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iD9 IB - UK
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Jan. 13, 11.
instruction manual
Thank you for purchasing the iHome iD9. This product is designed to provide
high quality sound for your iPad, iPhone or iPod, and for auxiliary audio
devices. The iD9 is an “app-friendly” product, which means it works with
iHome apps such as iHome+Sleep to set alarms and with iHome+Radio to
listen to internet radio stations from around the globe. Visit the App Store to
download these apps and to learn more.
This instruction booklet explains the basic operation and care of the unit.
Please read it carefully and keep it for future reference.
are registered trademarks of SRS Labs, Inc.
TruBass and WOW technologies are incorporated under license from SRS Labs, Inc.
This product bears the selective sorting symbol for waste electrical and electronic equipment
This means that this product must be handled pursuant to European Directive 2002/96/EC
in order to be recycled or dismantled to minimize its impact on the environment.
For further information, please contact your local or regional authorities.
Electronic products not included in the selective sorting process are potentially dangerous for the
environment and human health due to the presence of hazardous substances.
Place the unit on a level surface away from sources of direct sunlight or excessive heat.
Protect your furniture when placing your unit on a natural wood and lacquered finish. A cloth or other protective
material should be placed between it and the furniture.
Clean your unit with a soft cloth moistened only with mild soap and water. Stronger cleaning agents, such as
Benzene, thinner or similar materials can damage the surface of the unit.
Table of Contents
Meet Your iD9 ............................................................................ 1-2
Getting Started .............................................................................. 3
Charging the Internal Battery ............................................................ 4
Charging your iPad, iPhone or iPod ................................................... 5
Playing your iPad, iPhone or iPod ...................................................... 5
Using the Line-in Jack....................................................................... 6
Using the Remote Switch.................................................................. 7
Internal Rechargeable Lithium-ion Battery............................................. 8
Consumer Product Safety Guide ........................................................ 9
Troubleshooting ............................................................................ 11
Meet Your iD9
iPad rests (place bumpers here to dock iPad without a case)
Flexible Dock 30 Pin Connector
Battery Charge Indicator
Lower/Raise Volume Switch
Power Button
Line-in Jack
DC 9V, 2.5A
DC Jack
Remote Auto/On Switch
Meet Your iD9
• iD9 system
• 100V-240V universal voltage AC adaptor
• iPad bumpers
Using the
Getting Started
1.Plug the 100V - 240V universal
switching AC adapter into the DC
jack on the rear of the iD9 and
the other end into a working
outlet. A row of 4 white LED
indicators will light up, indicating
the unit has power and has begun
charging the internal battery. If the
white lights do not appear, try
activating any wall switch that
controls the outlet, or try using
another outlet.
Push button to
release plug head
Push plug head in
to change plugs
Using the
Charging the Internal Battery
The iD9 has an internal rechargeable Lithium-ion battery which should last
the life of the unit. Charge the battery fully for first time use. Please allow at
least 6 hours to fully charge the unit for first time use.
1. Make sure the AC adaptor is properly connected to the unit and plugged
into a working power source.
2. The internal battery will charge. While the battery is charging, the white
LED battery indicator lights will cycle to the right.
3. When the battery is fully charged, all 4 battery indicators will remain lit
while the unit is powered on. As the battery runs down, the lights will go
out (see below).
Fully charged
75% charge
50% charge
25% charge
When there is no battery indicator light, the battery is dead and needs to
be charged. NOTE: Even if the battery is dead, the unit will still operate
while connected to AC power.
Using the
Charging your iPad, iPhone or iPod
1.The unit must be connected to an AC power
source to charge your iPad, iPhone or iPod. It will
not charge these devices when operating on the
internal battery.
2.Gently dock your iPad, iPhone or iPod. Your
device will begin charging and while docked
will continue until fully charged. iPod Classic (1G
and 2G) will not charge.
Playing your iPad,iPhone or iPod
1.Gently dock an already playing iPad, iPhone or iPod. The unit will power
on. Or, dock your device, then turn on the unit by pressing the Power Button.
Select the source you wish to listen to on your device
2.Press the – / + Volume Button to adjust volume to the desired level. NOTE:
To save battery power, this unit has lower volume output when operating on
the internal battery.
3. When you are done listening, press the Power Button to turn off the unit and
your device.
Using the
Using the Line-in Jack
The iD9 has an aux line-in jack located on the back of the unit for listening to
any audio device equipped with a headphone or line-out jack.
Note: Do not connect a device to the line-in jack while an iPad, iPhone or
iPod is docked or you will hear both sources playing at once.
1. Plug one end of a standard 3.5mm audio cable into the headphone jack
or line-out jack of your device and the other end into the line-in jack on the
2. Press the Power Button on the iD9.
3. Use the play control on your device. Adjust the volume to the desired
listening level with the – / + Volume Button. You may need to adjust the
level on your audio device, too. NOTE: To save battery power, this unit
has lower volume output when operating on the internal battery.
4. When you are done listening, press the Power Button to turn off the unit.
Remember to turn off the power on your audio device, too.
Using the
Using the Remote Switch
The iD9 has a Remote Switch located on the back of the unit. Slide the
switch to the AUTO position to save battery power when traveling or
operating on the internal battery. AUTO disables remote operation when
operating on the internal battery. Slide switch to ON position for normal
remote operation.
NOTE: The optional Rz7remote control for the iD9 is available at
Using the
Internal Rechargeable Lithium-ion Battery
This device uses an internal rechargeable lithium-ion battery that should last the lifetime of the device. If you suspect your
battery may be dead, try charging it several times. If the battery does not recharge, please contact us for repair information.
Please do NOT attempt to change the battery yourself. If the battery has died and you do not want Manufacturer to replace
your battery, you should follow the disposal instructions below:
• Never dispose of used batteries/electronics with ordinary solid wastes, since they contain toxic substances.
• Always dispose of used batteries/electronics in accordance with the prevailing community regulations that apply to the
disposal of batteries/electronics. If there are no local regulations concerning battery/electronics disposal, please dispose of
the device in a waste bin for electronic devices.
• Many electronics retailers now recycle batteries and other electronic components at no charge. Check to see which ones in
your area do so.
• Never use or charge the battery if it appears to be leaking, discolored, deformed, or in any way abnormal.
• Never disassemble the unit or attempt to remove battery as that could cause leakage of alkaline solution or other electrolytic
• Always confirm that the temperature is 5°C – 35° C (41° - 95° Fahrenheit) before you charge the battery. Leakage or
deterioration of the battery may occur if this warning is not heeded.
• Never expose the battery to any liquid.
• Never expose the battery to excessive heat such as direct sunlight or fire. Never use the battery pack in an unventilated vehicle
where excessive internal temperatures may be encountered.
• Always keep the battery out of the reach of infants and small children.
Consumer Product Safety Guide
When used in the directed manner, this unit has been designed and manufactured to ensure your
personal safety. However, improper use can result in potential electrical shock or fire hazards. Please
read all safety and operating instructions carefully before installation and use, and keep these instructions
handy for future reference. Take special note of all warnings listed in these instructions and on the unit.
1. Water and Moisture – The unit should not be used near water. For example: near a bathtub,
washbowl, kitchen sink, laundry tub, swimming pool or in a wet basement.
2. Ventilation – The unit should be situated so that its location or position does not interfere with its
proper ventilation. For example, it should not be situated on a bed, sofa, rug or similar surface that
may block ventilation openings. Also, it should not be placed in a built-in installation, such as a
bookcase or cabinet, which may impede the flow of air through the ventilation openings.
3. Heat – The unit should be situated away from heat sources such as radiators, heat registers, stoves
or other appliances (including amplifiers) that produce heat.
4. Power Sources – The unit should be connected to a power supply only of the type described in
the operating instructions or as marked on the appliance.
5. Power-Cable Protection – Power supply cables should be routed so that they are not likely to be
walked on or pinched by items placed upon or against them. It is always best to have a clear
area from where the cable exits the unit to where it is plugged into an AC socket.
6. Cleaning – The unit should be cleaned only using a warm damp cloth. Do not use solvents, etc.
7. Objects and Liquid Entry – Care should be taken so that objects do not fall and liquids are not
spilled into any openings or vents located on the product.
8. Attachments – Do not use attachments not recommended by the product manufacturer.
9. Lightning and Power Surge Protection – Unplug the unit from the wall socket and disconnect the
antenna or cable system during a lightning storm or when it is left unattended and unused for long
periods of time. This will prevent damage to the product due to lightning and power-line surges.
10. Overloading – Do not overload wall sockets, extension cords, or integral convenience receptacles
as this can result in a risk of fire or electric shock.
11. Damage Requiring Service – The unit should be serviced by qualified service personnel when:
A. the power supply cable or plug has been damaged.
B. objects have fallen into or liquid has been spilled into the enclosure.
C. the unit has been exposed to rain.
D. the unit has been dropped or the enclosure damaged.
E. the unit exhibits a marked change in performance or does not operate normally.
12. Periods of Nonuse – If the unit is to be left unused for an extended period of time, such as a month
or longer, the power cable should be unplugged from the unit to prevent damage or corrosion.
13. Servicing – The user should not attempt to service the unit beyond those methods described in the
user’s operating instructions. Service methods not covered in the operating instructions should be
referred to qualified service personnel.
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Unit doesn’t respond (no power)
Make sure AC adaptor is connected to unit and is plugged into a working
outlet (plug another device into the same outlet to confirm outlet is working,
and make sure any associated power switch is ON).
iPhone/iPod/iPad does not charge
The iD9 will not charge devices while operating on the internal battery.
Make sure AC adaptor is connected to unit and is plugged into a working
outlet (plug another device into the same outlet to confirm outlet is working,
and make sure any associated power switch is ON).
Make sure you have the latest firmware for your iPad, iPhone or iPod (update
via iTunes if needed). Make sure your device is working properly. Check your
iPhone or iPod manual for details.
For further information and to see the latest instructions, visit
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