Baby Lock
Sewing Accessories
Bias Binder Foot
Machine Settings
Straight, zigzag or all forward
decorative stitches
Stitch length:
Stitch width:
When you want to apply binding to either home decorating
projects or garments, the Baby Lock Bias Binder Foot allows you
to do this with ease.
The Baby Lock Bias Binder Foot is great to use when attaching
unfinished bias that is cut 1-1/8” wide. Pre-folded tape should
be pressed flat. Cut the end of the bias at a 45° angle before
inserting it into the foot. Be sure any seams in your bias are
pressed toward you to prevent any bunching or catching in the
seam allowance.
Sew using a small zigzag stitch or guide the bias into the cone,
feeding the bias tape straight into the binder so the same amount
of tape is sewn on the top and bottom. Insert fabric (that will be
finished) into the cone center from the left to right. As you sew,
the cone will wrap the bias around the unfinished edge of the
fabric. Move your needle to the position where you would like to
have your straight stitch placed.
Note: Use the width control to move your needle from the left
needle position.
Note: This foot will fit Quilter’s Choice Professional (BLQP) and
Jane (BL500A) if master bracket (BLQP-MB) is used.
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