Travel Agent User Manual - Fred. Olsen Cruise Lines

Travel Agent User Manual - Fred. Olsen Cruise Lines
Notes before you Start
Please note when using the BACK STEP & NEXT STEP buttons in the application these
are not to be used in the same way as you do when using the Internet Explorer BACK &
NEXT buttons.
Where possible use the START AGAIN button when starting a new booking.
Agent Booking Menu
This menu offers 2 options; Find a Booking and Find a Cruise.
Click on
look at cruise details
and make a booking.
Click on FIND A BOOKING to
locate previous guests’
How to Find and Book a Cruise
The Find a Cruise section allows you to search for a cruise by the cruise code, or alternatively by
filling in details about the cruise e.g. ship name, departure date, region etc.
Available Cruises
Once you have entered search details for a cruise on the above screen and clicked the NEXT
STEP button you will see the results of the search in the screen as follows:
Alternatively you can
Search by cruise codesearch
for a cruise by
entering it here.
filling in these fields.
Your Requirements – Step 1 of the Booking Process
Once you have selected a cruise to book you will see the following:
If there are any children on the
booking, spaces will appear
for you to enter the ages of
the children at time of travel.
Select the number of
passengers from the drop
down lists provided.
Enter the guests Oceans
number here if they have one.
First oceans number entered
should be that of the lead guest.
Enter a Promotional Code
here if they have one.
If it is a fly cruise,
one or more flight
options will appear
You can view the itinerary or start
again at any point. The itinerary
will be displayed in a separate
window. Starting again will take
you back to the Agent Booking
Key Booking Points
Once you have selected the booking requirements you will see a page similar to the one below,
outlining key information about the booking. This information is to be relayed to the guest.
If you are booking a fly cruise you may also see an information box like the one below with
information that needs to be relayed to the guest.
Accommodation – Step 2 of the Booking Process
Once you have entered the requirements of the booking you will see a page similar to the one below.
Your Cruise Price
Please ensure you read the
terms and conditions when
selecting an anchor
fare/applicable deal.
This stage shows the optional discounts of the cruise selected.
If you select an Anchor fare, please be mindful that the guest will be asked to pay a supplement for
their chosen dining. This can be added at the end of the booking or via our reservations department
0800 0355 150. In addition to this, ensure that the full terms and conditions are relayed to your guest.
Paying particular attention to payment details.
Once you have completed the above screen you will see the screen below. This may take a few
moments to load whilst it is processing your request.
Your Cabin Grade
Once the request has been sent you will see a screen similar to the one below. This screen gives you a
choice of available cabins.
Click here to view
the ships deck plans.
This screen will display the
discounted offers that you
can select a deck for
selected fromYou
the previous
cabin and or search for
page and the amandatory
specific cabinIf features
you know the cabin number
brochure price.
with this can enter it here and
book it if it’s available.
If you want a Printed Summary of the
grades, deals and prices above then click
on ‘Print Summary’. (Pic.2)
You can choose a
specific cabin by
checking this box.
You will have two or more columns in front of you depending on the deals chosen. The first column on
this example displays the brochure price. The second column will display the brochure price combined
with the drinks package.
This feature allows you to compare the best deal for your client. Tick the box of the cabin grade you
would like to book. If you have a specific cabin in mind or would like to refine your search, please see
next page.
If you wish to choose a specific cabin number, you can tick the box located at the bottom of the page
and type in this number in the box provided. See below example.
Alternatively, you can search for a
cabin based on deck of cabin
preference using the fields
provided. See below for more info
Enter the cabin number in this
box provided.
*When choosing a deck or cabin preference, you will be shown the first 9 cabins in selling
sequence of the best available. If you the cabin number you want does not show under best
available, you can enter the cabin number in the ‘specific cabin number’ field.
Once a cabin has been chosen, if
you click on ‘Show Prices’.
Located on the left-hand side of
the page under ‘Cruise details’.
This gives a breakdown of costs.
(See next page)
Show Prices
The ‘Prices’ window appears when the ‘Show Prices’ button is selected in the above accommodation
page once a cabin grade and deal is selected, it gives a breakdown of the prices.
Take note that you have 30
minutes to complete the
booking. If you exceed this
time you will have to start the
booking process again.
Click on ‘agent details’ to view the price
breakdown. Please be mindful if the deal
your guest has booked on requires full
payment, you will need to ignore the
request for a ‘deposit’.
Print Summary
The ‘Grade Availability’ window appears when the ‘Print Summary’ button is selected in the
accommodation page above giving you a breakdown of grades, brochure prices and any deals you
have selected. To view details of the cruise name, number of nights etc you will need to click on the
icon. Please note, the below ship, holiday, departure, duration and guest information will not
show until hardcopy is printed out.
- 10 -
Your Details – Step 3 of the Booking Process
At this stage you are prompted to fill in the guest
details. Please fill in the mandatory information.
Please note the 30 minute time frame to
complete the booking. Once the booking has
been complete you can input additional
If you type in a house number and
postcode and click on FIND
ADDRESS, it will automatically
find the address. IF you do not
have this option, click to enter this
information manually.
You still have the option to change the cabin at
this stage. – Note if you choose to change the
cabin you will loose any previously entered
data on this page. To do this, click back
- 11 -
Tick this box if you wish to
copy details of 1 guest into
the 2 guest details, this will
include surname, address,
and telephone.
*Only use this functionality
if the 2 guest resides at
the same address as the 1
- 12 -
Dining & Special Requests
In this section you can add dining preferences. On the following page you can select special requests
such as chocolates and champagne or request a table size. Any costs will be added to the total price of
the cruise.
You can choose a
special request to
add to the booking
from the drop down
If booking on an Anchor fare, you will see the below screen. Please advise guests of dining
supplement incurred should they wish to choose their preferred sitting.
Click on the ADD
DINING button to add
the request. Once
added it will appear in
the section below.
- 13 -
Special requests
Scenario: If you have two couples on one booking and only one couple require a special request package, this
section is where you would enter their cabin number and add on the package. You can select a date from the
drop down menu for birthdays, anniversaries etc.
- 14 -
Payment – Step 4 of the Booking Process
This page will give you a breakdown of the payment details of the booking.
Payment Calculation
The blue box displays
the deposit and booking
Click on DETAILS to
view a breakdown of all
costs that make up the
booking total.
If your booking is
made within 90 days
of departure, an
Anchor fare or
special deal, FULL
PAYMENTis required
at time of booking.
You must ignore
the request for a
deposit and ask the
guest for full
balance to be paid.
- 15 -
If the guest is happy with the payment, check the box to agree to the Terms and Conditions and click
Your Contact Name
Please supply your name as the contact for this booking.
Enter your name (the agent who is
taking the booking) here. This will
help when searching later.
Once you have entered the agent’s contact name, click on “Book Now” (You will see a confirmation
page with the booking details in the next step of the booking process).
Please note that once you click on BOOK NOW the booking is confirmed. Should you wish to
amend the booking, charges will apply as per our Terms and Conditions.
- 16 -
Complete – Step 5 of the Booking Process
You have now completed all necessary information for the booking.
Your Reservation
This page shows details of the reservation. If you have provided us with your agents email address you
will receive an email confirmation shortly; if not then a confirmation will be sent in the post.
Payment and reservation
reference. The guest
needs a note of this.
Once you click on COMPLETED you will be directed back to the Agent Booking Menu. This is
the end of the booking process.
- 17 -
How to Find and Amend a Booking
Click on the FIND A BOOKING button and you will see the following screen. This form allows you to
search by ‘Booking Reference’ or by guest details and other cruise details.
You can search for
bookings made by a
particular agent. Enter the
agent’s name here.
- 18 -
Your Bookings
Once you have filled in the desired criteria click the NEXT button to return the booking results as
The bookings with ‘BKD’ next to them are ‘booked’. The bookings with ‘CNX’ next to them are
cancelled. To select the booking to amend/modify, tick the ‘select’ field and press ‘next step’.
- 19 -
Booking Summary
The ‘Booking Summary’ section gives you all of the details of the booking that you can modify.
Where you can modify the booking
details, click on any one of the
MODIFY buttons. Please be mindful
that administration charges will
apply as per our Terms and
- 20 -
Handy Hints and Tips
 If you make a mistake Do always use Start Again
 Do remember that prices shown are based on Standard Occupancy. e.g. Two people in
a cabin
 If you are booking a twin cabin for a single passenger Do always click on Show Prices
to show the Sole Occupancy supplement.
 If you forget your password Do click on "Forgot Your Password?" where you log in and
you will be prompted to enter your email address for your TAC login and to send the
request. An email will then be sent to the submitted email address and instructions to
reset the password.
 Do remember that you can download a user manual to help you through the booking
process. Just click on the icon "Download Online booking manual" in the Travel Agent
 Don't use the forward or back buttons at the top of your screen always use the last step
or next step button at the bottom.
 Don't navigate away from the Travel Agent Centre. When you log in, if you go to look at
other areas, e.g. Shore Excursions, itineraries, Ship Information etc this will take you out
of the Travel Agent Centre. Please remember to log back in again before you make a
- 21 -
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