v5.07x Technical Notification

v5.07x Technical Notification
Technical Notification
Crescendo, Niagara and Squirt
Host Software Version 5.07x
The User’s Manual addresses several features and functions in a manner that is not completely explained
or clearly understood by the user.
Host Script Compilation: The new Host Script compiler is stricter in its enforcement of the scripting
rules. Customers who have written custom scripts that violate the scripting rules may get errors
reported when running on the new v5.01a or higher Cyclone Host. To date, all digital factory
scripts conform to the scripting rules and will not report any errors. In general, only minor script
changes are required to correct the script violations that are now detected. NOTE: No scripting
rules have changed. Only the stricter enforcement of errors has been put into place.
The implementation of the Cyclone
 Series embedded system upgrades include three layers of
updates: Host application software, LGC firmware, and DCC firmware. If all three layers of
updates are performed, there are no further technical notifications. If only the Host application
software is updated, the following conditions may exist:
Call Program Load Errors: If call program durations are greater than 35 seconds, and multiple
changes are made to the call program(s) in a running set, you may receive a “Call Program Load
Error”. To clear this condition simply Stop the running Test Set, make your changes, and then reStart the Test Set.
If you are running Test Sets in SYNC (synchronous) mode, you should upgrade your call scripts to
the latest revisions available from Ameritec or you may observe “Call Program Load Errors”. If you
are running your own custom call scripts ensure that the first block in the script be the BEGIN-INITEND block.
Report of System Errors during Copy: If you are copying a large number of call programs based on
large scripts while running a Test Set, you may experience a “System Error”. This condition can be
resolved by copying fewer call programs at a time, or stopping the running Test Set, copying the
changes, and then re-Starting the Test Set.
Enable/Disable: When using custom scripts, disabled call programs could become enabled if a change
is made to the disabled call program’s parameters while a set is running. This does not occur in
factory scripts. To avoid this from happening, please do one of the following:
1) Stop the set and then make changes to the call program’s parameters.
2) Ensure that the beginning of the custom script has a BEGIN-INIT-END block, followed by a
CLRSIGS instruction, and followed by a DELAY 2.0 instruction.
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VoP Analysis Bins: The bin values for front clip, back clip, and dropouts in the VoP analysis script are
factory set values that should not be changed. Changing the existing bin parameter values will cause
the test script to report incorrect data.
 Statistical Reports: Due to a 64 Kbyte limitation in Microsoft Windows, if too many
statistics are chosen for display, a blank statistic page will be displayed. At this point, the user is
advised to remove one or more statistic fields until FeatureCall displays the statistics correctly.
Technical Support
If you require additional technical support please contact:
Ameritec Corporation
Sales Support
760 Arrow Grand Circle
Covina, CA 91722
Tel: (626) 915-5441
Fax: (626) 915-7181
Email: [email protected]
 2001-1999 Ameritec Corporation This document cannot be reproduced without the expressed written permission of Ameritec Corporation
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