grid tie solar inverter 1000w user manual

grid tie solar inverter 1000w user manual
System Function
Directly connected to the solar panels (do not need to connect the battery)
Using precise MPPT function, APL functions, the inverter automatically adjust the solar panels of maximum
output power, simply connect the solar panel to the grid inverters. Do not need to connect the battery.
AC 0 angle with high precision auto-detection
AC phase angle of 0 through isolation amplifier then input to the MCU for high-precision detection and analysis.
The phase shift rate is less than 1%, thus achieve high-precision with phase modulation AC output together.
Synchronous High-frequency Modulation
In the process of the grid, usually adapt the same phase angle in parallel.(ie, when the two-phase alternating
current total is equal to 0.Use switch to combination the two AC fusion) and the product is rectified AC
half-frequency AC to 100Hz first, then the machine use the high frequency current in the circuit and semi-100Hz
frequency alternating current generated combination, to achieve high-frequency modulation.
Pure Sine Wave Output
Use SPWM directly to make pure sine wave output.
Automatic Sensing Function Solar Luminosity
Use the latest luminosity perception operation technology. The different illuminate angle and intensity of the solar
panel will produce different current output. Use advanced CPU to operate the different illuminance and the data
can be directly displayed on the LCD. Then you can visually see the sense of the strength of the sun unit. Used
more convenient.
System Function
Power Automatically Locked (APL)
In different current fluctuations, we should use the MPPT function. When the MPPT function adjusted to the
maximum power point, the product automatically powers locked in maximum power point, then made the output
power more stable.
Maximum Power Point Tracking (MPPT)
Because the current intensity and the voltage changes at any time, if there is no power point tracking, there will be
a lot of problems. In the past time, usually adopt a solar controller, but this product uses high-precision MPPT
operation power, automatic and immediate adjust the solar panels output power at the maximum output point, then
achieve a stable output purposes.
Automatically Adapt To Different Load Power Factor
Adapt to any of the power load.
& Constant Current, Constant Power
This product is constant current, constant output power, without any overload, over-current phenomenon.
& Automatically Shut Down When The Power Output Of a Fault
When the city power system is in failure, the inverter will automatically turn off the output.
Current Limit Protection
Current limit
& Stack Multiple Machines
& Multiple small power inverters in parallel can achieve large output power.
& High-Frequency High Conversion Rate
Adapt high frequency converter, the output more efficient.
Grid-series models
Recommend use solar panels
DC Maximum Input Power
DC Maximum Input Current
AC maximum Output Power
DC maximum input working
voltage range
10.8~28v DC
Maximum output power factor
DC Anti-voltage protection
AC standard voltage range
(120V type: 90~130VAC)
(230V type:190~260VAC)
AC frequency range
Output current total
harmonic distortion
Islanding protection
Output short circuit protection
LED display for power indication, voltage indication, and AC
frequency indication
Standby Power
Night Power
Ambient temperature range
Electromagnetic Compatibility
Power System Disturbance
Network test
0~99%(Indoor Type Design)
Indoor Type Design
DIN VDE 1026
Net weight
G weight
Size (L x W x H)
Inner: 40*21*12/pcs
User Guide
1、Installation Connection
1、Red terminal: Connect DC positive, black terminal: Connect DC negative. Show in Figure 1.
2、AC socket: Connect to the mains. Put the side of the AC cord which has holes into the inverter with 3 foot
and the other side of the AC cord to home 3PIN AC outlet. Show in Figure 2.
Figure 2
Figure 3
3、Switch: Connect the connections in right way, then turn on the switch. The inverter starts to work.
2、Grid tied inverter used in the solar street lights.
Use this product, do not need to add solar panel controller, battery.
3、Stack using
In order to achieve higher power use requirements, this product can be stacked, such as: 4 grid inverter1000W
stacking can achieve 4000W.And the number of the stacking is unlimited. Used as shown in Figure 4:
Figure 4
User Guide
4.Input and output
1.DC input limit
& Input voltage range: 10.5V to 30V
Solar Panel: Recommend using the power more than 30W and the standard voltage of 17.5V PV panels.
Recommend using multiple solar panels. Solar panel in series will result in high-input voltage which will exceed
working voltage range of the inverter.
Wind turbine system: Rated voltage 24VDC, maximum voltage 28VDC.
2.AC output:
Voltage range of the inverter whose output is 220V AC.: 180V - 260V
& Voltage range of the inverter whose output is 110V AC.: 90V - 140V
5.LED Indicator:
1.Red LED:
1.Low-voltage protection (input DC voltage is less than 10.5VDC).
2.Over-voltage protection (Input DC voltage is greater than 30VDC).
3.Over-temperature protection (when the chassis temperature is above 75℃, the temperature dropped about 2-10
minutes to restart automatically after cooling).
4.Fault Protection (when 110VAC or 220VAC power outage or shutdown).
5.Islanding protection: When the electric supply stop, the inverter automatically shut down output.
2.Green LED:
1.Green LED flashing: The inverter is adjusting power output. MPPT is in working condition.
2.Green LED long in time: The inverter is in working condition with the maximum output power.
---Please pay attention to the voltage when use the product. The voltage is from 10.5—30V, if is not these voltage
the product may broken.
---Non-professionals do not disassemble. Only qualified personnel may repair this product.
---Please install inverter in the low humidity and well-ventilated place to avoid the inverter over-heating, and
clear around the inflammable and explosive materials.
---When using this product, avoid children touching, playing, to avoid electric shock.
---Recommended Maximum DC input 4AWG cable capable of handling more than 50A of the cable size.
---Optimal length of the DC input line 8M or less, long cable will allow solar panels to the inverter
DC voltage drop caused by wear and tear.
---Connected to a power outlet to provide AC.
---Connected solar panels, battery or wind generators DC input DC power supply cable.
---Proposed wind power plant with its own charge controller and load dump
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