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Equipment Control Guide
The unit should be mounted to a clean, dry surface where it can be securely placed. This can
be concealed. The GPS antenna should be attached and placed in a position where it can
see satellites. This antenna must not be situation under a metallic surface as this will impede
the GPS signal. If the equipment control is supplied with a power cable or usage log cable,
these should be attached to the relevant power sources.
System Administration
On the side of the box, you will find a serial number that starts with MUX. Make a note of this
serial number and what piece of equipment the device is fitted to. This information will be
used later to add information about the equipment onto the system.
When the administrator is logged in using the login details supplied with the units, they can
edit the information about the equipment. This is done by clicking on the unit as shown in the
picture below:
A new window will appear where you can add relevant information about the machinery the
equipment control is installed on. Add information and finish by clicking “save” in the bottom
right corner:
When inputting a mobile telephone number for geo fence alerts, remove the first ‘0’ and enter
‘+44’ as the international dialing code.
Geo Fencing
There are several ways to create and assign geo fence areas to equipment control.
If the equipment is in a location that you wish to geo fence, find the desired unit in the ‘map’
screen. Click on the icon that denotes the equipment and select ‘create geo fence area’. Give
the area a name and press ‘save’. Providing that the email / sms alert has been set up for
this unit, the user will now be notified if the equipment is moved outside of this geo fence.
It is also possible to manually add areas to the system and assign them to any piece of
equipment when it arrives inside the area. Select ‘geo fence areas’ and ‘create new area’.
Draw the area on the map screen and assign a name. Press ‘save’. The area can now be
assigned manually to any piece of equipment.
If the administrator in the company wishes to receive warnings when the equipment moves
outside of the GEO FENCE AREA, has low battery, maintenance is coming up etc. this can
be set up under the tab “Notifications” and “Notification Settings”. When entering a mobile
number, please discard the first ‘0’ and begin ‘+44’.
Notifiaction explanation:
Equipment usage has reached service limit – Where Equipment Control is configured as
a usage log, this indicates that the equipment is due an inspection based on its time (hours)
in service
Geo Fence: Equipment outside area - The equipment control has reported a gps position
outside of the user defined geo fence area
Low Battery – The equipment will need to be removed and the battery pack charged (Not
applicable for devices connected to a power supply on the machinery)
Maintenance Alert – The machinery requires a periodic based inspection in 1 month
No GSM contact in 25 days – The Equipment Control has not received a GSM (mobile)
signal in 25 days
No GPS position in 10 days - The Equipment Control has not received a GPS (satellite)
signal in 10 days
Further Information
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contact the customer support team on:
Tel - 01733 69 88 88
Email – [email protected]
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