Quad Cities Computer Society
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Newsletter for March 2015
Volume 33, number 2
Parker Audiology, will provide a
general overview about advancing
hearing aid technology from ear
horns to the latest digital products
Enjoy this article
and equipment. Topics include
about Windows 10 :)
smart hearing aid technology,
_________________ rechargeable technology, remote
controls, remote programming and
more. Additional topics include
computer apps for your IPADs and
websites that will facilitate your
communications in background
Dr. Parker has been an audiologist
in the Quad City Area for nearly 18
years. She obtained her M.A. at U
of Iowa in 1997. Her Audiology
Doctorate was completed at AT Still
University, Arizona School of
Health Sciences in 2007. She has
been a fellow of the American
Speech-Hearing Association since
1997. Her expertise includes fitting
Advancements in
hearing aids for all ages, abilities
and hearing losses. She is passionHearing Loss
ate about hearing loss and improvTreatment"
ing lives through better, smarter
Presented by Dr. Molly Parker of technology.
Parker Audiology, Davenport, IA ____________________________
Website: www.parkeraud.com
The Weather
Got Us Again!
Hearing devices have changed
dramatically in our "computer age,"
making communications more
spontaneous. Seamless transitions
with MFi (Made for Iphone) and
Android Technology provide hearing devices with more flexibility.
Even those without hearing loss
should find this subject fascinating
from its technological viewpoint.
Dr. Molly Parker, Audiologist at
QBITS March 2015
Microsoft To
Windows 10
FREE for Many Windows
7 and 8.1 Users
by Ira Wilsker
Microsoft Windows 10
The QCS is a member of
The Verge Review
Skype: Windows 10 features
Yahoo: Windows 10 XBOX app
Forward Thinking: Windows
Ambitious But Realistic
Betanews: Windows 10
Techcrunch: Windows 10
Wikipedia: Windows 10
Windows 10: Cortana
Business Insider: What
Happened to Windows 9
The Verge: Windows 10 What
You Need to Know
There is no doubt that there are
still countless users of the obsolescent Windows XP, which is no
longer supported by Microsoft. The
successor to windows XP was Windows Vista, which was enormously
unpopular with its users. Windows
7, with its several iterations, had
some successes in the market place,
effectively displacing Vista, but not
winning over many of the huge installed base of XP users, except
when the users purchased newer
computers. Windows 8, on the market for only a few years, never met
with the sales success that Microsoft had hoped for, with relatively
few Windows 7 users upgrading to
Windows 8 as hoped for by [email protected]
soft, and also with many purchasers
of new computers explicitly rePublished monthly by the
questing that Windows 7 be inQuad Cities Computer Society
c/o Dave Tanner
stalled on the new machines instead
3449 - 52nd St
of the Windows 8 heavily promoted
Moline, IL 61265
by Microsoft. While many users of
webpage: www.qcs.org
Windows 8 who have touch screen
devices found the manipulation of
Joe Durham
[email protected]
the interactive "tiles" advantageous,
Patty Lowry
many users of more conventional
[email protected]
computers found the Windows 8
tile display somewhat confusing
The Quad-Cities Computer Society
and inconvenient. In early 2014,
or QCS is an Iowa nonprofit
organization for charitable, scientific,
Microsoft first publically displayed
and educational purposes primarily to
the next generation of its flagship
educate the public concerning the
operating system, developed under
advantages and disadvantages of
the code name "Threshold", now
microcomputers and to publish a
newsletter for distribution to members, known as Windows 10.
area libraries and educational
Several of the online pundits have
institutions. The QCS is recognized as brought up theories about what hapa 501(c)(3) nonprofit charitable and
pened to Windows 9, as the series
educational organization by the IRS.
Copyright QBITS copyright © 2015 by numbering went from 7, to 8, to 10,
bypassing an official release of
the QCS. All rights reserved.
Subscriptions are included in cost of
Windows 9. Some pundits alleged
membership. Reproduction of any
that skipping a "9" series was to
material herein is expressly prohibited
minimize any confusion with the
unless prior written permissions is
old Windows 95 and 98, but that is
given by the QCS. Permission to
not the official Microsoft line. In
reprint material contained herein is
granted to other non-profit personal
recent interviews, both Tony
computer groups provided the full
Prophet, head of marketing for
attribution of the author, publication
Microsoft, and Microsoft CEO
title and date are given, except that
Satya Nadella, responded to the
articles with Copyright notice in the
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header indicates article may be
reproduced with the express written
permission of the author ( or other
indicated copyright holder). Brand or
product names are trademarks of their
respective carriers. As a typographic
convention we do not so identify as
question, "So, what happened to
Windows 9?". The official Microsoft response about Windows 9 was
"It came and it went." Tony Prophet
also wanted to separate any public
associations between Windows 8
and 10. Microsoft is building a totally new operating system with
Windows 10, rather than simply upgrading the somewhat disastrous
Windows 8 operating system.
Prophet stated, "Windows 10 is not
going to be an incremental step
from Window 8.1. Windows 10 is
going to be a material step. We're
trying to create one platform, one
eco-system that unites as many of
the devices from the small embedded Internet of Things, through
tablets, through phones, through
PCs and, ultimately, into the Xbox."
While the new Windows 10 operating system may be totally new,
and not just a rewrite of earlier operating systems, the way in which it
will be marketed to the general
public will also be new to Microsoft; the current plan for the first
year, is to offer Windows 10 as a
free upgrade for most Windows 7
and Windows 8.1 computers. While
Microsoft has not officially announced the hardware requirements
for Windows 10, over a million
copies of the "public beta" or prerelease builds of Windows have
been downloaded and installed on
Windows 7 and 8 computers for the
purposes of widespread testing and
the gathering of performance issues
and information. The completed
"gold" or production release of
Views and opinions expressed
by presenters do not necessarily
reflect those of the
Quad-Cities Computer Society.
Monthly meetings are open
to the general public.
March 2015
Windows 10 is expected to be
available later this year (2015).
Windows 10 is expected to be a
revolutionary new operating system, rather than an evolutionary operating system. In addition to the
many new features and enhancements built into Windows 10, including frequent updates and upgrades, it is also intended to combine the features of many Microsoft
products and services into the operating system as well as provide a
single "interface" to different products running Windows 10, including desktop computer, laptops,
tablets, phones, game consoles, and
nontraditional devices encompassed
in the "IoT" or "Internet of Things."
Windows 10 has recreated the
desktop icons in a manner that will
look the same regardless of the device being used. Many users of
Windows 8 hated the integral
startup menu, with many Windows
8 users installing third party software that recreated the Windows 7
(or XP) startup menu; Windows 10
new startup menu will open to a full
screen displaying programs and
apps with a more traditional appearance, the view of which can easily
be customized by the user. Another
new desktop feature that will be a
first for Windows PCs and other devices running Windows 10 will be
familiar to users of Android devices; Windows 10 will have an
"Action Center" which when
opened, quickly displays icons and
settings for Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, and
QBITS March 2015
the other common settings for the
devices. Currently in development
and testing for Windows 10 is
"Continuum", which will allow the
user to quickly switch between
available input methods, such as a
keyboard and mouse to a touch
screen method of input.
Microsoft has been promoting its
"Cortana", which it describes as an
intelligent personal assistant, which
was originally on smart phones running Windows 8.1, as a competitor
to Apple's "Siri". Recent builds of
the beta versions of Windows 10 include Cortana, named after the artificial intelligence character made
famous in Microsoft's Halo game
series. Cortana, as an intelligent application, can set reminders, interpret natural voice commands, and
respond to spoken inquiries by accessing Microsoft's Bing search engine. Cortana can instantly respond
to verbal questions about the
weather conditions anywhere in the
world, sports scores, stock quotes,
traffic conditions, and most other
information which can be located
by Bing. This information such as
stock quotes and sports scores can
be displayed by Cortana on a popup
if desired by the user. Cortana also
has a "Concert Watch" feature
which will recommend music
genre's, bands, and musicians,
which it learns by monitoring previous Bing searches. Cortana will
also be integrated with other
Microsoft apps which can track
flights, or remember where a user
parked his car by communicating
with Microsoft's maps app; verbally
saying, "Cortana, where did I park
my car?" will display a local Bing
map with the car location highlighted along with a route and directions to locate the car.
Old Microsoft utilities, such as
Messenger and Internet Explorer
will be replaced by newer, more efficient and powerful utilities providing enhanced functionality. Messenger, the popular instant messaging service, will be replaced by the
much more capable Skype, which is
already well established as a voice,
telephone, remote presentation, and
texting application, which can instantly be synched between devices.
Internet Explorer will be replaced
with a much more sophisticated and
capable web browser currently code
named "Spartan" along with a web
rendering engine code named
"Edge", which is backwardly compatible with older webpage designs
and coding languages. The new
"Spartan" web browser is also integrated with Cortana, and will display additional context sensitive information, such as airline flight information, or restaurant recommendations.
Gamers and multimedia enthusiasts will appreciate the Windows 10
integration with the Xbox entertainment system, with an integrated
Xbox app. Gamers will be able to
view their library of available
games, including the PC and console versions, from within Windows
10. The Windows 10 Xbox One app
will enable the PC user to engage in
Xbox One activities including messages, friends lists, Xbox Live chat,
and view some console content on
the desktop. The Game DVR feature allows gamers to save the last
30 seconds of a game being played,
which can readily be shared as desired. Xbox One games can be
streamed over the local network in
Windows 10. The implementation
of DirectX12 will produce console
game like performance on Windows 10, with reduced hardware,
--continued on next page--
CPU, and graphics driver overhead.
To support the advanced multimedia needs of modern computer aficionados, native graphics support
(CODECS) will be added to a new
Windows Media Player that supports Matroska, HEVC, and FLAC
multimedia formats.
Since Windows 10 is intended to
present a single interface on multiple device types, different builds of
Windows 10 will be released for
different devices, such as a build
for smart devices with screen sizes
of less than eight inches, which includes almost all of the smart
phones. Major Microsoft apps, including Skype, will seamlessly integrate or "synch" between Windows
10 devices, such as a phone, desktop, and laptop. A new "unified"
build of Microsoft Office, including
Word, Excel, Outlook, and PowerPoint displays similar appearing
screens and documents, regardless
of the device used, with synchronization between the devices. The
new Office also supports printing
from a mobile device, while Microsoft's cloud based OneDrive storage
service will automatically collect
photos and images from all connected devices, remove duplicates,
and organize them in albums that
can be accessed by the authorized
user from any compatible device.
Microsoft will be distributing and
promoting Windows 10 more heavily than its predecessor operating
systems. Microsoft has announced
its intention to release automated
frequent updates and upgrades to
Windows 10, in order to keep all
systems up to date with the latest
features and security enhancements.
Microsoft has also publically stated
that with the current plan to keep
Windows 10 updated to incorporate
emerging technologies, there are no
current plans for a Windows 11 or
I decided to forgo Windows 8,
and have Windows 7 on my primary desktop and laptop computers. While Windows 10 appears intriguing, I may wait a while before
taking advantage of Microsoft's upcoming offer of a free upgrade to
Windows 10, providing my hardware meets the new system requirements. Since the free Windows 10
offer is currently planned to be
available for a year commencing
the official release of 10, I will
probably get a copy, but take a
wait-and-see approach before giving up my proven Windows 7.
Quad Cities Computer Society
Dropbox Site
com and sign in.
Each QCS member will be
emailed the log in name and password to use for access. It is our goal
to promote communication and
help with one another in computing, we is a our clubs motto. If you
have difficulties learning how to
use this service
send a note to: [email protected]
Best Password
Manager Apps for
iPhone and iPad:
mSecure, and more
By Bill Crowe, 2nd Vice
President, Sarasota PCUG, FL
September 2014 issue,
Sarasota Technology Monitor
presentations (at) thestug.org
The best password manager apps
for iPhone and iPad to help you
create strong passwords, keep them
secure, and use them when you
need them!
On the hunt for the best iPhone
apps and best iPad apps to help you
create, store, and manage all your
passwords and logins? Passwords
are what keep our stuff safe, from
This Dropbox access site has
our iPhones, iPod touches, iPads,
been created as place for all QCS
and Macs, to the apps and services
members to upload files, docuwe use on them. Good, strong,
ments, pdf's, photos, url links that
unique passwords are also a commay interest other club members.
plete pain in the back to remember,
We have chosen the free service
and on mobile, an incredible pain to
which has a storage limit of 2GB.
When you log on Dropbox will ask enter. However, given how many
if you wish to download their drop- security breaches there've been
box client or application. This is not lately - and how many passwords
required. To access and use this site have been compromised - it's absolutely necessary. Due to the lack of
you only have to go to dropbox.-
March 2015
browser plugins on iOS, iPhone and
iPad, password managers aren't as
well integrated as they are on Mac
or Windows, but there are still
many on the App Store to choose
from. But which iPhone and iPad
apps are the absolute best password
manager apps?
1Password by AgileBits, in addition to tracking and maintaining
passwords, lets you easily create
new, strong, and unique passwords
whenever you need them. 1Password can also store all your wallet
items such as credit card numbers,
license info, and more. With extensions for every major desktop
browser on Mac and Windows, a
built-in browser on iOS, and a simple Android app, auto-filling passwords and information can be done
with a simple unlock and a few
taps. 1Password can also sync with
iCloud for iOS-only, or with Dropbox for cross-platform. 1Password
for iOS is now a universal app for
iPhone and iPad, so one purchase
gets you both versions.
If you're looking for an all-in-one
password management solution
with amazing cross-platform support, look no further than 1Password.
Cost - $17.99
PasswordBox can store web logins, credit card numbers, secure
notes, and also has the ability to
generate strong passwords when
QBITS March 2015
you need to. Once you create a login for PasswordBox, all your passwords will be kept in sync across
any device you may log into. PasswordBox includes a built-in
browser that makes logging in to
sites quick and easy with one-tap
access. Once you've tapped on a tile
for the site you'd like to go to you
get routed there and PasswordBox
will auto-fill your credentials immediately. You can store 25 passwords for free with PasswordBox
before having to upgrade and pay
for premium.
If you need to store less than 25
logins and identities, PasswordBox
is an awesome choice on both
iPhone and iPad that will cost you
Cost - Free
Dashlane is an all-in-one password manager and generator with
the ability to store web logins,
credit cards, profiles, and much
more. One of the features I really
like about Dashlane is that it tells
you in human terms how safe your
passwords are. If you store a login
that has an official iOS app, Dashlane can launch it and log you in
automatically, which is something
many other password manager apps
can't do. Not only is Dashlane feature packed and easy to use, it's one
of the best designed password manager apps available, on both iOS
and Mac. When signing up for
Dashlane, you get 30 days premium
free, after you'll have to pick a sub-
scription plan to continue using the
service. One year of Dashlane currently costs $29.
If aesthetics matter to you along
with Mac support, give Dashlane a
Cost - Free with subscription
mSecure is also an all-in-one
password manager app that also allows you to generate new passwords. Part of what I like about
mSecure is the customizable interface. With almost 300 icons to represent your different kinds of accounts and logins, it makes it a little
easier to pick stuff out in a long list.
You can also take a quick photo
of something you need to enter later
but don't have time to now. mSecure also supports iCloud and
Dropbox sync to sync your passwords to other versions of mSecure,
whether it be Android, Mac, Windows, or something else.
For a customizable and flexible
password management experience,
mSecure is worth a look on both
iPhone and iPad…………$9.99 –
LoginBox Pro
LoginBox Pro is the premium
version of LoginBox minus the ads
and with an unlimited amount of
--continued on next page--
stored logins. LoginBox works by
recording passwords when you use
the in-app browser. Once you've
typed in your password and logged
in, just stop recording and LoginBox Pro will remember for the next
time you tap that login. You can
also store airline miles cards, loyalty cards, identities, and more.
If most of your login’s to most
sites are through the browser and
you don't need help generating
strong passwords, LoginBox Pro is
a convenient option that's available
for both iPhone and iPad.
Cost - $6.99
tor username and password, warning you to change them if they’re
still set at factory defaults.
It warns of unencrypted Wi-Fi
connections, or those encrypted
with the easily hacked WEP protocol. It checks to make sure your
DNS has not been redirected and
that your router is not accessible
from the Internet. If there is a problem, Avast 2015 will display stepby-step instructions for solving it –
if your router model is one that
Avast supports. Otherwise, you’ll
have to consult the user manual or
Google it.
These are "front door" security
precautions that many users miss,
so I applaud Avast for these additions to the already comprehensive
protection that this free security
suite provides.
Avast 2015 Review
With the 2015 edition, Avast
seems to be morphing into an allin-one system maintenance and seWhat's New in
curity suite, much like Advanced
Avast Antivirus
System Care, PC Matic and other
utility suites. Avast’s emphasis is on
maintenance issues that affect secuBy Bob Rankin, Ask Bob Rankin
rity, but they may also improve sysDecember 8, 2014 Column
tem performance.
Reprinted with Permission
Avast’s “Browser Cleanup” feature is not what its name implies to
The holiday shopping season
starts earlier each year, and so does most people. Instead of clearing the
the release of major annual updates browser’s file cache, browsing hisof security software. The 2015 edi- tory, etc., Avast cleans up unwanted
tion of Avast Free Antivirus arrived toolbars and plugins, eliminating
points of vulnerability to hackers
before Thanksgiving, for instance.
Avast 2015 contains some features and places where malware likes to
never before seen in Avast. Read on hide.
Keeping all of one’s software upfor the full story, and learn how you
to-date is another security issue.
can get the paid version for free...
First off, there's a home network Avast 2015’s “Software Updater”
makes it a breeze. You can set it to
scanner in Avast 2015 that I have
not seen in any other security suite. notify you when updates are availWhen launched, the network scan- able or just install them automatiner checks your router’s administra- cally. This module checks for up-
dates of operating system, browser,
and popular applications, but if you
don’t see some of your apps in the
tool’s list you’ll have to update
them on your own.
Free or Paid Version?
"Avast Free Antivirus" is the
name of the free version of the
Avast suite. "Avast Internet Security" is a paid version that offers extra features such as Anti-Hijack
Protection (to secure your online
banking and other sensitive accounts), a Silent Firewall (to shield
you from hackers) and an AntiSpam module. The cost is $39/year,
but there's a way to earn a free
Want to get a free copy of Avast
2015? You can, with Bob’s Avast
Friend Referral Link.
You can even get the PAID VERSION FOR FREE by earning Avast
Karma Points with your own referral link. What's this all about? Full
details are at the end of this article.
Avast Free 2015 also includes
demo versions of premium security
tools. The SecureLine VPN option
is a free three-day trial of a fully
encrypted proxy service; using it
hides your IP address and Web surfing activity even from your own
ISP. A one-year subscription costs
$60. “GrimeFighter” analyzes your
system for junk files, bad registry
entries, and other junk that can slow
your system; but to fix the problems you’ll need to pay $20. (Or
you can use Privazer, the free
cleaner-upper I recommend.)
The free Mobile Backup trialware
comes with a 2 GB Dropbox account and stores your mobile device’s data in the cloud; the premium version costs $15.
March 2015
The main Avast interface screen
includes a “Store” button that reveals a host of premium and
freemium products, an indication
that competition in the Internet Security marketplace is heating up, or
that profit margins which rely on
converting free users to paid customers are getting tighter.
I've been using Avast for over a
year since switching from AVG,
and I'm giving the new Avast 2015
version a big thumbs up for some
innovative new features and continued comprehensive protection from
malware threats.
ter or Google+. Recommending
Avast to 7 friends can earn you a
free year of Avast Internet Security
(14 friends, two years; 21 friends,
three years). Your friends must
download and install Avast via your
referral link.
The Internet
Archive: Play
Internet Archive to go back in time
and view the QCS Computer web
site as it was posted starting in
The Tip Corner
by Bill Sheff
nsheff ( at ) aol.com
Reprinted from the February 2015 issue of The LVCG Journal, the newsletter of The Leigh High Group
Windows Sidebar Gadgets
Once we graduated up to Win8
the old sidebar gadgets introduced
Karma Points and Free Avast
by Windows Vista can be considSoftware
ered a thing of the past. These GadIf you have registered as a memgets allowed you to do a lot of
ber of the Avast online community Joe Durham
things such as see the weather,
you will see in the upper-right corGo back in time through with the check the stock market and see how
ner of Avast Free’s main screen
aid of the Internet Archive and play much strain you’re putting your
your registered email address and a you old favorite MSDOS software
computer under. And there are a lot
notation such as, “540 karma.” So- titles through the DOSBOX emulamore out there. So for those of you
called “karma points” are awarded tor through your web browser. To
who still have them on your comfor various acts of participation in
date 2,453 titles are available
puter here is a way to uninstall
the community, and even for being through The Internet Archive. This
them if they get too crowded. Click
a user of Avast Free for a long time. author has tried out Sim City for
Start and in the Search Box, type
Referring friends, posting to foexample.
Gadgets. The gadget window
rums, trying a demo feature, buying
Make your selection and wait for should open up: Now, right click on
a premium feature, etc., all earn you the Internet Archive to start the
the gadget you want to eliminate
more karma points and “status” in
DOSBOX emulator and load your
and select Uninstall. A confirmation
the community.
program. Depending upon the func- window opens up, so just click
With enough Karma points, you
tions available, you can play your
Uninstall again.
can earn a free copy of Avast Inter- game in full screen or with sound.
net Security. Here's the fastest way Full screen is enabled by clicking
Balloons, Pop-ups and
to do that. On the Avast main
the expanding four corner arrow
screen, click the ACCOUNT tab.
box in the upper right hand corner.
What's the difference? Well, reLogin to your Avast account (or
Sound is enabled by clicking the
gardless of the size, shape or color
create one if needed). Next, click
speaker icon in the middle right
they are all known as screen tips So
on the colored circle under the Lo- hand side of the screen.
when you see a little text box that
gout link at the top right. On the
If you wish to make a game a
pops up over an icon, or a yellow
next screen, you'll see a gray box
favorite so that you can return to it balloon like you see in the comics,
that says "Recommend Avast and
more easily in future visits click the or read about a 'description' don't
earn Karma". Click that link, and
star icon below it. The next icon
worry about what they are called. If
you'll be given your own referral
below the star allows you to share
they provide information when you
link, which you can use to invite
your game with others on the net.
hover over an icon or right click on
friends via Email, Facebook, TwitAdditionally you can use The
QBITS March 2015
--continued on next page--
something relax, you are looking at
a screen tip.
Windows 8 Terminology
When is an icon not an icon?
When it is a Charm a Tile or an
App. OK, we know that any small
picture is an icon (or GUI) which
represents a program or a file. In
Windows 8 there are three types of
icons that are used, and each has a
specific name. First we have the
charms. This is a group of five
icons called Search, Share, Start,
Devices and Settings. When you
look at a windows 8 start screen
they are not visible. To open the
Charms Bar you can either press
the Windows key (Windows 8 keyboard key)+ C key, swipe from the
right side of the screen (touchscreen) or with a mouse, point to
the upper-right corner of the screen.
The charms menu opens on the
right edge of the screen. The
charms provide access to the following:
Search charm - Search for apps,
settings, or files.
Share charm - share photos, music, movies, or links with other apps
or people. For example, when viewing a web page, use the share charm
to send it. You do not have to open
email, and copy and paste the link.
Send a favorite recipe directly from
the Recipe app, or photos from the
Photo app.
Start charm - The Start charm
returns you to the Start screen. If
you are already on the Start screen,
the Start charm returns to the previous page. You can also shut down
Windows using the Windows 8 keyboard key.
Devices charm - use the Devices
charm to print, play media on TVs
and audio systems, use more than
one monitor, and send content to
nearby computers and other devices
such as phones.
Settings charm – This charm
helps to personalize your computer.
For example, change the volume or
brightness, choose your keyboard
type, access the PC settings, and
turn off the computer are just a few
of the selections. Tiles are icons of
apps that appear on the Start page.
Many of them show active screens
within the tile. They can be moved
and re-sized. Apps are shown on a
secondary screen that contains all
the tiles and other apps that were either included with your computer,
or downloaded from an app store or
some other location. They can be
grouped, or dragged onto the Start
screen to become a Tile.
relocate the group with a touch
screen device, you can simply
pinch the screen. If you have a keyboard and mouse set up, just hold
down the Ctrl key and zoom out
with your mouse wheel. Then select
your newly created group of tiles
by pressing and pulling down
slightly on them or by clicking with
your mouse. Drag your group to the
desired position. Once in location
you click on the group or pull down
slightly and you will get the option
to name the group. You can do this
with the rest of your tiles until they
are all organized the way you want
them. There are other things you
can do with Tiles or Apps, which
are a snap with a mouse. Right
clicking on a tile or app opens up a
pane with the following commands:
Pin (or unpin) from Start; Pin (or
unpin) to taskbar; Uninstall; Open
New Window; Run As Administrator; Open file Location, and for the
tiles Re size. With a touch screen
you can do the same thing by just
holding down the tile for a second
(some require that you slide it a little) and the same options appear on
the bottom of the screen. If you
have a Windows 8 tablet, you probably use it a great deal for browsing
the Internet. It’s handy to have tiles
for your favorite sites displayed
front and center, so you don’t have
to always open your browser and
pull up favorites. This also works
for a Windows 8 computer with a
mouse or track pad. Just remember
that you can customize the Start
Screen of Windows 8, so you can
pretty much get it to look just like
you want it to.
Organize Windows 8
Start Screen
We showed you how to remove
Gadgets in older systems. And we
let you know what the icons in
Windows 8 are called. Now, let's
look at Windows 8 and see what we
can do with the apps that start accumulating. Of course we can revert
back to a Windows 7 screen, and
sometimes that is handy, but let’s
jump into the latest windows format
and see how to organize it to our
liking. Windows 8 allows us to
move and adjust the size of the tiles
on the desktop. So let's start by organizing by category. With a touch
screen device, select the app you
want to move by pressing down and
holding on the tile and pulling
down slightly. If you’re using a
mouse, just click and drag. When
you drag the tile, it will appear
translucent. You can group tiles
such as Kindle, Nook, Overdrive,
PDF Security
3M, Adobe Reader and any other
PDF files are usually document
app that allows downloading and/or files that cannot be changed from
reading books into one group. To
the format in which you receive
March 2015
them in. This is a good thing if you
want someone to read something
that cannot be altered, like a book
or an important document. These
files are read in what is called a
PDF reader. The most common one
is Adobe, but there are others that
are available. So do you get annoyed when a box pops up telling
you that there is an update for
Adobe reader? We all do. Get them
and get annoyed at them. I do not
recommend you downloading these
updates that come unannounced on
your computer. I do recommend
that you periodically go to the
Adobe site and click on and download any update. Why? Let's start
with the PDF file itself. PDF is one
of the most widely used file formats. But unfortunately, hackers
have found ways to embed malware
in PDF files. New threats are discovered on almost a daily basis. So
patches and updates are continuing
to be generated. But if it is not from
the Adobe site, the notice that you
received might even be sent by
somebody who does not have our
best interest at heart. So rule one is
to check the Adobe site periodically
and download any updates. Rule
two is not to download the notices
that pop up on your computer without being asked.
Application Security
With the tip above in mind you
should also try and keep all your
software up to date with the latest
patches and upgrades.
Committee Report
for 2015
At the opening of the program
meeting March 2nd , a report of the
QBITS March 2015
nominating committee will be presented. After presenting this slate,
the President will open the meeting
for nominations from the floor.
Floor nominations require that:
by Sharon Parq Associates, Inc.
Reprinted by permission.
Thousands of free Microsoft Word tips
can be found online at word.tips.net
Jacob has a table containing nu1) Nominees must be members meric values pulled from another
program. One of the columns has
in good standing.
numbers that might be 3.256000 in
2) Nominees must be present
one cell and 23.200000 in another.
and express their willingHe always needs to go through all
ness to serve.
of these numbers and make them
3) Any nominee not present
must have submitted to the only 3 digits to the right of the decimal point. Jacob wonders if there is
Board prior to the meeting
a way to automatically step through
by mail to:
Quad Cities Computer Society all the values using a macro and
make sure they have only three dig3449 - 52nd St
its to the right of the decimal point.
Moline IL 61265
Adjust Original Data Source
4) a written statement express
This could certainly be done with
ing their willingness to
but that might not be the
serve if elected.
best way to do it. The first potential
solution is to look at how you are
getting your original data.
Judi McDowell
If it is possible, you might want
change the program that generShari Peterson
ates the data so that it uses only
three decimal places.
Darlene Norton
Or, change it so that the data ends
in an Excel worksheet that you
Dave Tanner
can then embed within your Word
Corresponding Secretary:
document. If that doesn't work, you
Shari Peterson
might be able to modify the program so that it doesn't insert nuDirectors at Large:
meric values, but inserts fields that
Jim Buche
display the numeric values.
Joe Durham
This may sound confusing, but
Patty Lowry
you can use fields to display only a
Sue Peterson
specific number of digits of a value.
Emily Smith
This type of field formatting has
discussed in other WordTips.
Submitted by Joe Durham
Nominating Committee Chair
____________________________ Find & Replace
If you cannot change the way that
the original program generates the
Setting Table
information that ends up in the table (and most of the time people
Values to Three
can't change it), then you can use
Decimal Places
Find and Replace to limit your valBy Allen Wyatt Copyright © 2015
--continued on next page--
ues to three decimal places.
Follow these steps:
1. If you want to limit your replace operation to a specific portion
of your document (such as a table
or a column within a table), select
that portion of the document.
2. Press Ctrl+H to display the Replace tab of the Find and Replace
dialog box.
3. If the More button is visible,
click it so that you end up with an
expanded dialog box.
4. Make sure the Use Wildcards
check box is selected.
5. In the Find What box, enter the
following: ([0-9].[0- 9]{3})[0-9]
6. In the Replace With box, enter
the following: \1
7. Click Replace All.
What these steps do is to look for
any digit (0 through 9) followed by
a decimal point and three digits.
This is a "group" (one digit, decimal point, three digits) that must be
immediately followed by at least
one digit, and perhaps more. When
this sequence is found, it is replaced
by the first group (one digit, decimal point, three digits). The result
is that everything beyond the third
digit after the decimal point is
chopped off.
This Find and Replace approach
is quick and easy, and it doesn't involve the use of macros. It also
doesn't round the information that is
left in your document. If you need
to have the values rounded to three
digits instead of cut off at three digits, then you are best to go back to
the "see if you can change the originating program" approach discussed at the beginning of this tip.
This tip applies to Microsoft
Word 2007 and 2010.
You can find a version of this tip
Officers 2015
Elected Officers
Judi McDowell
(309) 314-1780
Vice President
Darlene Norton
Corresponding SecretaryShari Peterson
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Director/SIG Leader
Digital (coordinator)
Personal Computing
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QBITS Newsletter
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Joe Durham
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Joe Durham
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(563) 332-8679
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[email protected]
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[email protected]
[email protected]
[email protected]
[email protected]
for the older menu interface of
Word here: Setting Table Values to
Three Decimal Places.
FCC Smartphone
Security Checker
The FCC has established a website to help inform and guide smartphone users to preserve and maintain their security. There are security tips and options for the four
popular smartphone operating Systems:
Apple IOS
Windows Phone.
Generate Your Own Checker.
A detailed list of tips appears that
will guide you in good decision
making as you use your smartphone
is this security challenged world.
Membership dues are
July 1st each year and
the following June 30th.
Individuals $30
Payments can be made in
person at a meeting or
mailed to the treasurer
David Tanner
3449 – 52nd Street
Moline, IL 61265
You select your system and click :
March 2015
MARCH 2rd – Monday
MARCH 16th - Monday
MARCH 23 - Monday
MARCH 2015
Location Key
Library of Butterworth Home
Craft Room of Butterworth Home
Education Center of Butterworth
Location Key
Moline Vikings Club
Oak Room of Butterworth Home
Orchid Room of Butterworth Home
8h St & 11th Ave Moline, IL
7th St & 12th Ave Moline, IL
Quad Cities Computer Society
c/o Dave Tanner
3449 - 52nd St
Moline IL 61265
Moving? Send an
address change to:
[email protected]
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Nomination Committee Report............. 9
Setting Table Values To Three Places....9
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QCS Meeting Dates............................ 11
QCS Map Directions........................... 11
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Technological Advancements
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Dr. Molly Parker
March 2015
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