bus : 400Mhz

• Chipset



: Intel 82855GME

: Intel Extreme Graphics2 with 2D/3D Graphics Capabilities

: Phoenix 2Mbit Flash BIOS


• IDE Interface

• USB Ports

: 1 x SODIMM slot, ->1GB, DDR200/266/333 MHz

: Enhanced IDE UDMA 33/66/100

: 3 x USB2.0 - 480Mbps


• Processor : Intel CeleronM 600MHz Ultra Low Voltage

• Front Side Bus : 400MHz

• Chipset




• IDE Interface

• USB Ports

: Intel 852GM

: Intel Extreme Graphics2 with 2D/3D Graphics Capabilities

: Phoenix 2Mbit Flash BIOS

: 1 x SODIMM slot, ->1GB, DDR200/266/333 MHz

: Enhanced IDE supports UDMA 33/66/100

: 3 x USB2.0 - 480Mbps


• Processor : VIA Eden 533MHz Processor

• Front Side Bus : 100/133MHz

• Chipset




• IDE Interface

• USB Ports

: VIA ProSavage TwisterT

: Savage4 AGP4X with 2D/3D Graphics Capabilities

: Award 2Mbit Flash BIOS

: 1 x SODIMM slot, ->256MB, PC100/133 MHz SDRAM

: Enhanced IDE supports UDMA 33/66/100, PIO mode 4

: 3 x USB1.1 - 12Mbps

Available Component Options:

• IDE HDD : Upgradable to max 80GB, 2.5", 5400RPM, 2MB Buffer (This HDD is not type approved)

• CD-ROM : Upgradeable to 24x10x24 SLIM CD-R/W

• I/O Slots : 2 x PCI Half Length Profile or 1 x PC104 & 1 x PCI Half Length Profile or 2 x PC104

• Audio : AC-97 2.2 compliant, 6 channel, 5.1 speaker with LINE IN, LINE OUT, MIC IN 3.5mm jacks (Q2 2005)

Note: These options are factory installed.

A1, B1, C1 = Standard Version AC Power

A2, B2, C2 = Standard Version DC Power

Physical Specifications:

• 290 (W) x 88 (H) x 221 (D) mm

• Weight: 3 kg (approx)

• Aluminium Chassis


Environmental Considerations:

Safety Considerations:

Even although the test conditions for bridge units provide for a maximum operating temperature of 55°C, continuous operation of all electronic components should, if possible, take place at ambient temperatures of only

25°C. This is a necessary prerequisite for long life and low service costs.


20 INB100015-1 (Rev 9)


Technical Drawings

21 INB100015-1 (Rev 9)

Technical Drawings - HT B04xx STD A1

135 47

< 2U ) (


100 27,50




Measurements shown in cm

INB100015-1 (Rev 9)

General - Appendix

23 INB100015-1 (Rev 9)

Basic Trouble-shooting

COMMON ERRORS: (Applies for Display products and Panel / Maritime / Rack Computers)

If for some reason there should be something wrong with the picture quality or no picture present, check the symptoms carefully and try to cure it with the hints below:


If there is no light at all in the LED at the FRONT, check power cables. If the LED in front is green then check if the brightness knob is turned to the right (max brightness). If still no picture, check if there is a VGA signal on the External VGA connector. If you have a picture on the external VGA connector please look in BIOS documentation/chapter for correct display settings in BIOS.

Lack of image is most likely to be caused by incorrect connection, lack of power, or wrong BIOS settings.


Signal cable may not be completely connected to computer or TFT display.

Check the pin assignments and signal timings of the display and your video card with respect to recommended timing and pin assignments. Make sure that the video card is compatible and that it is properly seated / installed on the computer.


Make sure that a supported video mode has been selected on the display, or on the video card / system. If it is impossible to position the image correctly, ie the image adjustment controls will not move the image far enough, then test it again using another graphics card for the

PC system. This situation can occur with a custom graphics card that is not close to standard timings or if something is in the graphics line that may be affecting the signal, such as a signal splitter (please note that normally a signal splitter will not have any adverse effect).

If it is impossible to change to the correct resolution/color depth, check if you have the right VGA driver installed in your system.


A faulty TFT panel can have black lines, pixel errors, failed sections, flickering or flashing image.

Incorrect graphics card refresh rate, resolution or interlaced mode will probably cause the image to be the wrong size, it may scroll, flicker badly or possibly even no image is present. Sparkling on the display may be a faulty TFT panel signal cable.


If unit after unit keeps failing, consider and investigate whether you are short circuiting the equipment or doing something else seriously wrong.


Power on the TFT product and set brightness to 100%. Turn off any automatic screensavers on

PC or similar. During minutes the dew will be gone. To speed up the process, use a fan heater for a reasonable time. Do not overheat the TFT product.

General - Appendix


24 INB100015-1 (Rev 9)

Testing & Approvals Overview

These products have been tested / type approved by the following classification societies:

Type Number


Maritime Stand-alone

Computer (Black Box 1)

HT 202P4 STD*

Industrial Rack Computer

EN60945 4th (IEC945 4th)


EN60945 4th (IEC945 4th)


Tests Certificated by

HT 403P4 STD*

Industrial Rack Computer

EN60945 4th (IEC945 4th)


ClassNK - Nippon Kaiji Kyokai

DNV - Det Norske Veritas

GL - Germanischer Lloyd

BV - Bureau Veritas

ClassNK - Nippon Kaiji Kyokai

DNV - Det Norske Veritas

GL - Germanischer Lloyd

BV - Bureau Veritas


Industrial Rack Computer

*If ambient temperature is 0°C or lower, the unit must be preheated for at least one hour before turning on the unit.

To activate the automatically preheating circuit leave the AC power cable connected.

General - Appendix


25 INB100015-1 (Rev 9)

Return Of Goods Information

Return of goods:

(Applies not to warrenty/normal service/repair of products)

Before returning goods, please contact your system supplier before sending anything directly to JHD. When you return products after loan, test, evaulation or products subject for credit, you must ensure that all accessories received from our warehouse is returned to JHD.

This applies to cables, powermodules and additional equipment except screws or similar, user manual, datasheets or other written paper documents. Furthermore, the product must not have any minor / medium or severe scratches, chemical spills or similar on the backcover, front frame or glass.

This is needed to credit the invoice 100%. Missing parts will not be subject for credit, and you will not get total credit for returned product. You will either be charged separately or the amount is withdrawn from the credit. If you noticed that our product missed accessories upon receival, we are of course open for further investigation and positive solutions. If you decide to ship the missing items on the after hand, you will get 100% credit for that particular invoice or items received at JHD incoming goods control. Please contact our sales personnel if additional questions.

Current prices apply as per May 2004:

Signal Cable DSUB 15P Male or Female - Approx 1,8meters

Signal Cable BNC 5P - Approx 1,8meters

RS-232 serial cable DSUB 9P - Approx 1,8meters

Powercable 110 / 220 VAC (European or US standard) - Approx 1,8meters

Minor / Medium or severe scratches / chemical spill on backcover

Any scratch, chemical spill or similar on front frame (including glass)

(Prices are approx, and any deviation are evaulated during incoming goods control)

Price: 170,- NOK each

Price: 350,- NOK each

Price: 80,- NOK each

Price: 50,- NOK each

Price: 1300,- NOK

Price: 2000,- NOK

Approved packaging methods/materials: (Applies to all shipments to JHD)

When returning goods, please make sure you surround the product with the following material, whenever possible: Original packaging from JHD, firm foam material, bubble wrap or lots of

PadPack paper or Foam chips/polyester wrapped in sealed plastic bags. In any case, always use a solid cardboard box to surround everything.

Not approved packaging methods/materials are: Foam chips, expanded polyester, clothes, nothing, or too little, or anything that will crumble and get into the ventilation holes of products and cardboard boxes that are not suitable to secure the product during shipment.

General - Appendix


26 INB100015-1 (Rev 9)


The Hatteland Group - Terms Of Sale And Delivery:


The terms of sale and delivery include the following companies: Autostore AS, Jakob Hatteland Assembly AS,

Jakob Hatteland Computer AS, Jakob Hatteland Display AS, Jakob Hatteland Logistics, Jakob Hatteland Supply AS and Jakob Hatteland Technology AS.

2) PRICE a) The price is per each, if nothing else has been stated, VAT not included. Price is based on the prices from our suppliers, current custom rates, taxes, rate of exchange and international raw material prices. We reserve ourselves the rights to adjustments in case of alternation on the above mentioned.

b) Included in the price is the supplier’s standard packing. In case of re-packing/smaller quantities we reserve ourselves the right to add an additional sum for warrantable packing according to CECC 0015 (Basic inspection for protection of electrostatic sensitive devices)


If nothing else has been stated in our quotation, the offer is valid for 30 days from the date of quotation.


A package quotation means that all the components offered, must be ordered by us. If one component or more are removed from the quotation, the prices given in the package quotation are not valid.


Cash on delivery or payment in advance. Net granted for companies, schools and institutions only, according to agreement. In case of too late payment 1.5% interest/month will be charged. Seller has mortage rights in the goods delivered until the purchase price, additional interests and charges have been paid in full. Accepted bill is not considered as payment until it has been honoured in full.


The quoted time of delivery is based on information from our suppliers. We disclaim any responsibility for the consequences of any delay or cancellation from our suppliers. Belated delivery gives not solely the right for cancellation.


Goods are considered delivered to customer when handed over to charterer.


Jakob Hatteland Display AS charge NOK 50 in forwarding fee for orders below NOK 1.000. For orders below

NOK 1.000 Jakob Hatteland Supply AS charge freight according to expenses, and NOK 25 for packing. For handling requested beyond ordinary hours NOK 250 is charged. Express service is charged with NOK 100 + freight charges.

All the companies charge freight according to expenses for orders above NOK 1.000. VAT not included.


By receipt customer must check goods for obvious defects which have to be claimed within 8 days from receipt.

Otherwise acceptance of complaint can not be counted on.


Time of guarantee is calculated from our date of shipment, and applies to the extent that we are covered by our supplier’s guarantee regulations. The guarantee does no longer apply if:

I) there has been encroached upon the goods without seller’s consent

II) terms of payment is not fulfilled

III) the goods have been damaged due to unskilled treatment

IV) components which are sensitive for static electricity have not been unpacked and treated in a secure way.

Minimum requirements: CECC 00015’s standards for handling of such components. The guarantee does not include fair wear and tear.

General - Appendix


27 INB100015-1 (Rev 9)



Seller undertake to deliver faultless and functional capable goods according to existing technical specifications.

Seller disclaim responsibility for any damage or loss which directly or indirectly may be caused due to failure or defect with the delivered goods, if carelessness from the seller can be limited up to the cost of the goods. The supplier’s responsibility for defects with the supplied goods do not include secondary damage or loss.


Binding sales contract is concluded when we have confirmed customer’s purchase order. Any disagreements in our order confirmation must be reported to seller within 6 days. The agreement can not be altered without our permission, after acceptance from our supplier. If goods are wanted to be returned, a Return No must be assigned from seller.

Returned goods without a Return No will not be accepted. By return of stock listed goods, 20% return fee is charged.

Returned goods are shipped on customer’s account and risk.


When borrowing of goods for demo/test, the date of return must be added to the document. If no date has been stated, date of return is two weeks from the date of the document. Before return, seller must be contacted for a

Return No (RTK). Goods which have been sold with an agreed right of return within stated terms, shall also have a

Return No. The Return No must be obtained before the stated date of return. Returned goods without a Return No, or which have not been packed in original packing, will not be accepted.


If any of our suppliers claim limited delivery terms towards us, our terms of delivery will be restriced according to those.


Sold or borrowed software is not allowed to be copied or spread in other ways, without a written permission.


Goods delivered from seller may be subject to special rules of exportation in their supplier’s native country. Buyer is responsible to obtain necessary permissions for further export/re-sale.


To settle any dispute the Karmsund Herredsrett is approved the legal venue.

General - Appendix


28 INB100015-1 (Rev 9) General - Appendix


29 INB100015-1 (Rev 9)




Control the goods immediately by receipt. Examine the quantity towards the invoice/packinglist/shipping documents.

Look for outward defects on the packing which may indicate damage on or loss of contents. Control the container and the seals for any defects.


When defects on the goods have been found, evidence must be secured, and seller must be informed. Call the transporter and point out the defects. Add a description of the defects on the goods receipt, the forwarder’s copy of the way-bill or on the driving slip.


Bound the damage. Try to restrict the damage and the loss. Seller will compensate expences incurred due to reasonable security efforts in addition to damage and loss.


Write immediately a complaint to the transporter or his agent. Forward immediately the complaint to the transporter or his agent, and hold the transporter responsible for the defects. The complaint must be sent at the latest:

- for carriage by sea:

- for overland / air transportation within 3 days within 7 days


For any claims the following documentation is required, and must be forwared to the company or their agent: invoice, way-bill and/or bill of landing, and/or statement of arrival, inspection document, besides a copy of the letter of complaint to the transporter.

General - Appendix


28 INB100015-1 (Rev 9) General - Appendix


29 INB100015-1 (Rev 9)



This unit contains electrostatic sensitive devices.

Observe precautions for handling.

Computer Upgrading:

Customers who needs to open the computer to change PCI cards, install more memory, or set internal jumpers can do so without voiding the warranty. Before opening a unit’s housing to remove or touch a board, proper ESD measurements must be taken.

1. Operator should ground himself by using a wrist band.

2. The wrist band should be connected to ground via a ground cord.

3. A one megaohm resistor, installed in the wrist connection end of the ground cord, is a safety


4. Alternatively an Static-dissipative ESD work mat could be positioned at the workplace.

The 3M™ 8501 Portable Field Service Kit is a good choice for this purpose.

All assisting persons who might come into contact with the endangered boards must also use the

ESD equipment.

General - Appendix


30 INB100015-1 (Rev 9)

Revision History



1 SE


08 Oct 04 First release internet version.












27 Oct 04 Updated harddrive information in Physical Overview section.

08 Nov 04 Updated important security information regarding the Compact Flash Slot.

SE 16 Nov 04 HT B04 PM testing & approval section updated.

Updated information about drivers cd. (Installation Recommendations section)

SE 06 Dec 04 Updated Compact Flash technical, updated Testing & Approvals, and general updates.

SE 21 Dec 04 Added pin assignments for RS422/485

Revised Specifications.

Overall update.

SE 15 Feb 05 Revised specifications.

Revised Physical Connections chapter text.

Revised Testing & Approval Section.

SE 08 Apr 05 Revised specifications

Overall update.

SE 28 Apr 05 Added ESD precautions in NOTES chapter.

General - Appendix


31 INB100015-1 (Rev 9)

Contact Information

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