Champee User`s Manual

Champee User`s Manual
 Champee User's Manual
Contents ]
Introduction 2
Important 3
Other Instructions 4
Child Restraint Features 5— 0
Installation EE
Question 4
The Seat Belt 4
Six Positions of the Baby Car Seat 7
Installing the Baby Car Seat with a 3-Point Safety Belt-group1
Installing the Baby Car Seat with a 3-Point Safety Belt-group II
Placing your Child in The Baby Car Seat 9—10
Note 11
Adjusting the Height of the Shoulder Belts ------------------ -- 11—15
Maintenance Removing the Cover and the Belt Pads --------------- 13
Check List 15
Warranty 16
Dear parents
Thank you very much for the purchasing of our product.
The nicer function and credible design which according to
somatology would afford the most safety and comfort when
your child was in this child restraint,
In order to exerting the excellent function, Please adjust the child
restraint till that is suitable for your child's stature and avoirdupois
before using our product and then equip it carefully and steadily.
Research shows that a high number of car safety scats are incorrectly
installed, Therefore, please take the time to read through the instruction
manual carefully. Our procuct offers maximum safety only when it is
used in accordance with the instructions.
Continuous research by our development team, user tests and consumer
reactions ensure that we are kept fully up to date in the field of child
safety. Therefore, if you have any questions concerning the use of the
our product, please do not hesitate to contact us.
You can see our contact information
in the service card.
WARNING: Read this instruction manual carefully.
WARNING: The correct fitting of the seat belt, along the red marking
between the shell and the base of the seat, is of vital importance for the
safety of your child. See figure B-5 and C-2 or the sticker on the side
of the product.
WARNING: For the future use of the seat, it is important that you keep
the instruction manual carefully.
WARNING: Never leave your child unattended in the car.
WARNING: Do not use a child safety seat if the vehicle seat is equipped
with a front airbag. This can be dangerous. This docs not apply to so-
called side airbags.
Before use our product, please read the instruction manual carefully;
the product is a safety product and is only safe when used in accordance
with the instruction manual.
The product must only be used on a forward facing scat that is fitted
with an automatic 3-point safety belt which is approved according to
ECE R16 or an equivalent standard.
The product may be used on either the front or the back scat.
However, we recommend that it is fitted on the back seat.
The product has been approved according to the strictest European
safety standards (ECE R44/03) and is suitable for Group 1 (9-18 kg)
and Group II (15-25kg).
After an accident the seat may bécome unsafe duc to damage that is not
be noticeable immediately . It should therefore be replaced.
The safety of the seat can only be guaranteed by the manufacturer ifit
issued by the original owner.
We advise you strongly that not to use a second-hand product, because
you are not sure what has happened to it,
The belt pads are important for the safety of your child, therefore use
them at all the time.
Ensure that all luggages and objects likely to cause injury in the event
of an accident are properly secured.
It is recommended that the car seat should not be used more than
5 years from the date of production. The properties of the product may
deteri-orate dueto, for example, ageing of the plastic and this may not
be visible.
The moving parts of the car seal should not be lubricated in any way,
Other Instructions Restraint Features
= The baby car seat must not be used without the cover, Please use an
original cover, as the cover contributes to the safety ofthe seat.
« The seat must be secured with a seat belt, even when it not in use. An
unsecured seat may injure other passengers in the carin an urgent stop
= Ensure that the seat is not damaged by the webbing between or underneath
heavy lugpages, adjustable seats or slamming the car door etc.
= No alterations may be made to the product as this could affect part or the
overall safety of the seat.
= In hot weather the plastic and metal parts of the product will be hot
You should cover the seat whenthe car parked under the sun. ©
In order to prevent damage to the cover, do not remove the product”s logo.
" Use the seat even in a short journey, as this is when most accidents occur.
" Before the purchase, please check that the seat is properly in your car. ©
» Take ashort break in long journey, So that your child has some time for
the relaxation.
« Set a good example yourself and always wear your seat belt, @
= Tell your child that he/she should be never play with the belt buckle. ©
Questions (10)
Contact your supplier or importer if you wish to make
a warranty claim or have any other questions.
The seat belt
The product should be used with an automatic 3-point safety belt provided
that this has been approved according to ECE R 16 or an equivalent © Cover O Hook
standard, Under no circumstances should an automatic 2-point safety belt O Shell O Shaft And Lock
be used. я
| © Lock-off Device © Belt Guard Door
Your car seat can be fixed safely on almost seats of the cars. However, on ®@ Hooks For Lap Belt ® Warn Markings
some seats the belts are fixed so that proper installation is not possible. ”
If this is the case, try another seat. O Belt Yoke © Hole
@ Base @ Additive Base
Restraint Features
O Head Pillow
O Belt Pads
@ Buckle
@® Cushion
@ Adjusting Cover
@ Adjuster Belt
© Belt Slots
@ Shoulder Belt
@ Crotch Starp Jacket
€ Adjusting Device
¢) Positioning Handle
Six Positions of the Car Seat (A)
The car seat can be used in six positions:
lift the handle under the front of the seat up
and pull or push the shell forwards or
backwards. Release the handle in the
required position and push until you hear
a distinct click.
Installing the Car Seat with a
3-Point Safety Вей (А-В)
When installing the car seat follow the
installation instructions for the 3-point
safety belt described above (under
section "the seat belt"). A 3-point
safety belt is shown in figure B,
Place the baby car seat in the sleeping
position (A) on the car seat.
This is the Installation af Group I
And itis for the Children Whose
Weight Between 9-18kg.(B-1--B-7)
Put the seat on the position 3 or 4, (see
figure A) hold the handle of the
joint shaft. (B-1)
Take the joint shaft out of the scat. (B-2)
Adjust the baby car seat into the sleeping
position, then pull the seat back . (B-3)
Install the safety belt through the seat
back [rom the middle of top and fixed it
into the buckle on the car seat. The seat
will be fixed by two belt in two directions.
One belt from the top of the seat and the
other is in horizontal position.(3-4)
Locked by the buckle of the car belt.(B-5)
Put the seat body back to its original
position and fix seat back by its
metal shaft and lock the shaft safety.(B-6)
Tighten car belt (knee belt & shoulder belt ),
use lock-off device to clip it. So it can not move.
Installation x Installation
This is The Installation of Group H and
it is Fit for the Children Whose
Weight Between 15-25 Kg (C--C-2)
After the installation, please take away the
belt system ol baby car seat(including
| belt pads, shoulder belt, buckle & crotch
strap jacket).(C)
Put your kid into the baby car seat, car
| belt pass the hook and then through
the hole in the corner of the bottom.(C-1)
After the car belt through the hole,
insert it into the buckle, (C-2)
1 Placing your Child in the Car Seat (D)
; Loosen the shoulder belts by
| pressing the release button (D-1-1)
/ and pulling the shoulder belts towards
you (D-1).Note! Do not pull on the
belt pads.
Open the belt buckle. (D-2)
Draw the belts over the hooks on the shell.
(D-3) Put your child comfortably with
his/her back against the shell and make
sure that there are no toys or other hard
objects in the shell,
Slide buckle tongue sections together and
insert them in the buckle.(D-4)
Pull the shoulder belts tight.(D-5)
Pull the remaining slack out of the belt
system & pull the belts tight by the
adjuster belt.(D-6)
The tighter the belts are around the child, the better the protection, Check
that the textured side of the belt pads is on the shoulders of your child.
The belts should never be twisted. If you can not click the tongue sections
in the buckle, unblock the buckle by pressing the red button and try again.
If you can not fasten the harness belt properly or pull it tightly, please
contact your supplier immediately, Under no circumstances use the product!
Adjusting the Height of The Shoulder Belts (D-F)
The correct belt height of the shoulder belts
is attained when the belt disappears into the
shell slightly above the shoulder of the child.
Make sure that the shoulder belts fit properly
over the shoulders of the child (D-7).
Loosen the shoulder belts by pressing the
release button and pulling the shoulder belts
as far as you can(D-1). Note!
Do not pull the belt pads. Place the
baby car seat inthe sleeping position (A)
and open the belt guard door ( E-1).
Remove the shoulder belts from the belt
yoke (E-2).
Pull the shoulder belts through the shell and
the cover out of the belt pads, but make sure
that the buckle remains fixed to prevent the
belts twisting (E-3).
If you wish to alter the belts from or to the
lowest position, place the baby car seat in
the sleeping position (E-4).
[f you wish to alter the belts from or to the
sccond or the third or highest position, place
the baby car seat in the sitting position (E-5).
Loosen the top part of the cover( E-6).
The belt through the shoulder belt(E-7).
Make the belt and shoulder belt
through the cover, sponge cushion
and shell (E-8).
To stick the shoulder belt of both
sides by TIC-TAC (E-9).
Refit the shoulder belts to the belt yoke
and check that the red stitching (X3)
on the belts ends and the belt yoke are
facing the shell (E-10) - if this is not the
case your belts are twisted then close the
belt guard door (E-1).
Fasten the cover all around, fix with
pins (F-4). Check that if it works!
Maintenance, Removing the
Cover and the Belt Pads(E-F)
The seat can be washed with Luke
-warm water and a gentle soap.
Do not use any abrasive detergents.
The cover must be washed by hand
at a maximum temperature of 30°C.
Do not use dry cleaning ( see also
washing instructions).
The buckle may be cleaned with
warm water,
It is advisable to buy an extra cover.
So you can use baby car seat all the
time when the original cover was
Loosen the belts and the belt pads, see
fig. E-1-E-9 under the section "adjusting
the height of the shoulder belts”.
Loosen the cover all around and also at
the release button/positioning handle
Pull the belts, buckle tongue sections
and buckle through the cover. Then
remove the cover by pulling it carefully
behind the release mechanism (F-2).
After washing attach the belt pads
(E-9) and place the cover on the
Thread the buckle and buckle sections
back through the cover and fasten the
cover at the release button/positioning
handle (F-3).
Secure the cover on pins (F-4).
Close the buckle (D-4) and thread the
belts through the belt pads, the cover
and the shell (E-10). Attach the
shoulder belts to the belt yoke and make
sure that the red stitching (X3) on the belt
ends and the belt yoke are facing the
shell{ E-10),if this is not the case, your
belts are twisted then close the belt
guard door (E-1).Fasten the cover all
around, behind the pins (F-4).
Check that it works!
For safety's sake read through this checklist before you set off.
Check that the harness belt system fits properly and tightly around your child
and that the shoulder belts are at the correct height.
Check regularly that the belt in the baby car seat is not damaged. Lf it is
damaged do not use your product in any circumstances and contact your
supplier or importer ( sec address list in the service card).
Check that you have secured your baby car seat with the seat belt,
[f you have any questions, please contact your supplier
Make sure that you have the following details to hand:
-Scrial number underneath on the service card.
-Mark and type of vehicle and seat on which the baby car seat used.
-Age and weight of your child.
Checklist and Warranty
The warranty period starts from the date of purchase and is valid for a period
of 12 months. The warranty is only applicable to the original owner and is not
transferable. The warranty is only applicable to products that have not been
adapted by the user. -
In the case of any defects, the owneris required to return the product to the
retailer. [f the retailer cannot solve the problem, he must return the product,
complete with a clear description ol the complaint and a validated purchase
receipt to the manufacturer, Exchanger or return cannot be demanded.
Repairs do not constitute an extension to the warranty term.
The manufacturer is not liable for any damages other than those on products
No warranty is given if:
-The product is not supplied complete with the validated purchase receipt to
the manufacturer.
-Defects are caused by misuse or maintenance which differ from that indicated
in the instruction manual,
-Repairs are carried out by third parties.
-Defects are caused by neglect
-Damage or removal of anyserial number is found
-If there is normal wear and tear which may be expected [rom everyday use.
-The stated warranty terms and conditions have not been satisfied.
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