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Parts names
Operati ng temperature. oars errr RE PS RS 7
Manual operation . ét Vitdusnardens ae inénees ae nana rss nés va ne nasale phare rares uen se UN On AO Ne Se NRC DD EVE DE NE RAGE NEC Lecce near /
Airflow direction control Deliaririn ie e errar reee FT eee 8
How the air condi tioner works ...... ETE EE eee see eee rentes D
© Contact an author sed service technician for repair or maintenance of this unit.
‘© Contact the installer for installation of this unit.
e The air conditioner is not intended for u use ey young children < or invalids
without supervision. —
e Young children should be supervised toc ensure that they do not play with the
- air conditioner. | -
e If the power cord is to be replaced, ‘replacement work shall be performed by
authorised personnel only.
e Installation work must be performed in accordance with the national wiring
standards by authorised personnel only.
‘Top preven rit À injury to the user or r other people and property damage, the followin ing i instructions must be
- followed. Incorrect operation due to i ignoring of instructi ions may cause © harm or damage. The
‘ seriousness is classifi ed by the followil ing i indi cat ions. -
| | This symbol i ind cates the oni bil
ty of death o or seri ous | Injury
> due te : oi It may cause electric shock or fire ® It may cause elec THC shock of fire.
® It | may € cause electr ic shock € or It may cause electric shock.
| Ш © This could damage your health.
E eNo ground r may Cause secte - © lt may cause fai lure of machine |
еее о со On electric shock.
€ No installati ion may cause fire DO
| and electri с shock. © e
@ There is risk of fire or electri Cc © lt may cause fire and electric — © lt may cause an explosion or fire
— shock. CN E shock. | a В
e It may cause explosion, fire and, burns. e It may cause failure and electric shock.
~ cause an electri ic shock.
© Do not clean unit when a. |
power is on as it may cause plan. o
| fire : and electric shock, it may. TE. . BARR
- cause an injury. re ©
e Operation with windows
opened may cause wetting
of indoor and soaki ing of
household furni iture.
elf bracket is damaged, there
| Appearance maybe —
of unit;
- ofproduct coloror ue falling
— scratchi no of its surface. Sa
© There | is danger of fire or | LE cgrdrnies
‚electric shock. Eme
® Water may enter the unitand ~~
degrade the insulation. It may
® Thi is could d injure the e pet or ~~ Donotuse this air cond
| pon and art objects.
fée of qua litv. etc.
. e It may cause failure of 2} os
о . appliance o or r accident. E * product or fire.
Ш 8 — e Operation without filters. |
“ deteriorated due to change ~~ is concern of damage d due to E may e cause failure:
® An oxygen shortage
may occur.
itioner to preserve preci-
sion devices, food, pets,
may me deterioration
e |t may cause fai lure of
Indoor unit
1. Front panel
2. Airinlet -
— 3. А! его
4. Air outlet
5. Horizontal air flow grille
6. Vertical air flow louver
“7. Display panel
8. Remote controller signal receiver
9. Remote controller ;
10, Manual control button
a. Outdoor unit
т 11. “Connecting pi pipe; rai in hose
— 42. Air inlet (side and rear)
At the e pictures i in this manual. are for explanati on Ш,
| purpose only. Your air conditioner may be sli ightly
В different. The actual | shape shall prevail. a.
| “The operation indi cator r lights flash rapidly (fi ve e times per second. ) when safety protectio ion
| features come into operation. The display panel of indoor unit will look like one of the following:
Ll Signal receptor I Signal receptor
2 os | ) | | =
© Tr | Фе © DO
| 5 ste : For cooling oniy models 5(>21000Btu/h unit), © indi cator li ight is FAN ONLY.
~ ) AUT O inc dicat o r re
This indicator illuminates when the air conditi ioner is sin AUTO operation
icator (For Cooling & H
; D EF ROST ind leatin g models only)
Thi Is indicator illuminates when the air conditioner starts defrosting automatically or
when the warm air control feature is activated in heati ing operation.
- Di splays the temperature settings when the air conditioner is operati ional.
O OPE RATI ON indicator |
Ш This} inc icator f flashes : after power i is on and lum nates when t the unit is in operation.
с lean A A AE fu netion(or ptional)
Ai ir qual lity | is the key to comfort, thi is ai ir ¢ condi tioner i is 5 equipped: wi ith | loni izer ‘device. Joni zer can
a “generate: abundant ¢ ani ions to fi il the room wi ith refreshing and nature al ir, Your whole fami ily wi Ш ‘
enjoy € a natural, pure and healthy a ai ir ir everyday.
Tu The ere emote e control pre as ares mote o th thermos tat allo win 0 9 for mereces =“ ; a |
o To acti tivate he: Follow. Me feature; ‘point the remote control towards the: uni it and press s the Follow
ВЕ Me button. The remote di splay | is actual temperature atits locati on. The remote control will send
this si ignal to the air conditioner every 3 minutes | interval unti | press the Follow Me button again
Ifthe uni it does not receive the Follow Me si ‘gal duri ing any 7 minute | interval, the unit will beep
Co to indi cate the Follow N Me mode has ended.
me mote Cuma O perations , see l th he Co
ith the unit for details. he
perature > E
| Temperature —
[ cooing persion | : Heating operation | Dry ng operatio
Room petals :
>17 °с(562° 2 | | een | >10°0(>50° F)
| Outdoor temperature + |
17°C~43°C ee A fer
‚(62° F- ~109° E o нА | - 11%C-43%
| 15%-43%(-59%C- -109? "| ; | c- -24°с | (52° F- -109°F,
“| (Forthe modeis withlow - | a.
_ temperature cooling system) € 44° E- ~75° F)
E | 21%0-B2%C(70%-126%F) ce Lo aa a 21-52 C(70°C~ ~126°F)
(For special tropical models) | vs lei TA LAA | (Рог special tropical models)
A. If air conditioner is used outside of the above conditions, certai in safety protection
features may come into operation and cause the unit to function ‘abnormally. a
2.Room relative humidity less than 80%. If the air conditi loner operates | in excess of this
figure, the surface of the air conditioner | may attract condensation. Please sets the vertical
air flow louver to its maximum angle (vertically to the floor), and set HIGH fan mode.
L 3 Optimum performance will be achieved Within these operat ng temperature.
Manul operation can be used temporariy in case e you can no fi nd the remote controller or
its batteries are exhausted. | |
= Manual control
button |
Les o Open and | ift the front panel up fo an angle until
it remains fixed with a clicking sound.
go © One press of the manual control button wi it lead
to the forced AUTO operation.
DON O Close the panel firmly to its ori iginal position.
© Once you push the manual button, the operation
“mode is shifted in an order as: AUTO, coor, OFF.
-e Pushthe button twice, the unit will operate |
~~ forced COOL mode. This is used for testi ng
purposes only.‘
ВЕ © Third press will stop the operation and turn off
“the air conditioner operation.
e To restore the remote controller operation, use
the remote controller directly.
| coor
Her JL
Г. —
| To automatically sv sw jing
| @ Open angle of the horizontal louver should not be set too small, as
_ 8 Adjust the air flow direction properly otherwise, it might
cause discomfort or cause uñeven room temperatures.
® Adjust the horizontal louver using the remote controller.
© Adjust the vertical louver rmanually.
To set the vertical air f ir flow( Down) d rection
Perform this function while the uni it i is in operation.
| Keep pressing the SWING button on the remote
о controller to move the louver to the desired direction.
| Press SWING button to lock louver | in desired position
To set the h orizontal air flow direction (left = right)
Adjust the vertical louver manually using the lever on the
left or ri ight side of the vertical louver arm (Dependi ng on
model). Take care not to catch fi fingers on the fan, hori zontal
louver or to damage vertical louvers, When the air
I condi tioner is
| a specific position, move the lever at left (or right, dependi ng
| on model) end ofthe air r outlet to the desired À posi ition.
in operation and the horizontal louveris in
dire ection (up - - down)
~ Perform this function while the air conditioner is in operation.
> Keeppressing the SWING button without releasi ing for more
“than 2 seconds, the horizontal louver will | swing up and down
“automatically. ET
y the air flow d
E o To stop the e function. press the SWING | button again.
- e > The SWING button wil be disabled when the air conditioner | is not in
“ operation(incl uding. when the TIMER ON is set).
| + Do not operate the air conditioner for long periods with the ai r flow
direction set downward | in cooling or dry mode. Otherwise,
condensation may occur on the surface of the horizontal
louver causing moisture to drop on to the floor or on furnishings.
@ Do not move the horizontal louver manually. Always use the SWING
button. If you move this louver manually, it may malfunction during
operation. If the louver malfunctions, stop the air conditioner once and
| restartit.
. When the air conditi oner is started immedi ately after it was stopped,
‘the horizontal louver might not move for approximately 10 seconds.
COOLING or HEATING performance may be i impal ired due to too
—restri cted air flow area.
je Do not operate unit with horizontal louver in closed position.
|[email protected] When the air conditioner is connected to power (initial power. he
horizontal louver may generate a sound for 10 seconds, this
normal operation.
Temperature] [email protected] 1
hour. “hour
| 7hourstimeroff|
Cooling Fan only: ‘Cooling Fan only Cooling
set temperature
О ‹ © оре! ration a
—e e When you set the air conditioner i in AUTO mode, it will
automatically select cool ing, heating(cooling/heating
- Models only), or fan only operation depending on what
«temperature you have selected and the room temperature.
x x e The air conditioner will control room temperature
“automat ically around the temperature point set by you.
. If the AUTO mode is uncomfortable, you can select
desi red conditions ‘manually. |
SLE Four “SLEEP button on remote controller during
a cooling, heating(cooling only type without), or AUTO operation
the air conditioner will automatically increase (cooling) or
GE decrease (heating) 1°C/2°F per hour. |
~The set temperature will be steady 2 hours later. And the air
—. conditioner will be timer off in 7 hours. The fan speed will be
_ | automatically controlled. This feature can maintain the most
Ses “comfortable temperature and save more energy for you.
D RY] IN G operation: o Tia TE
e The dry mode will automatically select the hehumi sii
operation based on the difference between the set
temperature and the actual room temperature.
| ©The temperature is regulated while dehumidifyi ing by
repeating turning on and off of the cooling operation or
5 ‘fan only. The fan speed indicator will di splay AUTO and
a Jow speed will be used.
| “optimal operation
Ea ' To. achieve optimal performance, please note the following:
eo Adjust the air flow di rection correctly so that it] is 5 not directed
~~ on people.
6 Adjust the temperature to achieve the highest comfort level. Do
“not adjust the unit to excessive temperature levels.
@ Close doors and windows on COOL or HEAT modes, or perfor-
mance may be reduced.
* Use TIMER ON button on the remote controller to select a time
you want to start your air conditioner.
e Do not put any object near air inlet or air outlet, as the effici lency
of the air conditioner may be reduced, and the air conditioner
may stop running.
e Clean the air filter peri iodically, otherwise cooling or heating per-
formance may be reduced. |
e Do not operate unit with horizontal louvre in closed d position
| Cleaning the Grille, € Case and F | Remote Controller
© e Turn the system off before cleaning. To clean, wipe with
a soft; dry ¢ bom Do not use bleach or abrasives.
== | IT ly power must be disconnect before
В “cleaning. the indoor unit. |
Do © А cloth ‘dampened with cold water may be used
| onthe indoor unit if it is very dirty. Then wipe it with
| adrycloth. | +
le Donotusea chemically treated cloth or duster to
— clean the unit. Е
“| e Donotuse benzine, inner. polishing powder, or |
| similar solvents for cleaning. These may cause с и e
the plastic surface to crack or deform. EE о
-e Never use water hotter than 40°C/ 109% to clean
the front panel, | it could cause > deformation
or discoloration. ee o
A ; el | Cle leanin: ning € the ai air r filter Soa o
: A clogged air filter reduces the cooling efficiency of f this in
unit. Please clean the filter once every 2 weeks. В
В 1. Lift the indoor unit panel up to an angle until it stops
witha clicking sound. |
Ш nf 2. Take hold of the handle of the air filter and lift it up
cs slightly to take it out from the filter holder, then
© pull it downwards. e
: 3 3. Remove the AIR FILTER from the indoor unit.
© * Clean the AIR FILTER once two weeks. |
Do Clean the AIR FILTER with a vacuum cleaner
‘or water, then dry i up in cool place.
| Муси plan to dle the unit for a long time, perform the
(1) С Operate the fan for. about half a à day to dry the
inside of the unit. |
tes @ Stop the air conditioner and disconnect power.
~~ Remove the batteries from the remote controller.
| ® The outdoor unit requires periodic maintenance
and ‘cleaning. Do not aitempt to do this yourself.
- Contact your: dealer or servi cer.
Cc Checks before operation hb a
À Check that the wir ring is not broken of o or disconnected.
e Check that the air filter is installed.
+ e Check i if the air outlet or inlet is blocked after the
- air conditioner has not been used for a long time.
| ® Do not touch the metal parts of the unit when
removing the filter. Injuries can occur when-
handling sharp metal edges.
e Do not use water to clean inside the air condi tioner.
А Exposure to water can destroy the insulati lon,
| leading to possible electric shock. a
“e When cleaning the unit, first make sure that the
- power and circuit breaker are turned off.
“The following events may occur yr during normal operation
41. Protection of the air conditioner.
-— Compressor f protection E : oe :
e The compressor can't restart for 3r mi inutes after it stops.
Anti-cold air (Cooling and heating models only) | e GER E
—e The unitis designed not to blow ‘cold air on HEAT mode, when the indoor heat exchanger i is in
— one of the followi ing three situations and the set temperature has not been reached:
A) When heati ing has just start ing. |
В) Defrosting. Eo
°С) Low temperature hesthg. o В |
© The indoor or outdoor fan sb running ‚her defrosti ing (Cooling and heating models only).
Defrosting (Cooling and heating models only) RE
© Frost may be generated on the outdoor unit during heat cycle when outdoor temperature is ow
“and humidity | is high resulting in lower heating efficiency of the air conditioner. |
© During this condition air conditioner will stop heating operation and start defrosting automatically.
© The time to defrost may vary from 4 to 10 minutes accord ing to the outdoor or temperature and
the amount: ofi frost buildup on the outdoor unit. ENT
A white mist ¢ teo ming ; out from the i indoor unit 3 EA a
© А white mi ist may generate due to a a large: temperature di di fference between e air in niet and: air r out et e
“on COOL mode in an indoor environment that has a high relative humi dity. Ш Е
© A white mist may generate due to moisture generated 1 from defrosting process when the air
conditioner restarts. in HEAT mode eme after defrosting.
3 Low noise of the z air conditioner - | |
e You may hear alow hi issing sound when the compressor is running or has just stopped running.
This sound is the sound of the refrigerant flowing or coming to a stop.
e ‘You can also hear a low “squeak” sound when the compressor is running or has just stopped
“running. This is caused by heat expansion and cold contraction of tne plast с ‘parts | in the unit
- when the temperature is changing. © a.
e A noise may. be heard due to louver restoring to is orginal postion when power is fi rst t turned on.
4. Dust | is blown out from the indoor unit.
This isa normal condition when the air conditioner nas not been used for a long time or during first
use of the unit. | o
5. A aa comes out from the indoor unit. uu | ВЕ
This is caused by the indoor unit giving off smells permeated from buildi ing materi al, from furniture,
‘or smoke. |
6. The air conditioner turns to FAN only mode from ( COOL or HEAT T (For cooling and
heating models only) mode. UE
When indoor temperature reaches the temperature setting on air conditioner, the ‘compressor will
stop automatically, and thè air conditioner turns to FAN only mode. The compressor will start again
when the indoor temperature rises on COOL mode or falls on HEAT mode (For cooling and heating
models only) to the set point.
Dripping water may generate € on the surface of the indoor unit when cooling in a high
relati ively humidity (relative humidity higher than 80%). Adjust the horizontal louver to
the maximum air outlet position. and select HIGH. fan "peed. | o
. Heating mode (For cooling and heating n odes on ly) =
The air conditioner draws in heat from the outdoor unit and releases it via the indoor unit
during heating operation. When the outdoor temperature falls, heat drawn in by the air
~ conditioner decreases accordingly. At the same time, heat loadi ing of the air conditioner
increases due to larger difference between indoor and outdoor temperature. Ifa
comfortable temperature can't be achieved by the : air Ir conditioner, we e suggest you use a
supplementary heati ing device. | ВЕ ETS
Auto-restart function .. | | | _
Power failure during operation will stop the unit completely. |
For the unit without Auto-restart feature, when the power restores, the OPERATION indicator
“on the indoor unit starts flashing. To restart the operation, push the ON/OFF button on the
remote controller. For the unit with Auto- restart feature, when the power restores, the unit
restarts automat ically with all the previous settings preserved by the memory functio ion.
10. A power source nearby may cause the unit to malfunction.
Disconnect the unit with power and then re-connect the unit with power again. Push the
ON/OFF button on the remote controller to restart орегай on,
Stop ear r condi oner | immed; diately f one oft the following ® faults occur. D
dries once
isconnect the es
power and contact the nearest customer service center.
- © this f flash can't be fi xed by disconnecting { the power, and then reconnectin ng.
ON indicator or other indi cators flash rapi idly 50 times every second) a and
LF Fuse blows frequently or ¢ ci rut breaker tr ips frequently.
о | Other objects or water penetrate the air conditi oner.
5 The remote controller won't work or works abnormally. _ Ce
gs oe abnormal s
tuations. en ve ET
| ne faffunctions _
d es not
= Battery inf
|| Unit may have become
“|Power 6 out
| chest that plug is securely | in wall |
Ea receptacle. | ВЕ
E. have been exhausted.
; Remote o controller may
| Replace the battery. E
En = |The ti tir me e you h 1 have set Wi ith timer
~~ |isincorrect.
“| Wait or cancel timer setting.
ces | Unit not cooling
ss | or heating — 5
| inappropriate temperature
| setin ng.
Set temperature correctly. For
“| detailed method please referto —
"Using remote control” section
only, i e | Air fitter is blocked.
Clean the air filter
g Doors or Wi ndows are open. _
Close the doors or windows.
a ; Ш ) Air inlet с or r outlet of indoor or
| ct она outdoor unit has been blocked.
- Clear obstruct ons away fi first, then -
5 : "Compressor 3 3 mi a
5 protect ion has been activated.
+ restart the unit.
If the trouble has not been corrected, please contact a local dealer or the nearest customer
service center. Be sure to inform them of the detailed malfunctions and unit model.
Notes: Do not attem > to repair the unit yourself.
Coaire: Fort Worth, TX, 1-877-COAIRE1, -
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