Agribusiness Forum User Manual EN

Agribusiness Forum User Manual EN
for forum users
on the business portal
Portal can be accessed at When you want to access the internal forum,
select the menu item Forum and log in with your access details, entering your Username and Password:
Figure 1. Logging into the portal
Logging, also can be performed directly at
By logging on to the system, to the right you will see an icon with which you enter on the internal forum:
Figure 2. Forum home page
Forum currently has 5 main forum (Phytosanitary, Veterinary, Rural Development, Breeders right and
EU affairs) and one subforum EU Common Agriculture Policy (CAP).
On the front page of the forum in the top left corner there is a link through which you can always go
back to the home page, as well as links to user manuals in English and Serbian language.
At the bottom is the part My Account where you can independently change e-mail password, create
content Create content (new topic on the forum) or Log out.
You can add a new topic (Topic) or add your comment (Comment) on someone or your topic.
Topics and comment consist of a title (Subject), selected forums or subforums (select it from the dropdown list), body where you enter your text and if necessary one or more documents (File Attachment)
(Figure 3).
File attachments can be documents, pictures, presentations in any format in which it is stated in the
message field below Attach new file.
Figure 3. Adding a new topic
When you save / publish your post, the system will automatically generate an email about your publish
and notify all members of the group (eg, groups afairs EU).
Your post (new topic or comment), you can post directly on Forum home page by selecting the forum
topic or comment on the who you want to discuss (Figure 4) choosing Post new forum topic.
Figure 4. Read and unread posts (posts with yellow letters were not read)
Figure 5 shows an example of initiated topic and one comment. In this case, you can add a new
comment (Add new comment) directly to the topic or Reply to someone comment.
Figure 5. Topic and one comment from eu admin
Figure 6. The window in which you add your comment in response to the current comment (Reply)
Figure 6. Reply to comment
When you add an comment or topic, you will be able to edit or delete the post (Figure 7).
Slika 7. Post edit
Remark: Members of a group can post comment on the topics also in other groups, but they can create
new topics just in the group belong to.
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