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Important Health Warning About Playing Video Games
Photosensitive Seizures
A very small percentage of people may experience a seizure when exposed to certain
visual images, including flashing lights or patterns that may appear in video games.
Even people who have no history of seizures or epilepsy may have an undiagnosed
condition that can cause these “photosensitive epileptic seizures” while watching video
These seizures may have a variety of symptoms, including lightheadedness, altered
vision, eye or face twitching, jerking or shaking of arms or legs, disorientation,
confusion, or momentary loss of awareness. Seizures may also cause loss of
consciousness or convulsions that can lead to injury from falling down or striking
nearby objects.
Immediately stop playing and consult a doctor if you experience any of these
symptoms. Parents should watch for or ask their children about the above symptoms—
children and teenagers are more likely than adults to experience these seizures. The
risk of photosensitive epileptic seizures may be reduced by taking the following
precautions: Sit farther from the screen; use a smaller screen; play in a well-lit room;
and do not play when you are drowsy or fatigued.
If you or any of your relatives have a history of seizures or epilepsy, consult a doctor
before playing.
ESRB Game Ratings
The Entertainment Software Rating Board (ESRB) ratings are designed to provide
consumers, especially parents, with concise, impartial guidance about the ageappropriateness and content of computer and video games. This information can
help consumers make informed purchase decisions about which games they deem
suitable for their children and families.
ESRB ratings have two equal parts:
Rating Symbols suggest age appropriateness for the game. These symbols
appear on the front of virtually every game box available for retail sale or
rental in the United States and Canada.
Content Descriptors indicate elements in a game that may have triggered a
particular rating and/or may be of interest or concern. The descriptors appear
on the back of the box next to the rating symbol.
For more information, visit
Family Settings
Family Settings in Games for Windows – LIVE and Windows Vista® parental
controls work together. Parents can restrict access to mature-rated content.
Approve who and how your family interacts with others online with the LIVE
service. And set time limits on how long they can play. For more information,
go to
Table of Contents
Getting Started
Game Modes
Map Generation
System Requirements
Title Screen
Starting a Challenge
Game Parameters
Character Creation
Interface basics
All the Little People
Character traits
Main View
Camera Controls
Info Panel
Main View buttons
Info panels
Tourists and Tourism Rating
Roads and Traffic 4
Creating Challenges
Playing Online
Appendix 1 - Buildings
Making Profits
Foreign Aid
Swiss Bank
Election Speeches
Foreign Politics
Rebel attacks
Secret police Subversive activities
The Basics
My Profile
High Score Tables
Sharing and Visiting Islands
Farms & Mines
Human Services
Appendix 2 - Edicts
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Tropico 3 Website
Limited Software Warranty And License Agreement
Foreign Policy
Domestic Policy
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Kalypso Media Group
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Exchange of CD/DVD‘s
Getting Started
“Politics” is made up of two words. “Poli”, which is Greek for “many”, and
“tics”, which are bloodsucking insects.
- Gore Vidal
To install the game insert the Tropico 3 DVD-ROM in your DVD-ROM drive.
If your computer has AutoPlay enabled it would automatically start the
installation process. If it does not, double click on the My Computer icon and
locate your DVD-ROM drive. Double-click on the DVD-ROM icon to start the
installation, or open the DVD-ROM folder and double-click on the file called
Follow the on-screen instructions. You will be asked to decide where you want
to install the game. After the installation is over you may have to restart your
computer for the changes on your system to be applied.
During the installation the game will search the computer for the latest
version of DirectX. If this version of DirectX is not present, the game will
automatically install it.
System Requirements
•PC running Windows XP/Vista
•2.4 GHz CPU
•512 MB of system RAM
•A SM3.0 discrete GPU with 128 MB RAM (NVIDIA Geforce 6 series and
higher, AMD/ATI x1300 and higher)
•4 GB of HDD space
•The online functionality requires connection to the Internet
Title Screen
After Tropico 3 starts you will be presented with the Title Screen.
From there you can start a new game in any game mode, continue your
last saved game, load a game, access challenges, inspect your achievements,
check out the latest news, change the game options, or view the credits.
Game Modes
Thirty-two coups d’etats are enough.
- Jean-Bertrand Aristide
The various game modes described below are accessible through the New
Game button in the Main Menu. We recommend that you start playing the
tutorial game mode.
The Tropico 3 tutorial is a short mission that introduces the camera
controls, the interface, and the key gameplay elements like constructing and
administrating buildings, issuing edicts, and controlling your avatar.
Tropico 3 features a 15 mission campaign set on various fictional islands in
the Caribbean. Initially only a single mission is available, but as the campaign
progresses more and more missions will become available and usually you
will be able to choose between several missions that are not yet completed.
Completed missions are available for replay and are marked with a flag on
the campaign map.
After you have selected a mission to play, you will have to choose or create a
character, as described in the “Character Creation” section of this manual.
The Sandbox maps set no specific goals for you, but you are allowed to
customize the “Game Parameters” as described in the corresponding section
of this manual. You will be able select the map to play or to create a custom
random island. For details on the latter option, refer to the “Map Generation”
Challenges are special scenarios created by Tropico 3 players across the
world. You are able to browse the challenges uploaded online, play a random
challenge, or manage and upload your own challenge.
To access the online functionality of the game, such as browsing challenges
and uploading your challenge online, you will have to create an online Tropico
3 account or log into your existing account. Online features are described in
detail in the “Online” section of the manual.
Starting a Challenge
To play a challenge click the “Challenges” button in the Main Menu and then
click “Browse”. This will open the “Challenge Browser”, which contains a list
of challenges on the left page and the description of the currently selected
challenge on the right page. Initially the browser shows only your challenges
which are stored locally. To browse through challenges submitted by other
players you must click the “Online” button. This requires an Internet
connection and you will have to input your password.
Map Generation
This country is heaven, in the spiritual sense of the word. And I say, we prefer
to die in heaven than survive in hell.
- Fidel Castro
The Map Generator allows you to create a custom random map for a sandbox
mission or a challenge created by you. You are able to customize the following
•Island Size - The size of the generated island. It is often more difficult to
play on smaller islands because the building space is limited there.
•Elevation - Different crops fare differently on different elevation. The
islands with very high elevation tend to have less building space.
•Mineral deposits - Determines how many iron, bauxite, gold, and oil
deposits exist on the island.
•Vegetation - Islands with lush vegetation have more fertile soil. Farming
can be difficult on barren islands with small amounts of vegetation.
After you are satisfied with the settings you have selected, click on the
“Generate” button on the right side of the screen to create the random map.
If you are not happy with the results, click the button again to create a new
map. Use the “Forward” button to proceed with the generated map.
Game Parameters
You will be prompted to customize the game parameters for any sandbox
game you play and any challenge you create. The selected set of parameters,
along with the random map settings, where applicable, determines the game
The following parameters can be adjusted with a slider:
•Political Stability - Impacts rebel activities, coups, uprisings, protests,
subversive actions, and foreign invasions. Low political stability equals more
difficult game.
•Export Prices - Modifies the export prices of all Tropican goods. Low
prices will raise the game difficulty.
•Tourism - Modifies the tourism rating of the island. High tourism rating
attracts more and wealthier tourists. Low tourism rating will increase the
game difficulty.
•Game Length - The maximum length of your mandate in years.
•Population - Sets the starting number of citizens on the island.
•Random Events - Modifies the frequency of random events, such as price
changes and disasters. If set to minimum there will be no random events at
The following parameters can be set on or off:
•A Far Away Place - The island is set far away from the United States.
Tourism is less lucrative and you are less likely to be invaded by the US.
•Rebel Yell - Rebelling is a proud tradition of your people. They are quick
to take arms and fight against your regime.
•Free Elections - Elections are closely monitored by the international
community. Fraud and bypassing of elections are disabled.
•Immigrants Out - No free immigrants. You can still hire educated
foreigners for money.
•God Mode - No elections, rebel attacks, coups, uprisings, foreign invasions,
and subversive activities. Starting money set to $500000.
Character Creation
My face is sour. Maybe that’s why they say I’m a dictator.
- Augusto Pinochet
In Tropico 3 you are able to create a custom dictator for any game mode, except
tutorial mode. As the first step you will customize the avatar appearance, at
the second you will customize his qualities as a dictator.
The appearance of your avatar is a purely an aesthetic choice that has no
impact on the gameplay.
You can customize the following:
•Beard (male characters only)
•Moustache (male characters only)
•Earrings (female characters only)
Note: Some combinations of hats and hairstyles are not possible.
The avatar appears as you have customized him/her throughout the whole
scenario, but you can make a different avatar for each scenario.
Character traits
You are able to name your custom avatar and choose the following traits:
background, rise to power, two qualities, and two flaws. You can also select a
random legal set of traits.
Some traits exclude each other. For example it is not possible to select the
background “professor” and the flaw “moronic”.
Appendix 3 contains detailed descriptions of all character traits and their
game effects.
Interface basics
Not a single leaf moves in this country if I’m not the one moving it. I want that
to be clear!
- Augusto Pinochet
Main View
The following elements are visible in the Main View:
•Population, Money, Average Happiness, Current Date (month and year)
•Speed controls - Pause, Normal, Fast, Fastest
•Menu button
•HUD buttons located above the Speed controls - Overlays, Edicts, Select
Avatar, Almanac
Tropico 3 uses a standard point-and-click interface. Clicking on a building or
unit selects it and opens its info panel.
Camera Controls
You can move the camera by moving the mouse pointer to the edge of the
screen. Clicking on the Minimap will also transport you to the location of the
island on which you clicked.
Use the Middle Mouse Button or the Shift key to rotate the view and the
mouse scroll to zoom in and out. The Home key resets the camera to its
default position.
Info Panel
The Info Panel is a window box at the bottom of the screen, which is only
shown on the Main View when a building or a unit is selected. The Info Panel
gives additional information about the selected object. There are buttons for
various categories (upper left) and title space (upper right).
You can select buildings by left-clicking on them. Left-clicking anywhere on
open ground closes the Info Panel.
Main View buttons
Overlays button
The Overlays button displays the Overlay info panel. This panel contains the
following categories:
•Crop conditions - The crop conditions for the different crops that can be
raised on the island.
•Natural Resources - The resources on the island. Iron, bauxite and
gold are marked in yellow, oil is marked in black.
•Island conditions - Island conditions like humidity and beauty.
•People - Displays Crime, Pollution and Liberty Overlays. Problem areas for
crime and pollution are marked in red.
•Services - Displays the Occupancy, Employment, Service Quality, Job
Quality and Electricity overlays. Instead of colorizing the terrain, these
overlays colorize the buildings they apply to.
•Island Economy - Displays the Income, Expenses and Balance overlays.
Instead of colorizing the terrain, these overlays colorize the buildings they
apply to.
Most overlays have a color gradient from green to red. Green usually means
a high value for the statistic that is represented through the overlay, while
red means a low value.
Edicts button
The Edicts button opens the Edicts info panel. All edicts are sorted in different
categories - Social, Foreign Policy, Economy and Domestic Policy. The edicts
in the respective category are presented below the list of categories. Each
edict has different prerequisites and effects. See Appendix 2 for a more
detailed list of the edicts and their respective effects.
Select avatar
This button selects your Avatar.
Almanac button
This button opens the Almanac. The Almanac contains different statistics
regarding your island. The Almanac is described in details below.
Info panels
Citizen Info panel
The citizen info panel contains the following categories:
•Overall - General information about the citizen like name, age and current
needs. You can also toggle the city-view camera from this category
•Happiness - Information about the current happiness satisfaction of the
•Politics - Information about the citizens’ political affiliation to different
factions, as well as the personal actions that you can perform on that citizen
•Job and House - Information about the current workplace and homestead
of the citizen
•Family - Links to the family members of the citizen
•Skills - The different skills the citizen has acquired while working, as
well as his/her Education, Intelligence, Courage and Leadership values are
presented in this category
•Thoughts - The current thoughts of the citizen
Tourist info Panel
The tourist info panel contains the following categories:
•Overall - General information about the tourist like his or her name,
tourist class, country of origin and spending limit. The remaining vacation
time and current impressions of the tourist can also be seen through this
•Rating - The impressions of the tourist from different aspects of life on
your island
•Accommodations - Information about the tourist’s hotel and the current
attraction he is visiting
•Attractions - A list of all attractions the tourist has visited
•Preferences - The satisfaction and preferences of the tourist for different
vacation activities
•Thoughts - The current thoughts of the tourist
Building Info Panel
The building info panel contains the following categories:
•Fee and salary - Allows you to change the salary and fee of the current
building, as well as to fire workers and disable their worker slots. Hiring
foreign workers, and setting the wages for all buildings of the same type or
same education level can also be selected from this category.
•Overall - Building-specific information like production output, profits,
expenses and service quality. You can also construct upgrades and set work
modes from this category.
•Description - A short description of the building.
•Construction - (Presented only if the building is not yet finished)
Information about the progress of the construction and the builders currently
working on the building.
The Almanac presents vital statistics for the island. The Almanac information
is presented in two pages - the left one provides more general information
while the right one gives more details.
To change the information presented on the left page, you can select a
different bookmark from the top of the Almanac. The bookmarks are called
Overview, People, Economy, Politics, Lists and Score. Some of the items on
the left page are selectable - this means that when you click on them a right
page with more details for the current item will appear.
All items that have checkboxes next to them can be plotted on the graph at
the bottom of the Almanac. You can plot several items together if they are
compatible (incompatible items will have an X in their checkbox).
All the Little People
I know the Haitian people because I am the Haitian people.
- Francois Duvalier
Every citizen is unique - he has different needs, preferences, work experience,
and education.
Over the years a homeless immigrant may find a job as a teamster, fall in
love, get married, go to university in hope of qualifying for a better job, move
into a luxurious home, become a leader of a political faction, and finally die of
malaria because of the poor healthcare on the island.
Individual Simulation
The daily lives of the good people of Tropico are individually simulated and
if you wish, you are able to monitor them in minute detail. You are able
to interact with your citizens, offer them bribes or throw them in jail as
dissidents. A cruel ruler may even order the assassination of a troublesome
Every citizen has 5 primary needs: food, rest, faith, fun and health. The
need bars are indicated in the Overall tab of his info panel and constantly
degenerate over time. When a need bar gets low, the citizen will try to satisfy
this need, for example if he needs fun he will look for entertainment he can
afford. The citizen will try to refill their need even if they cannot find a way to
satisfy it, but the respective happiness of the citizen will drop drastically.
Penultimo Says: Presidente, a wise leader such as you will never confuse need
bars and happiness bars, described below. Low need bars do not indicate that
the citizen is unhappy, only that he will soon try to satisfy the corresponding
Getting Food
Satisfying the food need works a little differently than other needs. People get
several meals from a single visit to a farm or a market, and then their whole
family eats from these household meals for some time.
The bars in the Happiness tab of a citizen’s info panel represent how happy he
feels about various aspects of his life. All these are combined to calculate the
citizen’s overall happiness. Different persons find different things important
and the three most important happiness factors are indicated with a special
Special actions
You can issue special actions on each citizen. The Special Actions are:
•Arrest ($500) - if you have an operational Prison and Police station, you
can arrest your citizens and put them in jail. The arrested citizen and all
others who witnessed the arrest will have lower respect for you temporarily.
•Bribe ($1000) - if you have an operational Bank, you can bribe your
citizens. Bribed citizens will have their respect temporarily increased.
•Heretic ($500) - if you have an operational Cathedral, you can declare
your citizens heretics. A citizen who has been declared a heretic will not be
able to protest, run as a candidate in elections or become a faction leader, but
his family’s respect for you will be decreased.
•Eliminate ($500) - if you have an operational Guard Station, you can
eliminate a citizen of your choosing. The respect of the late citizen’s family
and all who witnessed the killing will be severely decreased.
•Arrange “accident” ($3000) - if you have an operation Secret Police,
you can arrange for an “accident” to happen to one of your citizens. All details
about the matter will be hushed up and you will receive no penalty to your
Families can afford to pay up to a third of their combined salary for rent,
rounded down. This means that a single citizen that earns $7 can afford
housing with rent up to $2 and a family where the mother and father both
earn $9 can afford housing with rent up to $6 (a third of $18).
Every residence has Housing Quality that directly affects the housing
happiness of the residence there. More luxurious residences provide higher
housing quality.
If some citizens cannot find a residence that suits them, they will automatically
construct rickety shacks to live in. Shacks are the worst type of housing and
generally you should strive to have as few of them as possible.
Job and Education
Initially most of your citizens will be uneducated. This means that they can’t
apply for advanced professions like a doctor or journalist. If you need skilled
workers you can pay for educated immigrants - this action is initiated from
the Fee and Salary tab in the info panel of the workplace where you need
them. Alternatively, you can educate your own citizens in a High School or
a College.
Every workplace has Job Quality that directly affects the job happiness of the
workers. More prestigious professions with higher salaries provide higher
job quality.
You can’t force your workers to work at any particular place - they decide
which job to take based on the job quality and their previous job experience.
The salary of the workers determines what kind of residence and entertainment
they can afford. Single citizens may afford entertainment up to their salary;
married units may afford entertainment up to half of their combined salary.
Job Skill
The longer a citizen has worked on a particular job, the better he is at
it. A newly recruited worker will work slower or less efficiently than an
experienced one, no matter what is his profession - a skilled builder will
construct buildings faster, a skilled waitress will raise the satisfaction of all
the visitors of a restaurant. Thus, a very experienced worker is a valuable
asset to any city. The rate at which a unit gets job skill experience is modified
by its intelligence.
A citizen often has skills in several different professions. You can inspect
them in the “Skills” tab of the citizen’s info panel.
Tracking Citizens
You can mark the selected citizen for tracking by holding Ctrl and pressing
one of the number keys (1, 2, 3...). After you mark a citizen you will be able
to directly select it by pressing the corresponding number key.
Tourists and Tourism Rating
Several classes of tourists can be attracted to the island - young Spring Break
tourists, cheapskate Slob tourists, tree-hugging Eco Tourists and even the
most desirable Wealthy tourists, if the resorts of the island are good enough
to attract them. Tourist families have different wealth and may afford
attractions up to their own spending limit. If you managed to attract wealthier
tourists you should consider increasing the price of your tourist attractions.
Different individual tourists prefer different attractions. You can check their
preferences from the “Preferences” tab in their info panel.
Like citizens, tourists have different needs and expectations from their
trip - factors like environment, entertainment and safety are usually very
important. If they leave happy, they will improve the island’s Tourism Rating,
but if they are disappointed or don’t return to their home country, the island
will get a bad reputation as a tourist resort.
More and wealthier tourists are attracted by high tourism ratings. Several
edicts offer advertising campaigns to attract a specific class of tourists.
Politicians are the same all over: they promise to build a bridge even where
there is no river.
- Nikita Khruschev
To order the construction of a building, right-click anywhere in the view to
open the build menu. Select the respective category and building and place it
anywhere on the screen. Keep an eye on the construction panel at the bottom
of the screen for additional instructions during construction.
Builders that are on duty will head to the site after you place the construction.
They will usually need at least a few game months to finish their work and it
will take even longer when you order huge projects like an Airport or several
constructions at the same time.
You can prioritize constructions from their info panels - builders will try
to complete higher priority constructions before lower priority ones. It is
also possible to manage buildings while they are in construction (see
“Administration”, below).
If you wish to demolish a building, construction, or road segment, you will have
to select the “Demolish” icon from the “Infrastructure” section of the build
menu. This allows you to mark buildings for demolition. Like construction,
demolishing a building will take some time. You may cancel a demolition
order from the Info panel of the condemned building.
Demolishing a construction in progress will give you a full refund.
Work Modes
Many buildings have several different work modes that may be changed at
any time, even while the building is being constructed. You can manage the
work modes from the “Overall” tab of the info panel. Rolling the mouse cursor
over a work mode will give you a short description. Only one work mode may
be active within a single building.
Note: You can change the work mode of a building that is currently being
Some buildings have upgrades that you can construct from the “Overall” tab
of their info panel.
Upgrades are special improvements to a building that require a one-time
investment. They modify the functionality of the building and once constructed
cannot be disabled. Some upgrades require and consume electricity.
Hiring and Firing
You can hire high school or college educated workers from the “Fee and
Salary” tab of the building. You cannot hire workers without education, but
you can likely attract them from other buildings with a higher salary.
To fire a worker you must right-click on his portrait on the “Fee and Salary”
tab of his workplace.
Fees, Rents, and Salaries
You can adjust Fees, Salaries, and Rents from the corresponding controls in
the building info panel (check out the “Fee and Salary” tab or the “Rent and
Tenants” tab). You will pay salaries to your workers and receive rents from
your tenants every month. Fees are collected when a person uses the service
provided by the building.
Penultimo Says: Presidente, it is prudent to raise the fees and rents according
to the spending limits of the people, in order to squeeze as much pesos as
possible from the visitors. Keep in mind that if you raise them too high, less
people will be able to afford to visit the buildings.
Roads and Traffic
Connecting to Roads
Some buildings can be connected to roads. This allows citizens and tourists to
travel with cars to and from other buildings connected to this road network.
You will recognize such buildings by the arrows that are visualized next to
the car entrance during building placement or the placement of a road. If
those arrows are red, the building is not currently connected to a road. This
doesn’t hinder the functionality of the building and means only that it is not
part of the road network of the island.
Since many buildings cannot be connected to roads, you can optimize the
transportation network of your island with Garages. Garages are special
buildings that act as hubs for the road transportation. Any person can travel
with his car to or from a garage. This means that if you have two separate
neighborhoods with connected Garages, people will be able to travel quickly
between them.
Penultimo Says: Presidente, if your people travel large distances, garages and
roads can do wonders to optimize their trips. Garages also employ two extra
teamsters for your work force, so they can save you the trouble of building
additional Teamster Offices.
I’m personally against seeing my pictures and statues in the streets... But it’s
what the people want.
- Saparmurat Niyazov
Select your avatar by clicking on the avatar icon over the minimap or directly
on the avatar. Right-click anywhere to move him/her or activate the default
action at this location. If the avatar engages some rebels or traitors, he/she
will fight them automatically and you will not be able to control him/her until
the battle is over. If he/she is wounded he/she will retreat to the palace to
recuperate and will be unavailable for some time.
The Limo
Like your citizens, the avatar is able to use the road network to move quickly
from place to place. He will automatically use his Presidential limo to quickly
travel between two Garages or between a Garage and another building
connected to a road.
The avatar is able to perform the following actions:
•Rush Construction - Activated by right-clicking on a construction
site. The avatar personally gives orders to the workers at a construction,
significantly increasing the construction speed.
•Production Building Visit - Activated by right-clicking on a production
building. The avatar visits a production building, slightly boosting production
for the next 6 months.
•Service Building Visit - Activated by right-clicking on a service building.
The avatar visits a service building, slightly boosting service quality for the
next 6 months.
•Hold a Speech - Activated by right-clicking on the palace. The avatar
holds a speech from the balcony, raising the respect of the gathered crowd.
•Calm down a protest - Activated by right-clicking on a protesting citizen.
The avatar talks to the citizen and negates the effect of the protest.
•Diplomatic mission - Activated by right-click on the Airport. Improves
the next foreign aid the country will receive.
•Decorate - Activated by right-click on the Armory, Guard Station or Army
Base. The avatar decorates a soldier or general with a medal. This action
raises the respect of all soldiers/generals working in the building.
•Improve foreign relations - Activated by right-clicking on the
Diplomatic Ministry. The avatar increases the relations with both foreign
powers for 6 months.
•Attack - Right click on enemies during a battle. The avatar fights rebels
or traitors
Penultimo Says: Presidente, keep in mind that you can cancel most actions if
you have more urgent matters to attend to. Also, the effects of a single action
do not stack, so for example a production building will not get a greater boost
if you decide to visit it immediately after another visit.
How can it be “mutually beneficial” to sell at world market prices the raw
materials that cost the underdeveloped countries immeasurable sweat and
- Che Guevara
Making Profits
There are four primary ways to make money - Exports, Tourism, Foreign Aid
and Fees. Each of them is explained in greater detail below.
Every produced resource that is not used by the economy of the island
is automatically exported to foreign lands (by hauling it to the docks and
loading it to a freighter). The prices of these exported resources may vary
over time, so a resource that is a profitable export early in the game may
become undesirable later on.
Every building that produces a resource has an “output storage” representing
the current quantity of the resource in the building. Teamsters haul goods
from this “output storage” to when they are needed (“input storage” of other
buildings such as advanced industry or docks). Teamsters are workers from
the Teamsters’ Office that transport goods across the island.
Farms act both as a way of providing food to your citizens and as a producer
of raw resources needed for your industry. The resources a farm produces
depend on crop conditions for the current crop. You can see the Crop
Conditions in the Overlays menu. Make sure there are good spots on which
your farms can place their fields.
The soil will deplete with time, so you may want to check on your farms from
time to time, and if necessary, change the current crop to one that has better
crop conditions.
Mines and Oil Wells
Mines will exploit the mineral deposit on your island. They have to be placed
near a resource, which they will exploit. You can see the Resources in the
Overlays menu.
Unlike Mines, Oil Wells need to be placed directly over a resource in order to
Oil Refineries
In order to exploit oil resources in the sea, you will need to build an oil
refinery near them. The oil refinery will automatically place oil platforms on
nearby resources and a tanker will start transporting oil to your refinery.
If you manage to construct the Hydrocracker upgrade for your Oil Refinery, it
will start producing more expensive oil products from the Crude oil gathered
in your Oil Platforms and Oil wells
Some of your buildings require Electricity in order to operate or for certain
upgrades. In order to produce Electricity you will need a working Power
Once a Power Plant is operational, it will provide Electricity in an area around
it (your Electrical grid). In order to expand that area you can construct
A building is considered to have enough Electricity if it is connected to the
Electrical grid and your Power Plants supply enough Mega Watts for it to
operate. If the output of the Power Plant is insufficient, a rolling blackout will
occur in the buildings connected to the Electrical grid.
Foreign tourists bring fresh money to the economy, and if you make sure they
leave the island with good impressions, more foreign visitors will follow.
As described above, there are four tourist classes - Spring Break tourists, Slob
tourists, Eco-tourists and wealthy tourists. They have different expectations
from their trip and different spending limits.
Factors such as environment and crime safety are very important for tourists,
so it is best if you set your resorts in a beautiful and unspoiled part of the
Tourists usually arrive on the island via the Tourist Docks. If you manage to
construct an Airport, you will be able to attract more and wealthier tourists.
Foreign Aid
The US and the USSR will send you Foreign Aid in order to help your
developing country. You may receive Foreign Aid from both Superpowers.
The amount of money they give you depends on your foreign relations.
If you manage to keep both Superpowers pleased, foreign aid will keep coming
Some buildings generate profits based on their set rents and fees, but only if
the visitors (citizens or tourists) can afford these fees. The tourists’ class and
the citizens’ salary determine their spending limits.
There are several sources of expenses:
•Wages - all workers expect a salary and educated specialist demand even
more money from you. If the salaries throughout the island are low people
will be unhappy with their jobs.
•All new constructions and upgrades cost money.
•Upkeep - all existing buildings, even the ones that are not working, require
upkeep and put a strain on your budget. If a building is no longer needed, it is
better to demolish it and save money than to keep paying upkeep for it.
•Issuing a new edict usually costs money.
•Special actions like inviting skilled workers to the city usually cost money.
Swiss Bank
This bank account represents El Presidente’s personal wealth - the money you
managed to stash during your reign for rainy days ahead. Personal wealth can
be “diverted” from the National Treasury in various ways and it contributes
to the score at the end of each mission.
Under capitalism, man exploits man. Under communism, it’s just the opposite.
- John Kenneth Galbraith
The people of Tropico may be members of several political factions, each with
its own agenda. Faction leader’s happiness has quite a big impact on the
opinions of the members of the faction as a whole, so it is important to either
keep the leaders happy, or quietly remove them from the scene.
•Capitalists - influence the relationships with the USA. Capitalists desire
wealth and prosperity. They are few in numbers, but very influential.
•Communists - influence the relationships with the USSR. They represent
the interests of the workers class and are usually one of the largest factions
on the island. They will be displeased if the wealthy elite receive much higher
wages than the common worker.
•Intellectuals - typically the intellectuals are not many, but are well
educated. If they are displeased, educated workers will leave the island.
Intellectuals value liberty, democracy and education.
•Religious - the religious people in Tropico are many and it is important
to keep them pleased. They desire churches and cathedrals and will oppose
shady or corrupt acts.
•Militarists - when you displease this faction, you may suffer severe
consequences. This is because the militarists hold in their hands most of
the firepower of the island and can easily stage a military coup. It is often
best to specifically cater to the needs of the soldiers in order to prevent this
•Environmentalists - the environmentalists are a small faction that
campaigns for low pollution and preservation of the island nature. Heavy
industry and high pollution will displease them.
•Nationalists - nationalists put Tropico above all else. They oppose close
relationships with any foreign power and policies encouraging the immigration
of foreign citizens on the island. Only people born in Tropico may become
members of this faction.
The population of the island will demand free elections every few years. When
the democracy expectations of your island are high, the people will demand
elections more often. If you do not allow the elections, the people’s liberty
satisfaction will suffer and the USA will be displeased.
When Elections have been scheduled, you will receive up-to-date poll
information in the left part of your screen. People are more likely to vote for
you if they respect you and if their overall happiness is high. Of course, the
opposing candidate and his family are not likely to vote for you.
If you lose an election, you will also lose the game. It is possible to arrange an
election fraud, but this will greatly displease the intellectuals on the island.
Election Speeches
Elections Speeches can be used for swaying the public opinion or your foreign
relations. When you are prompted for elections you will be given the option to
give a speech and a special interface for composing speeches will appear.
When composing speeches you will have three major choices - what hot topic
to address, who to praise and what to promise for the next elections.
•Address a current issue - you can choose one of the following factors
- Job Quality, Housing, Food Quality, Entertainment, Religion, Healthcare,
Environment, or Crime safety as a topic to address. When you address an
issue, it will have less impact on the votes of your citizens for the next
•Praise - gives you the option to praise a faction or a Superpower. Praising
temporarily increases the respect of the members of the faction (if a faction
was chosen) or the relations with the selected Superpower (if a Superpower
was chosen). You can also praise yourself.
•Promise - allows you to make an election promise. You can choose one of
the different faction demands. Election promises will allow you to sway your
more impressionable subjects, but if you do not fulfill your promises, they will
think twice before voting for you. You may choose not to make an election
Foreign Politics
The attitude of the foreign Superpowers towards Tropico determines
the amount of foreign aid they will send. If one of these countries is very
displeased with your reign, it may forcefully remove you from office.
It is quite hard to keep on the good side of both the USA and USSR but if you
manage to form an alliance with a foreign power and allow the construction
of a military base on the island, the other superpower will never threaten
your reign.
Superpower demands
Occasionally, a Superpower you have formed an alliance with, will demand
that you issue specific foreign policy edicts. Until you issue the edict they
want, you will not receive any rent from their military base. You can see
the demand that has been made on you from the Info Panel on the foreign
military base on your island.
Citizens who are unhappy will occasionally start a protest. During a protest
the citizen who started the protest and the crowd that has gathered around
him will temporarily respect you less. Also people who protest often may
decide to become rebels.
The chance of a protest also depends on liberty - protests are more likely in
areas with a higher liberty rating. If the liberty in the area is too low, the
citizens may be too afraid to protest.
You can calm down protests - by selecting your Avatar and right-clicking on
the protesting citizens. Your Avatar will then calm down the protesters.
When the majority of the population is unhappy, an uprising may occur.
Uprisings are brutal conflicts in which the population is split into loyalists who
support your rule and traitors who wish to overthrow you. You will be able to
see the number of traitors and loyalists in the left part of your screen.
The traitors will try to take control of your palace. If you lose your palace, you
will lose the game.
If some of your soldiers and generals are unhappy they may stage a coup
d’etat. The remaining soldiers who are faithful to you will try to protect the
The traitors will try to take control of your palace. If you lose your palace, you
will lose the game.
Rebel attacks
If you have rebels on your islands, you should be prepared for their attacks.
The rebels usually attack buildings on the outskirts of your city. Army
regiments close to the site of the attack will try to repel the rebels.
After several attacks, the rebels may become unruly and try to attack your
palace. If you lose your palace, you will lose the game.
Secret police
You can create Secret Police Headquarters through the “Secret Police” edict.
The secret police will enable you to use the “Arrange Accident” citizen action,
which unlocks several edicts and gives you early reports about subversive
activities (see below).
Subversive activities
The KGB, the CIA and the rebels on your island may trigger subversive
activities like bomb threats, worker strikes,
assassination attempts and hostage crises. These subversive activities will
require you to make a choice of what is to be done in this situation.
If you have established a Secret Police on your island, you will get additional
choices and if your agents are good, you will receive reports about future
Creating Challenges
I know you are here to kill me. Shoot, coward, you are only going to kill a man.
- Che Guevara
The Basics
In Tropico 3 you can create your very own challenges, which you can share
with other players over the Internet. The Challenge Editor is a powerful tool
which allows you to create stories by fashioning special events, such as the
spread of an unknown disease, the discovery of a new gold deposit, offers by
foreign investors and privately owned industries, and many more.
It is a good idea to play a couple of missions or scenarios to familiarize
yourself with the game and its mechanics, before starting work on your own
To create a new challenge click on the “Challenges” button in the Main Menu
and then click “Manage”. This will open the “Manage Challenges” menu which
contains a list of all challenges which are currently saved on your computer.
To create a new challenge simply click “New” and choose a map and the game
settings for your scenario. Once that is done you will see the Challenge Editor
The “Manage Challenges” menu allows you to Edit, Rename, Copy, and Delete
locally stored challenges. You can also Upload your challenge and share it
with the Tropico 3 community. This action requires Internet connection and
will ask you for your password. Remember that a challenge can be uploaded
to the servers only if it has a unique name.
Events are the basic building blocks of your challenge. Essentially a challenge
is a sequence of events, each triggered on a specific date chosen by you. Each
event does something specific, for example - the “Message” event shows the
player a text message, the “Choice” event shows a choice message with up to
4 options, and the “Modify Faction Respect” event changes the respect of a
given faction.
Tropico 3 offers many different events which allow you to modify most of
the game’s aspects - from simply giving or taking money from the island’s
Treasury to bestowing specific objectives. Take the time to look through the
list of events to explore the different possibilities for your story.
To create new events simply click on the “New” button in the challenge editor.
You will see a list of categories on the left page and a list of events from the
chosen category on the right page. Select the event you wish to make and
click create. Now choose the date on which you want this event to occur and
tweak its parameters to your liking. Finally click the “Ok” button to save the
Flags are a special tool which allows you to trigger events only if other
conditions are met beforehand. A flag has two states - raised and lowered.
When you create an event you can attach a condition flag to it (the first combo
box in the event’s properties). The event will occur when the flag is raised but
not before the date you have set.
There are several events which allow you to create or raise a flag. Most
importantly the “Choice” event allows you to set a flag for each option you
input. When the player chooses an option the flag associated to it will be
raised. Check the events in the “Flag Operations” category for additional
possibilities for creating and raising flags.
For example - If you wish to give the player a $5000 Swiss Bank Account if
he chooses option A in a previous choice event, you will have to use a flag.
You have to create a flag called “Choice A” in the choice event and set it as a
condition for the event which gives the Swiss Bank Account.
Labels are lists of objects such as citizens, buildings or tourists. Using
these labels many events can affect a specific subset of citizens, buildings
or tourists. For example if you wish to increase the happiness of all die-hard
supporters of the intellectual faction you will need to use labels.
There are three categories of events which you can use to create new labels.
These events allow you to set, add or remove objects from a label using many
different criteria.
Playing Online
Where there is a worker, there lies a nation.
- Evita Peron
You can browse and play challenges created by Tropico 3 players from around
the world. To access the online portion of the game you will have to register
an online account. You can do this at any time the game prompts you to login
to the game’s servers. Press the “Create Account” button to open the Account
Registration form.
My Profile
Each player has a profile, which contains your campaign and challenge high
score as well as all challenges you have shared with the world. You can see
your profile by clicking the “Challenges” button in the Main Menu and then
clicking the “My Profile” button. Other players will be able to see your profile
from the high score table or the challenge browser.
High Score Tables
When you win a mission or a challenge you can submit your final score
online. Your scores will be added to the global High Scores. There are two
High Score tables - Campaign High Score which compares players based on
their cumulative campaign score and Challenge High Score which compares
players based on the top 10 challenges they have won.
You can see the top 10 players for each specific challenge from the “Challenge
Sharing and Visiting Islands
Each player can choose one island which can be visited by other players.
When you win a game you can submit your island online and this island will
be added to your profile. You can share only one island. When you submit a
new island it will replace your previous island.
You can visit other player’s islands by clicking on the “Visit My Island” button
in their profile. You can explore their islands but you won’t be able to build or
affect the already constructed buildings in any way.
Appendix 1 - Buildings
Apartment Block
Description: Huge improvement over tenements,
Apartments offer a major housing quality boost, and
cost only $1000 more, but shelter fewer families. It’s
wise to stack the bulk of your people in these buildings.
Since they aren’t notoriously ugly, you can safely place
them closer to your tourist areas.
Cost: $5000
Residents: 6
Description: This building has the look and the living
conditions of a barn. Cheap, quick to build and superior
to the shacks, these Bunkhouses are still no alternative
to decent housing.
Cost: $300
Residents: 2
Description: Poor millionaires - they are so rich, that
rarely any building meets their high expectations. With
a Condominium you’ll wipe the tears off their sad faces
and make them smile again.
Cost: $6000
Requirements: Electricity
Residents: 4
Country House
Description: The average Caribbean paisano will
appreciate these middle-class houses. They are quick
to build and inexpensive, but offer space for only one
Cost: $500
Residents: 1
Description: Run-of-the-mill suburban house, which
will please most tropicans, but still offers very little in
terms of living space.
Cost: $1000
Residents: 1
Description: Every parvenu loves to show off with his
fancy house. Give ‘em something to brag about with
this excellent residence.
Cost: $2000
Requirements: Electricity
Residents: 1
Description: Run-down building that screams ‘poverty’.
Keep these eyesores far away from pretentious tourists
and upper class citizens.
Cost: $150
Residents: 1
Description: Gray, run-down, overcrowded buildings.
Perfect breeding ground for adolescent criminals.
Tenements aren’t going to make any Tropican
particularly happy and the tourists will complain, but
hey, anything is better than a shack!
Cost: $4000
Residents: 12
Description: Without weapons, every revolution is
doomed to fail. Armories let you construct the cheaper
guard stations and extend your government’s control.
Don’t forget, that every guard post needs one general,
so plan on building more armories if you care for your
safety, el Presidente.
Cost: $3000
Workers: Generals (3), College educated
Army Base
Description: The Army Base will establish your
dominance in the region. It will also provide your
soldiers with good housing and healthcare. One general
is enough to guarantee the base is operational.
Cost: $10000
Requirements: Armory
Workers: Generals (3), College educated
Residents: 15
Description: The Bank allows foreign tourists to do
their banking. You can also embezzle some government
funds through this building or use the bank to lower
building costs.
Cost: $8000
Workers: Bankers (5), College educated
Diplomatic Ministry
Description: Every sane person knows for a fact that
Tropico is the most powerful nation on earth. Still,
to keep it this way, we need to establish diplomatic
relations with the inferior nations, so wrongly called
Superpowers. With this building you can increase your
relations with either the capitalist US or the communist
Cost: $5000
Workers: Bureaucrats (3), High School educated
Guard Station
Description: How is it possible, that these so called
rebels doubt our great leader’s teachings?! Don’t wait
for the answer, just place some Guard Stations. They
will dampen any dissent and soothe the demanding
militarist faction.
Cost: $1500
Requirements: Armory
Workers: Soldiers (3), High School educated
Immigration Office
Description: No one ever doubted the skills of our great
people, but when we lack the workforce or specialists, we
reluctantly consort to immigrants. On the other hand,
be sure that your own people don’t embrace decadent
foreign influences too much to abandon you.
Cost: $2500
Workers: Bureaucrats (2), High School educated
Police Station
Description: Safety is one of the primary concerns for
every tourist. After all, no one likes to end up mugged
in a dark alley. When you expand your island paradise,
be sure to build some Police Stations in crowded, shady
areas around Tenements, Factories and Night Clubs.
Cost: $5000
Workers: Policemen, (5) High School educated
Description: It’s so annoying when someone disagrees
with you or spits on the great principles Tropico was
built upon. Let’s see if they’ll dare to second guess El
Presidente’s decisions again!
Cost: $3000
Workers: Policemen (2), High School educated
Farms & Mines
Description: For the cowboy in all of us. You can breed
goats, cows and llamas in the ranch. Goats are more
adaptable while cows sell for a higher price. As for
Llamas, they are too cute to slaughter, but their fur
makes for a nice rug.
Cost: $750
Workers: Farmers (2)
Fisherman’s Wharf
Description: Your fishermen will supply the population
with fish. Fish can be canned and exported. But
remember that no one likes that particular smell on
their clothes and a romantic evening around the Wharf
is out of the question.
Cost: $3000
Workers: Fishermen (4)
Logging Camp
Description: If you have dense forests, you’ll earn some
good cash. Don’t get too carried away with the cutting,
though, because pollution and angry tourists are not
something you want to deal with. This useful building is
a must if you plan to construct a Lumber Mill
Cost: $1500
Workers: Lumberjack (8)
Description: It’s mine, all mine! I mean yours, my
Presidente! The miners can dig for Gold, Aluminum and
Iron. Just make sure to build your mines away from
city centers, because they produce a lot of pollution.
Cost: $3000
Workers: Miner (8)
Oil Well
Description: It’s high time to show these arrogant
Superpowers who’s the Man by ruthlessly exploiting
earth’s riches. Whenever you encounter deposits, you
can build a Oil Well and the sweet little money will start
rolling in.
Cost: $8000
Workers: Engineers (2), College educated
Description: Your farmers can grow a variety of
crops for food and export. Various conditions such as
elevation, humidity, and soil determine what crops can
grow in the area around the farm.
Cost: $1500
Workers: Farmers (6)
Description: Air Tropicana has established a long
tradition as the airline which brings fishes and people
together. Let’s just hope the tourists don’t get wind of
that from our brochures. Hey, wait, we don’t have any
brochures left! Never did, actually.
Cost: $16000
Workers: Engineers (2), College educated
Construction Office
Description: Without this building, nothing else will
ever get built. As with the Teamster’s office, you’ll start
with one Construction Office already available. Plan on
placing more of these so large projects are completed
Cost: $2000
Workers: Constructors (8)
Description: Without a dock there is no real economy
on Tropico. Everything you produce will be carried
to the Dock by your Teamsters and sold to an
outgoing freighter before the cash starts rolling. Poor
immigrants also arrive at the Dock with hopes of a
better tomorrow.
Cost: $2000
Workers: Dockworkers (4)
Power Plant
Description: Without electricity you are doomed to
a Caribbean stone age. The Power Plant enables the
advanced and costly structures that are needed for
your exotic little paradise.
Cost: $17000
Workers: Engineers (8), College educated
Description: When a citizen needs a transport, he goes
to a Garage and miraculously reappears as a car to
travel to another Garage or building connected to a
road. Miracles do happen in Tropico.
Cost: $2500
Workers: Teamsters (2)
Tourist Dock
Description: Tourists are distrustful folk and the
sight of your industrial dock will make them sail away
faster than you can say ‘Shawshank Redemption’. The
Passenger Dock will allow these nitpickers to enter your
island from a more presentable location.
Cost: $2000
Workers: Dockworkers (2)
Electric Substation
Description: Your Power Plant has a limited range. The
substation extends the coverage of your electric grid
and probably helps Ramon watch the soccer game with
his aged Russian tube.
Cost: $2000
Requirements: Power Plant
Teamsters’ Office
Description: It can’t be overstated how important the
teamsters are to your economy.
Production from farms and industries needs a fast
transport in order to magically turn into more money
for you and your country. Always make sure to have
sufficient teamsters to carry all your goods.
Cost: $2000
Workers: Teamsters (6)
Beach Villa
Description: Super models and financial hotshots often
rent these luxurious beach villas as the
perfect spot for some good old fashioned debauchery
and excessive partying.
Cost: $1500
Requirements: Tourist Dock
Workers: Maid (1)
Description: Romantically inclined couples will
appreciate the beach Bungalow. It offers unforgettable
holiday experiences directly by the sea.
Cost: $400
Requirements: Tourist Dock
Workers: Maid (1)
Description: This Hotel is the best thing most tourists
will be able to afford, so forget the big spenders for now
and concentrate on sheltering the masses. Just make
sure to build some attractions in the vicinity and you’re
good to go with the tourist basics.
Cost: $5000
Requirements: Tourist Dock
Workers: Maids (3)
Luxury Hotel
Description: The foreign elite don’t like to mingle with
the crowds. They prefer their hotels with as much stars
as possible, their maids - French, and their Banana
Daiquiris - cold. The Luxury Hotel will surely please
these fat, walking moneybags.
Cost: $10000
Requirements: Tourist Dock
Workers: Maids (6)
Description: The Motel is a place of dubious reputation.
The local guests are bikers, truckers and roachexterminators. If the manager isn’t one Norman Bates
or his mother, you can give this cheap hotel a try; at
your own risk of course!
Cost: $3000
Requirements: Tourist Dock
Workers: Maids (2)
Skyscraper Hotel
Description: As generally ‘modest’ people, millionaires
always like their buildings very big and very tall. Only
Freud can explain why. By building a hotel of such
magnitude, you’ll gain prominence not only in the
Caribbean region, but the whole world.
Cost: $12000
Requirements: Tourist Dock
Workers: Maids (8)
Description: Every time El Presidente looks at a greasy
can with the tag ‘Made in Tropico’, he can’t help but shed
a tear for the glory he brought to his small Caribbean
nation. The Cannery can process Fish, Coffee, and
Pineapple. Canned goods will sell for more money.
Cost: $15000
Workers: Factory Workers (8), High School educated
Cigar Factory
Description: Every true leader appreciates a fine cigar.
The Cigar factory processes Tobacco and will deliver
exquisite smoking pleasures for great men. The Factory
can be upgraded to produce Machine Cigars.
Cost: $10000
Workers: Factory Workers (8), High School educated
Furniture Factory
Description: Expensive furniture adds the necessary
elan to every home. The high building cost is justified
by the economic benefits it brings along. Put the
surplus of lumber into good use if you can afford the
steep price.
Cost: $17000
Workers: Factory Workers (8), High School educated
Jewelry Factory
Description: Jewels are said to be every girl’s best
friends. A gold mine and enough spare cash will turn
this into a lucrative business and will probably save a
marriage or two.
Cost: $13000
Workers: Factory Workers (6), High School educated
Lumber Mill
Description: Find a heavily forested area and boost your
early economy with this useful building. Cutting trees
will outrage Environmentalists and Eco-tourists alike.
Cost: $5000
Workers: Factory Workers (5), High School educated
Oil Refinery
Description: Black gold rules the world. Oil doesn’t
guarantee happiness or a place in heaven, but one thing
is for sure - you’ll have a hard time counting all the
cash once it starts flowing.
Cost: $25000
Workers: Engineers (8), College educated
Rum Distillery
Description: Not only pirates enjoy a good bottle of rum.
This Distillery processes Sugar into Rum. Make this a
profitable business and you’ll be appreciated far beyond
the reaches of the Caribbean.
Cost: $22000
Workers: Factory Workers (12), High School educated
Beach site
Description: All tourists love beach sites so you can
build plenty of them. Their cheap price as an attraction
is unbeatable and they allow you to cash-in on the
natural beauty of your island’s beaches.
Cost: $500
Workers: Attendant (1)
Botanical Garden
Description: Someone probably dug the ‘rare’ plants at
the botanical garden at his grandma’s backyard, but
the tourists won’t notice the difference. They will just
stand in awe, admiring the vibrant colors of the plants
inside that large glass dome.
Cost: $5000
Requirements: Hotel
Workers: Professor (1), College educated
Ethnic Enclave
Description: Nobody on Tropico knows exactly what
happened to the indigenous people of the Island, but
one thing is for sure: the so called ‘Authentic Natives’,
which you present to the gullible tourists, are as fake as
the breasts of Tropico’s famous baywatch babe Amela
Cost: $10000
Workers: Natives (4)
Tour Office
Description: Tropico Guided Tour take tourists gently
by the hand and show them exactly what they expect
to see. Be sure to set the destination of the tour to the
most beautiful spot in the vicinity.
Cost: $1750
Requirements: Hotel
Workers: Attendants (2)
Description: Tourists are lazy creatures. Why go to the
ocean, when the ocean can come to them? A Pool is
always an excellent choice around cheap and regular
hotels. And with the upscale dress code you’ll even be
able to keep fat, ugly slobs away from the sensitive eyes
of the lifeguards.
Cost: $4000
Requirements: Hotel
Workers: Attendants (2)
Scenic Outlook
Description: Show the tourists something beautiful
and instead of admiring it, they will most likely end up
shooting stupid pictures of themselves.
Cost: $1000
Requirements: Hotel
Souvenir Shop
Description: The lower and middle-class tourists just
love Souvenir Shops. They can’t restrain themselves
from buying even the most useless junk. After they
return home, tourists proudly present their ‘souvenir
trophies’ to family and friends.
Cost: $1250
Workers: Shopkeepers (2), High School educated
Description: Some people live under the false impression
that covering themselves with mud will make them
younger and prettier. Exploit their fond delusions with
the Spa.
Contrast baths with hot and cold water will make rich
people thin and their pockets even thinner.
Cost: $5000
Requirements: Hotel
Workers: Attendants (3)
Description: Tourists usually live in big cities and
have seen most animals only on TV. It’s a good idea
to entertain them with a Zoo, since everyone enjoys
watching wild beasts from a safe distance.
Cost: $7000
Workers: Attendants (4)
Human Services
Description: This marvelous Cathedral provides a direct
link to God, who specifically allowed Tropican priests
and bishops to marry. It brings comfort to the souls of
rich and poor alike.
Cost: $20000
Workers: Bishops (4), College educated
Description: Religion plays an important part in
the lives of Tropicans, so you will be wise to satisfy
their needs with a church. This building will soothe
a small religious community, but later on you’ll need
something with more grandeur to show how much you
respect God.
Cost: $6000
Workers: Priests (4), High School educated
Description: As with the High School, the College will
save you lots of money from importing workers from
abroad. Just make sure you have jobs for the college
educated, so the bright minds of Tropico don’t end up
blaming you for their unemployment.
Cost: $12000
Requirements: High School
Workers: Professors (8), College educated
Description: Without a simple Health Clinic, the people
of Tropico will be forced to visit the local witch-doctor
and we don’t want this in our thriving country, right?!
This building provides basic healthcare.
Cost: $3000
Workers: Doctors (2), College educated
High School
Description: As in everywhere, the better jobs require
well educated people. Importing specialists from
overseas is a costly business. The High School lets
you train your own people to work in your industries.
Choosing the right education mode is important too.
Cost: $8000
Workers: Teachers (6), High School educated
Description: A hospital is able to fully satisfy the
health care needs of all Tropicans. Your people will
live to serve you longer and Americans will envy your
excellent healthcare.
Cost: $12000
Requirements: Electricity
Workers: Doctors (4), College educated
Description: When the people are hungry they are
forced to humiliate themselves by walking to a farm
and getting their food from the source. A strategically
placed market will save them the trip, so they can take
a longer siesta.
Cost: $500
Workers: Shopkeeper (1), High School educated
Description: What a better way to spread blatant lies and
disinformation among the populace, than a newspaper?!
People like to say: ‘I read it in the paper, so it must be
true’. Poor gullible souls should have known better!
Cost: $7000
Workers: Journalists (3), College educated
Radio Station
Description: The general idea behind the Radio Station
is to entertain people with some nice music and make
them forget the daily chores. In Tropico, El Presidente,
you may use it to transmit excruciatingly long speeches
to the people.
Cost: $10000
Requirements: Electricity
Workers: Journalists (2), College educated
TV Station
Description: Brainwashing was never easier, since
some genius invented the tube. Feed the people your
own version of democracy or make them even dumber
by broadcasting brain-dead entertainment and mindnumbing soap operas.
Cost: $15000
Requirements: Electricity
Workers: Journalists (3), College educated
Description: Feed those ever-hungry male eyes with the
Cabaret. Exotic showgirls will charm and entertain the
visitors of this building. Soldiers find this establishment
especially pleasing; go figure why. Despite what you
might think, nothing indecent happens behind those
neon-lit walls.
Cost: $4000
Requirements: Electricity
Workers: Showgirls (3)
Description: Gambling may be an addictive vice, but
no ruler should dismiss the opportunity to cash-in
on people’s hopes and dreams of fast fortune. British
secret agents and lethal females are said to frequent
at the Casino.
Cost: $10000
Requirements: Power Plant
Workers: Pit Bosses (4), High School educated
Childhood Home
Description: “Behold the place where our beloved leader
was raised”. This is the authentic home of El Presidente,
the wisest, most magnificent ruler of all. Tourists just
love to see what that tyrant business is all about and
the locals use it as a place of worship and pilgrimage.
Cost: $2000
Workers: Shopkeepers (2), High School educated
Gourmet Restaurant
Description: Picky customers often prefer exquisite
cuisine rather than the suspicious looking foodstuff
that the poor so readily ingest. This restaurant is a true
gastronomical fiesta, lifting the senses to new heights.
Cost: $3000
Requirements: Electricity
Workers: Cooks (4)
Movie Theater
Description: What a better way to spend the evening than
a night at the movies?! Garbo, Bogart, Monroe - you get
them all here. A movie theater provides entertainment
and enlightens the population. It also allows couples to
hold hands and cuddle.
Cost: $3000
Requirements: Power Plant
Workers: Attendants (3)
Night Club
Description: Every self-respecting Caribbean resort
offers unforgettable night life. The Night Club entertains
visitors with steamy salsa music and cocktails with tiny
umbrellas. It provides a more pleasurable atmosphere
than a mere pub. Just watch for crime, which tends to
thrive in such joints.
Cost: $4000
Requirements: Electricity
Workers: Barmaids (4)
Description: Nothing brings people together like a visit
at the local pub. A good time with friends, a glass of beer
and a soccer game will make everyone forget the daily
chores. The Pub is necessary if you intend to open a
Night Club and is useful for some entertaining edicts.
Cost: $800
Workers: Barmaids (2)
Description: Specializes in local cuisine. Tropicans will
be perfectly content with it, but some food-worshiping
tourists might expect something more sophisticated
and extraordinary.
Cost: $2000
Workers: Cooks (2)
Sports Complex
Description: Tropicans will find their miserable
existence a tad more bearable if they can afford a visit
to this modern sporting facility. This Sports Complex
is home of Tropico ‘s legendary soccer team - The
Chupacabras. It boosts entertainment and tourism.
Cost: $25000
Requirements: Electricity
Workers: Pro Athletes (6), High School Educated
Appendix 2 - Edicts
Name: Prohibition
Cost: 500
Description: A sober worker is an efficient worker, my
Presidente! A national ban of the production and sales
of Alcohol will raise the productivity of all workers and
slightly increase the respect of the Religious faction.
We will have to shut down all pubs, nightclubs and run
distilleries for the duration of the edict. We estimate
the crime will increase significantly for the duration
of the edict.
Name: Literacy Program
Cost: 500 + annual maintenance 2 per Tropican
Required Buildings: High School
Description: All workers and students gain experience
30% faster. May be cancelled at any time.
Name: Contraception Ban
Cost: 500
Required Buildings: Church
Required Respect: religious = 40
Description: As it is written in the good book: “Be fruitful
and increase in number”! By banning contraceptives
we would encourage Tropican families to raise more
children, as God and nature intended. This will slightly
increase our standing with the Religious faction, but
the Intellectuals are bound to oppose it strongly.
Name: Anti-Litter Ordnance
Cost: 500
Description: This ordnance will help in preserving
the lush Tropican environment unspoiled, but will
somewhat limit the liberty of our citizens. The pollution
created by our residents will be cut in half, but this has
no effect on industrial pollution.
Name: Sensitivity Training
Cost: 500 + 50 upkeep per soldier/policeman per
Required Buildings: College
Description: Sensitivity training 101: Never hit the
civilians on places where it will leave a visible mark.
By teaching our policemen and soldiers valuable
sensitivity lessons such as this one, we will reduce the
negative effect they usually have on people’s liberty.
This edict requires annual upkeep of $50 per soldier,
policemen, or general and can be cancelled at any
Name: Food for the People
Cost: 500
Description: Two full meals every day - even the
most gluttonous of our citizens will be satisfied with
these double rations. This edict will greatly improve
the Food happiness of our population, but the food
consumption will be doubled, so you’d better be sure
that Tropico has enough food when you issue it.
Name: Social Security
Cost: 500
Description: No more will our students and elder
citizens be forced to live in shacks because they have
no income! Two thirds of the average wage will be
paid every month to each student or retired citizen in
Tropico. This edict will slightly increase the respect of
everyone and can be cancelled at any time.
Name: Same Sex Marriages
Cost: 500
Happiness: Liberty = 70
Description: Presidente, I recently learned that gay
people are not allowed to marry in our country.
I looked up the word in a dictionary and found out
that it means ‘cheery’. We should certainly allow
these cheery people to marry from now on. For some
strange reason the Religious faction is against this
measure, but the Intellectuals respect is bound to
increase greatly.
Name: Wiretapping
Cost: $100 per month
Required Buildings: Secret Police
Required Respect: religious = 40
Description: A monthly stipend of $100 will allow our
Secret Agents to carefully monitor all communications
and correspondence on the island, and thus discover
various subversive activities and foreign agents quickly.
Since some dissidents may oppose even these prudent
measures, we will take care to keep them in secret.
Name: Bribe Faction Leaders
Cost: 7000
Required Buildings: Bank
Description: There is no fortress that can’t be
conquered by a llama loaded with gold! A special gift
to all faction leaders will increase the respect of almost
everyone on the island. Like other bribes, the effect is
only temporary.
Foreign Policy
Name: Praise US
Cost: 500
Required Buildings: Diplomatic Ministry
Description: Let the diplomats praise our American
friends and sing ‘Yankee Doodle’! This will strengthen
our bonds with the Yankees but will hurt the pride
of the Russians, at least for the next few years. The
improvement of our relations with the US will be
greater than the decrease of the respect of the USSR
towards us.
Name: US Development Aid
Cost: 2000
Required Buildings: Diplomatic Ministry
Description: Our friends in the US have agreed to
provide us with blueprints that will allow us to construct
Power Plants and Airports at half of their usual price.
This one-time investment may save us a lot of pesos in
the future, Presidende.
Name: Trade Mission (US)
Cost: 1000
Required Buildings: Diplomatic Ministry, Airport
Description: A trade delegation to Washington may
result in a favorable treaty for Tropico. Perhaps the
Yankees will agree to buy some of our products at
preferential prices, or they may grant us a subsidy
to construct a building. They may even give us extra
foreign aid to subsidize the development of our
country. The success of such trade delegations tends
to be unpredictable, but the better our relations with
US are, the better the result could be.
Name: Alliance with US
Cost: 6000
Required Buildings: Diplomatic Ministry
Description: Let us cement our relationship with the
US with a permanent alliance. The Yankees will build
a military base on our island to protect us from USSR
invasion. Our allies will pay us yearly rent of $1000.
This act will further improve our relations with the
Americans, but will worsen our relations with the
Russians and will anger the Nationalists.
Name: Nuclear Testing
Cost: 0 (grants you 10000)
Required Buildings: Diplomatic Ministry
Description: Our friends abroad have offered us
a unique one-time deal. They propose to pay us a
compensation of $10000 if we allow them to commit
a test run of their new super weapon in our territorial
waters. Be advised, the environmentalists won’t be
happy at all, and they are not likely to ever forgive
Name: Praise USSR
Cost: 500
Required Buildings: Diplomatic Ministry
Description: Let the diplomats praise our comrades
in the USSR and treat them generously with lots of
alcoholic beverages! This will strengthen our bonds with
the Russians but will hurt the pride of the Yankees,
at least for the next few years. The improvement of
our relations with the USSR will be greater than the
decrease of the respect of the US towards us.
Name: USSR Development Aid
Cost: 2000
Required Buildings: Diplomatic Ministry
Description: Our comrades in the USSR have agreed to
provide us with blueprints that will allow us to construct
Tenements and Apartments at half of their usual price.
This one-time investment may save us a lot of pesos in
the future, Presidente.
Name: Trade Mission (USSR)
Cost: 1000
Required Buildings: Diplomatic Ministry, Airport
Description: A trade delegation to Moscow may result
in a favorable treaty for Tropico. Perhaps the Russians
will agree to buy some of our products at preferential
prices, or they may grant us a subsidy to construct a
building. They may even give us extra foreign aid to
subsidize the development of country. The success of
such trade delegations tends to be unpredictable, but
the better our relations with USSR are, the better the
result could be.
Name: Alliance with USSR
Cost: 6000
Required Buildings: Diplomatic Ministry
Description: Let us cement our relationship with the
USSR with a permanent alliance. Our comrades, the
Russians will build a military base on our island to
protect us from US invasion. Our allies will pay us
a yearly rent of $1000. This act will further improve
our relations with the Russians, but will worsen
our relations with the Americans and will anger the
Name: Humanitarian Aid
Cost: 0
Required Buildings: Diplomatic Ministry
Description: The International Aid Corps offers their
help to the people of Tropico. If we invite them to
our island, their Aid Camp will provide free food and
healthcare to our citizens for up to 5 years. Experts
from the Aid Corps predict an increase in crime
activity in the area around the camp.
Name: Industry Ad campaign
Cost: 8000
Required Buildings: TV Station
Description: Let us tell the world about our quality
industry goods, Presidente! By launching a worldwide
Industry ad campaign we will raise the export prices
of our factory goods with 20% for the next 3 years.
Keep in mind that this will not affect the prices of
foods and raw materials.
Name: Pollution Standards
Cost: 500
Description: Thick clouds of black smoke may be clear
signs of progress, but for some reason they seem to
displease both our citizens and the tourists. Installing
pollution control devices in our factories will raise
their upkeep by 40%. This edict will cut the industrial
pollution in half, but has no effect on pollution created
by the population.
Name: Tourism Ad campaign
Cost: 5000
Required Buildings: Hotel, TV Station
Description: Let us tell the world about our friendly
people and wonderful beaches, Presidente! By launching
a Tourism ad campaign we will attract more foreign
tourists with fat pocketbooks to our beautiful country.
Name: The Headliner
Cost: 5000
Required Buildings: Night Club
Description: The Headliner - even now, several decades
past his prime, he will be a real boon to Tropico. His
visit will attract more tourists and somewhat raise
the quality of all entertainment buildings. Some aging
US senators are rumored to be his fans, so the US
relationships will also be improved.
Name: Tax Cut
Cost: 200 per adult Tropican citizen
Description: Desperate times call for desperate
measures, my Presidente! Normally the government
takes money from people, but if we instead give them
some pesos back, we will surely win the respect of
everyone on the island. Be careful, the people are quick
to forget such kindness, so this drastic action will have
an effect only for the next few years.
Name: Building Permit
Cost: 500
Description: Scratch my back and I will scratch yours.
Nudge, nudge, wink, wink, know what I mean? A
“special” building permit will increase construction
prices with 20%, but 10% of the money will go directly
to your Swiss Bank account. The intellectuals certainly
know what you mean and their respect will decrease
until you cancel the edict.
Name: Pan-Caribbean games
Cost: 7500
Required Buildings: Sports Complex
Description: The ever popular Pan-Carribean games
offered us the honor to host them for the next three
years. This endeavor is costly, but tourist will flock
to our hotels and the quality of entertainment on the
island will be significantly increased.
Name: Mardi Gras
Cost: 3000
Required Buildings: Pub
Description: Let us sponsor a Fat Tuesday party
to raise the spirits of the people and attract more
tourists to the Island! If we hold a Mardi Gras carnival
both tourism rating and entertainment quality will
increase for the next three years. Disorderly behavior
of the celebrants and drunk policemen will increase
crime during the festival.
Name: Spring Break Package
Cost: 4000
Required Buildings: Hotel, Pub, Airport
Description: We can offer promotional packages to
groups of foreign college students wishing to spend
their vacation in the tropics. Our pubs are certainly
capable to satisfy all their needs. This promotional
campaign will increase significantly both our tourism
rating and the number of arriving spring break
tourists for the next 3 years.
Name: Geographic TV Special
Cost: 7000
Required Buildings: Hotel, Museum
Description: A popular Yankee geography channel
expressed interest in the rich cultural heritage and
the beautiful nature of our island. If we allow them to
film and broadcast a feature film about our country,
everybody will be proud and will respect you more,
particularly the Environmentalists and Intellectuals.
This will also be a great permanent boost to our tourism
and will attract many Eco Tourist visitors. Effects will
last for 3 years.
Domestic Policy
Name: Amnesty
Cost: 500
Required Required Respect: militarists = 60
Citizens: Rebel = 1, General = 1
Description: No wonder people build statues in tribute
to your generosity, Presidente. You are ready to forgive
even those pesky Rebels that took arms against you and
invite them back to society. Keep in mind that your
kind words may fall onto deaf years - the Rebels will
consider returning only if the island conditions have
improved significantly in the last few years.
Name: Early Elections
Cost: 2000
Description: Presidente, we are a democracy and that
means that you have the right to order the people to
vote for you at any time. If you schedule early elections
when the people are in your favor perhaps you can win
with less hassle than at a later time.
Name: Inquisition
Cost: 500
Required Buildings: Cathedral
Required Required Respect: religious = 60
Description: Nobody expects the Tropican Inquisition!
We will strongly encourage our citizens to confess
their sins to our politically aware priests, so we always
know the thoughts in their heads. This will reduce the
chances for protests, uprisings, and coups, but will
somewhat increase the rebel activity. Unfortunately
our liberty and tourism ratings will suffer.
Name: Book BBQ
Cost: 500
Required Buildings: Church
Required Required Respect: religious = 40
Description: We must burn all those reactionary books
that have been poisoning the minds of our people.
That will show those egg-headed intellectuals that
their kind is not welcome here. Half of the members
of their faction will drop out instantly, and less new
intellectuals will arrive on the island from now on. It
is better to have no progress at all than to progress
in the wrong direction - students will graduate 50%
slower because of all the burned textbooks. This edict
can be cancelled at any time.
Name: Martial Law
Cost: 5000
Required Required Respect: militarists = 60
Description: Enforcing a martial law will greatly
decrease crime in our country. Unfortunately, it will
also decrease liberty, production, and tourism ratings
since soldiers enforcing the law tend to scare everyone.
The best thing is that there will be no election while
Martial Law is active, unless the OSCC is enforcing
free elections on our island.
Name: Off to Florida!
Cost: 3000
Citizens: Prisoner = 1
Description: Do we really need all those useless
prisoners, Presidente?! I say, let us send them to
Florida and forget about them once and for all. We can
do this only one time and the relationship with the US
will suffer a bit, but this is the humane way to deal
with the problematic inmates.
Name: Papal Visit
Cost: 10000
Required Buildings: Cathedral
Required Required Respect: religious = 60
Description: Do I hear the honk of the popemobile?
If we invite His Holiness, the Religious faction will
be ecstatic for at least three years and the respect of
all others will rise as well! Priests and bishops will be
extra motivated to condemn all sin, so the quality of
service in all our religious buildings will improve for
the duration of the edict.
Name: Conscription
Cost: 2500
Required Buildings: Army Base
Description: Uncle Pedro wants you! Conscription will
allow uneducated Tropicans to become soldiers, even
though their performance in battle will not be as good
as the performance of professional soldiers. This is an
unpopular measure that will increase rebel activity on
the island and may force some people to try to leave
the island.
Name: Military Modernization
Cost: 500 per army base and 50 per general or soldier
Required Buildings: Army Base
Description: No longer will we fight our enemies with
antiquated weaponry - it is time to modernize our army.
This will significantly increase the combat efficiency of
soldiers and generals and will also improve the housing
and health care provided to them by army bases. This
edict requires annual upkeep of $50 per soldier or
general and can be cancelled at any time.
Name: Secret Police
Cost: 4000
Required Buildings: Police Station
Description: Political investigators, agent provocateurs,
and even assassins, if need be - the secret policemen are
the men for every dirty job. And, of course, officially
they do not exist. The Secret Police will counter
subversive activities of foreign agents and rebels and
allow various special actions. You will have to establish
their HQ in an existing building that will cease its
previous functionality.
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This Agreement represents the complete agreement concerning this license between the parties and supersedes all prior agreements and representations between them. It may be amended only by a writing executed
by both parties. If any provision of this Agreement is held to be unenforceable for any reason, such provision
shall be reformed only to the extent necessary to make it enforceable and the remaining provisions of this
Agreement shall not be affected. This Agreement shall be construed under England and Welsh law. Leicester,
If you have any questions concerning this license, you may contact in writing Kalypso Media USA Inc.
600 Wyndhurst Ave.
Suite 215
Baltimore, MD 21210
United States
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