User Manual
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Low Battery Warning
di-di-di-di: 4 Short Beeps
Successful Operation
Button Pressed
Operation Failed
Long Beep
Short Beep
3 Short Beeps
Indication beeps:
! The user should try to place their finger on scanner in the
same position as done during registration. This will allow for
the best authentication on the lock . If a user has difficulties
authenticating, try registering the user’s same finger more
than once or have the user register a number of different
! If the user’s finger is dry & cracked we do suggest using some
lotion or simply wiping the forehead to get the finger slightly
! When registering/enrolling a fingerprint user, please ensure
the user’s fingerprint is not damaged. Try to select a finger
that is not scarred, dry or excessively worn. The ring finger
and thumb are generally the best fingers to use with the lock.
! Make sure the “core” of the fingerprint is centered on the
scanner. The “core” contains the best biometric information.
! Apply medium pressure when placing the finger on the
scanner, both for fingerprint enrollment and user access.
Tips for using the Fingerprint Sensor:
If users are properly enrolled in the unit, users will have little to
no problems successfully authenticating with the lock. When
enrolling a user with a User ID number please keep the user ID
number for management use in the future. You will need the User
ID number when deleting an individual user.
! To activate the lock, you must slide the front body cover up to
expose the fingerprint reader and keypad. You have 5 seconds
to engage the lock before it goes back into sleep mode which
will require you to close the front body cover and reopen to
activate the lock again.
! User ID number can be a combination of any 3 digits
! Capacity: 150 Fingerprint users and 75 Pin-Code users.
! All pin-codes are 8 digits long (both Master Pin-code and all
User Pin-Codes)
! The original (Factory Default) Master Pin-Code is “11111111”.
Please make sure you change this pin-code to an 8 digit PinCode of your choice using the instructions on page 2. Write
your new Master Pin-Code down in a safe place as you will
need this code to register and delete users.
User Manual
Note: The User ID number is a combination of any 3 digits. The User
Pin-Code MUST be 8 digits long.
Press: 3 + * + Master Pin-Code + #
Delete All Pin-Code User:
1) Remove lock from door.
2) Inside the outer component of the lock, behind the fingerprint
sensor, is a reset switch.
3) With the batteries connected, press and hold the reset button for
3 seconds. The lock is now restored to factory default settings.
Restore Factory Default Settings:
Press: * + * + Master Pin-Code + #
This is useful for leaving the door unlocked during certain occasions. The
same process turns the Unlocked Mode on and off.
Turn Unlocked Mode On/Off
Press: 0 + * + Original Pin-Code + New Pin-Code + New Pin-Code +
Modify Pin-Code
This applies to changing the Master Pin-Code and the User Pin-Code
Press: 2 + * + Master Pin-Code + 3 digit User ID number + 3 digits
User ID number + #
Delete Single Pin-Code User:
Deleting a Pin-Code User:
Slide up the lock cover then enter your 8 digit Pin-Code to verify and
unlock the door.
Unlocking the Door With a Pin-Code:
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Press: 1 + * + Master Pin-Code + 3 digits for User ID number + User
Pin-Code + User Pin-Code + #
Enrollment of Pin-Code User:
Note: After each successful enrollment the lock will attempt to enroll
additional fingerprints until the slide cover is closed. Therefore, you
may quickly enroll several people or several fingers without reentering the above code.
Press 1 + # + Master Pin-Code + # + desired fingerprint
Enroll Random Fingerprints (not tagged to a User ID number):
Note: To add additional users after the initial enrollment (indicated by
the first long beep) close the protective cover and repeat process.
Press: 3 + # + Master Pin-Code + #
Delete all users:
Press: 2 + # + Master Pin-Code + 3 digit User ID number + 3 digits
User ID number + #
Delete desired user by User ID number:
Slide the cover of the lock upward and place the enrolled finger on
the sensor just as it was placed during enrollment. A single beep will
indicate that the authentication was successful.
Unlocking the door with an enrolled fingerprint:
(Page 3)
Press: 1 + # + Master Pin-Code + 3 digit User ID number + # +
desired fingerprint + desired fingerprint
Enroll by User ID number:
Deleting a Fingerprint User:
Enrollment of Fingerprint User:
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