ES61 Independent Smoke Sensor For Fire Alarm
 ES61 Independent Smoke Sensor For Fire Alarm
I. Overview
The detector is battery-powered, stand-alone photoelectric smoke detector, advanced
A. Recommended that users test once every month of the operation
optoelectronic maze design, go smoke-channel design in the rear, can adapt to the
B. Press the test button, the detector will ring and the alarm indicator light, the linkage device will
smoke-dip In, starting from the initial smoke have a higher sensitivity. Unique appearance
have alarm response, press the test button again, the detector will stop ringing.
and installation design allows the detector to better integrate into the installation
5. Maintaining
environment. Detectors have excellent energy-saving functions 3pcs AA alkaline batteries
A. Replace the battery when the battery usage time over three years or detector make a beep
can make it work for up to three years. The smoke detector has a high level of detection
every minute, please replace it.
sensitivity, fast response, After detection of smoke , it can live loud alarm sounds while
B. Clean the inner structure after a period of usage.
sending radio alarm signal.
6.How to replace battery
2. Technical Parameters
Wireless alarm signal transmission frequency: 433MHz
Operating voltage: 4.5V battery-powered . 3pcs 1.5V AA alkaline batteries
Power On Self Test time: 20 seconds
Working lights: Blinking interval 60 seconds
Operating temperature range: -10 to 55 degrees Celsius
Low battery warning mode: buzzer every minute
Sensitivity: 1% -3% / FT (0.14-0.43dB / m)
Wind resistance: 20 m / sec (no false positives)
A: Counter-clockwise, and remove the outer part of the detector body.
Dimension: 130mm*35mm
B: Remove the old battery, Put new battery negative down, press and hold the button anti-card,
and diagonally put into place.
A: Install the battery, the red warning column will bounce, respectively Insert the battery,
C: Rotate to the left about 30 degrees to the wall base, and press clockwise to the end.
the detector should beep once and start the self-test, will sound twice again within 20
seconds, and then enter the working state.
The detector is based on the wireless transmission of the alarm signal, when the detector
B: Fix the base.
C: Rotation
mounting region has a specific radio transmission obstacles, it will affect the detection results.
8. Malfunction analysis and solution
Smoke alarm beeps
about once a minute
Frequent false alarm
*Insure two screw holes were horizontal
Reason analysis
Low power
Replace battery
Sensor has much dust
* Put the detector into base, rotate 30°to the left.
Use vacuum cleaner
to clean up
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