Wingspan : 635mm (25in)
Length : 627.5mm (24.7in)
Flying Weight : 330g (11.707)
Wing Area : 8.1dm*
Wing Load : 40.7g/dm?
Radio System : 4 Ch TX and 7 Ch RX
Power : Brushless System
Battery : LIPO, 800 mAh, 11.1V
Rapid-01 Fuselage Rapid-02 Wing Rapid-03 Elevator
Rapid-04 Spinner
E Ba Е —_—
b ;
Rapid-05 Landing Gear Rapid-06 Plastic Parts Rapid-07 Push Rod
Rapid-08 Servo Horn
Control Throw Setting Suggestion
= == = —— о Ш
Aileron Rudder
e E ==
ta в ен эВ
во ен
Rapid-09 Prop Adaptor Rapid-10 Decal DYP-1021 7”6 Propeller
DY-1100 3.7g Servo
Byram |
ESC-18A |
Leads with silicon
rubber (red/black)
Lithium-polymer Battery
800mAh 11.1V
25C Discharge
11.1V 800mAh
Li-Po, 25C
DY-3003 Glue DY-6017 11.1V 800mán 255 Battery DYE-1001 18A ESC
Pro pel ler = SO OTE Elevator Servo
(7x6) = Aileron (R) Servo
zo Aileron (L) Servo
DYR-2002 ? 4G Receiver DYA-0001/2/3/4 Brushless Motor BM2313 Kv1500 BM2313 KV1500-Shaft Motor Shaft En Нов
EU/US/KU/AU Adaptor .
2.4G Receiver |
ES => (9>[ ][c Rudder Servo
DYC-1002 Balance Charger
El Install the wing with PM3*25mm screw.
Eq Install the landing gear with PM3*25mm
EJ Install the rudder push rod as shown. EJ Install the propeller.
El Apply some glue on the contact area on the
elevator. Glue the elevator onto the fuselage.
EB] Install the elevator push rod as shown.
Ed Glue the spinner.
EJ Open the canopy this way.
L Far “O
EST 1 $ — NN = AT =
1, | pl i 1] A == = = = | | a y E
40-45mm 40-45mm
Center of gravity Center of gravity
Dyan DY8965 Rapid
® ori E Es
Фу © W
« The product is not intended for those under 14 years of
age without proper adult supervision. The product is not
a toy. It is a precision machine requiring proper assembly
and setup to avoid accidents and it is the responsibility of
the owner to operate this product in a safe manner as it can
cause serious personal injury and damage to property due
to carelessness or misuse.
e The spinning rotors on this product can be dangerous!
When operating/flying, always be aware of the spinning
rotors. Be careful not to let them come close to your body,
other people or loose clothing. Keep your hands, fingers
and any articles of clothing away from the rotors.
+ Do not attempt to disassemble or modify any of the
product components without the assistance of an
experienced RC user.
e Only use the correct type of battery to operate. Using
any wrong type of battery will damage the product and
possibly make it dangerous to operate.
e The motor(s) may get hot during use. Always allow 10-15
minutes between each flight for the motor to cool down. This
will prolong the life of your product.
e Choose an appropriate operating site consisting of flat,
smooth ground, and clear open field. Do not operate near
buildings, high voltage cable lines, or trees to ensure safety
operation. Operate in safe area only, away from other people.
RC models are prone to accidents, failures, and crashes
due to a variety of reasons including, lack of maintenance,
pilot error, and radio interference. Pilots are responsible for
their actions and damage or injury occurring during the
¢ Do not operate in inclement weather, such as rain, wind,
snow and darkness.
e The product is composed of precision electrical
components. It is critical to keep the product away from
moisture and other contaminants. Do not allow them to
get wet. Electrical damage may occur that could affect
safe operation.
# After each use, always allow the battery to cool down
before recharging. When charging the battery pack, do not
overcharge! If batteries get hot during charging, discontinue
charging immediately and disconnect the battery from the
charger. Never leave battery unattended while charging. If
you are unsure of how to charge this battery, please seek the
advice of experienced RC users. Never let children charge
the battery without adult supervision.
e Always turn on the transmitter before connecting
the battery on the model. When turning off the model, always
disconnect the battery first, and then turn off the transmitter.
If the order is reversed, the model may become uncontrollable
and cause serious damage.
« If you are in doubt of your ability to operate the model,
we strongly recommend that you seek assistance from
experienced RC users or join your local model flying
club to gain the required knowledge and skill. As the
manufacturer and distributor, we assume no liability for the use
of this product.
e Before turning on your model and transmitter, please check
to make sure no one else is operating under the same
frequency. Frequency interference can cause your model,
or other's models to crash. The guidance provided by
experienced RC users will be valuable for the assembly, tuning,
trimming, and actual first flight.
® Never allow batteries to run low or you might lose control of
the model.
« You should complete a successful pre-flight check of your
radio equipment and model prior to each flight.
e Plastic is very susceptible to damage or deformation due
to extreme heat and cold climate. Do not store the model near
any source of heat such as oven or heater. Store the model
indoors, in a climate-controlled, room temperature
Dynam RC guarantees this product to be free of manufacturing faults and material defects. This product has been checked
and fine tuned individually by professional pilot and quality control pilot. The warranty does not cover any component parts
damaged by use and modification. Please visit http://www.dynam-rc.cn for updated product information.
This product is not a toy. It is not recommended for children under 14 years old and any minor should be accompanied by an
adult when operating. This product is a precision machine that requires proper assembly and setup to avoid accidents.
Failure to take caution when operating this product may result in serious injury or property damage. It is the owner's
responsibility to operate this product in a safe manner. Manufacturer and its distributors are not responsible in any way for
any and all bodily injury(s) and/or property damage that may occur from the use of or caused by in any way of this product.
This product contains chemicals known to the State of California to cause cancer, birth defects or other reproductive harm. Please recycle.
Charge the Li-Po battery pack
Disconnect the battery from the charger when the charging process completed.
Do not charge the battery unattended at all time.
Lithium Polymer (LiPo) Battery Warnings
Never charge a lithium polymer battery with a charger designed for NiCd, NiMH, or any
other type of battery chemistry. Use ONLY charger designed for LiPo battery.
Do not leave LiPo battery unattended during charging.
Do not overcharge the battery.
Always put the LiPo battery inside a charging protection container while charging.
Do not allow LiPo cells to overheat at any time. Cells which reach greater than 140
Fahrenheit (60°C) will usually become damaged and will caich fire.
Do not allow LiPo cells on or near combustible materials including paper, plastic, carpets,
vinyl, leather, and wood, inside an R/C model or full size automobile.
Do not over discharge LiPo; doing so will damage the battery.
Do not expose LiPo cell to water or moisture at any time.
Do not store battery near open flame or heater.
Do not assemble LiPo cells or pre-assembled packs together with other LiPo cells or packs.
Always store LiPo battery in a secure location away from children.
Always remove the LiPo battery if model is involved in any kind of crash. Carefully inspect
the battery and connectors for even the smallest damage. CAUTION: cells may be hot!
Do not allow the electrolyte to get into eyes or on skin. Wash affected areas immediately
if they come into contact with electrolyte. Do not alter or modify connectors or wires of a
LiPo battery pack.
Always inspect the condition of the battery before charging and operationg.
Do not short circuit the LiPo battery.
Do not have contact with a leaky/damaged battery directly.
Do not charge battery out of recommended temperature rang (0°C-45°C)
Manual of Brushless Motor Speed Controller
Manual of Brushless Motor Speed Controller
Manual of Brushless Motor Speed Controller
Pentium Series
{Teen andi] Burst | HEC | REC | Battery Cell | ww Balas Nive
Curremt | Mode | Owtput| fiji | NidiH | PFrogramm-| [sdharge [E
(Ns) | Ne Lipoly| NiCd able | Protecthon
FA Ex 12 [54 | Sven | N/A 24 > 12 | Alas NA PE 4357450
IA Esc- 1% 324 | Switch [5W3A| 24 | 412 | Available DNA 195 4502471]
ЗА Fac- 23 354 | Switch | SVGA) 24 | 412 | Available DA 1g 45724711
MIA Esc 10 +04 | ик | 4/1 4 >12 | Alar Mi 25 45% 34%] 1
AA Еюса 1} 354 | Switch | SAA №6 E18 | Awniloble MA Xp 35*2E*12
STA Esc- 40 SA | Swikdh | VIA! 26 | 418 | Available NA A T3114
ll A Esc- 6 ZA | Swiedh | 3V3A| 26 | 18 | Avallable NA Г T3114
A Esc-T0 LÓDA | Swish | AWIA| TI 5-18 | Available КА 5 T0#31*14
BOA a LOGA | Switch | SWIAL 26 | 3-18 | Available NIA BIE 7031" 14
Wiring Diagram: тени + === о
= _
= E3C-80A J.
5 2 me
= Cdra: Speai Controla al mm
= RES ET -
Programmable Mem:
1. Brake Setinmg: Enabled, Disabied, detauh le Dieabled
2. Battery Type: Li-=x(Li-+on or Li-pgohy)/ Mica MIRA or MC), default is Liao
Low Voltage Protection Mode{Cut-ON Mode):
output power). Default is Sef Cut-OI
4 Low Voltage Protection Threshold{Cut-Off Threshold): Low / Medium ! High, defaut ls Medium.
When NOT using balance discharge monitoring and protection function (Le. Mot plugging the balance charge connector
into the BOMP socket an the Guard snes ESC, the ESC only monitors the voltage of ihe whole battery pack |
For lithium battenes, the number of battery calls is calculated automatically. Low / medium / high cutoff voltage for each
dell le 2.8W2.85W5.1Y For example: Far a 3 cells lithium pack, when “Medum™ cutoff threshold is set, the cut-off vollage
will be: 2 85*3=8 55\V
For nickel battanas, low / medum r high culoff voltages ara 0%45%60% of the startup voltage (e. the mital voltage of
battery pack), and 0% means the low voltage cut-off funclion is disabled For example: For a 10 celle NiMH battery, Tully
charmed valage ls 1.44% 10=1 4 4% when “Medium” cut-off threshold is set, the cul-off valage will be:14 4°45%=6 SV.
When using balance discharge monitoring and protection function (Le. Flugging the balance charge connector on battery
pack imo the BOMP socket on the Guard series ESC, Ihé ESC montors not only hé voltage of (he vole battery pack bid also
the voltage of each cell For lEhium baflery, low / medium / high cui off voltage for each cel is: 2 6W2.85WE3 1 When the
voltage of amy cell in battery pack is lover than the cut-off threshold, the protection fundion is activated,
5. Starfup Mode: Narmal (Soff (Super-Soft, default = Marmal,
Normal is prefered for fxed-ving area. So or Supersol are prefered for helicoplera. Tia initial acceleralion of he Soft and
Supar-Soft modes are sicwer in compareson, usually taking | second for Soit stariup ori seconds for Super-Sofi startup from initial
frotte advance to full Enrotie. | the го e closed (throttle sick moved to Doflem) and opened again (throttle shock moved to opp
within 3 seconds of hé initial Sadup, thé restard-up will be lemporanly changed fo normal mode 16 del nd of the chances of a crash
Soft Cut-Off [Gradually reduce the output power) ar Cul-ON (immediately stop the
caused by slow throttle response, This special design E very suitable for aerobatic fight when quick throttle response = needed,
В. Timing: Low Medium / High, default is Low, vols?
Usually, low bring value can be used for most motors, Vie recommend the Low liming value for 2 poles malar and Medium го)
value bar motors with mare than 6 potes lo get à high eMcency. For higher spead, High timing value can be chosen
Note: Alter changing the timing setting, please test your RC model on ground prior to Might!
Begin To Use Your New ESC
Flease shar the ESC mn the folowing sequences:
1. Move Ehe throttle stick to the bottom posiion and than switch an the ransmitier,
2 Connect {he battery pack to the ESC, the ESC begins the self-test process, a special fone © 2 1237 18 emitted, which means the
voltage of the battery pack ig in normal renge, and then MN “beep” ones will be emitted, means the number of Shum battery celle.
Finally a long Беннет” В Ге Will b= emifled, which means aie is Ok, the aircralthelicopler is ready bo go ying.
If nothing = happened, please check the battery pack and all ihe connéctions,
* Iraspecial tone” J 50707 je emitted after 2 beep lanes ("beep-beep-, means the ESC has entered the program mode, it is
because the throttle channel! of your ransmitler 16 reversed, please sel E comecihy;
+ If the very repid "beep-beep-, besp-beep-" tones is emitted, means the input voltage (8 too low or toc high, please check your
baflen's voltage.
3. "VERY IMPORTANT! Because different transmitter has different throttle range, we strongly suggest you using the “Throttle Range
Salting Funclion™ bo calibrate throttle range. Please read the instruction on page 4—-—"Thraltle Range Setling”.
Alert Tome
1. input vollage la abnormal The ESC begins to check the vollsge when (he baltery pack & connected, iT the voltage la not in the
acceptable range, such an alert bane wil be emitted: “beep-beep-, beep-beep- beep-beep-" [Every "beep-beep-" has a time interval of
about | second. |}
= Throlte signal = abnormal When the ESC ant delect fe normal throtthe signal, such an ale tone will be ernitted: "beép-, beep-,
beep-". (Every "bsep-" has à time mtersal of about 2 seconds]
3. Throlte stick is nat in the bottom position: When the throttle stick is not In bottom (lowest) poston, a very rapid alert tone wil be
embed: "beep beep- beep". (Every beep- has a lime Intérval of about 0.25 second.)
Protection Function
1. Abrnommal cart up protection: If the motor rails lo star within 2 esconde of ibrotle application, the ESC will cut-off Ihe oulpul power. In
this case fhe throttle sick MUET be moved to the bottom againio restart the motor, (Such a siualion happens in the following cases:
The connection between ESC and moar Is not reliable, the propeller or the motor Is blocked, he gearbos is demaeged, etc.)
2. COver-hesl protection Vihen the temperalure of the ESC 4 over 110 Calsius degrees, the ESC vil reduce (he output power.
3. Throttle Signal loss protection: The ESC will reduce the output power if throttle signal is lost for 1 second, further loss for 2 seconds
Will Cause Пе oulpl to be Cut-off completely.
Program Example
Setting "art Mode” to “Super-Soft”, Le. value #3 in the programmable fem #5
1. Enter Program Mode
Swilch on transmilter, move throtie stick lo top position, connect battery pack lo ESC, wail for 7 seconde, “beep-beep” tone ehculd
be emitted. Then wait Tor another 5 seconds, spacial fone lke J» 56713 should ba emitted, which means program mode ls entered.
2. Select Programmable Hermes
low YOU) hear 8 ones in a loop. VYhen a long *beep-—— tone le emified, move throttle stick bo bottom to enter Ene "Start Moda”
3, Set Item Value (Programmable Value)
“Beep, wall far 3 seconde: “Beep-beep-", wait lor anofher 3 seconde; then you] hear “beep-beep-beep”, move ihrotile stick ta top
position, then a special bone * 15157 js emilted, now you have set the “Stan Mode” item to the value af “Suger-Sof"
4. Exit Program Mode
After the special bane * J 15157, move throttle slick bo bottom within Z seconds.
Trouble Shooting
Trouble Possible Reason Action
Aer poser on, molar does fol work, ne | The connection between battery | Check the power contegión.
sound i5 embted pack and ESC is not comect Replace the connector.
After power an, molor does nat work, | Inpul voltage = ábrórmal, los high | Check ihé voltage of ball pack
such an alert tone № emitted: or too low.
beep-heep- beep-beap- beap-beep The balance charge connector la | Check the connectión of the balance charge
(Every beep-beep- has à ime inerval | nol located properly in BOMP | conmectar and the BDMP adapber
of about 1 second] edepter.
After power on, moior does not work, | Throttie signal & imeguiar
such an alert Юле ta emiibad:
“beeps, beep, beep: "(Every "beep: has
a time interval of about 7 seconds)
Altar power on, motor does not work, | The throttle stick is not in the | Move the throttle stick to bottom position
such en alert tone ta emilted: bottom (vest) position
beep-, beep, beep" (Every "beep has
a time inerval of about 0.25 second;
After power on, molor does nod work, & | Direction of {he гой channel is | Sel the dredlion of throlfle channel comecily
special tone * 4 56717 is emitted after 2 | reversed, so the ESC has entered
beep tone (beep-beep-) he program mode
The motor runs in the opposée direction | The connection befween ESC and | Swap any bwo ‘wire connedlions between ESC and
the motor need to be changed. motor
The motor stop running file In wordong | Throttle signal & lost Check the recerver and bansmitter
Check the recerver and transmittar
Check the cable of throttle channel
state Check the cable of throttle channel
ESC has emersd Low vokage | Land RC model 8s soon as possible, and then
Proléétion mode replace he battery pack
Some connections are not relable | Check all the connections: battery pack connection,
throttle signal cable, motor connections, etc,
Random stop or restart ar irregular | There is strong eleclre-magnelic | Resel the ESC to resume normal operation. IF the
working state Interfarence in fying field. function could not resume, you might need to move
lo amother ares bo Ty.
Normal startup procedure
Moya throttie
&tick 16
bottom and
than switch
an farnsmittar,
Cannas Battery
pack to ESC,
spécial tone like
“122° means
power supply № ОК
Several “besp- Tores
should be amittad,
presenting the number
ef Wks battery cell
Viren self-lest =
finished, a long
hoi E eme
Move throfile stick
upwards to go flying
Throttle range setting: { Throttle range should be reset whenever a new transmitier 1s being used)
Switch on
mena Ehroithe
stick to top
Connect battery
pack ta ESC,
and wait far
about ? seconds
“Boeop-Boep-" tona
should Be amiliad,
means throttle range
highest pair Fis Dad
cormecily confirmed
Move Ты sick de tha
botbar, several “Beep bones
should be emified. presenting
die mumber of battery cols
A kang "Baap" tna should
be embed, mear throttle
rangé lavas point has
been correctly confinmed
Program te ESC wilh your tranamitber (4 Steps)
1. Enter program mode
Select programmable forms
3, Gel deme value (Programmable sake)
Ехй program mode
program moda is entered
1. Enter program mode
1) Swatch on transmetber, move three stick io
top , connect he battery pack to ESC
2) Wall for 2 seconds, he motor sheddkd mil
spacial tone like “beep-beep-"
Эр Wail far aredther 5 seconds, spécial eae like
"58715" should be emitted, which means
2. Select programmable items:
After antaring program moda, you will hear B tones in a loop with
the following sequence. IF you move the thratthe stick to bottom
Aa 1 soconda aftar one Kind of tones, this ham vill be selected.
1. вер“ brake {1 short tone]
2 Taap-baap-” Байегу Type LE short fone)
3 Tocp-boop-bocp-" cutoff mode A short tone)
= 4 "héép-bosp-hosp-busp" culo threshold (4 Sor tora)
5. Берет” startup mode (1 long tome)
6 Taap—-bhoëp-- timing (1 lang 1 ahort
To becp---beep-becp-" sat al to default (1 long 2 shor)
8. fwseg-—- beep" exi [2 long tons)
Nate: 1 long "baep===-""= 6 short “beap-"
A. Set dem value {Programmable value)
Fou will Pa ral loros in loop. Sa e value matching lo & tome By moving throttle sBck
ta tog whan vou hear the tana, then a special tone © 215157 emits, means the value & sat
and saved. (Keeping tha thiols slick at tap, you val do back tà step 2 and vou can select
other imams; Moving Eha sEck to boblom vatrén 2 seconds vil exit program mode dirrectiy>
Tones “beep.” ‘beep-beep-" |'beep-beep-beep”
termas 1 short lore 2 short tomes 3 hort tones
ke Ce On
Battery type Lian r Li-poly МВА ГМК | —
Cutoff mode Boft-Cui CEC a
Сай о гена ноя | Medium High
Start mode Мапа! Sof Super soil
miming Lowr Medium High
4. Exit program mode
Тена вле 2 venys To x
program mode:
1. Inslep 3, afer epecial
tome "A isi5", please
move thiols stick to
the boom position
within 2 seconds.
2. In step 2, after tone
bocp----becpo---- 16.
Tha Harm O). move
throttie stick to bottom
[Por 2 seconds
Safty Switch :
+ Switch
.» Direction
Servo Degree Adjustment:
Turn clockwise to increase degree on all servos
Install 8 new AA batteries into the battery compartment on the back of the transmitter.
Turn on the transmitter. The status LED on the transmitter should indicate the capacity
level of the batteries. Please replace batteries if the color of the status LED is not green.
В ныне вв Не В 6-й Ву
Mada in China
a S
Ÿ control plane
IQ —_
Le | Am] a
== ЕН ==
Wet LL = К
| == 5
s° control plane
airplane action movement
airplane action
5 Aileron К
O movement 4
S %
° ©
° O
airplane action
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