E2 Scosche KDADD 8-Gauge Amplifier Add on Kit Owner Manual

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E2 Scosche KDADD 8-Gauge Amplifier Add on Kit Owner Manual | Manualzz

3 amplifiers. and convert crimp ends into to cable to enough RCA e2 sales feel free negative battery any questions

Reconnect your speaker wires! contact the you to them to not have will allow does for left RCA ends to your radio location supplied butt ground your other end a supplied that both kit and installation accordingly into the cut so and the end with

7 to 6 and to be single amp connect the and then crimp each plan your first amplifier from the twisted ends

(cont’d) repeat steps wire needs

Please same color kit. For to connect use the from the amp kit sure to single amp now complete. number(s): ELOCF, converter which outputs or kit is from the e2 Part and attempt fuse holder

Scosche line-out have RCA amplifiers making your single ground cable remote wire

Insert the on the the package, kit and where the of the

REMOTE input included in single amp of the together. both amps. other end the end to reach to the on wire with your to the amplifier. Determine and twist be able

Strip one end

RCA barrels does not


RCA outputs. amplifier expansion into the


can be connected to the remote wire from your single amp kit. the GROUND input on your amplifier.

Tech Support team at: 1-800-621-3695 Ext.3. purchasing a remote turn both ends wire must spade terminal cable included crimp tightly. the second and insert radio and from the off the

dual main fuse of this wire into your stereo not cut to the

RCA cables put the connector and input on ft. blue the ground a supplied the 6 wire, strip

This remote second amplifier.

NOTE: spade connector the REM

Cut the

9. Using

8. Use

7. Crimp

Route the

Connect cables right channels.

CAUTION: If outputs, do

We recommend regular speaker wire and

Your installation contact the


team for further information. 1-800-621-3695 Ex.1.

amplifier installation the you clear package. set and your power


Philips screwdriver soldering all seat tracks,


the input block if connect power a bright part of gauge spade with the paint until in the the insulation the insulation the small end into

½“ of not provide kit will and discard separate standard


and secure

½“ of

Plan your

4 to 3 and supplied 8 of the the distribution the stripped shipping. Strip wire included non-painted metal remove the both amps. with a strip back terminals to the stripped end. Connect the cable to the 12v POWER input on your amplifier.

carefully to ensure that you have enough wire to reach from the block to both amplifiers.

side of the distribution block that has only 1 hole and secure with the set screw. distribution block repeat steps amp expansion sandpaper to crimp one power to a clean, gauge ground from inside

Insert block. Remove


wiring kit. screws during

EAUKF and be used this dual adapter ring insulation and terminal to ft. 8 in the the package,

2 to supply designed to r kit, included in retain the the ring the 2.5 necessary use

EAUKF distribution from the output holes end of wire gauge back the kit is be used main power cable is larger then 8 gauge.

screw. Route the cable to the amplifier. installed amplifie



power cable help to on the installed standard remove the tightly secure to one amplifier. If equipment. This the two power cable it can amplifier. Strip block that cut so one of metal surface is showing.

screw to to your second amplifier.

set screws need to near the ring terminal your previously will be

8 gauge a previously inside the

8 gauge loosen the at the cable into ft. of end of

You may the required not have

This cable the 6 vehicles chassis self tapping a supplied the remaining the cable



Use a insert the from the plastic tubes you do kit.

with all

1. If

2. Carefully

3. Using

6. Crimp

5. Use

4. Cut






bags, ABS brakes, engine & body computers.

5. Keep all parts of this kit out of reach of children.

4. Keep sparks, flames and lit cigarettes away from the car battery.

3. Wear eye and skin protection.

2. Disconnect Negative (-) battery terminal before beginning your installation.

1. Read all manufacturer warnings regarding vehicle’s electrical service, air


connections and properly covering with heat shrink or electrical tape.

connectors or using crimp we recommend wiring connection, making any clutch and brake pedals. the vehicle. and 12v metal edges. sides of have rough openings which they should your audio is never your wiring sure that

However, if that is not possible, keeping them at least 1 foot apart will usually give good results.

on opposite audio cables pinched beneath be routed system RCA may get that wiring

Ideally from entering be aware routed through routed together. not be electrical noise necessary. Also cables should help prevent grommets whenever


2. Make

1. To

3. When drill and drill bits tape and wire ties



Ÿ test light or multimeter soldering iron/gun



Ÿ solder crimp connectors wire stripper crimpers




The following is a list of common tools and supplies required when doing car audio installations:



Scosche Industries Inc. warrants this product to be free from defects in material and workmanship for a period of 1 year from date of purchase. DOA units can be returned to the selling retailer for exchange. Units that have been installed for more then 30 days must be sent back to Scosche for repair. Consumers must call the Scosche

800 number for an RA number and pay to ship the unit back to Scosche. Scosche will then repair or replace the unit at our discretion and pay shipping cost to return unit back to customer. This warranty does not cover any expenses incurred in removal and reinstallation of the product in the vehicle. This warranty is offered to the original purchaser of the product only. This warranty does not apply to product which has been water or physically damaged, damaged by accident or which has been misused, disassembled or altered, or installed improperly.

If the product should prove defective within the warranty period, return the product with a copy of the sales slip, postage prepaid to: Scosche Industries Inc., 1550 Pacific Ave., Oxnard CA 93033, Attn: Service Dept.

Your dated sales slip will establish your warranty eligibility. Scosche, at our option will repair or replace the product free of charge and will return the product to you postage paid. In no event shall Scosche be responsible for claims beyond the replacement value of the defective product or in any way be held liable or responsible for consequential or incidental damages. No expressed warranties and no implied warranties, whether for fitness or any particular use, or otherwise, except as set forth above (which is made expressly in lieu of all other warranties) shall apply to products sold by Scosche. No waiver, alteration, addition or modification of the foregoing conditions shall be valid unless made in writing and signed by an executive officer of Scosche Industries Inc.

No salesperson, representative, or agent of Scosche is authorized to give any guarantee, warranty, or make any representation contrary to the above.


Scosche Industries, Inc. garantiza durante un período de 90 días a partir de la fecha de su compra, que este producto se encuentra libre de defectos en sus materiales y mano de obra. Todos los productos Scosche se venden sobreentendiendo que su comprador ha determinado independientemente la aptitud de tales productos. Esta garantía no cubre ningún gasto incurrido para la extracción y reinstalación del producto.

Esta garantía se ofrece únicamente al comprador original del mismo.

Esta garantía no será aplicable al producto que hubiese sido dañado accidentalmente, o que haya sido usado incorrectamente, modificado ni instalado inadecuadamente. Si se demostrase que el producto se encuentra defectuoso dentro del plazo cubierto por la garantía, devuélvalo a Scosche Industries, Inc. junto a su comprobante de compra, con sus gastos de franqueo prepago. Sus comprobantes de venta establecerán la elegibilidad de su garantía. A opción de Scosche, reemplazará o reparará el producto libre de cargo y se lo devolverá con franqueo pagado.

En ninguna circunstancia Scosche será responsable por reclamos que excedan el valor de reemplazo del producto defectuoso ni, en manera alguna, susceptible ni responsable por daños resultantes ni accidentales.

Tampoco serán de aplicación garantías expresas ni implícitas, ya sea por aptitud u otra utilización en particular ni de otra manera, excepto por aquello específicamente indicado anteriormente (lo que se especifica expresamente en lugar de cualquier otra garantía) que aplicará a los productos vendidos por Scosche. No serán válidos el renunciamiento, la alteración, la adición ni la modificación de las condiciones precedentes, a menos que se encuentren escritas y firmadas por un miembro ejecutivo de Scosche Industries, Inc. Ninguna persona de ventas, representante ni agente de Scosche está autorizada para avalar ni para otorgar garantía ni representar en forma contraria a lo arriba expresado.


Scosche Industries, Inc. garantit ce produit d’être libre de tout défaut de matériaux et de fabrication pour une période de 90 jours à partir de la date de l’achat. Les unités défectueuses à l’achat peuvent être retournées au détaillant pour échange. Les unités qui ont

été installées pour plus de 30 jours doivent être retournées chez Scosche pour la réparation. Les consommateurs doivent appelez le numéro 800 de Scosche pour obtenir un numéro d’autorisation de retour (RA) et ils sont responsables des frais de transport de l’unité retournée chez Scosche. Scosche, à sa discrétion, réparera ou remplacera l’unité sans frais et paiera les frais d’expédition du retour au client. Cette garantie ne couvre pas les frais encourus pour l’installation, le retrait ou la réinstallation de ce produit dans le véhicule.

Cette garantie est offerte à l’acheteur original seulement. Cette garantie ne couvre pas le produit s’il est physiquement endommagé, endommagé par l’eau ou par accident, ou soumis à l’abus, désassemblé ou modifié ou installé incorrectement. Si le produit est trouvé défectueux durant la période de la garantie, renvoyez-le avec frais de port payés accompagné du reçu de caisse à : Scosche

Industries Inc., 1550 Pacific Avenue, Oxnard CA 93033, Attn : Département de service

Votre reçu de caisse original indiquant la date de l’achat établira l’admissibilité à la garantie. Scosche, à sa discrétion, réparera ou remplacera l’unité sans frais et paiera les frais d’expédition du retour au client. Scosche, en aucune circonstance ne sera responsable pour les réclamations au-delà de la valeur de remplacement du produit défectueux et refuse toute responsabilité envers les dommages incidents ou accessoires. Aucune garantie explicite ou implicite, soit d’adaptabilité pour un usage particulier ou autre, sauf celle qui précède (laquelle est expressément présentée au lieu de toutes autres garanties), ne sera applicable aux produits vendus par Scosche.

Aucun abandon, altération, ajout ou modification de ce qui précède ne sera valide sauf si présentés en écrit et signés par un officier de l’exécutif de Scosche Industries Inc. Aucun représentant des ventes ou autre, ou agent de Scosche est autorisé à fournir toute garantie ou à faire toutes représentations contraires à ce qui précède.




The e2 EAUKF dual amplifier expansion kit is not designed to be used as a stand alone wiring kit. Installation of this expansion kit must be done after a standard single amp wiring kit has been installed. For best results we recommend using the EAUKF with e2 E400F or E1000f single amp kits. For questions regarding proper installation of this product please feel free to contact: Tech Support at: 1-800-621-3695 Ext.3


(1) 16 ft. RCA cable

(1) 6 ft. 8 ga. power wire

(1) 2.5 ft. of 8 ga. ground wire

(1) 6 ft. blue remote turn on wire


(1) 1 input to 2 output distribution block (with 4 mounting screws)

(2) 18-22 ga. spade terminals

(2) 8 ga. spade terminals

(2) 8 ga. ring terminals

(1) 12-14 ga. butt connector

(2) self tapping screws


e2 is a registered trademark of Scosche Industries, Inc.

SI 12/08 300EAUKF e2 est une marque de commerce enregistrée d’Scosche Industries Inc.


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