33%~66% On On Off |
 Discharging : |
capacity LED1 LED2 LED3 |
66% —100%| On On On
33%—66% | On On Off
5%~33% On Off Off
0%—5% | Flash | Off | off |
capacity LED1 LED2 LED3 |
99%~100%| On On On |
66% — 99% On On Flash
o Fan MN | on Molecule
ote: | Dual USB portable
Keep your power bank operating to its fullest potential, make
sure to do as following:
1. Recharge your power bank once every three months when P owe r B a n k
it is not in use |
2. Keep your power bank dry and away from moist and |
corrosive materials.
3. Do not wash the power bank with harsh chemicals, soap dr
detergents. |
Warning |
e Don't drop, dissemble or attempt or repair
the charger by yourself
e Avoid exposure to water or high humidity.
e Don't expose to any heat source |
e Keep out of reach of children |
e Don't use in the presence of flammable gas.
| User manual
Welcome | Specifications
Thank you for purchasing the power bank. Please read the user Product name: Portable power bank
manual carefully before your operation and keep it in propel ~~ Cell type: Lithium-ion battery
| Capacity: 7800mAh
Input: DC5V/1A
Output: USB1-5V/1A
Instruction USB2-5V/1A
G) | Compatibility: Cell phone iphone, ipad , all digital devices
charged via USB port.
place for your future reference.
| Whatin the box
м -power bank*1
| -Micro USB cable*1
-User manual
YA aN © | u
| Howtouse
Charge the power bank
| Connect to AC adapter or PC USB port to charge the power
bank: the time for fully charge takes about 8.5 hours.
Charge the phone and other devices
Connect to the devices with the USB cable, shortly press the
| button to charge the equipment.
| *When the phone is fully charged or the power bank is no logd
for 30s, the power bank will shut off output automatically .
| Press the button last twice shortly , it can turn on/off the
\_ J | flashlight.
(1) LED emergency flashlight | Battery Capacity Indicator
(2) Output port USB1:5V/1A | LED indicates the power bank charging status & battery power
(3) Output port USB2:5V/1A volume level.
(4) Input port:5V/1A |
(5) LED indicators
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