to the Gunnar owner`s manual
Your new Gunnar frameset reflects the passion of people who like bikes
- bikes for fun, bikes for work and bikes to help you grow. We'd like you to be
able to look at your bike as a loyal friend, just like Gunnar is to us.
Tough as we've built your Gunnar, it needs care to give you the service
you deserve. In this manual we provide you lots of tips on how to keep your
Gunnar happy for many years.
Gunnar is our shop dog and your symbol for the fun, passion and loyalty
we put into every Gunnar frame and fork.
Use special care in unpacking your Gunnar to minimize damage. Wait until
you are ready to begin assembly before you fully unpack the frameset. To
remove the frame and fork from the box, you will need: a box staple remover, a
flat head screw driver and a pair of pliers. It’s a good idea to have your bike
stand ready to mount your Gunnar for assembly, as well as a seatpost. Do not
use a box cutter since you’ll want to save the box for possible future use.
• Remove as many staples as possible - particularly from the top flap of the
box. Use the staple remover. If not available, use the flat head screw driver
to lift up the staple and the pliers to finish removal.
• Be sure to remove all packing material from the bike - especially the seatmast
stabilizer tube. This tube prevents the frame from shifting from side to side
during shipping. If the tube slips down into the seatmast and is then assembled,
it can hold moisture inside the tube which can lead to structural corrosion.
• Be sure you’ve located anything else enclosed with your frameset: Shipping
documents, chainstay protector, owner's manual, special fork hardware,
accessories and/or clothing.
• To assemble and service your Gunnar, install the seatpost and clamp the
seatpost, not your frame, to your bike stand. Clamping your Gunnar
frame directly may deform the clamped tube!
The long, safe and enjoyable service of your Gunnar begins with proper
assembly. Make sure that the components selected for your frame are designed
to fit it.
Seatposts: Seatposts should measure only .02 mm less than the stated
dimension of the seatpost (e.g. 27.18 for a 27.2mm post. For most alloy posts,
a light application of lithium grease does the job. For carbon posts, use a wax.
If you find the seatpost slipping from hard use, apply a friction paste such as
Syntace Dynamic Friction Paste. WARNINGS: Do not install the seatpost clamp
with the bolt assembly toward the front of the bike. Failure to follow these
requirements may void your warranty.
Seatpost Insertion: Make sure you have enough insertion for your
seatpost. You should never see the max height line marked on the seatpost.
You'll have better support if you have at least 1 inch (25mm) between the max
height line and the top of the seat tube.
Headsets: Headsets should be tightened according to the headset
manufacturer's instructions. Loose headsets may cause ovalization of the
head tube, especially on mountain bikes, where hard hits hammer the fork
steerer tube against the head cups.
Threadless headsets: Gunnar recommends against installing more
than 40mm of headset spacers on its steel forks. Review with the manufacturer
for limits on separately purchased forks.
Bottom bracket: Use the spindle length of recommended by the crank/
bottom bracket manufacturer. Be sure to provide enough chainring clearance
(at least 3mm). If the bottom bracket clamps to the faces, sand the face down
to the primer to prevent damage to paint beyond the edges of the bottom bracket
Tires: Tire proportions and sizing are not standardized. Two 700x23C
tires may have different diameters, even different model years, for a particular
tire. Gunnar attempts to provide generous clearance for an expected range of
tire sizes, but cannot guarantee that all tires will fit a particular frame.
Racks/Fenders: Be sure to use washers to protect the paint on eyelets
and rack mounts.
The finishes on your new Waterford-built frameset contain the most
advanced urethane polymers available. Properly cared for, your frame finish
will retain its deep luster and gloss through years of hard service. However,
even the most advanced finishes can absorb water and sweat which allow
corrosion to begin beneath the surface. The following procedures can
significantly extend the life of your finish:
Let it cure. Your paint requires about a month from when we paint it to fully
cure. When you get your 30-day check-up with your dealer, have your
Gunnar Dealer clean and wax your bike.
Use the right wax: Once cured, use a non-breathable, carnauba wax with
UV protectants, such as Meguaires Tech Wax or Johnson's Turtle Wax. UV
protection slows fading and embrittling of the paint Be sure to wax hard to
reach surfaces such as the inside of cable stops and around water bottle
bosses, as these areas are where corrosion can start.
Use only a soft cloth when buffing. This prevents the appearance of tiny
scratches in the finish. Many paper towels include plastic fibers which can
abrade the surface.
When to re-wax: Once a year will do it for most environments. Winter
commuters and riders in salt-air conditions should get at least a second
waxing. When water stops beading up on the surface of your frame, it's
time to re-wax.
Why, when and how to clean your Gunnar: Washing your Gunnar rinses
off salt, sweat and sports drinks - the three major agents of corrosion. It also
removes road grime, which abrades your finish and compromises the waxed
• Remove cables from split cable stops to make sure the stops get cleaned
(and waxed).
• Use a mild detergent such as dish soap or Simple Green. well-diluted.
• Use only a soft-bristle brush and sponge to wash.
• Rinse generously with clear water.
• Use only a 100% cotton towel for drying.
• Drain by holding the frame with the front axle over the rear axle.
Touch-up scratches soon after they appear, either using Waterford touchup paint or, in a pinch, nail polish. You can order touch-up paint either through
your dealer or directly from Waterford.
Add protection to your frame through special internal treatments such as
with Weigel's FrameSaverTM. Internal protecion is critical for winter commuting
- especially in areas with salted roads or salt air.
Do not plug drain holes. Plugging up drain holes prevents the release
of moisture which inevitably forms inside the frame. Moisture trapped in the
sealed section of the frame will accelerate corrosion.
Drain your frame after wet rides or washings by holding the frame
such that the front axle is directly over the rear axle.
Ride Safe: Even though all we provide is the frame, the complete bike and, the
rider is always our chief concern. Follow safe riding practices:
> Always wear a helmet.
> Obey traffic laws.
> Wear proper clothing for conditions.
> Stay visible day and night with bright clothing, reflectors and proper lighting.
Inspection: While cleaning and waxing your machine, regularly inspect, adjust
and, if necessary, replace components to insure better overall riding
performance and avoid stress on the head tube, bottom bracket and derailleur
hanger threads.
If you crash. . . The beauty of steel is that structural failure is typically slow.
If you have a crash, a crack might not be visible. Continue to inspect the
frame during the period after the crash to see if small cracks appear.
Proper and regular mechanical maintenance will extend your
frameset's life for many years.
Follow your component manufacturer's recommendations for
proper maintenance. External moving parts should be lubricated
regularly, especially chain as well as pivot points on the derailleur,
shifters, brake levers and calipers. Chains should be replaced when
they stretch beyond the manufacturer's standards. Follow the
manufacturer's instructions for such work.
• Perform a full annual tuneup: This includes disassembly, inspection
and possible component replacement as well as relubrication of internal
surfaces such as bearings, bottom bracket threads and derailleur
mounts. Include a thorough cleaning and waxing to keep your finish
• Don't forget the seatpost: At least annually, remove, relubricate (or
reapply wax or friction paste, depending on the post) and reinstall the
• Consider more frequent maintenance in corrosive conditions such
as in places with high humidity and/or salt air.
Rigourous mechanical maintenance not only improves general safety,
it also will improve your race results and/or enjoyment of long rides.
Remember, a cleaned and tuned bike is a fast bike!
Your Gunnar represents the highest level of workmanship and
technology available today. A number of Waterfords have already become
collector's items and appear in museums. Help us maintain your bike's
pedigree by providing us information about yourself.
• If you sell your Gunnar, please invite your buyer to register their
name with us, as well.
• Register any way you can: . The best way to register is at If an internet connection is not available, call us to
register by phone during regular office hours at 262-534-4190.
Assure your place in history. Register now!
Don't forget to insure your Gunnar. It's a big enough investment to
warrant adding it to your homeowners or other property insurance policy.
This protects you in case of accidents, theft and so on.
This internet resource is available 24 hours a day and includes
detailed technical information as well as up to the minute news and fast
service. The full address is
Steerer Tube Diameter
Bottom Bracket Thread
Bottom Bracket Width
Front Derailleur Clamp Diam
Seatpost Diameter
Rear Dropout Spacing
CrossHairs Street Dog
1 1/8" / 28.6mm
English (BSA)
1 1/8" / 28.6mm
Rock Tour
All specifications are subject to change without notice.
Your Gunnar was built by Waterford Precision Cycles, Inc.
("Waterford") who warrants against all defects in material or workmanship
for Gunnar Framesets sold by Waterford or through its authorized dealers
without a time limit. This warranty does not cover normal wear and tear,
normal maintenance items or any damage, failure or loss caused by:
1. Accident, misuse, neglect, abuse or improper maintenance.
2. Use of the product for stunt riding, ramp jumping, acrobatics,
competition or similar activities.
3. Structural modifications made by anyone other than Waterford
Precision Cycles.
4. Failure to follow instructions or warnings in the owner's manual.
This Warranty is applicable to the original purchaser of the frameset
only. Purchasers through on-line web sites are not considered the
original owner.
This Warranty does not cover separately sold products.
Waterford will, at its option, repair or replace a defective product.
Dealer labor charges are not covered by this warranty.
Waterford is not liable for incidental or consequential damages. Repair
or replacement of defective products is the sole remedy under this
If you elect to repair a damaged or defective Waterford product through
a source other than Waterford then Waterford will not be liable for the
defect(s) or damage caused by such repairs.
816 W. Bakke Ave.
Waterford, Wisconsin 53185
Phone: 262.534.4190
Fax: 262.534.4194
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