Data sheet
Digital Phosphor Oscilloscopes
TDS3012B • TDS3014B • TDS3024B • TDS3032B • TDS3034B • TDS3044B • TDS3052B • TDS3054B • TDS3064B
Features & Benefits
100 to 600 MHz Bandwidths
5 GS/s Maximum Real-time
Sample Rate, with Sin(x)/x
3,600 wfms/s Continuous
Waveform Capture Rate
2 or 4 Channels
Full VGA Color LCD
25 Automatic Measurements
FFT Standard
Multi-language User Interface
QuickMenu Graphical User
Interface for Easy Operation
WaveAlert® Automatic Waveform
Anomaly Detection
The TDS3000B Series of Digital Phosphor Oscilloscopes
Provides Unmatched Performance and Portability
at an Affordable Price
The TDS3000B packs the power of a
DPO, digital real-time (DRT) sampling
technology, WaveAlert waveform anomaly
detection, OpenChoice documentation
and analysis solutions and five application-
OpenChoice® Solutions
Simplify Instrument Control,
Documentation and Analysis
– e*Scope® Web-based
Remote Control
– Built-in Ethernet Port
– GPIB, RS232, VGA
– TDSPCS1 OpenChoice
– WaveStar™ Software
– Integration with Third-party
specific modules into a lightweight,
Application Modules for
Specialized Analysis
battery-capable design.
– Advanced Analysis Module
– Limit Testing Module
– Telecommunications Mask
Testing Module
– Extended Video Module
– 601 Serial Digital Video Module
A DPO Provides a Greater Level
of Insight into Complex Signals
The TDS3000B Series DPO delivers
3,600 wfms/s continuous waveform
The TDS3000B DPO provides unmatched
insight into complex signal behavior,
such as metastable events.
capture rate to capture glitches and
Optional Internal Battery
Operation up to 3 Hours
Plug-in Printer for Portable
Documentation of Results
infrequent events three times faster than
faults so advanced triggers can be
comparable oscilloscopes. Some oscillo-
applied to isolate them.
scope vendors claim high waveform
In addition, the TDS3000B DPO’s
capture rates for short bursts of time,
real-time intensity grading highlights the
but only DPOs can deliver these fast
details about the “history” of a signal’s
waveform capture rates on a continuous
activity, making it easier to understand
basis – saving minutes, hours or even
the characteristics of the waveforms
Digital Design, Debug and Test
days by quickly revealing the nature of
you’ve captured.
Video Installation and Service
TekProbe™ Interface Supports
Active, Differential and Current
Probes for Automatic Scaling
and Units
Power Supply Design
Education and Training
Telecommunications Mask Testing
Manufacturing Test
Digital Phosphor Oscilloscopes
TDS3012B • TDS3014B • TDS3024B • TDS3032B • TDS3034B • TDS3044B • TDS3052B • TDS3054B • TDS3064B
Higher Speeds Demand
Greater Bandwidth
You face faster clock rates and edge
speeds, increasingly complex signals and
mounting time-to-market pressures. The
higher the bandwidth of your oscilloscope,
the more accurate the reproduction of
your signal. The TDS3000B Series offers
a wide range of bandwidths from 100 MHz
to 600 MHz to best suit the needs of your
most demanding projects, so that you
can complete your tasks on time and
with confidence.
Quickly Debug and Characterize
Signals with DRT Sampling
Technology and Sin(x)/x
An increase in performance from 500 to
600 MHz bandwidth offers a 20% improvement
in rise-time measurement accuracy, as
illustrated with these measurements of a
20 ps rising edge. The lower trace is a
reference waveform, showing the rise-time
performance of a 500 MHz oscilloscope.
The upper trace shows the improved
performance of a 600 MHz oscilloscope.
WaveAlert® waveform anomaly detection
alerts you to any waveform that deviates
from the “normal” input, such as the glitch
on channel 2.
The TDS3054B’s 5 GS/s real-time sample
rate and sin(x)/x interpolation ensure accurate
reconstruction of a 500 MHz sine wave.
Even with 2 GS/s sample rate, which
exceeds the Nyquist requirement of 2X
oversampling, this 500 MHz oscilloscope
with linear interpolation does not provide
accurate reconstruction of the same
500 MHz sine wave.
The TDS3000B Series combines unique
digital real-time (DRT) sampling technology
with sin(x)/x interpolation to allow you to
accurately characterize a wide range of
signal types on all channels simultaneously.
This sampling technology makes it
possible to capture high-frequency
information, such as glitches and edge
anomalies, that eludes other oscilloscopes
in its class, while sin(x)/x interpolation
ensures precise reconstruction of each
waveform. The result – a complete view
of your signal to speed debug and
Enhanced Troubleshooting Ability
acquired. Because the TDS3000B
WaveAlert® waveform anomaly detection
oscilloscope can stop acquisition, sound
speeds your troubleshooting tasks by
a beep, make a hard copy or save the
helping you find those elusive problems
waveform when it detects an anomaly,
faster. WaveAlert detection monitors the
you can run tests over long time periods
incoming signals on all channels and will
– even unattended – to find those
detect and highlight any waveform that
challenging, very infrequent failures.
deviates from the normal waveform being
Digital Phosphor Oscilloscopes •
Digital Phosphor Oscilloscopes
TDS3012B • TDS3014B • TDS3024B • TDS3032B • TDS3034B • TDS3044B • TDS3052B • TDS3054B • TDS3064B
Look for unintentional circuit noise with the
TDS3000B Series’ FFT capability.
TDS3AAM Advanced Analysis Module delivers
advanced waveform math.
The TDS3000B DPO with the TDS3LIM Limit
Testing Module is ideal for manufacturing
test applications where fast Go/No-Go
decisions are required.
Simple, Speedy Documentation
and Analysis
Flexible Features for
Every Application
TDS3LIM Limit Testing Module –
OpenChoice® solutions deliver simple,
Optional application modules enable you
that tested circuits are operating within
seamless integration between the oscillo-
to transform your oscilloscope into a
intended parameters.
scope and the PC. Using a standard
specialized tool for limit testing, telecom-
built-in Ethernet port, e*Scope® web-based
munications mask testing, and video
TDS3TMT Telecommunications
Mask Testing Module – Pass/Fail
remote control allows you to control your
compliance of ITU-T G.703 and ANSI
TDS3000B oscilloscope from anywhere,
And, with its lightweight, compact size
T1.102 standards, custom mask testing
using the Internet and your PC. With the
and battery pack, the TDS3000B Series
and more.
optional TDS3GV Communication
oscilloscope can go wherever it is
Module, floppy disk, TDSPCS1
needed. It weighs only 4.5 kilograms
TDS3VID Extended Video Editing
Module – Adds Video QuickMenu,
OpenChoice Software and integration
(9.8 lbs), with battery installed. Use the
autoset, holdoff, line count trigger, video
with third-party software, the TDS3000B
optional plug-in thermal printer to instantly
picture mode, vectorscope mode*1,
Series provides you with multiple choices
document your work, even in the field.
HDTV format triggering graticules
to easily capture, transfer, document and
and more.
analyze your measurement results. This
TDS3AAM Advanced Analysis
Module – Adds extended math capa-
seamless integration extends the power
bility, arbitrary math expressions, meas-
TDS3SDI 601 Serial Digital Video
Module – Identify and analyze ITU-R
and value of these brilliantly engineered,
urement statistics and additional auto-
BT.601 video signals, video picture mode
affordable oscilloscopes.
mated measurements.
with bright line select, vectorscope mode*1,
Offers fast, accurate Go/No-Go verification
HDTV format triggering and more.
*1 Vectorscope
does not support composite video.
Digital Phosphor Oscilloscopes •
Digital Phosphor Oscilloscopes
TDS3012B • TDS3014B • TDS3024B • TDS3032B • TDS3034B • TDS3044B • TDS3052B • TDS3054B • TDS3064B
TDS3000B Series Electrical Characteristics
100 MHz
100 MHz
200 MHz
300 MHz
300 MHz
400 MHz
500 MHz
500 MHz
1.25 GS/s
1.25 GS/s
2.5 GS/s
2.5 GS/s
2.5 GS/s
5 GS/s
5 GS/s
5 GS/s
20, 150 MHz
20, 150 MHz
20, 150 MHz
1 ns to
10 s/div
1 ns to
10 s/div
1 ns to
10 s/div
Sample Rate on
Each Channel
TDS3024B TDS3032B TDS3034B
Record Length
TDS3044B TDS3052B
9 Bits on all models
1 mV to 10 V on all models
±2% on all models
Max Input
Voltage (1 MΩ)
150 VRMS CAT I on all models (300 V CAT II with standard 10X probe)
Position Range
±5 div on all models
20 MHz
20 MHz
20, 150 MHz
Input Coupling
Time Base
Display Monitor
20, 150 MHz
20, 150 MHz
20, 150 MHz
AC, DC, GND on all models
1 MΩ in parallel with 13 pF or 50 Ω on all models
Time Base
600 MHz
10 K points on all models
BW Limit
TDS3054B TDS3064B
4 ns to
10 s/div
4 ns to
10 s/div
2 ns to
10 s/div
2 ns to
10 s/div
2 ns to
10 s/div
1 ns to
10 s/div
20 ppm on all models
Color active matrix LCD on all models
Digital Phosphor Oscilloscopes •
Digital Phosphor Oscilloscopes
TDS3012B • TDS3014B • TDS3024B • TDS3032B • TDS3034B • TDS3044B • TDS3052B • TDS3054B • TDS3064B
TDS3000B DPO provides breakthrough test
speeds for telecommunications line card
testing. The telecom QUICKMENU puts all
the commonly used telecom testing
functions on a single menu.
Custom video trigger allows the TDS3000B
to trigger on standards such as RS343
(26.2 kHz scan rate).
Acquisition Modes
Trigger System
DPO – Captures and displays complex waveforms,
random events and subtle patterns in actual signal
behavior. DPOs are able to provide 3 dimensions of
signal information in real time: Amplitude, time and
the distribution of amplitude over time.
Main Trigger Modes – Auto (supports Roll Mode
for 40 ms/div and slower), Normal.
Peak Detect – High frequency and random glitch
capture. Captures glitches as narrow as 1 ns.
Trigger After Events Range –
1 to 9,999,999 events.
WaveAlert® – Monitors the incoming signals on all
channels and alerts the user to any waveform that
deviates from the normal waveform being acquired.
External Trigger Input – >1 MΩ in parallel with
17 pF; Max input voltage is 150 VRMS.
Sample – Sample data only.
Edge – Conventional level-driven trigger. Positive or
negative slope on any channel. Coupling selections: DC, noise reject, HF reject, LF reject.
Envelope – Max/Min values acquired over one or
more acquisitions.
Average – Waveform data from 2 to
512 (selectable) acquisitions is averaged.
Single Sequence – Use the Single Sequence
button to capture a single triggered acquisition
sequence at a time.
B Trigger – Trigger after time or events.
Trigger After Time Range – 13.2 ns to 50 s.
Trigger Types
Video – Trigger on all lines, odd, even or all fields.
With TDS3VID or TDS3SDI, trigger on individual
lines and on analog HDTV formats (1080i, 1080p,
720p, 480p).
Logic –
PATTERN: Specifies AND, OR, NAND, NOR when true
or false for a specific time.
STATE: Any logic state. Triggerable on rising or falling
edge of a clock. Logic triggers can be used on
combinations of 2 inputs (not 4).
Trace and identify ITU-R BT.601 video
signals with the TDS3SDI 601 Serial
Digital Video Module.
Pulse –
WIDTH (or GLITCH): Trigger on pulse width less
than, greater than, equal to or not equal to a
selectable time limit ranging from 39.6 ns to 50 s.
RUNT: Trigger on a pulse that crosses one threshold
but fails to cross a second threshold before crossing
the first again.
SLEW RATE: Trigger on pulse edge rates that are
either faster or slower than a set rate. Edges can be
rising, falling, or either.
Comm (requires TDS3TMT) – Provides isolated
pulse triggering required to perform DS1/DS3
telecommunications mask testing per
ANSI T1.102 standard.
Alternate – Sequentially uses each active channel
as a trigger source.
Measurement System
Automatic Waveform Measurements –
Period, Frequency, +Width, –Width, Rise Time,
Fall Time, +Duty Cycle, –Duty Cycle, +Overshoot,
–Overshoot, High, Low, Max, Min, Peak-to-Peak,
Amplitude, Mean, Cycle Mean, RMS, Cycle RMS,
Burst Width, Delay, Phase, Area*2, Cycle Area*2.
Display any four measurements from any combination of waveforms. Or display all measurements with
measurement snapshot feature. Measurement
Thresholds – Settable in percentage or voltage.
Gating – Measurements can be gated using the
screen or vertical cursors.
Requires TDS3AAM module.
Digital Phosphor Oscilloscopes •
Digital Phosphor Oscilloscopes
TDS3012B • TDS3014B • TDS3024B • TDS3032B • TDS3034B • TDS3044B • TDS3052B • TDS3054B • TDS3064B
Ordering Information
Waveform Processing
Hard Copy Capability
Deskew – Channel-to-channel deskew ±10 ns
may be manually entered for better timing measurements and more accurate math waveforms.
Graphics File Formats – Interleaf (.img), TIF, PCX
(PC Paintbrush), BMP (Microsoft Windows) and
Encapsulated Postscript (EPS).
Arithmetic Operators – Add, subtract, multiply,
divide, arbitrary math expressions*2.
Printer Formats – Bubblejet, DPU-3445, Thinkjet,
Deskjet, Laserjet, Epson (9- and 24-Pin).
TDS3012B, TDS3014B,
TDS3024B, TDS3032B,
TDS3034B, TDS3044B,
TDS3052B, TDS3054B,
Autoset – Single-button, automatic setup on
selected input signal for vertical, horizontal and
trigger systems.
Environmental and Safety
Standard Accessories
Temperature – +5 ºC to +50 ºC (operating),
–20 ºC to +60 ºC (nonoperating).
Display Characteristics
Humidity – 20% to 80% RH below 32 ºC, derate
to 30% RH at 45 ºC (operating), 5% to 90% RH
below 41 ºC, derate to 30% RH at 60 ºC (nonoperating).
I/O Interface
Electromagnetic Compatibility – Meets or
exceeds EN55011 Class A radiated and conducted
emissions; EN50082-1; FCC 47 CFR, Part 15,
Subpart B, Class A; Australian EMC framework;
Russian GOST EMC regulations.
Hard Copy Port (standard) –
Centronics-type parallel.
Safety –
UL3111-1, CSA1010.1, EN61010-1, IEC61010-1.
Probes: 2 each P3010 10X passive probes
(TDS3012B), 4 each P3010 10X passive probes
(TDS3014B), 2 each P6139A 10X passive probes
(TDS3032B and TDS3052B), 4 each P6139A 10X
passive probes (TDS3024B, TDS3034B, TDS3044B,
TDS3054B and TDS3064B).
Documentation: User Manual, quick reference
manual and programmer’s manual.
Power cord.
Accessory tray.
Protective front cover: Has holder for user manual
and/or 3.5 in. floppy disks.
NIST-Traceable Certificate of Calibration.
Please specify power plug and manual version
when ordering.
Ethernet Port (standard) –
10base-T LAN, RJ-45 female.
Physical Characteristics
Recommended Option
Waveform Style –
Dots, vectors and variable persistence.
Graticules – Full, grid, cross-hair, and frame.
NTSC, PAL, SECAM, and vectorscope (100% and
75% color bars) with optional TDS3VID and TDS3SDI
video application modules.
Format – YT, XY and Gated XYZ (XY with Z-axis
blanking available on TDS30X4B only).
TDS3GV Communications Module – GPIB
(IEEE 488.2) programmability: Full talk/listen modes;
control of all modes, settings and measurements.
VGA: Monitor output for direct display on large
VGA-equipped monitors. DB-15 female connector,
31.6 kHz sync rate, EIA RS-343A compliant.
RS-232-C interface programmability: Full talk/
listen modes; control of all modes, settings and
measurements. Baud Rate up to 38,400. DB-9 male
connector. Programmer manual: 071-0381-02.
Requires TDS3AAM module.
Altitude –
To 3,000 m (operating), 15,000 m (nonoperating).
Instrument only
w/battery installed
Instrument Shipping
Package Dimensions
Digital Phosphor Oscilloscopes •
Option PB – Available on all TDS3014B,
TDS3024B, TDS3034B, TDS3044B, TDS3054B
and TDS3064B models. Includes TDS3GV
Communication Module with TDSPCS1
OpenChoice® Software, TDS3AAM Advanced
Analysis Module and TDS3LIM Limit Testing
Recommended Accessories
TDS3TMT – Telecom Mask Testing Module.
TDS3AAM – Advanced Analysis Module.
TDS3LIM – Limit Testing Module.
TDS3VID – Extended Video Module.
TDS3SDI – 601 Serial Digital Video Module.
Requires a 4-channel TDS3000B Series
TDS3GV – GPIB, VGA, RS-232 interfaces and
TDSPCS1 OpenChoice® PC Communication
TDSPCS1 OpenChoice PC Communication
Software – A collection of programs that enable
fast and easy transfer communication between MS
Windows PCs and Tektronix oscilloscopes. Available
in single-license packages and included in TDS3GV
communication module. Minimum system requirements: MS Windows 98 SE, XP Professional, ME,
or 2000. MS Office 2000 or XP (for TDS toolbars
only) – Excel 2000 or 2002; Word 2000 or 2002.
Digital Phosphor Oscilloscopes
TDS3012B • TDS3014B • TDS3024B • TDS3032B • TDS3034B • TDS3044B • TDS3052B • TDS3054B • TDS3064B
TDS3BATB – Lithium Ion battery pack
delivers up to 3 hours continuous operation
without line power.
WaveStarTM Software for Oscilloscopes –
Microsoft Windows 98/ME/2000/NT 4.0 Application.
TDS3BATB – Lithium Ion battery pack for up to 3
hours continuous operation without line power.
TDS3CHG – Fast charger for battery pack.
TDS3PRT – Plug-in printer adds easy, portable
documentation capability to your TDS3000B
016-1907-00 – 5-roll pack of paper for TDS3PRT
plug-in thermal printer.
AC3000 – Soft case for carrying instrument.
HCTEK321 – Hard plastic case for carrying instrument.
RM3000 – Rackmount kit.
Service Manual (TDS3000B Series) –
English only (071-0972-00).
TNGTDS01 – Self-paced self-study operator
training kit.
For customer training on this product outside the
U.S. call 1-503-627-7510, inside the U.S. call
1-800-833-9200 ext. 77510.
Recommended Probes
ADA400A – 100X, 10X, 1X, 0.1X high gain
differential amplifier.
P6243 – 1 GHz, ≤1 pF input C 10x active probe.
TDS3PRT – Plug-in printer provides instant,
portable documentation of your work.
P5205 – 1.3 kV, 100 MHz high voltage
differential probe.
P5210 – 5.6 kV, 50 MHz high voltage
differential probe.
P5100 – 2.5 kV, 100X high voltage passive probe.
TCP202 – 50 MHz, 15 A AC/DC current probe.
TCP303*3 – 15 MHz, 150 A current probe.
TCP305*3 – 50 MHz, 50 A current probe.
TCP312*3 – 100 MHz, 30 A current probe.
TCPA300 – 100 MHz probe amplifier.
TCP404XL*4 – 2 MHz, 500 A current probe.
TCPA400 – 50 MHz probe amplifier.
International Power Plugs
Opt. A0 – North America power.
Opt. A1 – Universal EURO power.
Opt. A2 – United Kingdom power.
Opt. A3 – Australia power.
Opt. A5 – Switzerland power.
Opt. A6 – Japan power.
Opt. A10 – China power.
Opt. A99 – No power cord.
Requires TCPA300 probe amplifier.
Requires TCPA400 probe amplifier.
Tektronix probes are expressly designed for
your oscilloscope, with identical quality
standards and built-in compatibility for
optimum performance.
Language Options
(includes front panel overlay)
Opt. L0 – English.
Opt. L1 – French.
Opt. L2 – Italian.
Opt. L3 – German.
Opt. L4 – Spanish.
Opt. L5 – Japanese.
Opt. L6 – Portuguese.
Opt. L7 – Simplified Chinese.
Opt. L8 – Traditional Chinese.
Opt. L9 – Korean.
Opt. LR – Russian.
Opt. L99 – No Manual.
Opt. C3 – Calibration Service 3 Years.
Opt. C5 – Calibration Service 5 Years.
Opt. D1 – Calibration Data Report.
Opt. D3 – Calibration Data Report 3 Years
(with Option C3).
Opt. D5 – Calibration Data Report 5 Years
(with Option C5).
Opt. R5 – Repair Service 5 Years.
Three year warranty covering all labor and parts,
excluding probes.
Digital Phosphor Oscilloscopes •
Digital Phosphor Oscilloscopes
Contact Tektronix:
ASEAN / Australasia / Pakistan (65) 6356 3900
TDS3012B • TDS3014B • TDS3024B • TDS3032B • TDS3034B
TDS3044B • TDS3052B • TDS3054B • TDS3064B
Austria +41 52 675 3777
Balkan, Israel, South Africa and other ISE Countries
+41 52 675 3777
Belgium 07 81 60166
Brazil & South America 55 (11) 3741-8360
Canada 1 (800) 661-5625
Central East Europe, Ukraine and Baltics +41 52 675 3777
Central Europe & Greece +41 52 675 3777
Denmark 80 88 1401
Finland +41 52 675 3777
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Germany +49 (221) 94 77 400
Hong Kong (852) 2585-6688
India (91) 80-22275577
Italy +39 (02) 25086 1
Japan 81 (3) 6714-3010
Luxembourg +44 (0) 1344 392400
Mexico, Central America & Caribbean 52 (55) 56666-333
Middle East, Asia and North Africa +41 52 675 3777
A Critical Component of the Complete
Measurement Solution. The AFG300 Series
arbitrary function generator with ArbExpress
waveform editing software pairs with the
TDS3000B, TPS2000, TDS2000 and TDS1000
Series digital oscilloscopes to deliver the two
elements of a complete measurement solution
– stimulus and acquisition. The AFG300
combines the capabilities of a function generator with the power of an arbitrary waveform
generator, offering the performance needed to
accurately verify, validate and characterize
designs with ease and confidence, all at a
price you can afford.
Tektronix Support Completes the Solution. We
know you depend on Tektronix instrument
solutions when you make and meet critical
commitments. So we make and meet a support
commitment you can depend on. Anytime you
The Netherlands 090 02 021797
need support, anywhere in the world, Tektronix
Support gives you the lowest possible exposure
to inconvenience, delay or disruption of operations.
Norway 800 16098
People’s Republic of China 86 (10) 6235 1230
Poland +41 52 675 3777
Unsurpassed technical expertise and
experience with 24-hour response to
technical questions
Portugal 80 08 12370
Republic of Korea 82 (2) 528-5299
Russia, CIS & The Baltics 7 095 775 1064
South Africa +27 11 254 8360
Interactive, online support to request
assistance, check service status or
arrange for training
Spain (+34) 901 988 054
Sweden 020 08 80371
Switzerland +41 52 675 3777
Industry-leading turn-around service time
Taiwan 886 (2) 2722-9622
Credible, reliable support with demonstrated
on-time delivery
United Kingdom & Eire +44 (0) 1344 392400
USA 1 (800) 426-2200
USA (Export Sales) 1 (503) 627-1916
90-day unconditional service warranty
For other areas contact Tektronix, Inc. at: 1 (503) 627-7111
No fine print, no exclusions, no surprises
Global support in more than 50 countries
Depend on Tektronix. Visit
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