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INSTR,USER,AE-1000 - LINEAR P/N: 222762 B - INK: BLACK - MATERIAL: 20 LB. MEAD BOND - SIZE: 8.500” X 11.000” - SCALE: 1-1
Telephone Entry System
User Instructions
Entry to your building or complex is controlled by a Linear Access Telephone Entry System. Please
read and refer to these instructions for details on using the system. These instructions will explain how
to take calls and grant access to visitors as well as how to use any entry codes and wireless remote
controls issued to you.
Visitors Calling
When a visitor desires to enter your building or complex, you will have control whether the visitor will be
allowed to enter or not. Your name has been entered and a personal directory number has been reserved
in the entry system.
Your Name Displayed: _______________________________________________
Your Directory Number: _______________
A visitor can view an alphabetic list of all the names on the entry system’s display. When the visitor
selects your name, your directory number is displayed. When the visitor enters your directory number,
the system will automatically call you. Your telephone number will never be displayed to the visitor. If the
immediately, then enter your directory
visitor already knows your directory number, they can press
number. If you are currently using the telephone, and do not have call waiting, the system’s display will
tell the visitor your line is busy (if you have call waiting, simply switch to the visitor, grant or deny access,
then switch back to your call).
Responding to a Visitor’s Call
When you answer a visitor’s call, talk to the visitor and decide if you want to let them enter or not. There
is a limited time allowed for the call. During the last ten seconds allowed, beeps will sound to warn you
to extend the talking time.
of the limited time. You can press
Choose one of these three options:
9 to unlock the main door or open the gate where the system is located, then hang up
Press _____
5 to unlock the secondary door or open the secondary gate, then hang up
Press _____
Press _____ or just hang up to disconnect the visitor without granting access
Using Entry Codes (Optional)
You may have been assigned the following entry code(s) to allow your own secure access.
Your Entry Code(s): _______________
Keep your code(s) private to maintain security. An entry code will unlock the door or open the gate near
to reset the keypad, then
the keypad it is entered on. If you make a mistake entering a code, press
enter the correct code.
Using Wireless Remote Controls (Optional)
You may have been issued one or more wireless remote controls to allow portable access. Pressing a
button on a remote control will unlock a specific door or open a specific gate. Some remote controls have
one button, others have more than one button. A remote control will activate:
Left Button (or Single Button): _______________ Right Button: _______________
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