"user manual"
MINI LED LCD proJector
Bcforc use the product,pIease be surc to carc血 lly read and mderstand伍 el11smIction manual,and
propcdy keep伍 c
ins饣 uction
manua1for伍 c nmre referencc
First of aIl thank you for sclccting the LED liquid crysta1projcctor produccd
by our company Thc LED 1iquid crystal projeotor produccd is appⅡ
mcctihgs, teaching, product demonstration, cⅡ
oablc to
tertainment vcnucs and homc
theaters. The projector is clcar in projected images, has high contrast ratio,
stable performances and rich functions,is convcnicnt to operate and high in oost
pcrformance,and bclongs your、 visc choice
The product gcts honor fom our customers through exccllcnt quality and frst class serv忆
h ordcr to thank伍 c support of our。 ustomcrs,we WⅡ l
ekaJoyment widl a qualiψ pollcy of gu扯
m佗 ehg
coⅡ 位
providc morc prefeCt visua1
the quali11y1continuousˇ
inn"atiⅡ g and lettmg
allthe oonsumers bc mt,re satofactory
sa允 ty Precaudons
Beforc usc thc projector,please oarefully rcad and obscrve all the safcty
prccautions, othcr、 氵
vise fire,clectric shock or pcrsonal injury can be caused, and
protcction provided by equipmcnt may be aIso damaged or wcakened Plcasc
store all documentations of safcty prcoautions
safety Marks
△ 飚 ◇窳 ○
section II Maintcnancc Mcthod
Chapter I
speciaI Tips
section I Pr耐 ector se竹ings
l Rcgulating contrast ratio,brightncss and fooal distancc according to diffcrcnt
SOURCE signals is thc orux of clcar imagcs,or thc imagcs may bc blurrcd
2 High voltagc is formcd in thc prolcctor,so that opcning thc covcr and
Preparation before Use
set(ing Method
Thc pr臼 ccˉ tor has thc following txsro prolc锐
1 Pr(冫 jecllllg1ifom the flont surface∶
hing intcrnal Componcnts arc strict1y prohibitcd
ion mcthods,and plcasc sclcct an
oplimal display method according to prolcctlon plaCcs
the pr(冫
palt ls s1培 ht1y ralscd,and imagcs arc pr臼
jector is hoⅡ zOntal1y ralsed or thc】 lront
C吐 Cd to thc or臼
Cdion scrccn
2Thc pr句 cctoris hung on a ccihng,imagcs arc pr臼 CdCd from thc flont surface,and
usc a prolc∝ or han鲈 ng bracket,so as to hang the pr臼
ector on the ccihng to pr句 ccl
imagcs to tllc prolccjon sC⒑ Cn iom thc Ⅱolltsur免 cc
Chapter I
Prepara伍 on before lJse
spccial pr句 e∝ ion han臣 ng brackctis rcqu订 cd to bc puⅡ hascd whcn suspcndcd
ccⅡ il1g is installcd on thc ccⅡ ing Ifthis rnountlng llacthod is rcquircd,plcasc consu1t
thc dcalcr
scdion I Pr臼 Cc・ tor seltings
P1ease re△ r to icons to flx proJcction scrccn sizc and prOJc∝ ion distallcc
scction II Conncction of signal sourccs
(a)sc姆 Cn“ zc,(b,distance flom the pr句 ectol to thc sCrcen(± 5%)
scctlon IH Use of Rcmotc Controllcr
Chaptcr II Ba蚯 c operation
Tablc (1)
section I Swltching on POwer of Pr臼 c∝or
sct・ tion
Ⅱ Ttlming off POwel supply of Pr臼
Scrccn sizc (a)
scction HI Rcgdating of Prolected Imagcs
ProJcdion distancc(b)
ml△ 5%、
section Ⅳ Rcgulating ofImagc Quality
Chapter ⅡI AdⅤ anced Operations
16∶ 9display
tion I sOURCE selection
scction∏ Contlast Rafio
scction III Brightncss
1 76mctcr
scction IV Color
section II.Connection of signal sources
scction V shaIPlaCss
scction Iˇ /I
Scction VII Transparcncy
Section VIII Imagc Convcrsion Function
scction IX Factory Reset
Scction X VGA sOURCE Regulation
Connection with Computer
PIease turn off power suppⅡ
cs of tllc proJctˉ
Plcasc GOnnrm Whcthcr thc cOnncctol of a cablc is matchcd witll tllc sOURCE llltcrfatˉ
・Usc thc‘ SOURCE’ buton to set tlle prOJe∝
scction XII E1ectronic scahng Function
Yo矿 d沅 钆
Chapter IV Appendix
section I Trouble Rcmoval
c ofthc proJcctor,alld
oon“ rainedls・ pIugging devioes xslth difFcrcllt sllapcs and pins may caⅡ c faults ρr cquipmcllt damagc
scction XI UsB Function Use
section XⅡ I TV sOURCE Rcgulation
gnal soulcc bc允 rc connctˉ tlon,alld conncc讧 on
tor alld tllc“
pcrformcd whcn thc powcr supplies ale tumed on may causc faul‘
s∝ dlsplay Iesolutloll alld丘
or t°
bc‘ computel’
equcncy to bc800×
480and60Hz whcn thc projcctor
is oonncctcd、 Vith a computcr
Connection with Audio and Video signa】 sources
・Usc A/V cab1c (rcd/whitc/ycllow randomly providcd) to con众
eCt signal
sourCcs(DVD or
tapc rccordcr an-camcra)With thc vidco sOURCE
tcrminal of thc proJcotor
sourcc:signa1source seleotion bu竹
・Usc曲 c‘ sOURCE’ bu⒒ on to sctthc menu气 n⒍ lon
to bc‘ AV’
sOURCE aftcr connccjon
・、ldco output and audio lcR and right Ghannel output of signa1sourccs should-c oonncctcd
with ool△ cspondlng sOURCE infcrfaccs of伍
right bu竹 ons on menu;
c prolccto⒈
:⑽ 1;■ :咖 卿
section III Use of Remote CoⅡ troller
o珏 ;
osGapc bu⒒ on;0-ˉ 9∶ channcls0-9
〃-△ channcl sclcotion button;NFO∶
Mounting of Batteries
scrccn disp1ay;
DISP∶ whcn【 JsB pla.ys vidco,you oan prcss‘ skip to’ button to sctthc playing timc you、 Vant,fo1
Battcrics Wcrc not mountcd in thc rcmotc controllcr whcn thc projcctor Was
If thc rcmotc controllcr becomcs s1o、
v in rcsponsc Or oan not bc opcratcd
cxamplc sctting00∶ 30:001neans vidco is beguo to p1ay in a30-minute position
rcpcat play button;sTOP:
slop playing∶
:uγ ∝ sllspelld吨 FF:铙 t∞ vcrs%FB:
负st b唧 ard∶
PREV∶ ulc prc呐 。us program oomp° sltc ycllow butfon);NEXT: thc ncxt ploglaIla(oonlposltc
after bcing uscd for ccrtain pcriod,thc battcrics arc cxhaustcd,please changc thc
bhc bu“ on》
EXIT∶ cscapc butlon undcr DTV ohallncl
DTV∶ digital TV mcnu button,prcss DTV bu⒒ on to cntcr DTV mcnu;
Use Method of Remote ControⅡ er
l Thc1uminous part of the rcmotc contro11cr is towards thc rcmotc control
light rccciving part(thq right front part of thc projcctor)of thC projcctor during
l Do not allow o伍 cr light sOLlrccs to dircctly Ⅱlumltlatc tl,c rcmotc control light lccclving
palt ofdlc proJcctOL OtlacbVisc signals fIom tllc remote∞ Fltro1ler may not bc rccchcd
2 Do not1ct thc rcmotc controⅡ
2Thc distancc beExl,cen tllc rcmotc controllcr and tllc pr苟
ector call not bc too⒘ 坞
and thc angIc of thc rcmote controllcr dcpaItllring ion1the right front pat of thc
rcmotc control rece~ing hcad ofthc proJc∝ or is witllln a rangc of30±
10%dcg∞ es
cr fall do、
ň or let thc remote oolliollcr bc stlong1y collidcd
3Do notlct walcr or o曲 σ llquid bc spIashed on tlle rcmote controllc⒈
4 Whcn thc rcmotc collio1lcr is no-used for a long ti1nc,plcasc takc Out thc battcrics,so as
to prevcnt battcry
Πuid lcakagc
Thc rcmotc contro11cr can not bc opcratcd、 vhcn thc opcration distancc Or anglc
Chapter II Basic operation
secton I sw⒒ ching on Power ofProjector
opera伍 on:
1 Plcasc cnstlrc tlaat powcr supplics of tbc prOJector and cqulpmclat conncctcd wi伍
■:s毗 .■ :m℃
proJector arc n】
2Comccta computcr or a针 gnal sourcc witll伍 e
imagc upsidc down
3 Takc doM/n thc1cns cap
FREEZE:imagc suspcndcd;
4Comccttllc proJcctor With a power so泳 ⒑t tlalough a powcr cablc attached to thc proJccto⒈
PMODEimagc modc∶
5 Tum on a⒒
AUDIO∶ sound modc;
nlcd off
magm卸 ing or rcduong
po、 vcr
supp⒒ cs oonncctcd to thc proJcoto⒈
Ifthc signal source can bc nomally opcratcd onIy through opcration,plcasc sct thc signa1
source to bc nomal opcratIOn modc
6 switch on thc po、 vcr supply ofthe proJector.and no、 v thc powcrindica位 ng lalllp is rcd
FAV∶ favortc cha众 nCl;
Plcss tllc 【POWER】 button on tlac proJcctor op∝ atton pallel or tlac【
bu仗 on on thc rcmotc controlle△
challncl list;
ENTER: oonflm button
dac proJcctor has bccb nOHlaalˇ opcratcd
MENIU∶ mcnu button;
16:9/⒋ ⒊ 16:9抑 3mode
7Ifthc sOURCE port aⅡ anged insidc thc p“刂Cctor
口 ■ ■ ■ :叽
and tllcn thc powcr1almp bccomes bluc Atthis momcnt
,vs%忆 R and
is i众 Consonant
with cxtcmal eqLlIpmcnt,
tl1cn a button or tllc mcnu hnction of thc rcmote con钌 ollcr is rcquired lo sclcct thc
tcnninal of cquipmcntto bc connected
If no signals exist all thc time,plcase conflnn again whethcr thc conncction mode
and signal outptlt oftllc cxtemal equipmcllt are nonmal
seCtion II。
Turning off POwer suppIy of Proiector
The steps are as follows:
POWER button
opera伍 on:
:坩 抚wER/。 FF,
J揣 摞土
;:t】 l1hl默 糁
button on伍 e remotC c0ntrollc‘ the lamp of tlle proJector o tlImed o免
powcr supply oftllc prolecto△ and atth怂
momcnt曲 e
sect“ uIV
swi℃ h off tllC
Prqected Image Focu“
proJcctor is oompIetcly tumcd o△
Regu1at血 g ofImage Quali订
Turn伍 e focusing⒒ ng on伍 e
3 Unplug the power plug△ om thc power sockCt.
c ls coⅡ CCtly
lcns of thC proJcOtor伍 ll tlae prOJcctCd im鸲
focused and thC imagc is olear
4 Install thc lcn$cap
seCt0n IⅡ ,Reguhσ ng of Pr耐 e⒍ ed Images
捶 :i描 l丨Ⅰ
on statc
rcgLllatcd,so伍 at tlle proJed0ln optimal/0ec刂
Focusing handle
Please rcfcr to dlagram(1)
※ Whcn dac lcns is dlrt,or affc∝ cd wi山 damp and dCwod,focusing oan not be rcallzcd,
plcasc remoVc di⒒ or dew
※ Whcn the proJectlon di哎 ance is not w⒒ hin thc normal range,focuslng call not be
n whcthcr
腻黼 瑙麒 祺群栉
rcalized If thc nonllal focal distanoC is difloult to achiCvc,plcasc oonflr【
山e prolCction distance is propcr
Chapter IΠ .Advanced operations
l丨 :!ii
Thc following dcsoibCs how to use menu functions to pcrform thC fol1owing advmced opcralions
※ Ifthc mcnu0not op。 ncd,press sOURCE on thC prolector
opcration pancl or the signal source bu⒒
con“ ollCr to pcrform scle哎 IOn
on on thc rcmote
Thc prcscntsignal sOURCE mode:one ofAV and VGA
This function is uscd for regulatl血 g thc disp1犭 y brighmess ofimages
※ OperatIOn metllods of伍 e rcmotc con△oller and thc
opera△ oⅡ
operation patlcl on伍 cp岣 ector are曲 c saine.
Entcr picture mode to adjust
section I sOURCE selection
ProJcction signal sourcc:
whcn‘ sOURCE’ button is
l By pressing伍
video sotlRCE
colnputcr sOURCE
c‘ 血notion
button on tllc opcraJon p洫
d orthc ΙMENU J button on tllc rcmote
lmenu’ Windo、v can appear on thc scrccn
2By presslng【 ← 】and【 → 】bl】 ttons,the Whdow IssW忆
or 【↓】 buu0众 ,thC
3By pressing 【sOURCE】
By prcss血
g sOURCE on伍 e on伍 e pmjector opcraton pancl or伍 e蚯 gnal
rcmotc oon“ ollc△ rcq“ rcd slgnal sOURCE mode cala be direct灯 sclectC叱
source button on Jlc
ohannels of T、
button,tlle screen enter an‘ imagc mode’ functlon mcnu
4.Pressing 【← 】 and 【→ ,,the screen enters‘
opera伍 oⅡ
hCd to‘ image’ ,and by pressing【
Cursor moves to the‘ linage modc’ posi伍 on
ofthc‘ imagc mode’
5.By presshg 【↑】 or 【↓】buJon,thc cursor moves to%nghmess’ opton
6By pre“ ing 【← , or 【→ 】bu枕 on,thc image brIghhless^regulated
7Press伍 c【 MENU刀 bu说 on on仇 c opcratlon panel or伍 e 【W1ENU】 buton on thc rcmote
controller to quit thc mcnu
vidco,computcr and high dcflnition
section IV Color
section II。
Tho血 noton泌
Con饣 ast Ratio
used for reglIh山呜 山e con廿 ast ratio ofdkn1nved imnσ eq
This mncti。 n is uscd for regulating伍
opera伍 on:
to picture
c disp1ay color ofirp9σ eq
picture mode to adjust co1or
adjust contrast
l By pressllag tl,c【
I By prcssing the
【MENU】 bu赁 0n on the operatlon pallcl or the 【MENU】 button on the remote
MENU】 button on伍 e
operatlon pan
coniolle△ thc‘ 血nction menu’ Window can appcar on the screen on the sGreen
2By pressing【 ← 】and【 → 】buttons,the wllldoW【
Vindo、 v oan appear on the scrccn,
oontroller,a‘ finction mcnu’ 、
2By prc“ 山g【 ← 】and【 → 】buttons,the Whdow ls switchcd to‘
image’ ,and by pressing【
bu钆 on,tlle cursor movcs to伍 c‘ mage
3By prc豳 ing 【sOURCE↑ 】button,伍
4Pres蚰 g 【← 】 al,d 【→ ,,伍 e
5By prcssllag 【↑,
6.By presslng 【← 】 or 【→ 】button,伍 e
6By prc豳 lng 【← 】 or
7Prcss thc【
【↓】buton,伍 e oursor movcsto‘ Contrast ratlo’ optlon
【→ 】bu仗 on,the imagc oon“ ast rat【 o o regtlhed
button on the operatlon pancl or thc
scrccn cnters‘ uscr’ oftllc‘ imagc mode’
5 By pre$sing 【↑】 or 【↓】blItton,伍 e cursor moVcs to‘ Color optlon
7 Press the【 ˇENU】
on山 e remotc
image oolor ls lcgLIlatcd,
buton on伍 c opcraton panel or伍 c 【MENU】
Con廿 oller to quitthe mcnu
coniollcr to quitthe menu
section III。
mnGton mcnu
c scrcen enter an‘ imagc modc’
【↓】bu“ on,山 c cursor m【 ,Vcs to the‘ imagc modc’ posluon.
3By prcssing 【sOURCE↑ 】btltton,the screen entcr an‘ image modc’ funotion mcnu
4,Prcssing 【← 】 and 【→ 】,tlae凹 reen entcⅡ uscr’ of伍 c‘ image modc’
s switchcd to‘ image’ ,and by pre“ ing【
mode’ posidon~
secⅡ on、L sharpness
bu⒒ on on thc remote
This壬 讠
1nction is uscd for rcgulating thc display sharpncss ofi1nagcs
ω sct △hc
1o picf lⅡ
modc 1o atllust
1 By presstng thc【
butt0众 0n uaC。 pCratlon pallc1,thc‘ ftulcllon mcnu’
WIlldow call
appcar on thc scrccn
2By prcsslllg 【← 】 al,d 【→ 】buttons,mc Wltldow ls switch。
l Byplc“ lllg
con仔 ollc△
bu竹 0n
on伍 c
opcratlon pa众 Cl ortllc R MLN U J blllton on mclcmotc
fllncjon mcnu’ WindoW can appcal on tllc∞ rccn
2By plcssing【 ← 】and【 → 】 buttons,dac wllldoW is swItched to‘
image’ ,alad by prc⒃ ing【
4 By prcssing
or 【-】 butlon,Jac rncnu姒 吣 parcncy
5 Prcss曲 c【 MENU】 button on fllc opcratlon pallcl or tllc
【↓】bLlJola,伍 c Gursor moVcs to thc‘ imagc modc’ posltlon
3By prcssing 【SOURCE↑ 】buJOn,thc scrccn cntcr all‘ imagc modc’ 血nction mcnu
4 Prcssing
d to‘ set’ ,and
y prcsslllg
【↓】 button,山 c cursor moVcs to tllc‘ menu tra息 sparcnoy’ posltion
3By pⅡ ssing 【SOURCE↑ 】bullon,山 c screen clltcr an‘ mcnu廿 ansparcncy’ 血n∝ ion mcnu
is rcgu1atcd
bu钆 0n
on thc四motc
contro11crto quitthc mcnu
,thc scrccn cntcrs‘ uscr’ ofthc‘ i1nagc modc’
5 By prcssing 【↑】 or 【↓】 bu“ on,曲 c cursor movcs to‘ sharpncss’ optlon
6 By prcssing 【(-】 or 【-→ 】 button,tllc imagc sharpness is rcgulatcd
7Pr∞ s伍 c【 MENU】 button on伍 c
opclatlon pancl or tlle
section VII。
【MENU】 button on ulc lcm。
con△ ollcr to quit thc lncnu
Image Conversion Function
This血 ncflon is uscd for rcgulating伍 c upward a众 d doWnwald orlc£ v`ard and rightwald rolling of
imagcs and thc s、 vitohhg of4: 3a众 d16∶ 9display1nodcs
section VI。
⒈PrCss 【imagc ro11ing, blllton to pelfonn imagc ro11ing alld picss
【4:3and16∶ 9】
btltton to
vitch thc display rnodc
This funoti。 n is uscd for rcguldtlng the display languagc of rncnu
Entcrto OsD mcll1Ito choosc languagc
1 By presshg tllc【
MENU】 bu钆 0n
on thc opcratlon palacl,thc‘ lllnctlon mcnu’
3alld16∶ 9】
WindoW can
appcar on thc scrccn
2 By prcssing
【imagc rolhng】
【↓】 bu仇 0n,伍 c
【-,】 bu竹 0ns,thc、 vindow
is s、 vitohcd to‘ sct’ ,and y prcssing
oursOr moVcs to tlle‘ menu languagc’
3By pressing 【SOURCE↑ 】buton,tllc
4 By prcssing
5Prcss tllc【
scrccn cntcr all‘ mcnu1alaguagc’ alnction lnc众 u
or 【ˉ 】 bu竹 0n,曲 c mcnu1anguagc is rcgulatcd
buton on tlle op∝ at1on pancl or tllc
【MENU】 bu⒒ on on伍 c lcmote
oontoller to qllit tllc mcnu
By prcsslllg伍 c【 MENU,blltton on tllc operatlon pancl,thc‘ 血nctlon menu’ wllldoW Can
appcar on lllc sclCCn By plc⒂ lllg 【← 】alad 【→ 】buttons,tlle wll1dow o sw仉 hCd to‘ imagc’
and dlc oursor moVcs to
【sOuRCE】 bu⒒ on
section VII。
This Rlnotion is uscd for rcgulating thc display1anguage ofmcnu imagcs
山c sc狃 ing modc and rolling, conftrming is pcrformcd
on tllc opcration pallcl,alld by prcssing
【↓刀 button,imagc rolli⒒ g and4: 3and16∶
【← 】 and 【→ ,
山rough the
9display laaodc s、 vitohing can also bc rcalizcd
witb tllc nolcbook colllpLlte△ 伍e prolcctor o rcglllatcd to VGA(?C),lllC notcbook colmpLItcr also
lcqlllrcs using kcyboard or image propcrtlcs,伍
阝邙 sCd,狂 血Cm流
common∞ mbination
岛 \¤
c imagc Outpllt dcstlllalion ls sct,FN blllton ls
la h F1ω F⒓ o plessed,al,d
bu⒒ ons are灬 follows:Toslaiba,ShalP and AcCr(fll+5),IBM,Hitachi alad
BCnq(fil+刀 ),HP and NEC(il+⒕ ),LCnovo,Foundc乌 sanlsung alad samsung(fll+r,),ApplC and
DCll(血 +⒙ ),a11d Asus(fll+⒚ )
section IX。
Facton Reset
This±llnotion is used for rcsctting a11paramctcrs to thc sct state beforc manufac缸
section yJ usB Function Use
tion intcrfacc,and sclcGt thc typc and mode of
Plcasc pug a U disc in propcr position of thc nlll。
flle rcquircd to bc p1aycd
Enter rcstorc f犯 toγ dcfatIlt to⒃ t factoγ rCsCt
l By prcsbing伍 c【 MENU】 bu钆 on on伍 c opcratlon palacl,thc‘ 血nctlon mcnu’ Whdow can
appcar on thc sorccn
← 】 and 【→ 】butons,thc whdow ls switohcd to‘ set1and y p⒑ ssing 【↑】
2By prc“ lllg 【
or‘ 【
↓,bLltton,伍 c cursor movcs to thc η∞to,rcsCt’ position
3By prcsshg 【sOURCE↑ 】buton,tlle scrccn cnter ala‘ factory reset’ fun。 ti。 n menu
【(-】 or 【,】 bu竹 0n to sclcct‘ ycs’ or‘ no’
5Prcss伍 e【 MENU】 button on tlle opcratlon panel or dlc 【NIENU,bu钆 0仓 0n伍 c rcmotc
4 Prcss
oon贫 ollcr to quit thc mcnu
selcct thc typc and modc of fllc rcquircd to bc
Prcss ulis butt。 n to play UsB vidco fllc
secthn X。
VGA sOURCE ReguIation
section XII EIectronic sca1ing Function
Af乃r VGA conncction is confmllcd to bc norma1、
'GA signal【
alode is acccsscd,and tllcn伍
Tlals血 nctIOn ls used for dac optim・ al matching cffcct bchvccn tllc prOJe∝
cd imagc and tllc
pr臼 C∝ 。n cllrtaIn
following operations oan bc pcrfomcd
Sca△ ng’ menu compriscs a p1uraⅡ ty of lcVcls, and ulc uscr。 an sclcct oorrcsponding lcvcl
I.Image and setC,p△ ons
※ Rcgu1dting modcs of brighmcss, contrast ratio, color. language and display mode arc伍 c
rcallzc伍 c optimral m汕 山 ing cfcct bchveen tllc proJc∝ cd imagc alld thc proJe∝
samc with that undcr vidcO signal sourcc
※ Plcasc rcfcr to scction I to Scctlon IX ofthis chaptcr
2 IF the projcctor is conncctcd to a dcsktop computcr, the resolution ratio is
rcgulatcd to800× 480and60Hz
2 If thc proJector is oonnccted、 vith a notcbook colmplltc△
WhCn伍 c
VGA interfacc is co众 neCtCd
lon curtaln
Fig I
l,By prcssing the【
button on the operatlon panel,山
e‘ fllnctlon menu’
wlndow can
appcar on the screen
2By pr邙 蚰 g【 ← 】and【 → 】buttons,the Whdow issw屺 屺d
to伍 c‘ scaling displγ ’
1.By prcssIrlg the 【hIENU】 buton on the operaton pancl,the‘
to‘ inlagc’ ,and曲
c cursor moVcs
,conⅡ nning ls perfonned tluough the 【sOURcE】 bll“ on on the
opcration pane1and by pressing
the【 MENu】 buttoll on the
【↑】 or 【↓】bu“ on,$u“ able‘ $。 aling’ level is sc1ectcd;press
operajon panel or the
【MENU】 button on the remote contro1ler to
section XⅡ I TV sOuRCE Regulation
2By prcsslilg
【← 】and 【→ 】bu“ ons,伍 c
or 【↓】blltton,the
oursor moVes to‘
contro11cr to entcr‘
to selectcntcmg TV mode,and then Jae fo11owing operations can be perfonncd
Window can
【确认 】bu⒒ on on thc rcmote
【 ← 】 or 【 → 】 button,
wIndow is switched to‘ challncl’ ,by pressing
s to‘
sllown as Fig.IⅡ
cha众 nCl’ ,by pressing 【
确认 】 bu筑 0n on伍 c lcmote
【→ 彐button,‘ $ound s阝 tcm’
switched to‘
sound s阝 tem’ ,prcss the【
sol111d system1by pressing
【← 】 or
requIrcd by‘ channel systcm’ is selectcd,pressing thc
the 【hIENU】 bu竹 on
I,ImagO and set op】 ons
I1cjon mcnu’
color system’ ,prcss the
co1or system’ , by presshg
oontroller to enter
or【 ↓】 bu钆 0n,the cllrsor mo⒕
Aftcr TV s咆 nal comcct【 on is guamntecd to be nomal,press‘ 山c flrst seojon of sOURCE
appcar on thc soreen
PAL-NTsC-sECAM AUTO’ is selected,tllc operaion ls
← , and 【→ : buttons,山 cw1ndow is
3By prcsslllg 【
quit thc lmenu,
Fig II
III,system ConVersion
on the remotc con△
oller to qt】
button on the opcratIOn or
ltlhc menu,山 e opcmionisshow as F屯
glIlathg modcs of bⅡ ghtncss,contrast rato,colo△ languagc and display modc are the
salnc with山 at under v1deo signal souroe,and plcase refer to semon I t。
section IX of this
II,Channe】 searching C,pera】 on
operaΙ oⅡ
l,By prcsslng the【
MENu】 button on仇 e
operatlon panel,伍 e‘ ntlc伍 。
n menu’
whdow can
appear on the screen
2Byp∞ sshg 【← 】and 【→ 】bu钆ons,the
Whdow ls switohed to‘ channel`by prcssing 【 Ⅱ
or 【↓】 button,伍 c cursor movcs to‘ automahc chmnel searohhg’
or‘ manual
.(for‘ auω Ⅱ
ujc ohannc1scarching’ ,chamc1can be searchcd by direc刂
tllc【 MENu】 buttoll on the remotc con饣
by prcssing me【
oller or tlle【
bu△ on,thc program can bc sε
scarchulg’ ,the curs【 ,r
sOuRcE】 bu△ on
`ed and q碰
y pressing
on operajon panel,
t,and for‘ malaual曲 anne1
o requrcd to bc shiRed to‘ manual chaiuac1searchlng’ ,曲 en伍 e
se加 曲hg o acccsscd by pr∞ ⒍ng thc 【
MEblU】 button c,n伍 c remo“ con△ oller or山 e
【sOuRCE9 button on operatIOn panel,prograln ls scarohed山
丘nc adJustment in tIlc menu,and thc operaton“
shown as Flg ID
Flg IV
Iˇ 1Chanel
switchiⅡ g
opera刂 ⒈
1,By prcss血 g the 【∧】 or
buton on the opclatlon panel or tIlc lcmote oont⑩
directly sOURCEtlng a nullber,ohanncl call be switched
rough channel searching or
Chapter I、 l Appendix
section I,Trouble Removal
Thc pmjector belongs to a hlghˉ tech product compnshg opJcal° omponents,mecha111cal
∞ mpollcllts狃 o clCc“ onlc colmponClats A CPU and protcctⅡ 众 CirClll“ arc adallgcd l【 l
proJe∝ o⒈ Thc protec位 on c△ cult arc starrcd.to be opcratcd in case of volatlo众
of opcratlonal
plogam or improp9r seⅡ ing If abnol△ nal conditions ooou厶 as long as you coⅡ ed tllc scttings or
oa∏y outthe fo11o、 ving opcra饫 ons,the faults can bc removed
s① lu住 ons
Find w,h0山 er tlle power linc conncction is ooⅡ ect
suppⅡ ed
is ilmcd on,
the lamp is out
Find、 vhether1he plug is pluggcd
Find whethel tlle powcr suppˇ ls命 equcllt灯
tlu△ lCd° n
and o筮 Dctcct tlle use
time oftlle lalnp
Find、 vhcthcr thc bulb is rcquircd to bc rcplaccd
Find Nvl,ethcr tllc lcns cap is take众
Noim。 gos
Fllad whctllcr thc comecuon is c。
ΠcCt Find whethel all thc signal Ⅱnes arc
propcr~connC∝ Cd
Find whclhcl the oolltrasf ratIO atld tllc brlghhless are sct to bc Jlc lowest
Find whefller thc baticri∞
remote controllcr is nol
tlle ba钆 erics arc coⅡ
f ule
rem。 fc colltrollcr are used up Fllld wheuler
Fhd whether a balTicr is fonlled behvocn tllc rcmote。 olltro1lcr alld the
prole⒍ o⒈
Find 、
vhctllcr thc distance exoeeds thc cIFcctive use rangc of thc remotc
s咖 ~n△ m伍c lcns and le。qllate tllc focal dlsta】
Imagc blLlring
RcgLllatc analog qLla11ti~oftllC bigllt,tllc c°
l∞ lo a propcr posijon
lltrast rdtion and thc colol
Find、 vhcthcr tlle lens is o1can
Find、 vhcther audio cablcs arc propcrly oonneoted
Abn【 lm时 ∞ und
Find whcthel tlle sOURCE modc ofTV signal aLldlO cabIcs is。 oⅡ ec・ I
Find whetllcr tllc vohmc is tt1med ofF or sctto bc dlc l° we“
secⅡ on
aiⅡ tenance△ Iethod
※ Thc proJector“ rcqulrcd to bc malntahed
You should lcccp thc1cns o1can,bcoausc dust,di⒒ and stain oan bc protcctcd to tllc sorccn,
alld tlac lln鸭 e qllali圩
Ⅱ rCdllccd,r
ally pa⒒ s of伍 c pr句 cctor arc lcqurcd to be rcplaccd,
plcasc contact、 vldl thc dca1cr or qualiflcd se1・
`ice pcrsona1
※ LC扭 s
Use staladard 1cns olofh or lens papcr to c1can llle Iens, becausc thc surface of Jac lctas is
&agⅡ e,only rccommended non-abrasivc malcrial can bc used,and do not use flngcrs to touch伍 c
※ Pr句 ector° asing olca众 ing
Gentˇ wipC ule proJector casing tluough sof【
伍dt伍 c soIt c1otI1dlps h w配
clo伍 ,lf dlrt and哎 aulis uneasy to dcan,ensure
er or ncLltal dctcrgent to clcall uac pr。 Jcclor casing or u∞ water to
clcan伍 c/oJcctor caslng,and tlacn usc a soR岣 cloth to wipc曲
c prρ
Jector casllag
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