The new Vector Paro – the benchmark for low pain treatment

The new Vector Paro – the benchmark for low pain treatment
The new Vector Paro –
the benchmark for low pain treatment
Periodontal treatment, recall, prophylaxis, and periimplantitis treatment
Compressed air
Dental care
Unique and patented – Vector Paro
can do what others only talk about!
Dürr Dental has represented progress and innovation in dentistry for decades.
Many standards stem from company developments. The new Vector Paro stems from the rigorous
development of a proven, low pain method of treatment that has changed decisively how periodontitis
is dealt with – for the wellbeing of the patient.
Safe, gentle, and protective:
The Vector principle
The method thus far unrivaled, and meticulously put into
practice by Dürr Dental: The Vector principle – a provably
gentle and mild periodontal treatment. The ultrasound energy
Sonic and ultrasound instruments have become established in
is accurately deflected in a linear direction. Thanks to this
periodontal treatment as an alternative to traditional manual
patented vibration deflection system, the instruments are then
instruments. However, ultrasonic instruments have disadvan­
moved parallel to the surface of the root only. Treatment can
tages as well as advantages: Often, they move elliptically,
be administered in a clinically efficient manner using ultrasound
meaning that even and vibration-free work is not always
energy, causing no trauma to the patient.
­possible on every single tooth surface. This can result in
­irritation and unwanted loss of substance on the root surface.
Unique sensitivity of touch thanks
to linear vibration deflection
With Vector Paro, you can trust in your senses when adminis­
tering treatment. This is possible thanks to the unique vibration
deflection system that enables the practitioner to control this
highly-sensitive work with precision, because the ultrasound
instruments are totally tremor-free. During the actual treat­
ment, the quality of the surface to be treated can be cont­
rolled with a great level of sensitivity of touch. This is made
possible due to the linear movement of the instrument. It en­­
sures the very best level of work without tremor, and makes
possible a level of touch sensitivity comparable with that of
common diagnostic probes.
The result: clean, smooth surfaces that can only be achieved
using the patented linear vibration deflection system by
Dürr Dental. This process is supported and optimized by means
of the polishing elements of Vector Fluid polish. Gentle treat­
ment with Vector is the only method which allows the surgeon
to distinguish between the root element and concretions. Only
after a treatment with the Vector method, no significant loss
of tooth substance was found (Kishida et al. 2004).
The Vector principle:
▪ Linear deflection of the ultrasound dynamics in the Paro handpiece
▪ Instrument movement axially, parallel to the surface of the root
▪ Precise 90° deflection vertically
▪ Tremor-free work
▪ Careful removal of biofilm, bacteria and deposits
Smooth and clean: Root surface
following Vector treatment
▪ Smooth, clean surfaces
▪ Thorough and sensitive like no other system
Loss of substance: Root surface
following hand planing
Vector Paro | 03
The Vector system – synergy of
design and function
The new Vector Paro –
versatile and suitable for universal use
The new Vector system provides the answer to all clinical
issues. With practitioners from clinics and medical practices,
two handpieces, the Paro and the Scaler, were developed
with all the specific instruments required for each application.
The Vector Paro offers a suitable solution for all ultrasound
applications. The range of uses extends from removing sub­
gingival plaque to removing supragingival tartar. In addition,
the system has advantages when it comes to dental implant
care and periodontitis treatment.
Extra sensitivity
The clear, capacitive control panel
is intuitive to use.
Comfortable to use
The new design of the Paro handpiece
is particularly ergonomic.
Completely system-oriented
Specially tailored accessories complete
the Vector system.
A large water tank means that there
is no need for a fixed water supply.
Closed surfaces with no gaps
mean that the appliance meets
the highest hygiene requirements.
Very precise
The Scaler handpiece has six LEDs
for improved visibility.
Vector Paro | 05
Periodontal treatment with
the Paro handpiece
Initial therapy
The most important aims of the initial treatment are to
thoroughly remove the biofilm, the mineralised parts of
the biofilm in the form of tartar, and to smooth the surface
of the root right down into the fundus. Although the mine­
ralized elements do not trigger a periodontal infection,
they do provide the ideal breeding ground for the new
growth of periodontal pathogens.
The precisely tailored Paro instruments are made from highquality surgical steel and allow this type of treatment to be
carried out in an efficient clinical manner and successfully.
The exceptionally fine hydroxyapatite particles of the
Vector Fluid polish optimize the polish and reduce hyper­
sensitivity following treatment. The pocket is always rinsed
out thoroughly – with no aerosol formation. Thanks to the
hydro-dynamic effects, the bacterial count is reduced
Condition after 3 months
Condition after 1 year
Condition after 3 years
© Dr. Mauksch
Condition at the start of treatment
Front teeth
Condition at the start of treatment
Condition after 3 months
Condition after 1 year
Condition after 3 years
Maintenance treatment (recall)
Even following intensive cleaning of the root surface, the
© Dr. Mauksch
bacterial recolonization of the periodontal pockets can occur
within a few days. For this reason, regular maintenance treat­
ment or even supportive periodontal treatment must take place
regularly following initial therapy in order to prevent the rein­
fection of the pockets. The intervals between recall sessions
must be determined individually for each patient.
The Vector system offers ideal instruments – made of flexible
plastic – and carbon fibre reinforced probes and prophylaxis
curettes for this type of treatment. In this way, the risk of
damaging the surface of the root, or unintentionally causing
tissue trauma is low. By using the Vector Fluid polish, the bio­
film is effectively removed, in turn effectively preventing a
bacterial community from reforming. And this can be done
in a really gentle manner*.
This is what counts:
▪ Targeted control of causes of periodontitis
▪ Gentle and effective removal of bacteria, bio-film, and tartar
▪ Low-pain therapy*
▪ Efficient concrement removal without irritation
▪ Greatest possible retention of regenerative tissue
▪ Root surface cleaning right down to the bottom of the pockets
▪ No damage to soft tissue or root surface
▪ Effective even in anatomically difficult areas
*See study: A. Braun, F. Krause, G. Hahn, M. Frentzen:
Subjektive Schmerzempfindungen bei der periodontalen Behandlung,
Quintessenz 53, 7, 749-754 (2002)
Vector Paro | 07
Periimplantitis treatment with
the Paro handpiece
In order to keep dental implants and peri-implant soft tissue
healthy, the regular and systematic removal of bacterial de­­
posits and bio-film is absolutely vital – just like for prophy­
laxis treatment for gingivitis and periodontitis. Implants are
surrounded by bacterial plaque. This results in inflammatory
changes in the soft tissue which – in the worst case scenario –
can cause the loss of the implant.
Vector instruments are designed especially for this type of
treatment. They permit the reliable and thorough cleaning of
Vector Paro tool kit: Each tip is delivered individu­
implant surfaces without damaging the implant. Instruments
ally in an instrument box which acts as a storage
made from special fibrous composite materials and plastic
container and as a tool for fixing the tip to the
instruments made especially for treating implant surfaces
enable clinically successful periimplantitis treatment.
Professional tooth cleaning with
the Scaler handpiece
Diverse applications
The new Scaler handpiece by Dürr Dental enables the highest
level of professional tooth cleaning. New to the programme:
delicate instruments for supra and subgingival use. The
piezoceramic drive enables the efficient removal of dental
plaque whilst protecting sensitive tissue structures to the gre­
atest extent possible. The Scaler handpiece can be partially
taken apart, making it especially easy to clean and disinfect.
A technological highlight
In addition to the modern, timeless design of the device, and
the new ergonomic Scaler handpiece, six high performance
LEDs light up even hard to access areas. The sterilisable light
conductor has a very long product lifetime, and is extremely
S cale r
es as
ra t e
Vector Paro, Vector Scaler | 09
Vector accessories
Ergonomically shaped handpieces
You will be impressed by both the Paro and the Scaler hand­
piece as they are both very user-friendly. They are connec­
ted to the base station by means of a lightweight, flexible
hose. The handpieces and the instruments can be autocla­
ved at 134 °C and can be stored in a sterilisation box spe­
cially designed for them that complies with current hygiene
Vector accessories
P1: 2032-411-00
P2: 2032-412-00
(rechts gebogen/
curved right)
P3: 2032-413-00
(links gebogen/
curved left)
P4: 2032-414-00
Multifunction foot switch Toolcard for instrument
(wireless or cable version) wear control
The base units:
Unique technology and design
They were developed in line with the latest ergonomic
requirements. The devices are easy to use with the foot
switch, and the hygienic control panel makes it simple
to adjust the settings as desired.
The systems are completed with an intelligent disinfection
and cleaning program.
Vector Paro basic device
Tool kits – can be sterilized at 134 ºC
Vector Fluid polish:
Polishing fluid with
increased abrasive
capacity based on
with a fresh mint
aroma (Vector Paro
system only)
Service kit
8 out of 10 people suffer from periodontitis!
And we have a gentle treatment method.
8 out of 10 people suffer
from periodontitis!
And we have a gentle treatment method
Your per
Disinfectant and
Vector cleaner for
the hose system
Sterilisation and storage boxes
Last name
The staff at your dental surgery will be happy to help!
▪ Periodontitis is an inflammatory disease of the gums
▪ Almost 80 % of adults suffer from periodontitis
▪ Periodontitis is the most common cause of tooth loss in adults aged 45 and over
▪ Our team will be glad to inform you about our gentle treatment for periodontitis
The staff at your dental surgery will be happy
to help!
First name
Date of
Town or
Vector Marketing package:
We will help you to market your Vector treatment
with free advertising material, comprising patient
brochures, displays and posters.
Vector DVD:
A user film explains how the instruments
are used. A lively user manual and other
documents provide addi­tional information.
ale r
The Sc also
iec e
handp s i n a
c ome s t e m !
a te sy
se par
Vector Scaler basic device
Accessories | 11
Technical information and
literature references
Vector Paro
Installed load (V/Hz)
230, 50/60
Working frequency (kHz)
Water tank volume (ml)
Water consumption of Paro handpiece (ml/min)
Approx. 30
Vector Fluid polish (μm)
Average particle size: <10
Bag content of Vector Fluid polish (ml)
Dimensions (H x T x B cm)
16 x 21.5 x 25.5
Weight (kg)
P007-171-02/HK-St/5/01/05.Z Subject to change without notice
Vector literature references
1. Braun et al. (2003) Subjective intensity of pain during the treatment of periodontal lesions with the
2. Christgau et al. (2007) Periodontal healing after non-surgical therapy with a new ultrasonic device:
a randomized controlled clinical trial
3. D’Ercole et al. (2006) Effectiveness of ultrasonic instruments in the therapy of severe periodontitis:
a comparative clinical-microbiological assessment with currettes
4. Hoffman et al. (2005) Use of the Vector scaling unit in supportive periodontal therapy:
a subjective patient evaluation
5. Kahl et al. (2007) Clinical effects after subgingival polishing with a non-aggressive ultrasonic device in;
initial therapy
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In vivo: 11 patients with chronic periodontitis. They had in total 120 single rooted teeth with a clinical attach­
ment level and probing depth of 5 mm
10. Schwarz et al. (2003) Influence of fluorescence-controlled ER: YAG laser radiation, the Vector system and
hand instruments on periodontally diseased root surfaces in vivo
11. Schwarz et al. (2003) In vivo effects of an ER: YAG laser, an ultrasonic system and scaling and root
planning on the biocompatibility of periodontally diseases root surfaces in cultures of human PDL fibroblasts
12. Sculean et al. (2004) Non-surgical periodontal treatment with a new ultrasonic device (Vector ultrasonic
system) or hand instruments. A prospective, controlled clinical study
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