SC 3637
split air conditioner
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Product data sheet
Brand name
Sound power level indoor
Sound power level outdoor
Refrigerant GWP
Refrigerant leakage contributes to climate change.
Refrigerant with lower global warming potential (GWP)
would contribute less to global warming than a
refrigerant with higher GWP, if leaked to the
atmosphere. This appliance contains a refrigerant fluid
with a GWP equal to 1975. This means that if 1 kg of
this refrigerant fluid would be leaked to the
atmosphere, the impact on global warming would be
1975 timer thigher than 1 kg of CO2, over a period of
100 years. Never try to interfere with the refrigerant
circuit yourself or disassemble the product yourself and
always ask a professional.
SEER1 / energy efficiency class average season 1
Indicative annual electricity consumption during
cooling season (Qce)
Design load (capacity) in cooling mode
6.1 / A+
Pdesignc kW
/ energy efficiency class
Indicative annual electricity consumption during
average heating season (Qhe)
3.8 / A
Declared suitable regions (W/A/C)
Design load (capacity) in heating mode
Pdesignh kW
Declared capacity at reference design condition
(heating average season)
Back up heating capacity at reference design (heating
average season)
Product specifications
Zibro white
EAN code indoor unit
EAN code outdoor unit
Technical specifications
Capacity min - max
Power consumption (nom.)
Power supply
Air flow (min-max.) 2
For rooms up to 2
Dehumidification capacity 3
0.88 - 4.27
0.88 - 4.35
440 / 580 / 750
75 - 115
L/24 h
Operating range
Thermostatic range
Sound pressure level indoor / low sound mode
Sound pressure level outdoor
R / gr
R410A / 1100
Max. length refr. pipe between in- / outdoor unit
Max. diff. in height between in- / outdoor unit
Diameter for connection
Liquid side ø mm
Gas side ø mm
Dimensions indoor (w x h x d)
Dimensions outdoor (w x h x d)
rotary / GMCC
Compressor type
Protection class indoor
IP 20
Protection class outdoor
IP 24
Weight indoor
Weight outdoor
Gross =
18 kg/
39 kg
Screen/active carbon/3M HAF
Refrigerant GWP
in: 1010x360x355mm
out: 887x645x355mm
32 - 42 / 23
Air filter
20 ft = 79
40 ft = 170
HQ = 195
-15 - 30
17 - 30
electronic / remote
0 - 50
3 positions
Fan speed
Refrigerant type / charge
230~ / 50 / 1
Current (max)
Measured conform EN 14825 / EN 14511-2011
To be used as indication
Moisture removal at 32°C, 80% RH
4 years on compressor, 2 years on other components
Remote control (ABS 10FP)
Remote control holder
2 pcs. AAA batteries
4 metres drainage tube
User manual
Installation manual
Most important spare parts
Spare part description
EAN Code
SC 3637 split air conditioner
"Low sound" Mode: This high class air conditioning is equipped with a special low sound mode. In this mode the
air conditioner will operate on a whispering quiet level.
My comfort: The remote controller is equipped with a built in temperature sensor. By activating the "my comfort
system" the temperature sensor in the remote controller replaces the temperature sensor of the indoor unit. This
enables you to optimally control your personal comfort.
Energy efficient 3D
Inverter (save up to 65%)
1 Watt standby mode: Intelligent on/off technology enables the air conditioner to enter automatically into an
energy-saving mode in standby mode. This limits the energy consumption from 4-5 Watt to 1 Watt, hence 80% of
Self Cleaning mode: The air conditioner is equipped with an self cleaning mode to clean the internal side of the
evaporator. It also prevents the breeding of bacteria inside the air conditioner.
3D Inverter technology; maximum comfort. Like all Inverter systems the Zibro DC Inverter Wall Mounted Split air
conditioner continuously adjusts its cooling and heating capacity according to the desired room temperature. The 3D
Inverter technology provides extra comfort. When the desired temperature is reached, 1) the compressor speed will
be adjusted, 2) the outdoor fan speed is adjusted and 3) the indoor fan speed is gradually decreased. All this to
maintain the desired room temperature with a minimum of variation. Thanks to the 3D technology, the expected
lifetime as well as the experienced comfort level is increased, since non-Inverter systems will switch on/off and
cause temperature fluctuations.
My comfort system for
guaranteed spot temperature
3D Inverter technology: The injection of refrigerant through an electronic expansion valve (EEV) is based upon
the difference between real room temperature and desired room temperature. With the combination of the advanced
Inverter technology, EEV metering device and the DC-Twin rotary compressor, an extremely high efficiency with a
minimum energy consumption is possible. As a result, the overall power consumption is reduced significantly (up to
30% less than conventional Inverter types).
DC-Twin rotary compressor: High-tech energy saving compressor. The rotor of the unit is optimally balanced
which results in less vibrations and therefore less stress on components. Additional benefit is the reduced sound
pressure level of the outdoor unit.
Sleep well with extremely
low sound mode
Easy installation via "spanner Quick Connector System : The air conditioner is provided with a Spanner type
Quick connection system which makes it easy to connect indoor unit with outdoor unit, simply pull the lever without
the needs for tools. There is no need for additional brazing anymore. From enviromental point of view it is required
that final installation / putting into operation is done via certified refrigeration (f-gasses) engineer.
Connection via flexible tubes: The air conditioner is provided with Stainless Steel flexible refrigerant gas line and
Soft Copper refrigerant liquid line. Due to these flexible lines the installation can be done in the most easiest way
without the risk of folding/ cracking.
Cooling + dehumidifying + heating (heat pump): The air conditioning is a complete air treatment system. It
can cool, dehumidify and heat the air.
Air conditioning: In COOLING mode the unit produces a pleasant and refreshing cool airflow.
Heating: In HEATING mode the unit produces a warm and comfortable airflow. Because also the free of charge
energy from the outdoor air is used to increase the efficiency of the system.
3-layer anti-allergy filter
for clean air
Dehumidifying: In DRY mode the unit dehumidifies the air in the room as efficient as possible. Note: In COOLING
mode the air is also dehumidified.
EXTRA: frost protection in outdoor unit: The outdoor unit is provided with a PTC heating cable. When the
system is working as a heater in the wintertime the PTC heating cable will keep the drip pan in the outdoor unit
clear of ice, making sure the condensate water can reach the drain point. Furthermore also the compressor
crankcase is provided with a heating cable. Ensuring the unit can perform and start up at extreme weather
EXTRA: anti-corrosion treatment in outdoor unit: The Zibro Golden Fin corrosion treatment on the outdoor
condenser heat exchanger improves the heating efficiency and accelerates the defrosting process. The unique anti
corrosive Golden Fin coating can withstand salty air and rain in a superb way resulting in a longer expected lifetime
of the condenser.
Year round high comfort
EXTRA: Home Freezing prevention: Upon pressing the FP button the unit will go into the freezing prevention
mode. The unit will overrule the indoor temperature setting and set it to approx 8-10°C. In this way preventing your
home from freezing during cold periods at the lowest possible energy consumption. When this mode is selected the
indoor unit display will show “FP”. This button can only be operated in heating mode.
Environment friendly refrigerant R410A: The most preferred and environmental friendly refrigerant R410a is
used in the air conditioner.
Turbo mode: With the Turbo mode the air conditioner will reach the preset temperature in the shortest possible
3-layer air filter: The air conditioner is equipped with a 3 layer filter package to clean the circulated room air. The
3M™ HAF air filter delivered together with this unit captures allergens like bacteria, dust and pollen from the
circulated air with an efficiency up to 80%. Pollen are well known as an important stimulus for hay-fever allergy. The
Indoor freezing
prevention 8ºC
Remote control with LCD screen: The unit can be operated with an easy to handle remote control including LCDdisplay. Using the remote control the air conditioner can be operated up to a distance of approx. 8 metres.
Remote control holder: The remote control can be placed in the wall mounted remote control holder which is
delivered together with the unit.
Adjustable airflow: The up-down airflow can be automatically changed by using the SWING mode. The left-right
airflow can be changed manually.
Sleep Mode: This function enables the air conditioner to increase (cooling) or decrease (heating) automatically 1°C
per hour for the first two hours and then maintain the same temperature for five hours after which the air
conditioner will stop operating automatically. It maintains the most comfortable temperature and saves energy at
the same time.
Extra frost protection in
outdoor unit
Fan speed setting: Select with FAN speed button: Automatic, Low, Medium or High. The LCD display on the remote
control will show the chosen speed.
Automatic operation: The air conditioning system can be set to automatic operation for the most suitable MODE:
Cooling, Dehumidifying or Heating, monitoring the indoor temperature.
Auto restart function: If there is any power failure during operation, the operation status before power failure is
memorised and the unit starts operating automatically after power recovery.
Timer: Use TIMER or set a working time between 30 minutes and 24 hours. The preset time appears in the display
of the remote control. The unit switches ON or OFF automatically when this time is passed.
Quick Connect
Full colour box: The unit is delivered completely with all auxiliary parts in a full colour box for the indoor unit
showing application and operation information in multiple languages.
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