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addressable fire
• Proven reliability suitable for commercial and industrial
• On-Board 10/100 Network Communication
• Full range of zone expansion, communication, and
relay output capability
• Flash Updateable: No more firmware chips to replace
• Adaptive Technology™ — Cost-effective supervised
cellular backup
DMP XR150FC/XR550FC Series panels deliver true
flexibility and expandability to cover all your fire needs.
System Features
• Up to 562 two-wire smoke detector or fire initiating zones on
• Up to 142 two-wire smoke detector or fire initiating zones on
• Up to .5 Amps 12 VDC smoke and auxiliary output with OVC
• Up to .7 Amps 12 VDC supervised bell output
• Up to 506 fully-programmable Form C relays
• Serial 3 Digital Dialer or CID reporting to multiple receivers
• Eight communication paths between the panel and Central Station
• Built-in remote or on-site feature upgrade capability
• 12,000 event buffer
• Multi-lingual menus available by user
• Multiple on-board status LEDs
• Up to 100 output schedules to control relays and panel outputs
• 32 individual reporting areas, with common areas
• Output Groups: Maximum functionality–Minimum programming
XR150DNfc/XR550DNfc System Features
• All above listed System Features
• On-board Ethernet connection for Network Monitoring™
• Customizable check-in time and retry time
• Suitable for multi-site applications where the Internet or LAN/WAN is available
Intrusion | Fire | Access | Network | Cellular
XR150FC & XR550FC Fire PaNELS
The XR150DFC and XR550DFC provide basic fire monitoring for any single site application. The XR150DNFC and XR550DNFC panels provide
all the same basic fire monitoring as the XR150DFC and XR550DFC enhanced by the on-board Ethernet connection that allows the use of
Network Monitoring™. Both panels come fully assembled from the factory with the following components:
Control Panel
The XR150FC and XR550FC Series addressable fire panels provides complete system control for local NAC operation and DACT, NET, or Cell
communication to the central station. The microprocessor based panel also provides input for Class A zone expansion, conventional and
addressable smoke detectors, pull stations, and heat detectors.
The enclosure is comprised of cold rolled steel in Red to distinguish it for fire operation. For added security, the enclosure comes with a lock
and key.
kEYPAD annunciator
The Fire Command Center mounted in the door offers a 32-character full text LCD readout that displays system events and menu prompts,
making it efficient and easy-to-use.
Transformer and Enclosure
The 16 VAC, 56 VA wire-in transformer is factory installed and features a built-in PTC for power circuit protection.
XR150fc/xr550fc Typical Notification/Annunciation
12 or 24 VDC
12 or 24 VDC
Sync Module
12 or 24 VDC
Digital SLC
Loop 2
Any expansion device
can operate on SLC Loop
1 or 2
Power Supply
505-12 or other 12/24VDC UL
Commercial Fire Approved
Power Supplies
Sync Module
Horn Strobe
12 or 24 VDC
Motor Bell
Annunciator Bus
Digital SLC
Loop 1
Flexible Communication
Network or cellular
T h e X R 1 5 0 D N F C a n d X R 5 5 0 D N F C Communication
has transitioned from dialer-focused Built-in 10/100 auto-sensing Ethernet
communications to a true network and connection enhances both standard and
cellular communications approach by encrypted line security options. Both UDP and
providing stronger, multi-layered panel TCP are supported. The network option can
communications that ensure a constant be used as the primary or backup path to the
link between the panel and Central Station. digital dialer or cellular option.
Installers have the ability to create, configure The XR150FC and XR550FC Series Panels
and manage up to eight communication may be used with the 263C or 263H Digital
Cellular Communicator as the primary path
The unique DMP Serial 3 format supports 16 (no backup required) for commercial fire
or 32-character user, zone and area names installations.
to decrease the central station response time
and limit dependence on automation literal
tables for message conversion.
630F Fire Command Center
630F Fire Command Center
Additional 630F
Fire Command
The check-in and fail time settings are
programmed for five minutes. As the backup
path, the 263C or 263H provides the security
of a communication link that continues to
function, even when land lines are cut or
compromised. The communicators can be
used as a stand-alone communicator without
the need for a backup. This interface works on
digital Cellular data networks over a variety of
carriers in the USA and Canada.
Eight Communication Paths
Create, configure, and manage up to eight EXPANSION
The XR150FC and XR550FC allow the use
communication paths between the panel and Easily add NAC outputs to the XR150FC/ of two SPDT relay outputs and four open
Central Station. Each path has its own panel XR550FC system. Up to three Class B modules collector outputs, that may be activated by
communication programming parameters, can be mounted within the FACP. Model 865 or zone or system events, by schedule, through
and can be identified as either primary or 866 Class B NAC Modules may be combined the User Menu or when a card is presented. backup. This enables installers to configure a with a power supply to provide additional 4 Output Groups allow multiple outputs to
reliable communication link, offering greater Amp NAC outputs. Use an 867 on the SLC activate with a single event and/or can be
confidence that the panel will always be Loop to further expand NAC circuits.
assigned to a particular user profile.
connected to the Central Station.
Output Schedules
Fire Drill and one-man
Achieve maximum system flexibility with
Walk Test
100 programmable schedules that simplify
Users can test fire notification bells using
planning and operations. Control any
The enhanced diagnostic menu enables the Fire Drill feature. A special code is also
contact-activated device with schedules that
technicians to check network and cellular available for installers to test the system. The
automatically regulate relays and switchedcommunication status, cell signal strength, one-man walk test feature allows a single
ground outputs.
and email status from the keypad.
technician to check the panel response to
fire, burglary, panic and supervisory zones. Multi-lingual Displays
Fire Zone Programming
For additional flexibility, keypads attached to
Program zones for fire, fire verify, fire retard, Built-in Programmer
the XR150FC and XR550FC panels can display
presignal, cross zoning, or fire supervisory. and Diagnostics
keypad Status List and User Menu text using
This flexibility allows the ability to match No programming device is required, enabling
multiple languages. The user has the option
individual zone characteristics to the needs installers and service technicians to fully
to select the language to use.
of any area in the fire installation.
program the system and run diagnostics from
any DMP LCD keypad. Check the electrical Status List
Zone Expansion
state of zones, find individual zone numbers, To provide maximum system flexibility, fire
The XR150FC and XR550FC provide up to 570 check the LX-Bus for Missing, Overlapping
zones may be programmed to display at a
zones, programmable for a variety of fire and/or Extra zones, and much more, all from
specific keypad. In this manner, all fire zones
applications. The system provides Class B any DMP LCD keypad.
can be monitored in one location and other
12 VDC powered zones, two on-board and
zones can be programmed to display and be
four on the 715 Module, plus eight panel Flash Updateable
monitored at different keypad locations.
burglary zones. Up to 60 zones are available The XR150FC and XR550FC panels accept
on 15 keypad addresses and up to 100 zones software updates from a remote location 12,000 Event Memory
are available on each built‑in LX-Bus™ using using Remote Link™ software. When new Allows the user to view the last 10,000
Expansion Modules. XR150FC/XR550FC feature updates release, door accesses or 2,000 system events that
perform the flash update remotely.
occurred over the past 45 days.
fire verify
Used primarily for smoke detector circuits to
Remote Link
verify the existence of an actual fire condition.
The Remote Link programming software
When a Fire Verify zone initiates an alarm,
takes advantage of the easy-to-use simplicity
the panel performs a Sensor Reset. If any
of Microsoft® Windows™. The XR150FC and
Fire Verify zone initiates an alarm within 120
XR550FC include an interface connection for
seconds after the reset, an alarm is indicated.
installers to use to connect a laptop computer.
If an alarm is initiated after another 120
seconds, the cycle is repeated.
Intrusion | Fire | Access | Network | Cellular
Expansion Modules
Bus Splitter/Repeater
711 Single Zone Expansion
714 4-zone Class-B Expansion
714-8 8-zone Class-B Expansion
714-16 16-zone Class-B Expansion
715 4-zone 2-wire smoke Expansion
715-8 8-zone 2-wire smoke Expansion
715-16 16-zone 2-wire smoke Expansion
716 Output Expansion,
4 Form C relays, 4 open collector outputs
717 Graphic Annunciator: 20 open collector outputs
Cellular Communicators
CDMA Cellular Communicator
HSPA+ Cellular Communicator
HSPA+ Cellular Communicator
(All require a 381 cable)
Auxiliary Modules
860 Relay Output Module
865 Style W/X Notification Circuit Module
866 Style W Notification Circuit Module
867 LX-Bus Notification Circuit Module
869 Style D Class A Initiating Circuit Module
893A Dual Phone Line Module
Power Supplies
505-12/LX 5 Amps @ 12 VDC
505-12L 5 Amps @ 12 VDC
505-12A 5 Amps @ 12 VDC
Pull Stations
850 Series Pull Stations
Smoke/Heat Detectors
521B/BXT Conventional Smoke, CleanMe
521LX/LXT Addressable Smoke/Heat, CleanMe
270 Network Transient Suppressor
277 Commercial Fire Buzzer Module
300 Four-wire Harness
303 Silence/Reset Push-Button
305 Plug-in Output Relay
306 Tamper Harness
307-S Screw-On Tamper Switch
3012 Clip-On Tamper Switch
335 Intrusion Siren
370 Lightning Suppressor
374 Surge Voltage Suppressor
381-2 18" Coax Extension
431 Output Harness
861 Power Distribution Module
Central Station Receivers
SCS-1R Network Enabled Receiver
Compatable with Central Station
Receivers that accept Standard CID,
DD, or DMP Serial 3 messaging
SCS-VR (Virtual Receiver) Software only
solution that runs on a server for network
IP and cellular communications
System Specifications
Primary Power (included) 16 VAC 56 VA transformer
Secondary Power
12 VDC Battery
365, 366, 368 or 369
Output Rating
Up to .7 Amps at 12 VDC
Smoke and Auxiliary
Up to .5 Amps at 12 VDC
For UL installations, total bell, smoke, and auxiliary cannot
exceed 1.2 Amps using a 56 VA transformer.
Current Draw
dmp Wireless
1100X Receiver
1100XH High Power Receiver
1100R Repeater
1103 Universal Transmitter,
External Contact
1165 Commercial Smoke
1165H Commercial Smoke/Heat Detector
1165HS Commercial Smoke/Heat Detector with Sounder
1181 Post Indicator Valve (UL)
1182 Outside Screw and Yoke Valve
Supervisory Switch (UL)
1183-135F Heat Detector
1183-135R Heat Detector
1184 Carbon Monoxide Detector
Remote Link Upload/Download
Programming Software
System Link End-User Management
Alarm Monitoring Module
Command Center Module
Advanced Reporting Module
Account Groups Module
Link Server Application
Listings and Approvals
Refer to the XR150FC/XR550FC Installation Guide (LT-1297), XR150FC/
XR550FC Programming Guide (LT-1232) and specific compliance listings
for installation and programming requirements necessary to meet a
particular approval.
FCC Part 68
FCC Part 15
Underwriters Laboratories (UL) Listed
Fire Protective Signaling
Cold-rolled steel (Red)
For approval information, access www.dmp.com and select Compliance.
ordering information
XR150 Fire Control Panel
XR150 Fire Control Panel with Network
XR550 Fire Control Panel
XR550 Fire Control Panel with Network
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