MCM906/12 Philips Component Hi
Component Hi-Fi system
Hi-Fi tube
Dome tweeter 150W
Obsessed with sound
Enjoy warm Hi-Fi sound
Immerse yourself in audiophile quality sound with the new Philips Micro System MCM906
that features a silk dome tweeter. Plus, elegant wooden speakers and an aluminum
cabinet enhance the sound quality, while ensuring precision and control.
Enrich your sound experience
• Premium Hi-Fi tubes for perfectly pure and natural sound
• Silk dome tweeter for crystal clear sound
• Gold-plated speaker connector for finest signal transmission
• Class 'D' digital amplifier for quality sound performance
• Treble and Bass Control for easy high and low tone settings
• Loudness for bass and treble enhancement
• 2x75W RMS/ 2x150W music power
Unlimited listening pleasure
• Play MP3/WMA-CD, CD and CD-RW
• USB Direct for MP3/WMA music playback
Premium finishing with noble materials
• Wooden speakers for great natural sound
• Aluminum die cast cabinet
Component Hi-Fi system
Hi-Fi tube Dome tweeter 150W
Premium Hi-Fi tubes
a result, the sound produced by a silk dome
tweeter is smooth, warm and has a wide range.
Gold-plated speaker connector
With built-in Hi-Fi Tubes, you can now
experience sound of the highest quality that¡¦s
usually only associated with premium
audiophile systems. The analog nature of the
tubes provides a more pleasing sound to our
non-linear hearing system. Sound from a tube
has low distortion and is always preferred for
its clean and detailed, warm and life-like audio
The Gold-plated speaker connector ensures
better audio signal transmission compared to
traditional click-fit connections. It also
minimizes the electrical signal loss from the
amplifier to the speaker box, resulting in sound
reproduction that's as close to reality as
Silk dome tweeter
A silk dome tweeter holds a diaphragm made
with silk - a material superior to the others
that is used in ordinary tweeters. The silk
material used in the diaphragm has superior
sound damping characteristics and its soft
texture ensures minimal acoustic breakup. As
Class 'D' Amplifier
Class ‘D’ Digital Amplifier takes an analog
signal, converts it into a digital signal and then
amplifies the signal digitally. The signal then
enters a demodulation filter to give the final
output. The amplified digital output delivers all
the advantages of digital audio, including
improved sound quality. In addition, Class ‘D’
Digital Amplifier has greater than 90%
efficiency compared to traditional AB
amplifiers. This high efficiency translates into a
powerful amplifier with a small footprint.
Treble and Bass Control
Treble and bass are equalizer features that
control the high and low frequency sound
levels of your audio respectively. Treble
specifically regulates the amplification of the
high tones in the music while bass controls the
amplification level of the low tones. Using the
up and down keys, the listener can
conveniently place more or less emphasis on
the low and high tones, or leave treble and bass
flat to playback music according to its original
recorded setting. Treble and Bass Control lets
you listen to your music the way you like it.
Loudness for bass and treble
In the sound spectrum, high and low
frequencies are relatively less audible to human
ears - especially at low volumes. By activating
the Loudness feature, the bass and treble will
be amplified so you can savor a more balanced
sound perception overall.
USB Direct-MP3/WMA
With the USB Direct mode, you can simply
select the music on a USB device and playback
all your content. All you have to do is plug in
your USB device to playback music or export
content from the device.
Component Hi-Fi system
Hi-Fi tube Dome tweeter 150W
• Output Power: 2x75W RMS, 2x150W Music
• Sound Enhancement: Vacuum Tube Preamplifier,
Treble and Bass Control, Loudness
• Main Speaker: 2 way, Speaker grilles detachable,
5.25" woofer, Cone Dome Tweeter, Gold-plate
speaker connectors
Audio Playback
• Aux in: 2x(L/R)/ RCA
• Headphone: 6.3 mm
• USB: USB host
• Alarms: CD Alarm, Sleep timer, Radio Alarm, USB
• Clock: On main display
• Display Type: VFD display
• Eco Power Standby: 1 watt
• Indications: DIM mode
• Playback Media: WMA-CD, MP3-CD, CD-RW,
• Disc Playback Modes: 20-Track Programmable,
Repeat/one/all/program, Shuffle Play
• Loader Type: Motorised, Tray
• USB Direct Modes: Fast Backward/Fast Forward,
Play/Pause, Previous/Next, Program Play, Repeat,
Shuffle, Stop
• Set dimensions (W x H x D): 280 x 130 x 290 mm
• Main speaker dimensions (W x H x D):
185 x 305 x 225 mm
• Packaging dimensions (W x H x D):
794 x 380 x 244 mm
• Weight incl. Packaging: 17 kg
Auto digital tuning
Station presets: 20
Tuner Bands: FM Stereo
RDS: Radio Text, RDS Clock Set, Station Name
Tuner Enhancements: Auto Store
• Other connections: FM Antenna
• Included accessories: FM antenna, World Wide
Warranty leaflet
• Remote control: 41-key
• Quick start guide: English, German, Dutch, French,
Spanish, Italian
• User Manual: 16 languages
• Power supply: 220-240V, 50Hz
Issue date 2010-09-24
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