Mitutoyo Warranties - Mitutoyo America Corporation

Mitutoyo Warranties - Mitutoyo America Corporation
Mitutoyo America Corporation warrants all of its products it sells and ships in the United States and Canada for one year from the date of shipment
to the original purchaser. The description as shown below is not a warranty by itself and is for general information only. For warranty terms and
conditions as they pertain to a specific product, contact the Mitutoyo America Corporation service center.
Mitutoyo America Corporation warrants the products and software it manufactures and sells directly or through an authorized distributor, if the
product or software is in the possession of the original purchaser. Except for software, Mitutoyo America Corporation will, at its option, repair
or replace any part or parts which upon examination are found to be defective in workmanship or material, provided the product is returned to
Mitutoyo America Corporation and the purchaser can prove that the product has been used and maintained and, where applicable, installed in
accordance with Mitutoyo America Corporation instructions and has not been subject to abuse. For software, Mitutoyo America Corporation will
replace defective media or make a warranted program operate or replace the program with a functionally equivalent program as warranted, provided
there is satisfactory documentation that the software has been installed, used, and maintained in accordance with Mitutoyo America Corporation
instructions in the User Manual and provided further the customer can satisfactorily show that a defect exists.
Mitutoyo America Corporation does not accept liability or responsibility for repairs, additions, or modifications made to the product, including those
made by others, without Mitutoyo America Corporation’s written consent.
The warranties Mitutoyo America Corporation provides do not adversely affect Mitutoyo America Corporation’s right to modify or change the
design of products, without notice, including any of its specifications or materials.
Export Compliance
All products in this catalog are subject to the Foreign Exchange and Foreign Trade Control laws of Japan, US Export Administration Regulations
(EAR) or the Canadian Export and Import Permits Act. Re-export or relocation of any of these products may require prior approval by an appropriate
governing authority. If a purchased product is exported or re-exported, even if it is not considered a regulated item by a governing authority,
Mitutoyo would like to be made aware, as the customer service available for that product may be affected. If you have any questions, please
consult your local Mitutoyo sales office.
Safety Caution
Carefully read the specifications and functions in this catalog before selecting products.
Safety may be compromised if you use products for purposes other than those stated here.
Feel free to contact your nearest Mitutoyo sales center if you wish to use a product for other purposes or in a special environment.
Appearance and Specifications
Appearance and specifications are subject to change without prior notice for product improvement.
The product names in this catalog are registered trademarks or trademarks of Mitutoyo or their respective companies.
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