Rhino-Rack Roff Racks User Manual

Rhino-Rack Roff Racks User Manual
Rhino-Rack Sand Screw (31113)
Important: Please read these instructions carefully prior to use.
Check the contents of kit before commencing fitment and report any discrepancies.
Place these instructions in the storage box for future reference.
Important Information
The Sand Screw is primarily intended to be used in wet
and dry beach or river sand however it may also be useful
in soft or lightly packed ground. There are many uses
for this product including attaching guy ropes from a sun
shade or securing a portable camping canopy.
Component Name
Sand Screw
Usage Instructions
Storage Box
Features:- Ergonomic handle designed to be comfortable and efficient in screwing the product into the sand.
- Unlike conventional pegs that require a lot of effort to remove, the Sand Screw will easily unscrew.
- Made from an extremely tough and durable Engineering Plastic
- When not in use, store and protect the Sand Screws in original box.
- Weight: 160grams
- Length: 513mm
- Colour: Black
Recommended rope diameter: Up to 6mm
Use only non-stretch fastening ropes or straps.
Sand Screw Instructions for Use
Grasp the Sand Screw
The Sand Screw is designed to be used with
a firm single handed grip.
Getting started
Push the end of the sand screw into the sand or
soil as far as it will go without turning it to establish a starting position. It will work best if you
penetrate the dry soft sand/soil firstly before
you start to screw it in.
Screw into the ground
The Sand Screw will screw into the
ground in a clockwise direction only.
Apply firm downward pressure at the
same time to drive the screw deep into
the earth.
Sand Screw Instructions for Use
Soft Sand Advice
If the sand is particularly soft and dry
and getting the Sand Screw started is
proving challenging, we recommend
you dig away the top layer of sand and
start lower in the harder packed layer.
Recommended finished depth
For best results, insert as far as possible.
How far you can insert the Sand Screw will depend on
how densely packed and how moist the sand or earth
Sometimes trying an adjacent location can be easier
where the sand or ground yields more easily.
Attaching ropes and ties to the Sand Screw
The Sand Screw has been designed to secure ropes
as illustrated.
Sand Screw Instructions for Use
Awning setup
Awnings can have the screw positioned at the
base of the leg to minimise trip hazards with
extending guy ropes
We recommend setting the angle of the Sand
Screw to be in line with the attaching rope.
Removing the Sand Screw
To quickly and easily remove the Sand Screw,
turn the handle in an anticlockwise direction until
it becomes loose enough to lift out. The Sand
Screw has been manufactured from a very tough
and durable engineering plastic. For longest
working life we recommend you store them away
in their original box or somewhere heavy objects
cannot bend or deform them.
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