your online training course. Undertaking a training course with

your online training course. Undertaking a training course with
Welcome to your online training course. Undertaking a training course with Robust IT will ensure
that you have access to a flexible learning format that will help you achieve your learning goals. This
is your user manual, which you can use for a reference on how to get started, if you have any
questions check out our FAQ page, or contact us at [email protected]
This screen shows a main menu; from here you can access the modules available to you:
The icons below represent the navigation bar, here you can get around your account and can quickly
jump back to the main menu from wherever you are on your account.
To open a module and begin learning select an item from your list of available modules. Please note
that in some versions of Internet Explorer you have to click the ‘submit’ button circled below after a
module has been selected and comes up blue, as shown below. (Note that most browsers, such as
Chrome of Firefox, will load the module as soon as it is selected.)
Once you have selected a module you will be taken to a new page, this page has a list of subjects
about the topic that you have chosen to study.
To open up each particular lesson click on the smaller text that appears underneath the module
number and name, as circled below.
A new tab will open after you have selected a particular lesson, in this tab the lesson will load and
you will see a screen similar to the one below.
At the bottom of this screen are the navigation buttons that will allow you to progress through the
courseware. From here you can go forwards and backwards through the information, by clicking
‘next’ or ‘back’. You can also turn the volume up or down using the small yellow box or pause voices
using the pause button in the white box (note sometimes this needs to be double or triple clicked).
You can also view a table of contents of topics covered within the lesson by clicking the ‘menu’
button. This button acts as a toggle, meaning that you both show and hide the contents bar by
clicking the ‘menu’ button. The contents bar is shown below (as you can see progress is marked in
this bar, as the areas you have clicked on throughout the topic are marked with a green tick).
The final button you will notice in the navigation pane at the bottom of the screen is the ‘save & exit’
option. When you have finished your learning for the day you can use this option to save your
progress through a topic for the next time you log-in. If you do choose to utilise this feature the
following screen will greet you the next time you log-in and access your last topic.
If you select ‘OK’ here you will go to the slide that you chose to ‘save & exit’, if you select ‘Cancel’
you will be taken back to the start of the topic.
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Thank you for your participation!

* Your assessment is very important for improving the work of artificial intelligence, which forms the content of this project

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