Excite Pure
With an intuitive 10.1“ touchscreen, essential connectivity, and plenty of power to keep your media moving,
the affordable Excite Pure is always fast, fluid and ready
for action. From its eye-catching style and brilliant battery life to the snappy performance you get from Android™ 4.2, Jelly Bean, you can keep this smart tablet by
your side all day, every day. Whether you‘re browsing
web pages, playing console-quality games, or watching
HD video, the powerful NVIDIA® Tegra® 3 mobile processor delivers a smooth, speedy experience. There‘s
optional 3G/4G* for wireless access anywhere too. With
a micro-SD card slot, you‘re free to share your content
or expand your storage beyond the 32GB internal SSD.
So you can take even more entertainment with you on
your travels. Or enjoy it at home on your big-screen or
3D capable TV, using the micro-HDMI port. And if you
choose the attachable Toshiba Keyboard Cover*, you
get full keyboard functionality and system protection
in one - it connects to the tablet via Bluetooth 4.0, so
you‘re ready for pure productivity too.
* availability and configuration may vary by model and country
Excite Pure
Excite AT10-A-104
Processor / technology
NVIDIA® Tegra® 3 mobile processor
• Super 4-PLUS-1™ quad-core with 5th battery-saver core
• High-performance 12-core NVIDIA® GPU (1.3 GHz, 1 MB 2nd level cache)
Operating System / Platform
Android™ 4.2, Jelly Bean
25.7cm (10.1”) Toshiba AutoBrite™ WXGA high brightness touch display with Wide View Angle, 16:10 aspect ratio and LED side lighting,
internal resolution: 1,280 x 800
Solid State Drive
System memory
1 GB (onboard) , maximum expandability: , technology: DDR3L RAM (1333 MHz)
Pointing device
Virtual Mouse (supports external mouse via USB or Bluetooth),Capacitive touch display 10 points multi-finger support
Wireless communication
Wireless LAN 802.11a/b/g/n (Broadcom®), Bluetooth® 4.0 + LE (Broadcom®)
Sound system
built-in stereo speakers, enhanced by DTS® Sound™ , volume dial: via Volume Up/Down buttons,
1 x external microphone shared with headphone socket , 1 x micro-USB 2.0 , 1 x micro-HDMI-out , 1 x micro-SD™ card slot with
SDHC™ / SDXC™ UHS-I support , 1 x integrated 3.0 MP high bright camera with auto focus (rear), 1.2 MP camera with Ambient Light
Sensor (front) and built-in stereo microphone with Echo and Noise Cancellation
technology: Lithium-ion polymer, 2 cell, estimated sample figures:
10h Video Playback 100%
50h Audio Playback 100%
11h User scenario: 60% Web / 10% Video Playback / 25% Standby
7 days Idle mode (System Sleep, WiFi on, Mail check on, LCD off)
9 days Stand by mode (System Sleep, WiFi off, LCD off)
6 weeks System Off
3 days RTC Battery Life (from 5% of main battery)
Bundled software
DTS® Premium Voice Pro™ (multimedia and voice enhancement), Evernote®, Facebook, Google Play™, PrintHand, Skitch, ThinkFree
Office Mobile 6.0 for Android , Toshiba Audio Enhancement, Toshiba Online Manual, Toshiba Photo Enhancement, Toshiba Video Enhancement, TruCapture: digitalisation of your whiteboard notes, Twitter
Bundled hardware
AC adapter
Special features
3D Acceleration sensor, GPS, Gyroscopic Sensor, e-Compass
Physical dimensions
261 x 179 x 10.5 mm, weight: starting at 0.630 kg
2 years standard European (Limited) .
Enhance the standard warranty with one of our additional services to extend or protect your investment.
More info can be found on our website within the Service & Support area
Extend your standard warranty for up to 3 years before it expires for
additional reassurance.
Toshiba 10.1“ Sleeve, PX1846E1NCA
Toshiba 10.1“ Stand Case,
TEG_EN_Excite_Pro_DataS_2013. All trademarks are acknowledged. Product specifications, configurations, colours, prices and system
component/options availability are all subject to
without notice and may vary from those shown.
Errors and omissions excepted. Android and
Google Play are trademarks of Google Inc.. ©
2011 NVIDIA Corporation.
NVIDIA and Tegra are trademarks and/or registered trademarks of NVIDIA Corporation in the
United States and other countries. All rights reserved.
CPU performance may vary from specifications under certain conditions such as the use of battery instead of AC power, certain external peripherals, certain multimedia applications or network connections,
complex modeling software and in areas with low air pressure at high altitude (1,000 metres above sea level) and/or certain temperatures. CPU performance may also vary from specifications due to design configuration. Under some conditions, your computer may automatically shut down as a normal protective measure. To avoid risk of lost data, please make periodic back-up copies. For optimum performance, use your
computer only under recommended conditions. Please read detailed restrictions in the product resource guide, visit the Toshiba web site: www.computers.toshiba-europe.com and/or contact Toshiba Technical
Support. - Graphics processor unit (GPU) performance may vary depending on product model, design configuration, applications, power management settings and features utilized. - Part of the main system
memory may be used by the graphics system and therefore reduce the amount of main system memory available. - For PCs configured with 4 GB of system memory, the full system memory space for computing
activities will be considerably less and will vary by model and system configuration. - For information about upgrading your system memory please refer to the user manual or contact your local Toshiba service
provider. - One GB means one billion bytes, accessible capacity may be less. - Wired and wireless communication capabilities to be applied in countries where approved. - Battery life may vary depending on applications, power management settings and features utilized. Recharge time varies depending on usage. Battery may not charge while computer is consuming full power. After a period of time, the battery will lose
its ability to perform at maximum capacity and will need to be replaced. This is normal for all batteries. To purchase a new battery pack, see your accessories information that shipped with your computer or visit
the Toshiba web site at www.computers.toshiba-europe.com. - Small bright dots may appear on your TFT display when you turn on your PC. Your display contains an extremely large number of thin-film transistors
(TFT) and is manufactured using high-precision technology. Any small bright dots that may appear on your display are an intrinsic characteristic of the TFT manufacturing technology. - Weight may vary depending
on product configuration, vendor components, manufacturing variability and options selected. - Please check your system specifications to ensure optimal results. - Certain notebook chassis are designed to accommodate all possible configurations for an entire product series. Your selected model may not have all the features and specifications corresponding to all of the icons or switches shown on the notebook
chassis. - Performance may vary depending on product model, configuration, video content/format/settings as well as the performance variations of individual hardware components. Results were achieved on
select models and configurations tested by Toshiba at the time of publication.
Toshiba Keyboard Cover, black
(English), PA5132E-1EKB
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