August 2014 TMUG Newsletter

August 2014 TMUG Newsletter
Transylvania Mac Users Group
Newsletter tmug
volume 8, issue 6
August 2014
Almost time to pick blueberries by Deb Klingender
Mac Tips from MacMost
Know thy power status. Ever
wonder which Mac app is
draining your battery? You can
click on the battery icon in the
menu bar of MacBooks to see a
list of any apps using significant
power. It will also show you
estimated battery time remaining,
or time until it is fully charged if
you have it plugged in. Hold down
the Option key and click and you
will see your battery's condition
Take advantage of full screen
mode. Full screen mode allows
you to concentrate on a single
document or window and
maximize your screen space. You
can easily enter and leave full
screen mode, and also switch
between apps in full screen mode
and others on your desktop. Apps
can even have some windows in
full screen mode and others in
regular desktop windows. Learn
more in this video. Note that you
ARROW to easily glide from one
screen or desktop to another. Use
COMMAND + TAB to see an icon
list of all your open screens/
desktops and, with COMMAND
held down, just keep pressing TAB
until the one you want to jump to
is highlighted. Then release and
there you are!
Find your Mac’s manual. You can
get to the PDF file for the user
manual specific to your Mac by
going to About This Mac in the
Apple Menu. Look for Support at
the top of the window and click it.
Then click User Manual. This will
take you to the online PDF file. The
manual is the same as it was when
you first bought your Mac, so don't
expect to find updated
information about the latest
version of OS X.
Find what you need. On the Menu
Bar for the app you’re using, use
the Help menu to search for a
specific menu item (e.g., Start
First Saturday @ 9:10 am iDevice meeting (iPad, iPhone, iPod)
Second Saturday @ 9:10 am All things Mac computer
Serendipitous Stumbling with Ed Shearin
This month, I discovered the following
intriguing information. Just follow the
links to see or read about the topics
that interest you.
Serendipity (ser-uhn-dip-i-tee): an aptitude for making
desirable discoveries by accident.
Living the Simple Life: ‘A man is rich in
proportion to the number of things
which he can afford to let alone.’
~Henry David Thoreau
“How to be happy at work, at play, with our money
and with our minds. The first two are among the
most popular TED talks ever recorded…
MIT Offers Documentary Photography and
Photojournalism Course for Free Online. Published
through MIT’s Open Courseware project, Prof. B. D.
Colen’s Documentary Photography and
Photojournalism: Still Images of a World in Motion
course gives you a chance to benefit from a
photography course given at the storied
Massachusetts Institute of Technology. With
syllabus, readings, assignments, image gallery and
course material downloads available, the class has
everything you need to walk yourself through the
world of documentary photography and
photojournalism one step at a time.
Free museum book on American furniture from the
MMA. In the lower right-hand corner, you see a
green “Download PDF” box. A simple click in that
box allows you to grab a great museum book free
of charge. That’s FREE. http://
Before you throw out that pallet, See, Amazing Uses
for Old Pallet
amazing-uses-old-pallets-23-pics/ The One Thing You're Probably Not Doing for BetterTasting Coffee at Home. Coffee is a topic that
everyone has a strong opinion about, especially
when it comes to brewing the perfect cup. Even if
you buy the best beans and grind them yourself,
chances are you're skipping one necessary step to
make sure your coffee tastes the best it can:
cleaning your coffeemaker the right way.
The Fastest Way To Crack A 4-Digit PIN Number…
Good ol' 1234 accounts for about 10 percent of
passwords. That's more than the bottom 4,200
combinations put together.
Homemade Goo
WARNING! StumbleUpon Remover.
Commercial Goo
Remover is a
CAN be addictive!
product that
removes sticker
residue and other sticky, “tough to get up”
products from glass, mirrors and other surfaces. If
you have kids then you know why it is so useful to
have Goo Gone in your home. However, there is
absolutely no need to purchase it at a retail store
because it is very, VERY simple to make.
Your TMUG Steering Committee & Other Contacts
Got an idea, suggestion, or gripe? Want to volunteer to give a presentation (we’ll help you!)? Are you an
outgoing person who’d like to help greet first-time visitors who attend our meetings?
Well, here’s who to turn to to be heard or get involved (the first 5 are your SC leaders):
President David Day [email protected]
Home Entertainment Guru Ed Lindquist [email protected]
Webmaster Kevin Richard [email protected]
Basic Mac & iDevice Instructor LiB Shore [email protected]
Tech God George Wagner [email protected]
Newsletter Editor & Content Committee Leader Deb Klingender [email protected]
ComputerWorld Tip
Extremely vicious kitty in Beaufort, SC, by Deb Klingender
Teach Siri to pronounce words. As you may have noticed, Siri says
“BREV-erd” when referring to our town. Most annoying. You
needn’t wait for her to make that mistake. Just activate Siri at any
time (press and hold the Home button, OR press the middle button
on your Apple earbuds) and say, “Learn to pronounce [whatever
word you wish to correct].” Siri will respond by asking you to
pronounce the word, then will offer three options from which you
can choose the closest to how you want the word pronounced. I
recently did this with “Brevard” and now Siri says it correctly.
Have Siri remind you. As David
Day demonstrated in a recent
presentation, you can use Siri
to create reminders for you.
These can be set to activate
on a certain date, at a
particular time, or in
connection to a specific
location. As this article
describes, you must first have
some key options turned on in
Settings. Thereafter, you can
speak to Siri and have her
create Reminders for you,
instead of opening the
Reminders app and typing
them in yourself. For example,
you can say, “Remind me to
call George when I leave
work.” As long as your work
address is included in your
own Contacts entry, you’ll be
reminded to make that call
when you depart the location.
Wonderfully, in the Reminders
app, you can contract or
enlarge the blue location
circle around the map of a
given address to refine your
departure/arrival zone.
Ask Siri
Get Siri to do things for you. Try this: Press and hold the Home
button on your iPhone. When Siri comes on, say, “Make my
screen brighter.” You’ll see the difference. Say, “Email David
[or anyone whose address is in your Contacts].” Siri will walk
you through each step to dictate the subject and content of
your message, then will ask you to confirm whether to send it.
The new Dulux Visualizer app
helps you see your own room in
any color, live. Using unique
augmented reality technology,
you can see realistic Dulux paint
appear on
your walls
with just a tap
of the screen.
with bolder
colors or
narrow down your color choices
with confidence.
Everyone has a story to tell. Tell
yours with photos, videos and
text, all right
from your
using Steller.
Here’s what
you can do:
easily design
and publish
your stories
on Steller;
share your
stories via
email, SMS,
blogs or websites; organize your
stories into collections that others
can follow; republish community
stories to your own collections to
save them for later; discover and
follow creative and inspiring
stories in food, fashion,
adventure and more!
NPR One is the new audio app
that connects you to a stream of
public radio news and stories
curated for you. Great
storytelling and rigorous reporting
that informs,
inspires and
the ends of the
earth to your
own city or
town—available to you
whenever, wherever. It’s public
radio made personal. NPR One
starts with the latest headlines
then moves to a flow of stories
that matter—stories that increase
your understanding, create
connections, enrich your life and
enliven your mind. All
thoughtfully curated by hand,
every day. Just pop in your ear
buds, tap your phone and NPR
One starts flowing. But now if you
want to pause, skip ahead,
rewind or share a story with
friends, you can do that too. All
from a simple app. Though your
stream is personalized to deliver
the stories you want, you’ll still
hear the top news of the day
and stories you had no idea
would captivate you. Journey
around the globe and into the
most interesting corners of your
community—serendipity making
your world bigger and smaller at
the same time. Even with the
breadth of public radio at your
fingertips, you won’t lose touch
at home. Local news is woven
seamlessly into your listening
experience. Local stories, locally
reported, are delivered daily.
Great news for world travelers!
Break through language barriers
with Google Translate, which
includes 80 languages. You have
the option to listen to your
translations spoken aloud or see
them as text.
Directly translate
speech and
handwriting. Star
your favorite
translations for
quick access
even when you’re offline. View
dictionary results for single words
or phrases.
iTunes U is the
best way
to create and
courses on iPad.
The iTunes U
app gives you
access to
complete courses from leading
universities and other schools —
plus the world’s largest digital
catalog of free education
content — right on your iPad,
iPhone, or iPod touch. Whether
you’re majoring in molecular
biology at a university,
taking Spanish in high school, or
just interested in European
history, you now have a valuable
tool to help you learn anytime,
anywhere. Choose from more
than 750,000 free lectures,
videos, books, and other
resources on thousands of
subjects from Algebra to
Zoology. Browse collections from
education and cultural
institutions in 30 countries,
including Stanford, Yale, MIT,
Oxford, LaTrobe University,
University of Tokyo, MoMA, the
New York Public Library, and the
Library of Congress.
iDevice Meetings: 1st Saturdays @ 9:10 am
Join us to hear about tips, tricks, and app recommendations for the
iPad, iPad mini, iPhone, or iPod touch. Following the main
presentation(s), we share favorite apps, then break out into smaller
groups (including one led by LiB Shore especially for newbies) for more
one-on-one Q&A. Bring your problems and questions and we’ll do our
best to help.
iDevice Presentations
Aug. 2: Siri is your friend. (David Day) Siri aficionado David will
focus on how to ask questions the best way, how to customize your
experience, and taking full advantage of Siri’s capabilities as a
personal assistant.
Sept. 6: Backing up your iOS device. (Ed Lindquist) Learn how
to perform those all-important backups of your iPod, iPhone, and iPad,
both using the Cloud and local backups. Ed also will teach us how best
to manage those backups.
Mac Computer Meetings: 2nd Saturdays @ 9:10 am
This meeting is about Mac computers, including hardware, the OS X
operating system, and other software you can use on your Mac.
Following the main presentation(s), we move to small groups to learn
more. LiB Shore leads Mac Basics tutorials on iTunes (Aug. 9) and iPhoto
(Sept. 13).
Mac Computer Presentations
Aug. 9: MacFamilyTree. (Ed Lindquist) Ed reviews the latest
version of Mac Family Tree V7. MacFamilyTree is an excellent program
for beginner genealogists who aren’t ready to shell out the big bucks
for other Mac genealogy software products. The database can be
synchronized with iCloud, then your iPad, and a website hosted by the
authoring software company SYNUM. Overall it’s a fun and satisfying
experience and a way to bring a family together.
Sept. 13: How did she do that? (Jo Crebbin) If you attended
the July Mac meeting, you experienced Jo Crebbin's storytelling
technique featuring her trip to Antarctica. Now she will show us how
this presentation was completed, using a combination of Mac
programs , including iTunes, iPhoto, Final Cut Pro, and Keynote. The
major advantage of Keynote is to present information to an audience
and have the ability to stop and start the presentation at will. Jo will
demonstrate how to combine graphics, video, still photographs, and
iPhoto slideshows together in to Keynote for a very professional
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