Integrative Mouse Presenter
 Integrative Mouse Presenter
User's Manual
Be sure to carefully read this user
manual first for the proper use of the
Integrative Presenter and keep it for future reference.
It is a great tool for PowerPoint presentations! With it,
you don't need to stand beside your computer or have an
additional person click the slide for you!
It contains two parts: transmitter and USB receiver.
1. Easy carry
The transmitter and receiver are integrated into one unit
for easy carry!
2. Easily control the pace of your presentation
Advanced radio frequency (RF) technology that works
through walls and the controlling distance is up to 10-
meters / 30-feet away, so you never have to stand at
beside of your computer.
3. Multifunctional presenter
It combines the functions of a laser pointer, trackball
mouse, multimedia control and hotkeys.
4. Easy to use
It is USB plug-and-play. No driver required. Just plug the
receiver into the USB port on a PC and it works within
|. Operation System
Windows 2000 and above, Windows XP, Vista, Win 7
Il. Operating Hints
1.For optimal performance and RF reception, please
place the receiver at least 15cm away from all electrical
devices, such as your monitor, speakers or external
storage devices.
2.1f battery is low, the control distance will be shorter,
please replace battery in time.
3.The presenter will enter into sleep mode if there is no
operation about 5 minutes. It will wake up the mouse if any
key is pressed.
lll. Functions:
TH p Indicator Light
Icon Functions Functions instruction
< p U Press and it works as “PageUp”
age Lp key on the keyboard
[> Press and it works as “PageDown”
Page Down key on the keyboard
Press the track ball, it works as
the “mouse left key”
Mouse left | Keep pressing and then move the
button track ball , it works as “drag”
Pressing quickly twice equals to
double-click function.
It works as an optical mouse;
Trackball Move the track ball to move the
mouse cursor.
Mouse right | Press and it works as the “mouse
button right key”
Laser key Press to emit laser beam
Indicator Press any key, the indicator light
light will be on. Release your hand,
the light will be off.
IV. Battery installation
e The product is powered /
by 2x AAA battery. >» Z
e Open the battery cover, ДА 0
and insert 2x AAA battery into ©’, Y
the battery holder. =”
e Battery negative(-) is left
and positive (+) is right as
e Putthe battery cover back into position.
1. Do not insert battery into the device in the wrong
2. Do not leave bad or exhausted battery in the device.
3. If you do not use the device for a long period of time,
remove the battery to avoid possible damage from
battery corrosion.
4. If the device does not function correctly or if the
operating range becomes reduced, try to replace the
battery with new one.
V. Technical parameters
RF Frequency 2.4GHz
RF Output power 0dBm
Sensitivity -90dBm
Control distance Up to 10 meters
Laser wavelength 650nm
Laser distance >200m
Max output <1mW or <5mW
Battery 2 x AAA
Working voltage 2.4—3.0V
Sleep current <50uA
Dimension 12x3.3x2.57CM
Windows 2000 and above,
Operation system
Р у Windows XP, Vista, Win 7
Interface USB1.1 , Compatible with USB2.0
Working voltage USB electricity supply (4.5—5.5V)
Dimension 3.65x1.46x0.76CM
VI. Safety Measures
e To avoid possible eye damage, never point the
presenter at people especially their faces, or look
directly into the presenter's laser beam.
e Avoid pointing the presenter's laser beam at a mirror or
other highly reflective surface.
@ Keep the presenter away from children.
@ Never view the presenter's laser beam using telescopic
devices, such as a microscope or binoculars.
® Any attempt to disassemble, adjust or repair the
presenter may result in exposure to laser light or other
safety hazards.
The product adopts advance RF technology, the USB
receiver will identify the first transmitter which is used. If
you want to use different transmitters with the same
receiver, please pull off the receiver and plug it again, after
6 seconds, press any key of the transmitter you want to
use. Then it can work successfully.
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