WP Resurrector

WP Resurrector
WP Resurrector Installation Instructions & User Manual Welcome to WP Resurrector, the solution to re indexing your blogs old content. After buying this plugin I am sure you are now well aware of the major benefits it will bring to the success of your blog. The benefits are priceless. Installation Instructions Step 1
Download the zip from the download’s page and install the plugin as you find
it. Login to your blogs admin area and install the zip into the plugins
directory, Scroll to the plugin directory and activate the plugin.
Step 2
Setting up WP Resurrector widget on your blog. Click on Appearance >> Widgets.. from your
dashboard. You will see the widget available in “Available widgets”
Drag the WP Resurrector Widget over to the desired sidebar for your site.
Give the widget a title.
This is where the magic happens and as you can see I
have selected that I would like posts to be displayed that
are as old as 30 months. From here the plugin will post
links within the widget beginning 30 months back and
work forward within time.
You can see that I have ticked posts to show from all
categories and all tags. This is done by pressing the cmd
or ctrl buttons on your computers and at the same time
clicking on the category headings.
It is recommended not to saturate the widget with links,
so to be safe select 5 and sort by oldest to newest.
Click save.
Step 3 Well done, you have now started the process of re indexing your sites old posts. View the widget on your site and relax. I can not stress how important it is to bring your old posts to the front of your blog. Many people online were faced with this problem as there was no solution to this until now. If you have any questions please don’t hesitate to contact us. Support: http://www.im-­‐pedia.com/KMEByrne/Support/ KME Byrne MAO Flynn 
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