Serial #001
Paco — Driver/Buffer
Owner’s Manual
Thanks for choosing Paco—The Himmelstrutz way to natural/uncolored sounds!
9-18V DC
External DC adapter. Standard
2,1 mm barrel jack, 9-18 volt
regulated DC with center-pin
negative. (BOSS standard). NEVER
power Paco with more than 18 V DC.
The Himmelstrutz pedals are designed to be
used with straight power cable plugs. Right
angle plugs may not make a secure connection
and are not recommended.
Connect your
amplifier or
next pedal’s
input here.
Connect your
instrument here.
* The push switch in Paco is not as stiff as
the ones you might be used to. If you’re
a wild hippie who like to play drunk and
barefoot this can be a good thing.
ON/OFF push switch*. True
mechanical (not electronic)
bypass. ON is indicated with a
small, über coolio LED.
How to use:
1: Connect a 9-18 volts regulated power supply (optional) to the barrel jack placed on Paco’s north side.
2: Connect your instrument to Paco’s IN jack, with a shielded instrument cable of your choice.
3: Connect your amplifier/next pedal’s input to Paco’s OUT jack, with a shielded instrument cable of your choice.
NB: Paco is to be connected first, or/and, last in your chain of equipment/pedals. This is in most cases a working
method to minimize the risks of signal losses, mostly to be recognized in the higher frequency (treble) regions.
Every pedal is 100% handmade, tested and carefully adjusted by the original designer in Sweden. Note: The bottom
plate of Paco is not meant to be removed by the user = no service parts inside & as warranty void if bottom plate
removed. More information about Paco, and collaborating products, is available at
As some fuzz effects may sound “strange” in company with a driver/buffer, bypass Paco in case this will happen.
If you play loud, use ear protection. It’s easy to forget when you hear the best sounds in the world, but may be fatal.
Don’t forget to have fun, why not with ear protection and at least an instrument. Catch 22? Nah!
Good luck.
Joakim Hedeby, Himmelstrutz Elektro Art, Sweden
Doc: 6403023_om_001- (#001-)
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