Section 11.3 - Beatson Pebble Appeal

Section 11.3 - Beatson Pebble Appeal
Agresso User Manual –Enquiries
Section 11.3: Balance Table Enquiries
A Balance Table is a summary of transaction data that has been entered onto Agresso. The
summary of transaction data is by account, cost centre, project. The details held are generally
actual amounts, budgets and commitments. Actual amounts are updated as and when
transactions are added but budget and commitment values are updated as scheduled jobs that
take place at intervals throughout the day. If an enquiry is run during an update, there is a
possibility that the results returned would not be accurate.
The following balance tables are the main balance tables available for use in the University of
11.3.1 BCREL – Budget Relations Enquiry
This Balance Table will show certain relations attached to a specific project.
Select the Reports Tab that can be found depending on how the user’s individual menu
is set up.
If menu is hidden select Reports tab
If menu is shown select
From the reports menu select
Global Reports
03-Balance Enquiries
GLB7: Project Relations – Double click to open
11.3.2 Standard Balance Table Enquiries
Project Balance Enquiries - Management Accounts Enquiries
There are Enquiries available to check Balances on projects. These have been set up by the
Management accounts team within the Finance office
Using the above GLB7 : Project Relations Enquiry the cost classification should be checked
before running the appropriate enquiry. E.g
Version 5.0 – 553
April 2012
Section 11.3
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Agresso User Manual –Enquiries
Once you know your cost classification check the spreadsheet given to you along with this
handout to check the project classification and the enquiry required to check the Balance on the
project. For any queries on your results please see the spreadsheet for available contacts.
Any problems running the enquiry or access to projects contact the Agresso support desk
([email protected])
Go to your personal menu in Agresso:
Double click to expand
Select Agresso TOOLKIT
Select 03 – Individual Project Reporting
NB – Reports held in the folder are updated by the management accounts sections
Select the relevant enquiry and enter your project code to run the enquiry.
YTD – Year to Date Enquiries
Report on financial years against budget provided by the College Finance Office
Credit (-) value in variance column is an overspend against budget
Example Cost Classification – General Funds (700) or Commercial Trading (530)
Version 5.0 – 553
April 2012
Section 11.3
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Agresso User Manual –Enquiries
LTD – Life to Date Enquiries
Report on Project basis against project budgets provided from PAF’s (Project Approval
Credit (-) value in variance column is an overspend against budget
Example Cost Classification – Research Grants (100) or Commercial Other Services
Rendered (522)
Fundraising , Discretionary and Endowments Enquiries
Report on a cash basis and credit (-) value is amount left to spend
Example Cost Classification – Donations/Fund Raising (711
11.3.3 Balance Table Results
The Balance Table Results will appear as with any results. The difference being is that as it is a
Balance Table the user will not see each individual transaction but a total per account code
depending on the enquiry.
The user can also double click on any row of information to zoom in and find out more
information regarding this total. When this is done it will show the transactions that made up this
total. Further double clicking on these rows will allow the user to view more information.
Please note depending on the account code you wish to double click on you may not see any
more information. i.e. Salary account codes, budget account codes. Subtotals
Agresso allows the user to subtotal and totalling when using enquiries. When choosing the
enquiries the user must select the subtotal option for the particular field required. When
subtotals are included in the enquiries, addition lines (Σ,Σ1, Σ 2 etc.) are inserted in the results
tab showing the subtotals that have been requested in the set up tab.
The user can adjust the level of detail shown in the results tab by using the forward and back
buttons on the toolbar.
Version 5.0 – 553
April 2012
Section 11.3
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Agresso User Manual –Enquiries
Related to sub-totalling is the ‘aggregated’ box on the ‘set up’ window. Ticking this box
compresses the enquiries output so that only one row appears for each unique column
combination; however, no zoom command is available to extract further detail. Aggregated
enquiries are very useful if the user wishes to see high-level balances of a large number of
transaction lines. However, if doing this type of enquiries it is usually more efficient to use
balance table enquiries.
11.3.4 Viewing Enquiry Results in a Spreadsheet
When the user has created an enquiry with the requested results within Agresso there are
various ways in which to view the results in a spreadsheet. These are:
1. Copy and paste the results into a spreadsheet
2. Export the results into a spreadsheet
3. Save the results as a spreadsheet
Copy and Paste results into a spreadsheet
This option allows the user to choose which information the want to bring over onto a
The user highlights the results required the want to copy.
Select EDIT then COPY (or CTRL + C).
Open a spreadsheet and select EDIT then PASTE (or CTRL+V)
N.B. When choosing this option all results will be pasted over but does not bring over the
formula for subtotals.
Export the results into a spreadsheet
This option allows the user to export all the results of the enquiry into a spreadsheet with the
option to view the subtotals in a spreadsheet.
Select the report icon
The following screen will appear and select double click on Extract (XLS).
Agresso will export the results and open a spreadsheet with the results.
Version 5.0 – 553
April 2012
Section 11.3
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Agresso User Manual –Enquiries
When the results are in a spreadsheet the user can select if they wish to view the results by
subtotal or all individual transactions.
Click on the subtotal buttons to select how to view the results.
Save the results as a spreadsheet
This option allows the user to save the results into a spreadsheet. With
a.) Within the Spreadsheet and Select FILE and SAVE AS
b.) Choose a name to save the spreadsheet as, and also where on the computer
where to save the spreadsheet.
Version 5.0 – 553
April 2012
Section 11.3
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