8 In, 5 Output Valve Controller
6 Universal Analog Inputs, 1 Digital Input
1 Magnetic Pickup Sensor Input
4-2.5A Proportional or On/Off Outputs
1-2.5A Digital Output
P/N: AX021901
o 6 universal analog signal inputs (current, voltage,
resistive, frequency, digital or PWM)
o 1 digital input for enable/disable functionality
o 1 magnetic pickup sensor input (RPM)
o 4 proportional or on/off valve drivers up to 2.5 A
o Open or closed loop (PID) drive is user configurable.
o 1 digital output up to 2.5A
o Fully protected
1 CANopen® port (SAE J1939 model is p/n AX021900)
12V or 24Vdc nominal
Rugged IP67 packaging and connectors for harsh environments
Vibration compliant for mobile equipment applications
Program the controller for a specific application using its predefined internal functional blocks and any
commercially available CANopen® tool.
The controller is designed for harsh operating environments.
Typical applications can include:
Industrial, off-highway (mobile) and marine applications for the control of hydraulic proportional poppet or
spool valves
Closed loop control of hydraulic valves
Interface with a diesel engine’s electronic control module PWM signal to drive accessories
Transmission controls
Fan drive controls (on request)
Vehicle traction control (on request)
Ordering Part Numbers:
CANopen® Valve Controller: AX021901
EDS File, UMAX021901: Downloadable from Go to the Log-In page and
request the password from [email protected]
Mating Plug Kit: PL-DTM06-12SA-12SB
The 8 Input, 5 Output Valve Controller (8i5o) is designed for versatile control of up to four proportional
outputs to directly drive coils or other loads. Its flexible circuit design gives the user a wide range of
configurable input or output types. The sophisticated control algorithms allow the user to program the
controller for a wide range of applications without the need for custom software.
The controller has six fully programmable universal inputs that can be setup to read: voltage; current;
resistive; frequency; or digital input signals. For added flexibility, it also has a magnetic sensor circuit that can
read AC signals and convert them into a frequency (RPM) pickup. Lastly, there is an eighth digital input that
can be used for global enable/disable or overrides of one or all of the outputs.
There are four universal outputs that can be setup to drive: proportional current (up to 2.5A each); hotshot
digital current; proportional voltage (up to supply); proportional PWM; or straight on/off digital loads. For
applications requiring a fifth digital output, there is also one high-side (sourcing) output for up to a 2.5A digital
The 8i5o valve controller is highly programmable and allows the user to configure it for their application. Its
sophisticated control algorithms allow for open or closed loop drive of the proportional outputs. It can be
operated as either a self-contained control system, driving the outputs directly from the on-board inputs,
and/or it can be integrated into a CANopen® network of controllers. All I/O and logical function blocks on the
unit are inherently independent from one another, but can be programmed to interact in a large number of
ways. Refer to the block diagram, Figure 1A, for the hardware features. Figure 1B shows the logical function
blocks (software) available on the 8i5o.
The 8i5o has a number of built-in protection features that can shut off the outputs in adverse conditions. They
include hardware shutoffs to protect the circuits from being damaged as well as software shutdown features
that can be enabled in safety critical systems.
The various function blocks supported by the 8i5o are outlined below. The programmable internal
architecture provides users with an ultimate flexibility, allowing them to build their own custom controller with
a required functionality from a set of predefined internal functional blocks using any commercially available
CANopen® tools.
Table 1.0 – Pin out: AX021901
Pin #
Grey Connector
CAN Shield
Output GND
Output GND
BATT – (Output GND)
Output 4
Output 3
Output 2
Output 1
Pin #
Black Connector
Analog Input 1
Analog Input 2
Analog Input 3
Analog Input 4
Analog Input 5
Analog Input 6
Digital Input 1
Magnetic Pickup Sensor Input
Magnetic Pickup Sensor GND
Analog GND
Analog GND
Analog GND
Figure 1A –Hardware Block Diagram
Figure 1B –Logical Functional Block Diagram
Technical Specifications:
Power Supply Input - Nominal
Input Grounds
RPM Input
Digital Input DI8
Universal Signal Inputs
(Refer to Table 2.0.)
12V or 24Vdc nominal (9…60 Vdc power supply range)
Reverse polarity protection is provided.
Surge protection up to 75VDC is provided.
Under-voltage shutdown protection of 7.5VDC is provided.
Over-voltage shutdown protection is provided.
The CANopen object dictionary of the 8i5o Controller is based on CiA device profile
DS-404 V1.2 (device profile for Closed Loop Controllers). The object dictionary
includes Communication Objects beyond the minimum requirements in the profile,
as well as several manufacturer-specific objects for extended functionality.
3 GND connections are provided.
1 Magnetic Pickup Sensor Input
Range: 0.5 Hz to 10 kHz; 100mV to 100V RMS
1 digital input, user selectable as:
Active High/Active Low
Configurable 10kOhm pullup or pulldown resistor
Debouncing provided at 1 ms resolution
6 universal inputs are provided. Refer to Table 2.0.
All input types are user selectable using a CANopen configuration tool as: Voltage;
Current; Resistive; Frequency; RPM; PWM; or Digital.
All analog inputs can be configured as active high digital.
Inputs are sampled every 1 msec.
Protected against shorts to GND or +Vcc
Table 2.0 – Universal Input – User Selectable Parameters
Voltage Input
0-1V (1 MΩ impedance)
0-2.5V (1MΩ impedance)
0-5V (150 KOhm impedance)
0-10V (133 KOhm impedance)
Current Input
Current sense resistor 124 Ω
0-20 mA
4-20 mA
Resistive Input
Self-calibrating for a range of 25Ω to 250 kΩ
PWM Input
1 M Ω impedance
0 to 100% (at 10 Hz to 1kHz or 100 Hz to 10 kHz)
Selectable 10kΩ pullup to +5V or pulldown to AGND resistor
Frequency Input
1 MΩ impedance
0.5 Hz to 50 kHz range: 0.01 Hz resolution
10 Hz to 1kHz range: 0.1 Hz resolution
100 Hz to 10 kHz range: 1 Hz resolution
Selectable 10kΩ pullup to +5V or pulldown to AGND resistor
Digital Input Function
1 MΩ impedance
Active High for AI 1..AI7.
Normal, Inverse or Latched (push-button) response
Debouncing provided at 1 ms resolution
Input Accuracy
Input Resolution
Error Detection/Reaction
+/- 1% full scale error (all types)
+/- 2% full scale error
+/- 1% full scale error, self-calibrating throughout the range
+/- 1% full scale error (all ranges)
+/- 1% full scale error (all frequencies)
12-bit Analog to Digital (voltage, current, resistive)
15-bit Timer (frequency, RPM, PWM)
Voltage: 1mV, Current: 1uA, Resistive: 1Ω, PWM: 0.01%
Frequency 0.5 to 50Hz Range: 0.01Hz resolution
Frequency 10Hz to 1kHz Range: 0.1Hz resolution
Frequency 100 Hz to 10kHz Range: 1Hz resolution
Out of Range High and Low detection
EMCY code generation (object 1003h) and fault reaction possible (1029h)
Output(s) shutdown function can be enabled.
The CANopen object dictionary of the 8i5o Controller is based on CiA device profile
DS-404 V1.2 (device profile for Closed Loop Controllers). The object dictionary
includes Communication Objects beyond the minimum requirements in the profile,
as well as several manufacturer-specific objects for extended functionality.
Four fully independent software controlled outputs selectable as:
Proportional Current
Hotshot Digital (See Figure 2.)
PWM Duty Cycle
Proportional Voltage
On/Off Digital
Half-bridge outputs, current sensing, grounded load.
High side sourcing up to 2.5A
Current sensing for close-loop control, current feedback on object 2370h
High frequency output drive at 25kHz (except in PWM output mode)
Universal Outputs
Current Outputs:
Software controlled PID current, Factory calibrated. User configurable.
Fully configurable dither from 50 to 400Hz.
Voltage Outputs:
Average output based on unit power supply
High frequency drive at 25kHz
PWM Outputs:
Configurable frequency ONLY if no voltage or current output types are used.
Digital Output
Output GND
Output Accuracy
Output Resolution
Error Detection/Reaction
Digital On/Off:
Load at supply voltage must not draw more than 2.5A.
High side sourcing up to 2.5A, grounded load
Can be used to drive a diagnostic lamp
Works with inductive or resistive loads
Independent dithering is available on all four analog outputs.
Fully configurable from 50Hz to 400Hz
Adjustable amplitude up to 50% full scale
2 GND connections are provided.
Fully protected against short circuit to ground and short circuit to power supply rail.
Unit will fail safe in the case of a short circuit condition, self-recovering when the
short is removed.
Output Current mode +/-2% full scale error
Output Voltage mode +/-5% full scale error
Output PWM Duty Cycle mode +/-1% full scale error
Current: 1mA, Voltage: 0.1V, PWM: 0.1%
EMCY code generation (object 1003h) and fault reaction possible (1029h) when an
open or short circuit is detected at the output (current mode only)
Figure 2 – Hotshot Digital Output (User selectable)
General Specifications
Control Logic
User Interface
Operating Conditions
Vibration and Shock
User programmable functionality is provided using SDO object access, per CiA
DS-301. Refer to the user manual for details.
(Application-specific control logic is available on request.)
1 CAN 2.0B port, protocol CiA CANopen ®
– N.B. Default baud rate is 125kBit/s (user configurable).
By default, the 8i5o Controller transmits measured input (FV object 7100h) and
output current feedback (FV object 2370h) on TPDO1
The controller’s object dictionary is compatible with the CiA DS-404 device profile
(Device profile for measurement devices and closed-loop controllers). In addition to
the standard objects for this device profile, the controller also includes a number of
manufacturer specific objects to extend the functionality beyond that of the basic
The Axiomatic AX021901 is compliant with the following CAN in Automation (CiA)
CiA DS-301 V4.1 – CANopen® Application Layer and
Communication Profile. CAN in Automation 2002
CiA DS-404 V1.2 – Device Profile for Measurement Devices
and Closed-Loop Controllers. CAN in Automation 2002
CiA DS-305 V2.0 – Layer Setting Service (LSS) and Protocols.
CAN in Automation 2006
.EDS provided to interface to standard CANopen ® tools
Refer to the User Manual.
-40 to 85 C (-40 to 185 F)
0.55 lb. (0.25 kg)
IP67 rating for the product assembly
MIL-STD-202G, Test 204D, 214A and 213B
7.68 Grms (Random)
10 g peak (Sine)
50 g (Shock)
Electrical Connections
Packaging and Dimensions
Deutsch DTM series 24 pin receptacle (DTM13-12PA-12PB-R008)
Mating plug: Deutsch DTM06-12SA and DTM06-12SB
with 2 wedgelocks (WM12S) and 24 contacts (0462-201-20141).
20 AWG wire is recommended for use with contacts 0462-201-20141.
Refer to Table 1.0 for the pin out.
High Temperature Nylon housing - Deutsch IPD PCB Enclosure (EEC-325X4B)
4.62 x 5.24 x 1.43 inches 117.42 x 133.09 x 36.36 mm
(W x L x H excluding mating plugs)
Note: CANopen® is a registered community trade mark of CAN in Automation e.V.
Specifications are indicative and subject to change. Actual performance will vary depending on the application and
operating conditions. Users should satisfy themselves that the product is suitable for use in the intended application. All our
products carry a limited warranty against defects in material and workmanship. Please refer to our Warranty, Application
Approvals/Limitations and Return Materials Process as described on
Form: TDAX021901-07/03/15
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