User Manual

User Manual
Please carefully read the User Manual below, before use!
User Manual
1. Check before use: Before installation, please put the tube amp upside down to check if there’s any part broken
off or damaged during the shipping.
2. Install the tubes: Please insert the biggest tube into the middle socket, the smallest ones into the outermost
sockets, and the medium ones into the sockets left (as shown in P1). On the bottom of each tube, there’s an
irregular plastic cylinder to help you find the correct direction to insert the tube into the socket. Please make sure
the plastic cylinder is pointing to the same direction as the socket, and insert the tub into the socket slowly and
gently. Mind that don’t push it too hard/fast.
3. Connect your audio device: On the back side of the amp, there are 2 AUX Inputs on the left (Red- R Channel,
Black- L Channel). Please connect your audio device with the amp accordingly.
4. Connect the speaker system: There’re 2 sets of Output Terminals in the middle on the back. Either of them has 3
terminals marked with the amount of resistance (as shown in P2). Please decide which output terminals to
connect with according to the resistance of your speakers. And please connect the terminals of “0” and “8” if you
are using 6Ω speakers.
5. Connect the amp to power. Then you can start to enjoy the music with Aiqin Audio BL-02!
6. Important Notices:
- Mind that don’t use the amp without speakers to avoid damages to the transformer or the tubes.
- The filaments will turn red when power on, and it takes about 20-30 seconds to warm up before you hear the
music from the amp. Should you encounter any abnormal situation, such as smoking from the amp, please
shut off the power immediately and email us to tell the situation. We’ll endeavor to offer you a satisfying
- It is a normal phenomenon that the power transformer heats up within 1hr in summer, and get warm in 2hrs
in winter. Please rest assured you can keep the amp on continuously.
- We suggest a at least 100hrs run-in period playing at low volume to help the amp achieve the perfect sounds.
During the run-in period, we suggest a break per 3-4hrs worked.
Should you encounter any problem with using the amplifier, please don’t hesitate to contact us at [email protected]
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