Backlit Thermapen Operating

Backlit Thermapen Operating
Super-Fast Thermapen
Operating Instructions
The new Splash-Proof Super-Fast Thermapen is a precision thermometer used for many applications including cooking. With proper care it will offer accurate measurements for many
years. The unit is splash-proof but should not be immersed.
Instrument Operation
The unit is switched on by unfolding the thermocouple probe
until the display comes on. Conversely, the unit is turned off
by folding the probe away and lightly pressing the tip into the
rubber probe retainer located at the bottom rear of the instrument. It is recommended to store the probe when not in use.
Do not force the probe further than 180° or damage to
the rotating­hub may occur.
Rotating hub
The micro-thermocouple sensor is located at the tip of the probe shaft. Minimum immersion
is only 1/8" (3 mm). For best results immerse or penetrate the probe into the food item so the
probe tip is in the place you want to measure. In food, this should normally be the thickest
Minimum immersion 1/8"
Do not immerse the probe all the way to the plastic
rotating hub. Avoid getting flour, moisture or oil on
the hub itself. Although there is an O-ring seal, oils
will work their way past the seal and accumulate inside the hub and may cause failure. The probe tip is
Sensor location
sharp. Use caution to avoid injury. Do not “stab” the
material to be measured. Use steady force to penProbe Tip
etrate meats or semi-solids. Avoid bone. Do not lift or
.65 flip heavy meats with the probe tip. The probe shaft
is hollow and contains a sensor. If bent, it may fail.
” 0.1
The Thermapen will read to within 1°F of the final temperature
of an ice bath within three seconds. Reading times in other
foods may vary slightly.
Instrument Configuration
You can personalize your Super-Fast Thermapen by changing several factory default settings including the temperature display units from °F to °C, changing the temperature display
resolution from 1° to 0.1°, and disabling the auto-off feature. To reconfigure these settings,
open the battery compartment (see Replacing the Batteries section for instructions on opening the battery compartment) and, using a bent paper clip, change the switch bank settings
as instructed below.
1 2
3 4
Switch bank
Trim adjust
CR2032 battery
(factory default shown)
1 2 3 4
Switch 1 – Units
Changes the instrument’s display units between (°F) Fahrenheit
and (°C) Celsius. The factory default is °F or switch set furthest
from batteries. To change to °C, move the switch to the position
closest to the batteries.
Switch 2 – Resolution
Changes the instrument’s display resolution between 1°(F or C)
and 0.1°(F or C). The factory default is 1° resolution or switch set
farthest from the batteries. To change to 0.1° resolution, move the
switch to the position closest to the batteries.
Switch 3 – Auto-Off
Enables or disables the auto-off function. If the auto-off function is
enabled (factory default), the unit will automatically turn off after
10 minutes to preserve battery life. If disabled, the unit will remain
on until the probe is folded away and turned off by the user. The
factory default is auto-off enabled or switch set closest to the
batteries. To disable the auto-off function move the switch to the
position furthest from the batteries.
Switch 4 – Trim Adjust
If the Thermapen is within specification, we do not recommend
using the Trim Adjust. It should not be needed in normal use. This
mode allows the user to set an offset that will add or subtract up
to 3.6°F (2.0°C) to all readings of the Thermapen. It can therefore
be used to tune the calibration. For detailed instructions visit www.
The Thermapen is individually factory-calibrated using very high-precision temperature standards that are traceable to NIST (national standards). A certificate with actual test data is
supplied with your Thermapen. However, if you have any doubt about its accuracy, you can
check it yourself in a properly prepared ice bath. If it reads correctly in the ice bath, it is almost
certainly accurate at other temperatures.
Making a Proper Ice Bath
Fill a cup or glass with ice. Add just enough water to fill the gaps between the ice. (If the ice
is floating, the water beneath the ice will be at a higher temperature.) After a few moments,
immerse the tip of the Thermapen probe to the middle of the ice and gently stir. Within 3 or 4
seconds the Thermapen will read 32°F within 1°F. Do not let the tip of the probe rest against
an ice cube or you will read a lower temperature (it’s that fast and sensitive). If the reading
is within the published specification, the Thermapen is accurate. You can also test the Thermapen in boiling water but you must first know the correct temperature of boiling water at
your altitude and at the current atmospheric pressure. A calculator can be found at to quickly find that temperature
for your zip code.
Instructions to use the Trim Adjust to tune your Thermapen calibration are found at the web
address shown above. You should not need to do this under normal use. A complete factory
re-calibration, including a certificate, is also available from ThermoWorks for a fee.
Each unit includes two pre-installed CR2032 (3V) coin cell batteries located inside the sealed
battery compartment. An illuminated battery symbol indicates that the battery should be
replaced soon. The instrument will continue to measure accurately, but it is recommended to
replace the batteries immediately. Once the battery is too low to display readings the display
will be replaced with ‘Flat’ then ‘Bat’ and then shut down. To continue using the instrument,
replace the batteries.
CR2032 (x2)
Rotate to open
Lift cover off
Do not force
Do not force
past here. CR2032
2 3
Battery Cover
Replacing the Batteries
The batteries are pre-installed on your new Thermapen and
should last up to 1,500 hours. Should you need to replace the
batteries, remove the battery cover with a coin (a U.S. quarter
works best). The battery cover may be tight in order to maintain the Thermapen’s splash
resistance. Using firm but even
1 2
3 4
pressure, rotate the battery cover
only to the open position. Lift the
cover from the hole with a fingerBattery clip
nail. Place both batteries with the
positive side up making sure that
the clip snaps over the batteries
to hold them in place. Replace the
battery cover.
Cleaning and Maintenance
To avoid potential bacteria growth and cross-contamination, wipe the probe after each use
and regularly clean the entire Thermapen body. Oils and grease should be wiped off the
body and the rotating hub. We recommend sanitizing wipes or a damp paper towel with an
anti-microbial cleaning solution. DO NOT IMMERSE THE THERMAPEN. The built-in seals will
protect the Thermapen from incidental moisture but due to the folding probe, the Thermapen
should not be submerged. Protect the plastic body from high temperatures. DO NOT LEAVE
Error Messages
•‘Lo’ is displayed if measurements are being made below the instrument range.
•‘Hi’ is displayed if measurements are being made above the instrument range.
•‘Err’ is displayed if the probe develops a fault. Call for details.
For all other error messages, contact ThermoWorks’ Technical Support at 1-800-393-6434
or [email protected]
What is Biomaster?
Biomaster is a silver based antimicrobial additive incorporated into the Thermapen’s plastic
parts during manufacture. Biomaster helps reduce the growth of unwanted microbes on the
Thermapen’s surface that may cause degradation, discolouration or malodours.
The built in Biomaster protection works in conjunction with regular cleaning and sterilizing of
your Thermapen. The probe is not treated and should still be wiped after each use.
What is NSF Certification?
The NSF Mark indicates that the design, materials, production process and quality controls
used in the production of the Super-Fast Thermapen have been verified and certified for food
safety by NSF International, an independent standards organization.
Backlight Function (Backlit Thermapen only)
When the Thermapen is on, a new display sensor continuously monitors ambient light
levels. As it gets darker, the intelligent backlight comes on automatically so you can read the
digits in any light condition.
With this power-saving strategy, battery life is only reduced to a minimum of 100 hours even
when the backlight is in continuous use. If only used in the light, the miniature CR2032 cells
still last 1500 hours. Your actual battery life will be somewhere in between depending on the
amount of night cooking you do.
Please note, with the auto-off feature disabled the unit will not shut off automatically after 10
minutes but remain on until the probe is folded back away. If it is dark and the backlight is
on, batteries will drain at a quicker pace than normal.
Repair Services
ThermoWorks offers a full repair service for Thermapens damaged for any reason. Contact
technical support at 1-800-393-6434 or email [email protected]
Additional Technical Information
For more information on using the Super-Fast Thermapen, consult the 24 page Guidebook
included and visit our blog for helpful tips and videos at
Product Warranty
The Thermapen includes a one-year limited warranty and guarantee against defects in either
components or workmanship. The warranty does not cover fair wear and tear, abnormal use
or storage, incorrect use, neglect, water damage, misapplication, modification, and abuse.
ThermoWorks reserves the right to evaluate all warranty claims before any action is taken,
and at its discretion may repair or replace without charge. For complete warranty details visit
Thermapen Accessories (available at
Model: 830-110-LX
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Model: 830-001
Model: 10203
Model: 830-260
Model: 830-265
Utah, U.S.A.
Phone: 801-756-7705
Fax: 801-756-8948
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