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mi 433.92 MHz operating frequency
m BS6799 Class 4a system C €
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The RF control panel is a flexible wireless intruder alarm system designed to be installed in
a variety of applications.
Up to 15 detectors can be integrated with this system including any combination of smoke
detectors, PIRs, magnet door contacts and vibration sensors.
These instructions will guide you through the operation and programming of the control
panel. Any other programming must be done via the engineer.
To set the system
The POWER indication should be showing.
Enter your code number and the CLEAR indication should show.
Now press SET and the exit time will start, you should leave the property by the approved
exit route.
Wait outside until the exit tone has stopped and the system will become armed. PIRs
detectors will take 3 minutes to stabilise.
If, when the code has been entered, a zone LED shows, then that zone will have to be
checked and any faults cleared before the system is set.
Part setting — with remote fob
Zones must be first omitted on the control panel before using part set on remote fob.
This device has been designed to work with the RF control panels. The keyfob will allow the
alarm system to be set, part set, unset and raise panic alarm remotely. Be careful not to lose
this device as it can disarm your alarm system from outside of the protected area.
Please ensure that this device has been programmed into the alarm panel (refer to your main
control panel instructions).
Panic If pressed this will cause the alarm control panel to operate a panic
(red button) condition.
On This will set the alarm panel with zero exit time. It is recommended that the
control panel has the strobe set to flash when the system becomes armed.
Part This will allow the alarm system to be set with some zones omitted. Refer
to your main control panel instructions for programming the part set.
Off This will unset the alarm panel and allow access to the protected property.
Disarming the system
Enter your code, if the system has not been previously activated. The POWER indication
should show and the system will now be disarmed.
If the system has activated, then entering your code will stop the alarm and the LEDs will
show which zone caused the alarm.
Press RESET to return to the DAY mode.
If you have entered the code incorrectly, press RESET and start again.
When setting the system you may wish to omit a zone from the system.
While the CLEAR LED is showing press OMIT.
The RF ALERT LED will start to flash, currently selected zones will illuminate. Now press the
zone numbers you wish to omit.
Once you have made your selection press SET and the system will arm with these zones
WARNING OMIT will disable all three detectors on that zone.
This facility only works after an alarm condition has occurred.
While the zone which had caused the alarm condition is being displayed press E/R to scroll
back to previous events.
Press RESET to return to the DAY mode.
This should be on all the time to indicate that the mains supply is healthy.
If this goes out for any reason, please consult your engineer.
This will display which zone has caused an alarm condition by displaying the zone and the
LED will display either RED, GREEN or ORANGE depending on which detector was triggered.
This will only display if an attempt has been made to jam the system by radio, or if the
control panel has detected a stray RF signal in the area and the feature has been enabled by
the engineer.
If this displays then a zone LED will indicate which detector needs its battery replacing.
To replace the battery within a detector enter your user code and the CLEAR LED should
show, with low battery and relevant zone LED's.
Now go to the detector needing the battery required to be replaced.
Open the detector and replace the battery.
Once the detector battery has been changed wait 3 minutes then press RESET.
WARNING: From the time your panel identifies and signals a low battery condition on a
detector, you have up to one month to change the battery. If this is not carried out, the
detector will be ignored.
When a zone has been programmed to be on chime the control panel will beep as a
magnetic door contact is open and beeps again when it is closed.
Chime will not work with PIRs.
If any faults occur, or if any fault indicators remain on then please consult your engineer.
Programming Guide
Change User Code
Press PROG - (All LEDs should light)
Enter user code - (CLEAR LED should flash)
Press 1 - (Zones 1-4 should light with Low Batt Flashing)
Now enter your new user code (4 digits) 277?
The control will beep twice
Press RESET to return to DAY mode.
Press PROG - (All LEDs should light)
Enter user code - (CLEAR LED should flash)
Press 2 - (LEDs will show zones on chime)
Press the zone number of zone(s) required to be on chime (LED on, zone on chime)
Remove a zone off chime - press the zone number which you require (LED off, zone off
Press PROG to store new settings
The control will beep twice
Press RESET to return to DAY mode.
Test Bell and Strobe Output
Press PROG - (All LEDs should light)
Enter user code - (CLEAR LED should flash)
Press 3 - Panel will give two loud beeps and the bell and strobe outputs will activate.
Press 3 to switch bell and strobe off and panel will give two low beeps.
Press PROG - (All LEDs should light)
Enter user code - (CLEAR LED should flash)
Press 4 - Wait for a period of 3 minutes, out of sight of PIR field of view. Now walk round
all the detectors and the control panel will display the zone indication for the zone
Press RESET to return to the DAY mode.
Your installer
Chloride Safety Systems
Dixon Road, Knowsley Industrial Park North, Merseyside L33 7XR
If you are in difficulty, contact your installer (see panel above).
If not, please contact Chloride ADE on: Technical Helpline 0906 302 0999.
This is a Premium Rate Line. Calls cost 50 pence per minute.
For updates and product introductions, please visit our website at:
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