Universal heated vest GV1U
Universal heated vest GV1U
battery: any powerbank (not included)
heating element: 9W - carbon fiber
the heating element is located at the front and the back of the vest
modes: 33% (LO), 66% (MED), 100% (HI)
working time: 10000mAh powerbank - 33% (15h), 66% (10h), 100% (5h)
fabric: outer: nylon, lining: polyester
sizes: UNI
weight without batteries: 290g
The heating element is constructed from carbon fibres offering extraordinary reliability and durability as
well as medical properties, thanks to infrared waves
A pocket for storing the battery offers you comfort of use every day
The heating element is located at the front and the back of the vest, thanks to which the heat is evenly
Multi-point adjustment of the vest’s belts allows for adjustment to a wide range of sizes
The thermoactive fabric allows for quick moisture absorption and has biostatic properties, thanks to which it
supports the operation of the heating system
Cleaning and maintenance
The heating element used in is resistant to moisture. However, strong laundry detergent can cause mechanical
damage of the heating element . Therefore, we recommend surface cleaning with a cloth or brush with a small
amount of detergent and gentle rinsing . If you need a more powerful washing, tightly wrap the end of the
power cord. Do not clean with battery connected to them !
Before first use, fully charge the battery.
If the battery is stored for long periods without use, it should be fully charged before storage and charging
should be repeated every 3 months.
If there is mechanical damage to any items, immediately turn off the device and remove the battery . The
defective part must be sent to the service for repair or replacement .
Universal heated vest GV1U
Charging the internal battery
Connect batteries to the charger socket and then plug the charger to the electricity outlet.
Charging time is approximately 5-6 hours.
Turning on and operation
Each time before turning on , make sure that the built- in connection cable is not mechanically
damaged. Also make sure that the connected battery is free of mechanical damage.
Connect the battery to the built-in cable. Place the battery in your pocket and zip it up.
To start the heating press and hold the POWER button for 2 seconds. Device will turn on with
the heating power at 100%. Another short press of the POWER button toggles the heating
power to 66%, 33% and again 100%, which is indicated by litting corresponding LED lights.
To turn off the heat press and hold the POWER button
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