Troubleshooting The reticle is blurry and not in focus First remove

Troubleshooting The reticle is blurry and not in focus First remove
The reticle is blurry and not in focus
First remove the magnifier from your weapon. Next, make sure the objective lens and eyepiece are
clean and do not have any film, fingerprints, or debris covering their surface. Blow off any debris or dirt
covering the lens. Use a lens cloth or q-tip dipped in alcohol to remove any film or fingerprints. Next,
look through the magnifier at an object at least 20 yards away. Adjust the diopter adjustment on the
eyepiece until the image is sharp and focused. If the image cannot be focused it should be returned for
service. If the image can be focused, reinstall the magnifier on your rifle and align it with your weapon
sight. If the reticle now appears slightly blurry, it is a limitation of the optical system of the weapon
sight. Lower cost reflex and red dot sights generally use a single lens optical system that cannot
precisely collimate the light rays of the reticle’s image in a parallel line. To the unaided eye, the
dispersion of the reticle image is not noticeable. When viewed with a magnifier the dispersion is visible
making the reticle appear slightly blurred. Generally the aiming point is still useable if there is minimal
blurring. Blurriness of the reticle can also vary between different weapon sight manufacturers. This is
not a defect of the magnifier but a limitation of the weapon sight’s optical system.
Single lens with spherical aberration. Light
rays are not collimated to single point. Point
of focus is not precise.
The mounting ring is loose or shifts
The mounting ring of the slide to side mount is factory preset to provide a firm connection without
major shifting. Overtime if the mounting ring begins to shift in its seated positions, the hex screws on
the front and rear of the mounting base can be tightened in order to increase tension. Finally, minimum
shifting of the magnifier will not affect the point of impact of your weapon sight.
The mount’s base is loose or shifts
If the quick release mount shifts fore and aft the mount needs to be tightened per instructions on page
8 of the user manual. The mount should have a firm grip with no shifting in its base to ensure it is
securely installed.
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