USER MANUAL Training Instruction Day 3 and Day 4 Day 5 During

USER MANUAL Training Instruction Day 3 and Day 4 Day 5 During
Read and understand this entire manual before allowing child to use this product !
To be assembled and used under Adult Supervision.
Four Wheel Drive has been referred as 4WD
Training Instruction
The first day is most important as the child starts recognising and accepting 4WD. Any bad
experience here may make the child fearful. So kindly read the instructions carefully.
Do not give the 4WD unless the child has learnt to walk and balance itself while standing.
Day 1 and Day 2
Help the child accept the 4WD by holding him with
your hands.
Day 1
Both feet should touch the ground after sitting on seat
properly. (Day-1)
Gently shake the rear portion so that child can feel the
wheel movements. (Day-2) Child may tend to fall. This is
normal as the child is not used to 4WD
Do not force if child falls more than once. you can again
Day 2
try after a week. Make sure that both feet touch the ground.
(this Shall eliminate the risk of falling & help the child in
Day 3 and Day 4
Day 3-4
If child is comfortable from Day 1 position and can sit
on the 4WD then gently push it forward.
Pushing 4WD with jerk for speed will cause the child to
lose control and the child may disbalance. (Day-3)
Day 4 - Move 4WD backwards also.
Day 5
Repeat the above movements gently.
This will help the child take control of the 4WD enabling it to move in all directions.
During 6-7 days
You can repeat the steps according to how the child has picked up. Spend more days than
mentioned on the above steps. Normally a child takes approx 15 days to start enjoying 4WD
in all directions. Since every child has his unique time for walk and various body movement
some child may take more time. This is perfectly normal.
Speed adjustment button
Speed can be adjusted slow or fast by push of yellow
button on the front wheels.
CAUTION : Keep both the buttons in the same position
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