for electronic, mechanical, and software engineers

for electronic, mechanical, and software engineers
For HP Field Personnel Worldwide
December 1, 1985
for electronic, mechanical, and
software engineers
US Field Operations
Eurooenn Ooerationn
1nte;continental Operations
Major Account. Marketing
Cormrate Marketina
Vol. 11, No. 3
Roman Kichorowsky
Assistant Editors
Tracy Wester
Darleen Brettes
Computer News is published biweekly for Hewlett-Packard
field personnel to help you sell HP computers, computerrelated products, and computer-based systems by organizing, summarizing, and highlightingmarketing inforination
about new and existing system solutions.
Address editorial correspondence to Computer News,
Hewlett-Packard Company, Building 20BV, 3000 Hanover
Street, Palo Alto, CA 94304-0890 USA, COMSYS 0000.
Please send address changes and subscription requests* to
*For subscription requests, provide the following information:
(1) Enrployee No., (2) Nanre, (3) Division/Office Name,
(4) COMSYS No., (5) Building No., (6) Job Title, (7) Sales
Force, (8) Manager's Name, and ( 9 ) Manager's Employee No.
On the Cover
T h e H P DesignCenter is an integrated design environment
for electrical, mechanical, and
software engineers. It encompasses an entire family of software and hardware products,
based on the H P 9000, for the
(CAE), -design (CAD), and
-manufacturing (CAM)
markets. See the articles
beginning on page 20.
On the Back Cover
T h e new HP DesignCenter
series of products includes
eight new technical office
automation software packages
for the HP 9000. Foremost
among the technical office
software is AlisrM/HP-UX,
which performs a variety of integrated office productivity
functions for engineers using
H P 9000 workstations. See the
articles beginning on page 25.
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December 1, I
HP Computer Museum
For research and education purposes only.
Marketina Pers~ectives
Applying quality control to sales, service,
and support
Dick Alberdina
Executive vice President
Marketing and International
When quality assurance goes beyond the manufacturing process to
include sales, service, and support, the result is a "total product"
with increased value to our customers
by Dick Alberding
bedDecember 1985 issue of HP Computer Advances
- a bimonthly publication for HP customers and
During the past few years, we at Hewlett-Packard have
been constantly reappraising the kinds of value we provide
you --our customers. We've come to the conclusion that
quality provides an excellent yardstick by which to measure
that value. HP's commitment to quality stems from two
forces that are shaping the future of our industry. First,
your needs and expectations are changing - the standards
by which you judge our products have risen over the years.
Second, we're facing increasingly strong competitive pressures from around the world -the quality of our competitors' products has dramatically improved. In fact, at HI'
we believe a corporate strategy that focuses on quality (because it reduces costs and raises productivity) is the best
way for American industry to respond to growing competitive pressures we face around the world.
"Soft" products: sales, service, and support
We have a very simple definition of quality at HP: A quality
product is one that meets our customer's expectations. But
we're finding that the old definitions of product quality reliability, durability, and conformance to standards don't really tell the whole story. Products must fulfill expectations based on these definitions; but to be competitive,
our customers need more than good products, narrowly
defined. At HP we have always stressed the concept of
complete solution or "total product" - combinations of
hardware, software, networlung products, service, and
We recognize that HP's total product is a complex set
of value satisfactions that often, and increasingly, have as
much to do with what's provided in the field as what's manufactured in our factories. You expect the same high level
of quality from our sales, service, and support products
as you do from our instruments and computers. We call
these sales and support products our "soft productsv--and
inmany cases, they are what set us apart in our total product offering.
December 1, 1985
Total Quality Control
Because the horizons of quality don't stop with the manufacturing function, we apply the same principles of sound quality assurance to measure the quality of our service and supportproducts. We call this process "Total Quality Control"
(TQC) and t h s is how it works: First, we view each business activity as a process, not a series of separate activities; second, we define a few key measures to judge how
well the process is working; third, we analyze the process
carefully-using statistical measures to identify areas of
improvement; and finally, we study the results for ways
to make further refinements.
Higher quality means lower costs
By applying these concepts to all aspects of our field business, we have experienced substantial internal savings in
dollars and people, but the savings to our customers are
also sigmficant.
For example, field failure rates, as measured by warranty
reports, have declined more than 20 percent annually since
the beginning of this decade -and we expect a ten-fold
improvement in the reliability of products by 1990. This
reduction of HP's costs in the pursuit of better quality results in a direct price reduction to our customers, who also
benefit from increased system uptime.
We've substantially reduced the time it takes us to respond to and correct problems that customers are having
with HP equipment. Using TQC methods, repair centers
around the world have begun to systematically analyze the
repair process. The results have been encouraging: 36 percent faster response to customer calls, a 50 percent decrease in the time it takes to reach customer sites, and
30 percent improvement in the time it takes to fuc the problem.
In recognition of the substantial savings to both HP and
our customers through the application of TQC to our field
operations, we have recently appointed quality assurance
managersin our sales regions. They have different products,
but the same goals and objectives as our factory quality assurance managers.
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In This lssue
Table of Contents
Computer News is organized into market-focused
categories to help you sell integrated solutions.
3 Applytng quality control to sales, serv~ce,and support
6 General
Major HP ad campalgn k ~ c k e doff
HP grants equ~pmentand software to major US un,verslt~es
for Al research
Major Accounts Program
HP now approved for "On Schedule GSA' financing
Customer Support
Installed base tralnlng for data center managers
Custom~zedt a p ~ sfor software updates
New PC Assistance gives you the compet~tiveedge
Sales Successes
ARA Services chooses HP EGSover IBM offer ng
10 Special Offers
Direct mall promot~onfor HP 7976A to 79788 trade-~n
1 1 General
1 1 Small Business Computing
Obsolescence of old HP 2501260 products
HP 45260Aobsolescence delayed
HP 260 works wlth thlrd-party elght-lnch floppy d ~ s cd r ~ v e
New HP 260 configuration guide
12 Commercial EDP
Executive brochure ava~lablefor S1lhouettel3000
12 Office Systems
New organtzatlon for HP offlce market~ngand p r o d ~ c t
Consultant reports on critlcal success factors ~noffice
Personal Product~vltyCenter demo k ~ava~lable
New HP PPC v~deotapedemonstration available
New offtce automation brochure publ~shed
Sell~ngHP PPC Into the IBM offlce envtronnent
Outstanding PPC sales reps and systems engineers to be
Announclng the thlrd Issue of Solut~onsQuarterly
7 6 Vertical Markets
Natlonal trade show for local government
1 7 Portable
New HP-71 l~teraturehelps you sell to industr~alcustomers
78 Desktop
HP 15OlTouchscreen personal computer owners c a r
upgrade to HP Vectra PC
19 Manufacturing Applications
Two MPD customer success stor~esnow available
For HI' Use Only
19 Factory Automation
HP Graphics Interface System for PMCi1000 introduced
Datasafe and Datashare for the HP 1000 removed from
Introducing HP Des~gnCenterfor electrical and mechanical
englneerlng des~gn
New CAE systems for electrical engineering deslgn
Loglc Des~gnStat~ons
3101320 and Personal Logic
New Logic DesignStation product l ~ n eliterature
HP Desigr Center ME Series 50 for mechan~cal
englneerlng des~gn
Advanced CAD capabilities wlth the ME Series 10
HP announces new ME CAD t r a ~ n ~ n g
Increase your workstat~onsales w ~ t htechntcal offlce
AlislHP-UX o f f ~ c eautomat~onfor HP 9000 workstat~ons
AllslHP-UX supports HP LaserJet PLUS pr~nter
Announcing MicroTrakiHP-UX and P\otTraklHP UX for
HP 9000 Ser~es300 and 500
Announclng TK'SolverlHP-UX for HP 9000 Ser~es300
and 500
lntroduc~ngP~cturePerfect for HP 9000 Ser~es300 and
HP Integral PC
Diagraph now available for the HP 9000 Series 300 and the
HP Integral PC
MemoMakerlHP-UX now on HP 9000 Ser~es300
Introducing MultiplanIHP-UX for HP 9000 Ser~es300
Technical o f f ~ c eautomailon conf~gurat~on
Techn~calo f f ~ c eautomat~onpricing and clrdering
New sales tools ava~lablefor technical off~ce
How to get AllslHP-UX and other technical o f f ~ c e
automation support
New 3278 emulator for HP 9000 Series 200 and 300
Natlonal Instruments offer~nasfor HP Vectra PC
HP ~ e c t r aPC runs architectiral CADD software faster than
P-CAD'SEE CAD solutions run faster on HP Vectra PC
34 Gates Energy uses HP 3497A for battery testing
35 General
31389AlBlC HP IB cables dlscontlnued
35 Networks
SNA 1000 software llnks HP 1000s to IBM matnframes
How to order HP 2334A stat mux for optimal operailon with
an HP 3000
36 Mass Storage
Trade-in on HP 7935 d ~ s cpacks
HP 7907A dtsc drive support news
How to order the HP 791 4CT
HP 91 42A loan unlts lead to sales ~nmajor accounts
37 Plotters
HP plotters on gurney make the sale
CalComp increases plotter competit~on
HP 7470A st111available
Graph~cssoftware support for the HP 7550A plotter
39 Printers
lnternat~onalHP 2603 products now cn Corporate
Price Llst
39 Terminals
HP 2627A termlnal d~scont~nued
HP 2628A terminal off Corporate Price List
December 1, 1985
In This Issue
Product Index
New HP-71 literature helps you sell to industrial customers . . . . 17
New PC Assistance gives you the corripetitive edge . . . . . . . . .9
HP 15OlTouchscreen personal computer owners can
upgrade to HP Vectra PC . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 18
Logic DesignStations 31 01320 and Personal Logic
DeslgnStatlons . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .21
Natlonal Instruments offerings for HP Vectra PC . . . . . . . . . . . . 31
HP Vectra PC runs architectural CADD software faster
than IBM PC AT . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .32
P-CAD'SEE CAD solutions run faster on HP Vectra PC . . . . . . . 32
HP 260
Obsolescence of old HP 2501260 products . . . . . . . . . . . . . 11
HP 45260A obsolescence delayed . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .11
HP 260 works with third-party eight-inch floppy disc drive . . . . 11
New HP 260 conflguratlon guide . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . '1. 2
HP Graphics Interface System for PMCl1000 introduced . . . . . . 19
Datasafe and Datashare for the HP 1000 removed from CPL . . 19
Gates Energy uses HP 3497A for battery testing . . . . . . . . . . 3 4
SNA 1000 software links HP 1000s to IRM mainframes . . . . . . 05
Customized tapes for software updates . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .El
Executive brochure available for Silhouette13000 . . . . . . . . . . . .12
Two MPD customer success stories now available . . . . . . . . . . . 19
How to order HP 2334A stat mux for optimal operation
with an HP 3000 . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .35
Announcing TK!Solver/HP-UX for HP 9000 Serles 300
and 500 . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 27
Introducing Plcture Perfect for HP 9000 Series 300 and
HP Integral PC . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .27
D~agraphnow available for HP 9000 Series 300 and
HP Integral PC . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .28
MemoMakerlHP-UX now on HP 9000 Series 300 . . . . . . . . . . . . . 28
lntroducng MultiplanIHP-UXfor HP 9000 Series 300 . . . . . . . . .28
Technical office automation configuration
. . . . . . . . . . . . . . .28
Technical office automation pricing and ordering information . . 29
New sales tools available for technical office . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .29
How to get AlislHP-UX and other technical office
automat~onsupport . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .30
New 3278 emulator for HP 9000 Series 200 and 300 . . . . . . . . . 30
Gates Energy uses HP 3497A for battery testing
. . . . . . . . . . 34
Increase your workstation sales wlth technical office
automation . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 25
Introducing Picture Perfect for HP 9000 Series 300 and
HP Integral PC . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 27
Diagraph now available for HP 9000 Series 300 and
HP Integral PC . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .28
Technical office automation configuration . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 28
Technical office automation pricing and ordering information . . 29
SNA 1000 software links HP 1000s to IBM mainframes . . . . . . 35
How to order HP 2334A stat mux for optimal operation
with an HP 3000 . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 35
Direct mall promotion for HP 7976A to 79788 trade-in
program . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 10
HP 7907A disc drlve support news . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .36
How to order tPe HP 791 4CT . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 36
. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 36
Trade-in on HP 7935 disc packs
HP 91 42A loan units lead to sales in major accounts . . . . . . . . . .37
HP 9000
HP grants equipment and software to major US universities for
Al research . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 6. .
ARA Services chooses HP EGS over IBlvl offering . . . . . . . . . . . .9
lntroducing HP DesignCenter for electrlca and mechanical
engineering design . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 20
New CAE systems for electrical engineering design . . . . . . . . . 20
Logic DesignStations 31 01320 and Per:;onal Logic
DesignStatlons . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 21
New Logic Designstation product llne I~terature. . . . . . . . . . . . .22
HP DesignCenter ME Series 50 for mechanical-eng~neering
design . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 22
Advanced CAD c a p a b ~ l i t ~ e
s the ME Series 10 . . . . . . . . . . . 23
HP announces new ME CAD training . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 24
Increase vour workstat~onsales with technical offlce
automation . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .25
AlisIHP-UX: office automat~onfor HP 9000 workstations . . . . . . 26
AlisIHP-UX supports HP LaserJet PLUS printer . . . . . . . . . . . . 26
Announcing MicroTraklHP-UX and PlotTraklHP-UX for
HP 9000 Series 300 and 500 . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 26
HP plotters on gurney make the sale . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 37
Cal Comp increases plotter competition . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .38
HP 7470A still available . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 38
Graphics software support for the HP 7550A plotter . . . . . . . . . . 38
AlisIHP-UX supports HP LaserJet PLUS printer . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 26
International HP 2603 products now on Corporate Price List . . . 39
HP 2627A terminal discontinued . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .39
HP 2628A terminal off Corporate Price List . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 39
For HP Use Only
Sales & Customer News
Major HP ad campaign kicked off
HP grants equipment and
software to major US
universities for A1 research
Carolyn McDonnell/ISM
Seth Fearey/HP Labs
For the US only
HP recently announced the selection of 1 3 US universities
that will receive grants of up to $5 million each in equipment and software for research and instruction in artificialintelligence (AI) technologies.
Through a n all-new "What if. . . "
advertising campaign, Hewletto o o Packard plans to reach millions of
business people who influence and
decide on the purchases of business computing systems.
T h e campaign kicked off on NFL Football broadcasts on
Sunday, November 24 and in The Wall Street Journalon
Monday, November 25. T h e ads highlight the commitment
HP people have to asking questions in order to provide the
right solutions to customers' problems.
T h e T V ads will run throughout the year on numerous
nationally broadcast sports programs, including weekend
NFL games on through the championship games, NBA
Basketball, Golf, Tennis, and Major League Baseball. Later
the ads are planned to appear on network news broadcasts.
T h e overall effort, the most coordinated and consistent ad
campaign ever staged by HP, is expected to reach 90 percent of the target audience a n average of over twelve times
during its first three months alone.
T h e aim is to increase awareness and develop an image of
HP in the minds of potential customers of business computing systems. For effective marketing, building awareness is
a necessary element. Despite the current industry slump,
HP acknowledges the campaign as a critical effort to help
establish the company's competitive edge and enhance the
selling process.
The T V ads are backed by a parallel effort in major print
media, including The Wall Street Journal, Business Week,
Time, Fortune, and the Smithsonian. Another print campaign, utilizing the same theme is focused on computer
oriented publications including Computer World, MIS Week,
Datamation, and Computer Decisions. T h e print ads will
focus on the specific benefits and features of the full range
of products which make up an HP solution.
T h e $50 million program announced earlier this year provides each school with engineering workstations, prototype
A1 software created at HP Laboratories, and one year of
maintenance. Deliveries will be spread over a three-year
period, with shipments scheduled to begin immediately.
Nearly 90 schools with established A1 programs made inquiries about the program, and more than 50 submitted
T h e schools selected for grants are Brown University;
California Institute of Technology; Carnegie-Mellon
University; Columbia University; Cornell University; Stanford University; University of California, Berkeley; University of California, Los Angeles; University of Colorado;
University of Pennsylvania; University of Texas; University of Southern California; and Yale University. Grants to
the Massachusetts Institute of Technology and the University of Utah already have been announced.
Some schools will use the grants to develop new techniques
for instruction of computer science and electrical engineering. Other schools are conducting research in robotics,
natural language, computer-aided design, programmerproductivity tools, expert-systems technology and the
application of multimedia to make computers easier to use.
This year each school will receive 10 to 2 0 workstations,
each consisting of an HP 9000 model 320 system based on
the Motorola MC 68020 microprocessor with seven
megabytes of random-access memory (RAM), a highresolution color monitor, HP-UX (derived from a UNIX'"
operating system), a 110-megabyte hard disc, HP LaserJet
printer, and local-area networking.
The A1 software has been developed during the last four
years at HP Labs and includes a Common Lisp compiler and
interpreter, a software-development environment, and an
A1 language for the development of knowledge-based
HP also announced it is providing 2 0 workstations, A1 software and one year of maintenance to a consortium of three
schools involved in a special "Exploring System Earth" program. T h e schools (University of Massachusetts a t
Amherst, San Francisco State University, and San Jose
State University) are developing a prototype computer-
For HP Use Only
December 1, 1985
Sales & Customer News
based intelligent tutor to help high school seniors and college freshmen learn basic sciences more rapidly and
UNIX'" is a trademark of .4 T&T Bell Laboratories.
Guidelines for HP's "On Schedule GSA" financing plan can
be obtained from the Sales Finance specialist in your sales
office, and will soon be available in catalog form. Please
work with the Sales Finance staff in your office to present
and execute any leases; they are ready to assist you in
reaching new customers with this excellent new program.
HP now approved for
"On Schedule GSA" financing
Installed base training for data
center managers
Phil Rosenzweig/FRD
Diana Loredo/ASD
H P has received approval to offer "On Schedule GSA"
financing for federal government customers. All H P computer equipment that is listed on the GSA schedule except for "stand-alone microcomputers" - can now be
financed directly by H P without going through competitive
bids or negotiations.
Do your customers ask for help fine-tuning their data
center management skills? H P can help with a seminar
designed specifically for data center managers. Customer
enthusiasm with this seminar has been great. Some
customers who have attended the seminar had the following comments: "I would like to see more management, not
just technical, seminars. I have been looking for this type of
seminar for two years." "The best course I have taken."
"Stimulated thought and helped me generate goals for my
activity at work." "The material covered was very good and
thought provoking."
Here are the specifics of HP's new "On Schedule GSA"
Full payout over a 48-month term.
Interest rates to match the Prime Installment Contract,
not to exceed 11.25 percent APR during the GSA contract year.
Monthly billings in arrears.
Casualty insurance included in the rates, but maintenance not included.
This new plan gives you several powerful advantages in
marketing to the Federal Government: 1) It will let you
reach customers who need financing but are restricted to
GSA-approved plans; 2) There is no longer a need to
advertise and evaluate competitive bids for financing;
3) Since our program has fixed terms and conditions, there
is nothing for you to negotiate - all you need is a purchase
order from the customer; 4) You now have a way to compete with Wang, IBM, and other vendors that have similar
"On Schedule GSA" financing plans.
Who should attend
Data center managers in a growing DP environment.
System managers who perform the function of a data
center manager.
Directors of DPIMIS.
Managers who want to gain a perspective on the scope,
potential, and direction of data center services in the corporate environment.
How will customers benefit
Managing Your Data Center furnishes customers with the
unique opportunity to fine-tune their skills in data center
planning, organizing, evaluating, and implementation.
Customers leave the seminar with new ideas, new insights
and a comprehensive course workbook which serves a s a
learning and analysis tool during the seminar and back at
the office. Custc~merswork on case studies drawn from reallife experiences, they are encouraged to exchange ideas
with peers, and actually practice some of the skills they are
continued on next page
December 1, 1985
For HP Use Only
Sales & Customer News
How will customers learn about the seminar
You can tell them about it. Each office that is teaching the
seminar has Registration Brochures with detailed content
and registration information. Check with the area education
center manager in your office or call Diana Loredo at 408864-5690. These brochures were also mailed-out on October 1, to all H P 3000 customers who receive the Software
Status Bulletin.
How should customers register
T o register, customers need to contact the Registrar a t the
locations listed below. T h e price for this three-day seminar
is $725.
D a t e of s e m i n a r
Atlanta, Ga.
Bellevue, Wash.
Dallas, Tx.
Englewood, Colo.
Fullerton, Calif.
New York, N.Y.
March 10, 1 1 , 1 2
March 2 4 , 2 5 , 2 6
January 2 7 , 2 8 . 2 9
March 2 4 , 2 5 , 2 6
February 18, 19, 20
January 2 7 , 2 8 , 2 9
March 2 4 , 2 5 . 2 6
Tampa, Fla.
Houston, Tex.
January 2 2 , 2 3 . 2 4
December 2, 3 , 4
March 31, April 1 , 2
December 2. 3 , 4
Brisbane, Calif.
Customized tapes for software
Mark Walden/PRSD
Customized tapes are available for additional HP 3000's
that are supported through a central HP 3000. Your
customers can receive these tapes by ordering Additional
System Coverage (ASC) or Extended Software Materials
Subscription (Ext SMS) on the additional H P 3000's
operating systems. Customized tapes are valuable to any
customer who wants H P to provide copies of the central
system software and manual updates directly to the additional systems; has software on the additional systems that
is not found on the central system; has additional systems
that are a different series than the central system.
Your customers will receive the following benefits when
their additional systems receive customized tapes directly
from HP:
Software and manual updates will be received for the
additional systems without delay, resulting in more productive and more efficient systems operations.
Your customers can assign their systems personnel to
business opportunities rather than to copying, replication, and distribution chores.
Additional systems that require software and manual
updates will be assured of receiving them.
Software support can be purchased for additional
systems with different software than the central system
at a substantial savings.
T o order customized media tapes for your H P 3000 additional system customers, two line items must be ordered for
each additional system: I ) operating system software support (ASC - "V" - or Ext SMS - "W") and 2) operating
system software support PLUS media option (tape
cartridge - Option 22 - or 1600 BPI magnetic tape Option 51).
For example, a customer supporting an additional HP 3000
Series 6 8 FOS VIE through a central HP 3000 Series 68
would order the following operating system software support: 1) 32468B VOO and 2) 32468B +V51. This additional system would have ASC provided through the central
site, but would receive the media updates (on 1600 BPI
mag tape) and manuals directly from HP.
For HP Use Only
December 1, 1985
Sales & Customer News
New PC Assistance gives you the
competitive edge
Dana Reimholz/NARC
Sales Successes reports on successful sales strategies
and HP solution installations. Computer News
With recent changes to the PC Assistance Program, HP
now offers the best personal computer support in the industry. T o help you use the new program and gain a major
competitive advantage over companies like IBM, DEC, and
Compaq, read this and future articles describing the
expanded service of the North American Response Centers
welcomes contributions for this column from the field
and divisions alike. Articles should be brief; informative, and contain the following information: (1) A
description of the customer and the problem, (2) the
competition's answer to the problem, (3) HPS solution
and why the customer chose HP, and (4) who to call
for more information about the sale. Also welcome
would be some information about the amount of the
sale and the solution S implementation date.
For starters, PC Assistance targeted response time is two
hours. Actual performance has proven that PC Assistance i:j
performing far above this expectation. T h e statistics speak
for themselves - 5 0 percent of incoming customer calls a r e
responded to within only 30 minutes and 9 3 percent of all
calls a r e responded to within the two-hour time frame.
Choose from a variety of support options. T h e versatility of
PC Assistance's support offering addresses the needs of
different personal computer work environments. Whether
the personal computer is used in a system environment, a
personal computer workgroup,
or by an independent user,
customers have the flexibility to customize their personal
computer support.
ARA Services chooses HP EGS
over IBM offering
Joe Armstrong/FEO
Moving- PC Assistance to the North American Response
Center provides customers with an i~ntegratedsupport team
for all their office automation needs. Access to state-of-thea r t service tools and a complete line of personal computers
and peripherals allow teams to quickly simulate and resolve
customer inquiries.
And, extended hours of telephone coverage from 7:00 am
to 9:00 pm Eastern Standard Time now give customers a
direct line into complete H P product coverage 14 hours a
day. Ninety nine percent of our customers reach the North
American Response Center with their first call, eliminating
the frustrating problem of accessibility found in most other
support line services.
Look for the next PC Assistance article outlining our
customized product offering and a complete industry
analysis focusing on our competitor's support.
T h a n k s to the persistent efforts of the Valley Forge, Pennsylvania, support team of Gene Colalongo, Nina Lerman,
Robert Rafetto, and technical sales rep Eric Gimbal, yet
another large H P EGS sale has become history.
The Customer - ARA Services, Inc. is the world's largest
service organization with 116,000 employees in over 40
divisions in 9 countries worldwide. ARA Services has been
recognized as the food supplier for the Olympics since 1968.
The Competition - IBM with a 4361 mainframe and distributed 5081 terminals running CADAM software. H P won
over IBM primarily through the sustained efforts of the
sales team. Their efforts included demos, benchmarks, and
an excellent support plan. T h e support included systemsengineer-generated code to integrate Lotusm [email protected]
files into H P EGS. T h e one critical item that pulled the sale
together was the distributed networking made possible by
an SRM.
The Reward - A total of nine H P 9000 Series 300 workstations running l i p EGS and interconnected by an SRM. T h e
purchase and installation of the systems will occur over four
The Future - ARA can develop into a strategic reference
site for CAD arid SRM sales on the US East Coast a s well a s
a springboard for follow-on H P EGS sales to some of the
250-plus equipment suppliers and over 200 architect firms
that fight for ARA's business. Selling them to these suppliers will provide them the edge they need to get ARA's
business by having a database compatible to that of ARA.
For more information about this sale, contact the Valley
Forge, Pennsylvania, Sales Of&.
December 1, 1985
For HP Use Only
Sales & Customer News
Promo tion programs and special offers announced in
Computer News may not be valid outside ofthe US.
Before promotions are valid in other countries, they
must be announced by the Country Marketing
Direct mail promotion for
HP 7976A to 7978B trade-in
Connie Doster/GLD
Current HP 7976A trade-in program expires
January 31, 1986
Some customers have already taken advantage of the all
new H P 7976 to HP 7978 trade-in, one of the "Movin' on
Up" programs in the Megabytes Plus campaign. This promotion allows them to return their H P 7976A tape drive to
Greeley Division and receive a $7,500 credit toward the
purchase of a new H P 7978B (order 7978B Option 676).
This program ends on January 31,1986.
with a trade-in credit of $6,800. T h e price change for
7978B Option 676 from $7,500 to $6,800 will be made January 1,1986, but because of the 30-day grace period for
price increases, will not take effect until February 1.
Customers ordering the trade-in credit before February 1,
get the largest dollar return for their H P 7976. However, if
budgeting restrictions or lengthy approval cycles have prevented your customers from participating during the initial
six-month promotion, the permanent program gives them
the opportunity to plan to take advantage of this trade-in in
the future.
Now with the new H P 7978B - which performs a s well as
or better than the HP 7976 in all applications, including
"startistop" jobs and fast backup* - there are even fewer
reasons for holding on to the older drive. If the absence of
auto-load is an issue, point out the simple tape threading
path of the HP 7978B. It's a fact that experienced operators
can rewind and change a reel on the HP 79788 faster than
they can rewind and auto-load a tape on the HP 7976A
(2 minutes 3 0 seconds versus 2 minutes 42 seconds.)
Encourage your customers to stop draining their maintenance budget and start saving money by movin' on up to
the H P 7978B.
*pvo~ided"immediate response "feature is not disabled
HP 7976 customers to receive direct mailing
In order to create more awareness of the program before it
expires, Greeley Tape Operation has sent a personalized
cover letter and information flyer to all US installed HP
7976A accounts where the taDe drive is on an HP service
contract. For major account customers, the flyer will be
sent to the major account sales team for distribution where
appropriate. A copy of the cover letter and flyer will also be
sent to all US district managers so that you can see what is
being sent to your customers. For extra copies of the mailing, you can send an H P Desk message to Marguerite
Edland a t HP5800i01.
Do you have customers who would benefit from this prog r a m ? Make sure your H P 7976A customers know that
they can save $5,820 per year in standard monthly maintenance costs alone. Using the trade-in credit, the HP 7978B
pays for itself in just over 2'4 years. With a Purchase
Agreement Discount, the break-even point comes even
Trade-in made permanent at $6,800 effective
February 1 , 1 9 8 6
In addition to publicizing the current program, this mailing
will also announce that effective February 1, 1986, the
7976A-to-7978B promotion becomes a permanent program
For H P U r e Only
December 1, 1985
Information Systems
HP 45260A obsolescence
Lynne Ovington/BGD
The HP 250 SPU, HP 45260A, will not be obsoleted and
removed from the Corporate Price List on January 1,1986,
as previously announced. Although the HP 250 has been
superceded by the new HP 260 system, it will remain active
and eligible for future SPU upgrade products. Please contact Boeblingen General Systems Division Order Processing
prior to quoting or ordering the HP 45260A, HP 250 SPU.
Also in this issue
Customized tapes for software updates
Obsolescence of old HP 250/260
Peter Zimmer/BGD
Lynne Ovington/BGD
The following HP 250 and HP 260 products will be discontinued and removed from the Corporate Price List on January 1,1986.
p r o d u c t Description
451 10A
3rn HP-IB cable
Keplaced by cable
Model 1 5 Package Keplaced by 45290B
Model 20 Package
MFG/250 Software IJS application software*
OM1250 Software IJS application software*
OM/250 Upgrade
IJS application software*
APGLl250 Software US application software*
FIN/250 Software US application software*
"Sold with source code rights, the application software has been
modified and enhanced by US value-added resellers (VAR) and is
usually available for cross-licensing.
December 1, 1985
HP 260 works with third-party
eight-inch floppy disc drive
Are you looking for an eight-inch floppy disc drive for your
HP 260? The Bering 3800 offers a solution. This eight-inch
floppy disc drive has the following characteristics: HP
9895A compatible, 1.2 Mbytes formatted capacity, singledrive system (no dual drive version), media exchange with
IBM through 3740 protocol, US list price is $2,780.
The Bering 3800 has been tested for compatibility with the
HP 260 and is a low-cost replacement for the HP 9895A
disc drive. The 3800 can be purchased from Bering or distributors of Bering products. Because the Bering 3800 is
not supported by HP, technical support and product service
will be provided by the organization supplying the drive.
Please contact the following companies for more information: Bering Industries, Inc., 1400 Fulton Place, Fremont,
CA 94539; phone 415-651-3300. In Germany and Austria,
contact Meilhaus Electronic GmbH, Fischerstrasse 2,8039
Puchheim (Muenchen) ; phone 089-807081.
Note: We are in the process of locating more Bering distributors. Please contact the Boeblingen General Systems
Division marketing department for distributors in countries
not listed above.
For HP Use Only
l nformation Systems
New HP 260 configuration guide
Kathy WipperfeldIBGD
A new edition of the HP260 Configuration Guideis now
available from the Literature Distribution Center (LDC) in
Palo Alto, California, for North American and Intercon
countries. Parts Center Europe (PCE) in Boeblingen, Germany, supplies the European countries.
T h e configuration guide uses a step-by-step method to lead
you through the entire configuration process: from selecting the basis of your system to data communication hardware to training courses and consulting services. T h e new
layout provides several easy-to-read charts regarding supported-peripheral features, interfaces, and cables, including
new cabling diagrams. Hardware and software support services are discussed in detail. There are also sections for
adding to an existing system and for upgrading HP 250
systems. Fill-in-the-blank boxes make configuring an H P
260 system almost foolproof.
LDC and PCE are distributing 1 0 copies of the HP260 Configuration Guide to each sales office. If you require additional copies, order PIN 5954-6209.
users. Specifically, the brochure highlights the following
Improved user productivity by providing a means for
users to switch to an alternate H P 3000 system if the
main H P 3000 goes down.
Improved user response time by allowing "read-only"
users to be permanently transferred to a n alternate
HP 3000 system.
Wide configuration flexibility by allowing users to connect multiple HP 3000 systems of different configurations in a Silhouette13000 network.
You may now obtain the Silhouette13000 Executive
Brochure from your literature distribution coordinator.
Additional copies may be ordered from the HP Literature
Distribution Center in Palo Alto. California.
Also in this issue
Installed base training for data center
Executive brochure available for
Stan Tims/CS Y
You can now introduce
Silhouette13000 to your
I customers with a new
brochure designed for your
executive customers. You
should use the Silhouettel
3000 Executive Brochure
(PIN 5954-0483) and the
complementary Silhouette1
3000 Data Sheet (PIN 59540482) to present HP's most
complete high-availability
solution for the HP 3000 to
customers in any company where data access and application availability are of paramount importance.
T h e Silhouette13000 Executive Brochure extols the virtues
of a system that can provide critical information to a busy
executive up to 24 hours a day. T h e brochure also describes
how Silhouette13000 can boost productivity for system
For H P Use Only
New organization for HP office
marketing and product divisions
Sue Mills/COM
T h e r e is a new organization that encompasses HP's office
marketing and product divisions under one operation.
Headed by Program Manager Bob Frankenberg, this new
organization is called the Office Systems Program (OSP).
T h e Office Systems Program consists of Office Systems
Marketing under Bob Kadarauch. Office Systems Marketing includes John Metcalfe's Central Office Marketing
(COM) organization in Cupertino, Calif.
Also in the Office Systems Program a r e the Personal Software Division (PSD) in Santa Clara, Calif., under General
Manager Tom Anderson; t h e Office Productivity Division
(OPD) in Pinewood, England under General Manager
Roger Cooper; and the Office Systems Division (OSD) formerly Computer Systems Division-Roseville (CSY-R) in Roseville, Calif., under newly-appointed General Manager Dave Sanders.
1)ecember 1. 1985
?--' ,
Information Systems
Designed as a team of divisions t:hat addresses the office
market, the term "program" distinguishes OSP's position
between that of a "division" and a "group." T h e creation of
the OSP organization emphasizes the importance of HP1s
office business within the Information System Group under
Doug Chance.
T h e following organization chart explains the major
responsibilities of divisions in the new Office Systems
Training: users on how the new system is flexible and can
match their workstyles.
Implementing the system in phases.
This report also summarizes corporate decision-maker's
attitudes toward OA and OA vendors.
For a reprint of this report please contact Paula Santos in
Cupertino, Calif. via H P Desk 5050107 or telephone 408865-6455. Materials from the Targeting the Office sales
training program provide the tools to address the above
success factors. These materials can be used with your
customers. T h e Targeting the Office materials are available
through your field marketing manager, or through the Corporate Parts Center (CPC) via HEART. Please utilize your
expenditure authorization guidelines and use your local
internal ordering procedures for acquiring these products.
ua o r Re3mnla111er
u l r i o m Plan
0. Fllld h i l l Ra#n#ng
M Z ~ ~~ C
~ ~ ~ ~ e . r e -or
01 T&<.l lor n6n,l*Ur
o* Proaucrr
k. m.* XIS Prw.a* UIrnl
OlOanial8anal Comrnunrll8rrr
lo, wri9rouor
Malo! P ~ r ~ o n r i b I l l e r
Sanigura oII,ce IIrIcm.
O* *m,nr
31hce * n a v n *m*olc.7,
Workshop kit; 10 videotapes, session
notebook, exercise notebook
Videotape kit (VHS format): 10
Student pack: Exercise notebook.
reminder cards. pre-study
Reminder card notebook
HP story videotape
a n i r r c e Prm"cln:,
3 r l . h l Y n LO(I,IC~I,O",
Consultant reports on critical
success factors in office
Sue Mills/OSP
Results of corporate focus group research for InfoCorp indicate critical ingredients for success in office automation
(OA). Those factors that will make an OA vendor more
successful with prospects are:
Getting the prospect to accept the concept of
decentralized (versus centralized) information services.
Communicating the benefits associated with connecting
people with information, rather than talking about terms
like "office automation" and the "office of the future."
Getting a powerful, corporate "champion" to sponsor OA
Getting the participation of people a t every level in the
Getting a "critical mass" of people using OA.
December 1, 1985
-.anroaren, s7,,rn
cnannc Broadmno
1151ern rrplraaonnnra)rl*
OL Mar**,*mg
Personal Productivity Center
demo kit available
Royce Murphy/OSD
T h e Office Systems Program announces the availability of
the Personal Productivity Center Demo Kit. This demo kit
has been designed to help you pull together integrated
demonstrations that involve a number of software and
hardware products. T h e demo kit will greatly reduce the
amount of time required for you to set up the high quality
solution demonstrations necessary to close sales. T h e kit
will help you demonstrate H P solutions in real business
scenarios; focus on how HP meets the basic workgroup
computing needs (Information Access, Integrated Applicaand Shared Resources); demontions, Comm~~nications
strate solutions which involve key products working
together, not just the features of individual products; highlight areas where HP holds competitive advantage; and
integrate new products in office solutions demonstrations.
Modular and customizable
T h e kit is modular, and the demonstrations are customizable to meet the specific needs of your customer. You can
For HP Use Only
Information Systems
choose the combination of workstations (HP Touchscreen,
HP Vectra, IBM PC personal computers, andlor terminals)
and software which is appropriate. T h e core demonstration
scenario covers a manager accessing data, performing an
analysis on the data, and mailing the results of the analysis
to a secretary. T h e secretary merges the data into a memo
and, optionally, graphs the relevant data for an overhead
slide. She then electronically mails the final document to a
distribution list.
Vectra, and IBM PC personal computers and basically cover
the same products used in the core scenario for the "live"
Ordering information
Order PIN 5061-8404 through HEART to receive the demo
kit from Software Distribution Center (SDC). Your contact
a t SDC is Renee Mendez, 408-496-5624.
Personal Productivity Center
Demo Kit
You can also order a videotape which shows one of the demonstration scenarios acted out at a mock customer site. See
the following article for more information.
Lotus" and 1 - 2 - 3 "are US registered trademarks of Lotus Uevelop-
I OTUS 1 2-3
ment Corp.
New HP PPC videotape
demonstration available
ClV.llTlNG L A I I t H ?
I I:: M t M O M A n t R
Lauren Wilkins/COM
A new 5%-minute videotape demonstration of the HP Personal Productivity Center (PPC), including productsjust
announced in September 1985, is now available.
In addition to this core scenario, the following modules can
be added to your demonstration: Portable Plus Module,
Officeshare Module, Graphics Gallery Module, Print
Central Module, and Lotus* [email protected]
This video is intended to give your customers a taste of the
capability provided by PPC with emphasis on integration
and the ease with which members of a workgroup can
access, analyze, manipulate, and communicate information.
Complete demonstration and presentation materials
are provided
PPC products highlighted include the H P Vectra PC with
H P Access, Lotus" 1-2-3Im,and H P Message; the Vectra
Office with Advancewrite; the HP Touchscreen personal
computer with ExecuDesk and Graphics Gallery; the HP
LaserJet printer and 7550 plotter; and the HP 3000
Series 37.
We supply the files used in the live demonstrations and
samples of the final documents which are generated. Each
of the demonstration modules is covered by a keystroke-bykeystroke script including set-up and clean-up instructions.
In addition, we supply an overhead slide presentation
describing the office market's needs, HP's strategy, the
demonstration business scenario, and a summary of the HP
solution's benefits.
A special tool for prospecting
For prospecting, the kit contains screen-based overview
demonstrations. These demonstrations require no set-up
and no software. T h e flexible or fIoppy discs contain,
screen- by-screen, HP and key third party applications
being used in a business scenario. Since the complete demo
is contained on the disc, you can take it with you to the
customer site; no software is required. These screen-based
demonstrations are provided for the HP Touchscreen, HP
For H P Use Only
T h e video includes a series of graphics to describe the concepts of shared resources, inforrllation access, and network
services providing company-wide electronic mail.
This video is ideal for seminar use. It could be used as an
opening piece followed by a more detailed presentation of
PPC solutions or as a summary piece to bring it all together.
T h e demo scenario used in the video is taken directly from
the new PPC Demo Kit which will be available in early
December. If your seminar includes time for live demonstrations, you can invite your customers to take a more indepth look at the same demo they saw briefly in the video.
A copy of the videotape has been sent to all US field
marketing managers, Inforniation Systems Group and Personal Computer Group market development managers, and
December 1. 1985
office focus group leaders. Additional copies may be ordered
through MailMart by sending an HP Desk message to
Rhonda Rick HP3900/20 with the following information:
Title: Personal Productivity Center Demo, Sept. 85; P/N
S470Z for %", S470V for VHS, S470W for Beta; your
account number and location code; quantity needed; and
date needed. T h e cost of the videotape is $50.
LotusG and I -2-3?are US registered trademarks ofLotus Deuelopment Corp.
New office automation brochure
Shelley Harrison/OSP
Distributed data processing.
File transfer capabilities. Data
Wc'lc twill !he ncn pncwiran
communications. Document
mulld lh? lu(1
i h ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ v c r v c u twlun
l ~ p : m1
t In~nl.
converters. T h e upper-level
managers of a company
investigating the purchase of
an office system may not understand all these concepts.
What they do understand,
however, is broken promises,
system incompatibilities, and
delayed deliveries. So how do
- you instill confidence in these
prospective customers that Hewlett-Packard is a contender
in the office marketplace and that we are solidly in the
business to stay?
One way is the newest office automation brochure.
Designed to talk to executives and decision makers, the
brochure presents a straight-forward, non-technical discussion of selecting the right computer vendor. T h e piece confronts the realities facing today's office automation buyer
- the uncertain business climate, incompatible systems,
and the inexperience of many vendors in implementing an
office solution. We start with a teasing opener - one that
entices the reader to read on. And throughout the literature
we state facts not promises.
Selling HP PPC into the IBM
office environment
Kathleen A rchambeau/OSD
More and more customers are demanding that HP's Personal Productivity Center (PPC) interfaces with the IBM
systems they are currently using. We have a sound strategy
for implementing PPC in the IBM office environment.
However, it can seem overwhelming to sell HP's PPC
strategy if you don't understand all the specific aspects of
the IBM office. So, we have developed a new IBM Office
Products Primer and a Selling Against DISOSS audiocassette that are designed to emphasize HP's strengths
when selling against the IBM office.
T h e IBM Office Products Primer (PIN 5957-8310) describes the structure of an IBM office and explains how
different components (e.g. DISOSS and PROFS) fit into the
overall IBM office strategy. After describing IBM's
strategy, the primer explains how HP can sell its office
products against IBM's product offerings.
T h e audiocassette, Selling Against DISOSS (PIN 595467491, follows a conversation between an IBM customer
and an HP sales rep. They discuss some of the issues
involved in adapting DISOSS and what HP has to offer with
its Personal Productivity Center. A script accompanies the
Both the primer and the audiocassette are designed to help
you sell into the IBM office.
These training materials were sent to Sales Force 1 5 in late
November. And, you can order copies through the
Literature Distribution Center (LDC), by giving LDC the
publication numbers listed above.
T h e brochure (P/N 5954-0495) replaces the piece entitled
"Hewlett-Packard's solution for unifying your company"
(P/N 5953-7669). We've sent a copy to each commercial
sales rep and systems engineer. Your literature stocks
should have additional copies for you to pass along to your
December 1. 1985
For HP Use Only
Information Systems
Outstanding PPC sales reps and
systems engineers to be
Also in this issue
Shelley Harrison/OSP
National trade show for local
All your hard work learning, demonstrating, and presenting
the HP Personal Productivity Center (PPC) strategy and
products is paying off - consultants and customers alike
are recognizing us as an emerging leader in the office
automation marketplace. We would like to extend our
wholehearted thanks to you in the field for meeting this
In response to your heroic achievements, the Office
Systems Program has asked your managers to forward to us
the names of sales reps and systems engineers with outstanding contributions in the area of selling and supporting
office systems. We'll recognize a number of these nominees
throughout the world for superior efforts promoting PPC.
Although it's not a big reward, the recognition is our way of
saying thanks for a job well done.
Announcing the third issue of
Solutions Quarterly
Rudy Batties/OSP
T h e October issue of Solutions Quarterly is being sent to
literature distribution personnel in field off~ces.This issue
follows the successful March and June issues with four new
Hewlett-Packard office application stories in the legal.
manufacturing, market research, and local government
The four stories include testimonials from key individuals
within each organization. The real-world applications given
in Solutions Quarterly make it a perfect tool for introducing
your customer to HP office solutions. New and valued regular customers will find the application stories given in Solutions Quarterly informative and beneficial.
The October issue of Solutions Quarterly can be ordered
from the Literature Distribution Center as PIN 5954-674'7.
For H P Use Only
National trade show for local
Jack Su,eeney/ISG
T h e National League of
Cities' annual Congress of
Cities will be held in Seattle.
Washington, December 8-1 2.
Hewlett-Packard will provide
demonstrations of office
auomation solutions as well as
third uarty
. solutions for local
, ,..,. > ,,,. , ,..,
\ ,,,,..
government. This is the
largest show available to municipal government officials
with over 7,000 decisivri
makers expected to attend.
The current issue of American City and County magazine
carries an ad inviting prospects to our booth.
Please encourage your local government prospects to visit
our booth in Seattle (booths 228,230). For more information contact Jack Sweeney at 408-865-6379.
Personal Computers
New HP-71 literature helps you
sell to industrial customers
Pete Lawson/HCCO
Do :your customers need lowcost instrument controllers?
Do they have production p:rocess; monitoring requirements
to fill on small budgets? T o
help you show them how to
improve productivity and
quality, a new folder packed
with literature focusing on
production process monitoring and low-cost testing is
now being distributed by the
Handheld Computer and Calculator Operation. T h e "HP-71 Handheld Computer
Systems in Manufacturing" package contains information
and program code you'll find useful in demonstrating the
The HP- 71 In: Production Process Monitoring and Lou/cost Test (PIN 5954-1313). This application-oriented
brochure illustrates typical settings in which the HP-71
improves productivity by controlling test instruments,
compiling data and networking to a supervisory
Customers typically use personal computers in networks for
consolidating data, processing data, printing andlor plotting. Application note, HP-71/75 to HP 150/IBMPC/XT/
A T File Trcznsfers (PIN 5954-13181, describes in detail
how to transfer files between the HP-71 or HP-75 and the
frequently used HP 150 or IBM PCIXTIAT. It includes
step-by-step instructions with program code so your
customers won't have to write their own.
Data sheets
Dual HP-IL Adapter (PIN 5954-1311). This data sheet
describes how the HP 82402A Dual HP-IL Adapter
allows two HP 82401A HP-IL modules t o be plugged
simultaneously into the HP-71.
HP-71 Data Acquisition Pac (PIN 5954-1310) tells how
the H P 82479A Data Acquisition Pac is used with the
HP-71 and H P 3421A Data AcquisitionIControl Unit to
control instruments, gather data and monitor equipment
All this literature comes to you in a bold, heavy-duty threefold packet (PIN 5954-1315) that includes a place for your
business carcl. Each piece is designed to give your
customers a quality first impression of Hewlett-Packard.
In addition to the HP-71 folder and literature, you'll get
HP-71 In Manufacturing - A Guide to Selling and Demonstrating the l i p - 7 1 B (PIN 5954-1308) and The HP-71 Control Price List (PIN 5954-1319D).
Contact your literature coordinator and follow your local
internal ordering procedures to order extra packets or
individual pieces of these materials.
HP-71 Data Book (PIN 5954-1320D). T h e data book
includes HP-71 specifications and information on peripherals, instruments, and custom products.
Application notes
These application notes provide HP-71 program code to
illustrate the kinds of solutions the HP-71 provides in production process monitoring, low-cost test and networking
Using the HP-71 forProduction Process Monitoring
(PIN 5954-1316)
Low-cost Production Testing and Instrument Control
(PIN 5954-1317)
Networking HP-71s to a Supervisory Computer
(PIN 5954-1312)
For HP Use Only
Personal Computers
HP 15O/Touchscreen personal
computer owners can upgrade to
H P Vectra PC
Nancy Chou/FRD
For US and Canada only
Effective December 1, 1985, through May 31,1986, current
owners of H P 150A and 150B may upgrade to the new HP
Vectra PC line of computers (HP 72425A, 72435A, or
72445A). Customers may return the CPU alone for a tradein credit of $600, or if a n HP 9121D/9122D floppy disc drive
is returned in addition to the CPU, they will receive a total
credit of $900.
T h e trade-in credit includes the return of CPU, keyboard,
power cord, HP-IB cable, and disc drive. No additional
return credit will be given for accessory boards such as
2) End-users who buy from HP authorized dealers will
return their equipment to FRD after they have received
their new product and submitted a rebate form, along
with a proof of purchase such as a photocopy of the
invoice. (FRD will mail a rebate check within four to six
weeks. Rebate forms and detailed return instructions
will soon be distributed to all HP dealers.) Customers
will pay return freight to HP.
If you have any questions on the trade-in program,
please call your FRD Market Development contact a t 408720-4156.
Also in this issue
New PC Assistance gives you the
competitive edge
Why should your customer upgrade to Vectra?
Increased computing power to meet your customer's
growing computing needs.
Upgrade kit not available to convert the HP 150 to
Savings of up to 1 9 percent when purchasing the Vectra.
Ordering procedures
There are two methods for ordering the trade-in credit:
1) Customers who buy directly from HP need to order PIN
45709AN, to receive $600 for upgrading the CPU.
Option 100, for an additional credit of $300, may be
ordered when accompanied by the return of an HP
9121Dl9122D disc drive. (Customers must provide a
contact name and telephone number under Special
Instructions, so that Finance and Remarketing Division
(FRD) may directly mail to the customers a Notice of
Return (NOR) packet, which will provide detailed
packaging and equipment return instructions.)
For HP Use Only
December 1. 1985
Manufacturing Systems
Two MPD customer success
stories now available
Bob Greenfield/MPD
T h e Faultless Division of AXIA, Inc., is an excellent HP
customer. They have H P Materials Management13000 and
HP Production Management13000 running on an HP 3000
Series 68.
Faultless published an article in the July 1985 edition of
Production Engineeringmagazine explaining the benefits
they achieved using Materials Management13000 and Production Managementl3000. Benefits realized included ontime customer delivery improvement of over 40 percent,
significantly improved stockroom inventory accuracy, and a
$700,000 inventory reduction. T h e article in Production
Engineeringis similar to the article that appeared in the
JulyIAugust issue of Computer Advances.
McDonnell Douglas Astronautics Company (MDAC) was
the first customer for HP Maintenance Management.
Manufacturing Productivity Division (MPD) has just published a n HP Manufacturing Application Success Note
describing: why MDAC needed a maintenance solution,
why they selected HP, and how they are using H P Maintenance Management to improve productivity. We have
already distributed this note to all North American district
sales managers and other sales and support managers
Both success stories are suitable for giving to customers/
prospects. If you want copies of either of these success stories, contact Bob Greenfield at MPD (HP Desk C700120, or
408-559-7300, ext. 5599).
HP Graphics Interface System
for PMC/l000 introduced
Dilip Modi/AMSO
HP Graphics Interface System (GIS11000) was introduced
in November 1985. GIS11000 is a software package that
allows the development and use of sclphisticated real-time
process graphics displays with HP Process Monitoring and
Contro111000 (PMC11000) applications. PMC11000 is a
December 1. 1985
prerequisi1:e for using GIS11000. GIS11000 has an existing
link to the PMC11000 software and adds the following significant capabilities to PMC:
Quick and easy development of custom graphics.
Static and dynamic displays.
Use of fast, large screen color monitor.
GISl1000 vrill allow the user to develop displays which
represent the user's process application
with schematic
"pictures" of the process. Menu-driven configuration, use
of graphics tablet for creation of graphical displays, and
function key access to the displays make IGS11000 very
easy to use by plant operators and non-programmers.
GIS11000 is powerful graphics software your PMC11000
prospects have been asking for. GIS11000 data sheet (PIN
5954-0321) and the updated PMCI1000 data sheet (PIN
5954-0324) will be mailed to the HP field offices in December 1985. Additional copies can be ordered from the Palo
Alto, California, Literature Distribution Center.
GISI1000 appears on the Corporate Parts List on December 1,
1985. GISl1000 software price is as follows:
(right to copy)
Option 700 (for use on 700)
Option 600 (for use on 600)
Datasafe and Datashare for the
HP 1000 removed from CPL
Monique Gulikk/DSD
On December 1,1985, two products for the HP 1000 E- and
F-Series computers: Datasafe, PIN 91745A, and Datashare,
PIN 91747A, .will be removed from the Corporate Price
Customers who have designed applications with these products can continue to purchase the right-to-copy versions of
these products,, PIN 91745R and PIN 91747R. However,
the "A" copy versions of these products will no longer be
In early 1986, customers can look forward to a new mirrored disc product for the HP 1000 A-Series which provides
capabilities similar to Datasafe. In addition, Data System
Division's Cust'om Engineering group can supply a "standard special" product for the A-Series which has
capabilities similar to Datashare.
For HP llsr Only
n Design Systems
Introducing HP DesignCenter
for electrical and mechanical
engineering design
In November, HP announced the HP DesignCenter at the
Autofact '85 exposition and conference in Detroit, Michigan.
HP Designcenter is an integrated design environment for
electrical, mechanical, and software engineers that consists
of systems, software, and support in computer-aided
engineering, design, and manufacturing (CAE/CAD/
The foundation of HP DesignCenter solutions is the networked family of HP 9000 technical workstations, offering
your customers a choice of 16/32 or 32-bit microprocessors
running industry-standard operating systems, such as
HP-UX (HP's enhancement of the AT&T UNIXTMoperating systems).
Current HP DesignCenter offerings
The broad ranEe of HP DesignCenter applications software
and hardware tools include:
Electronic CAE - used for front-end product development, offering schematic capture, simulation, and outstanding documentation, with links to physical design
systems. (See "New CAE systerns for electrical
engineering design" and "Logic Designstations 3101320
and Personal Logic Des~gnStations"for mvre
Engineeringgraphics - includes tools for schematic
drawings, PC-board layouts, mechanical engineering artwork, and technical writing.
Mechanical CAE - offers 2-L),3-D, and solids modeling,
finite element and plastic modeling analysis, and test
analysis, with links to numerically controlled machine
tools. (See "Advanced CAD capabilities with ME Series
10" and "HP DesignCenter ME Series 50 for mechanicalengineering design" for more information.)
Microprocessor software development - for rapid design
of microprocessor-based products, with powerful emulation, hardware debug, and high-level analysis tools that
link the processes of hardware and code development for
greater productivity.
Electronic test instruments - provide fast, accurate
measurements ranging from dc to the highest-speed
logic families available.
Technical office automation - tools for word processing,
graphics, documentation, spreadsheets, project scheduling, and more, to boost productivity in office-related
tasks. (See "Increase your workstation sales with technical office automation" and related articles for more
C'NIX'" is a trademark o f A T & T B e l l Laboratories
For HP Use Only
New CAE systems for electrical
engineering design
Phil Rueppel/LSD
Two computer-aided
engineering (CAE) systems
- the HP Logic DesignStation and HP Personal
Designstation - perform
logic design capture and
design verification in electrical engineering applications.
They are part of the HP
DesignCenter series of
mechanical and electrical
CAE products and include
design automation software
as well as tools for data management. docurnentation, and
Design capture system
A common user interface provides easy access to the design
capture and design verification environment. Design entry
and testing are simplified with the use of icons, a mouse,
pop-up menus, and multiple window management. The
system supports "top-down," "bottom-up," and flat design
in addition to on-line electrical rule checks that discover
potential design errors prior to simulation. Changes in a
design are automatically reflected in documentation where
text and graphics can be combined on the same page.
An HP Design Database Language provides access to the
captured-design data with the ability to reformat data for
use with external tools.
Design verification
Based on the popular HILOn-3system from GenRad, Inc.,
the verification tools support a wide range of dig~taltechnologies including MOS, TTL, ECL, and microprocessors.
The logic simulator features a five-state, 1 5 logic-value
algorithm for accurate modeling of MOS bidirectional gates,
ANL)s, wired ORs, and tri-state pullups and pulldowns.
HILO-3 also performs accurate, nominal, and worst case
timing analysis during logic simulation.
For evaluating test-data effectiveness, HILO-3 uses the
speed of concurrent fault simulation and optimized memory
requirements of parallel-fault simulation in a combination
technique called parallel value list.
Also available is the HILO-3 library containing more than
2,400 simulation models for standard off-the-shelf parts.
Designers can also create their own library components
using the HILO-3 Hardware Description Language.
For initializing memory contents in the captured design,
the Design Verification Interface provides a parser facility
Information management tailored to the business professional
For HP Touchscreen, Vectra and IBM PC/XT/AT PC's
Executive Card Manager and
Executive Card Manager: Templates
What is Executive Card Manager:
What is Executive Card Manager?
What is Executive Card Manager: Templates?
Where to Sell
Ordering Information
Questions and Answers
Used in conjunction with Executive Card Manager,
the Templates package offers your customers over 40
ready-made modifiable form and report formats for
instant productivity. Prepared by experts in various
fields, ECM:Templates covers 21 business
environments particularly well suited to the
capabilities of Executive Card Manager.
What Is Executive Card Manager?
Templates provides solutions for General Business,
Sales, Finance, Accounting, Management as well as
for specialized businesses such as Real Estate, Law,
Medical and Education.
Executive Card Manager provides busy professionals
and managers with just the type of data management
they need and ask for. By making use of the familiar
RolodexB card file, Executive Card Manager is
extremely easy to understand, to learn, and to use. And
by combining simplicity with powerful data storage
and retrieval capabilities optimized for their
information management needs, Executive Card
Manager helps professionals and managers get their
job done better and much faster.
when used to demo the ti^^ Card Manager
solution, the Templates package allows you to simply
pull out the Template that matches your customer's
application most closely, then build your demo
around it.
Card files with a capacity of up to 64,000 records.
Records contain up to 5 pages of information and
can be date-and-time stamped.
A built-in report writer with extensive formatting
and arithmetic capabilities.
A mailing system that lets you create simple form
letters and mailing labels.
Powerful sort and search features.
Cardfiles that can be merged or appended.
Complete autodialing capabilities with predefinable telephone macros for access codes.
Runs with HP Access.
Runs under Execudesk (Touchscreen PC's only)
Includes conversion utility for PCF card files.
Data can be exported and imported in DIF and
ASCII formats.
Color interface that makes attractive use of color
Where to Sell
For most of your accounts with professionals and
managers using HP Vectra, Touchscreen or IBM
personal computers, you will find that Executive Card
Manager and ECM:Templates are the right products
to sell. Some facts:
Personal Card File enjoys a well established
reputation among more than 40,000 Touchscreen
and IBM PC users. The goodwill generated by PCF
will make the much enhanced functionality of
Executive Card Manager particularly appreciated
by those users who may have "grown out" of PCF
and by those who may be familiar with PCF but
have not yet purchased a file manager.
Accounts with a mix of HP Touchscreen, Vectra,
and IBM personal computers will like having the
same information management application run on
all of their personal computers.
such as Executive MemoMaker (also targetted a t
business professionals).
Learning to use Executive Card Manager's main
functions takes only one hour, and ECM:Templates
allows your customers to tailor Executive Card
Manager to their jobs in minutes. Executive Card
Manager will best fit accounts with professionals
seeking this kind of rapid productivity and
simplicity as well as the complete set of features the
product offers.
Situation 2a:
Customer wants a complete telemarketing
department solution that easily stores and retrieves
lots of business contact data such as current
demographic information, past sales history and
financial information.
Sell Executive Card Manager in the following
Situation la:
Customer wants to easily download information
residing on an HP 3000 to a Touchscreen, Vectra, or
IBM PC without having to create the form necessary
to receive the data.
Using Executive Card Manager with HP Access will
allow data to be extracted from the HP 3000 and
downloaded to the PC. Executive Card Manager is the
only application for which HP Access automatically
creates a default data base format. All the user has to
do is to select the tables and name the ECM
destination card file.
Situation lb:
Same situation as above. This time, the user also
wants to use the now PC-resident data to produce a
polished columnar report with statistics.
Executive Card Manager lets you produce
sophisticated reports with a great deal of formatting
flexibility and calculating power. The user can easily
select the desired information and produce all the
necessary sub-totals, counts, averages and groupings
presented in a way that makes analysis easy and
Situation lc:
Customer alp? wants to merge the report with text of
a memo to strengthen the recommendation made in
the document.
Executive Card Manager allows you to either print
your columnar report or save it as a standard ASCII
file. In turn, the file can be read into any word
processor that lets you merge ASCII data with text,
Executive Card Manager is the perfect solution. Each
record can contain up to 5 pages (11screens) of
Situation 2b:
Customer wants solution to automate telephone
dialing and to be compatible with Company's
recommended brand of modems.
Executive Card Manager offers powerful autodialing
capabilities and lets your customers hook their PC's to
a wide variety of modems. Also, telephone macros even
save you the pain of entering access codes for each of
your records.
Situation 2c:
Customer wants solution to take care of department's
mailing needs.
Executive Card Manager provides a total solution for
simple mailings. Executive Card Manager is the only
product available that embodies a screen editor
(similar to HP Desk's) that lets you type a form letter
and insert card file information anywhere you want,
even in the body of the letter! Then, a t a touch of a key,
professional-quality letters can be generated a t great
speed with the HP LaserJet printer. And, Executive
Card Manager also lets you produce mailing labels,
even three across!
How to Sell Against Competition
Until recently, business professionals who wanted
an easy but flexible way to manage their personal
information had to choose between either easy-to-use
file managers too limited in functionality, or complex
data bases where expert programming was a
prerequisite. Executive Card Manager (ECM) is a real
breakthrough. I t combines an intuitive, familiar
Rolodexa card file interface with powerful features
carefully designed for the business professional.
While the file management software marketplace
remains extremely competitive, there are several
areas - key to our target market - in which ECM
differentiates itself from competition, including such
well known products as PFSa:FILE and
Unparalleled Ease of Use
The menu-driven PFSB: FILE was perceived as a big
improvement over other command-driven databases.
ECM goes one step beyond by providing the
intuitiveness of three natural interfaces: the Rolodex,
the index card and the report sheet. Interfacing with
ECM reinforces this notion of intuitiveness: Simply
paint the fields on the card to create a card file, pick
the fields on the card and place them a s columns on
the report sheet, or a s form fields on your form letters.
The ease of use that ECM provides is unparalleled in
the industry.
Superior Integrated Functionality
Each feature that ECM offers has been carefully
selected to match the information management needs
of the business professional. Market research shows
that they want powerful data management
capabilities as well as full-fledged auto-dialing, report
writing and mailing functions, all integrated into one
product. In contrast, [email protected]:FILEand REPORT are two
separate products with no auto-dial or mailing
capabilities, and with rigid report writing formatting
Direct compatibility w i t h o t h e r packages
Unlike PRFB:FILE, ECM was designed to work in
concert with other application programs. With ECM,
you can easily transfer your information (straight
data or complete reports) to and from the most popular
spreadsheet and database packages including Lotus
1-2-3'", Executive Spreadsheet on Vectra, Deluxe
VisiCalc on Touchscreen PC's, dBASE IImand IIIB,
R:BASE 5000TM,
and Condor. ECM also helps you
handle complex mailings using Advancewrite or
and MailMergeTM.
Instant Productivity
HP created ECM:Templates so that your customers
don't have to constantly reinvent the wheel! With
ECM:Templates, a unique offering in the industry,
you just select the pre-made card file or report format
(among 21 different business environments) that best
fits your needs and start entering data right away.
The time saved by doing so - instead of trying to
figure out the optimal layout and content of the form
- is a source of immediate satisfaction and pay-off..
Superior Versatility
Executive Card Manager's comprehensive feature set
offers one of a kind versatility. More than any other
information manager, Executive Card Manager
addresses a variety of uses, ranging from
telemarketing to inventory management, from salary
administration to mailing management. Executive
Card Manager applies a s much to large accounts as i t
does to vertical businesses such as Real Estate,
Medicine and Dentistry, CPA firms, Education and
many more. Use ECM:Templates to demonstrate the
great versatility of the product.
Information Access Solution
Executive Card Manager and HP Access team up to
offer the easiest and most flexible way to extract and
manage information contained in a n H P 3000
database. HP Access provides the simple interface to
extract the selected data and automatically transfers
i t into an ECM card file. HE' Access spares you the
time of designing the ECM card file layout. The
information is then a t your fingertips to be managed
and printed in summary reports.
Ordering Information
Executive Card Manager and ECM:Templates are
available for the HP Touchscreen, Vectra and IBM
personal computers.
For HP Vectra, IBM PC/XT/AT's:
Executive Card Manager
Executive Card Manager: Templates
For Touchscreen PC's:
Executive Card Manager
Executive Card Manager: Templates
#45421A $295
#45441D $125
Data sheets for Executive Card Manager and
ECM:Templates are available from the Literature
Distribution Center in Palo Alto or Corvallis, part #
Your customer may also be interested in purchasing
the HP mouse.
For HP Touchscreen and Vectra PC's:
HP Mouse
For HP150A's and HP150B1sonly:
HP-HIL Accessory Board
#459143 $155
Questions and Answers
Q: If Executive Card Manager is that easy-to-use,
Q: How fast is Executive Card Manager?
why do I need ECM:Templates?
A: No matter how easy an information management
application is, the most difficult task for your
customers resides in defining the type of
information they need to build their card files.
ECM:Templates enhances the instant usability of
Executive Card Manager by providing over 40
ready-to-use card file and report layouts. With
ECM:Templates your customers can start
entering their personal information right away
or they can further tailor the templates to their
specific needs.
Executive Card Manager and ECM:Templates
work together to offer business professionals the
unmatched capability of managing information in
a simple, flexible and powerful way.
Q: Since Executive Card Manager is self-sufficient to
generate form letters, why should my customers
buy Executive MemoMaker?
A: Executive Card Manager is by no means a word
processor. While Executive Card Manager includes
a screen editor that's very handy to write simple
form letters, Executive MemoMaker remains the
word processing solution of choice for business
professionals and managers.
Q: Does Executive Card Manager support the Mouse?
A: Yes. Although not necessary, the Mouse
considerably enhances the interaction with
Executive Card Manager. With a mouse, moving a
field on a card or a report column becomes as easy
a s "clicking" the mouse and moving the field or
the column to its final position. You gain speed and
Q: Will Executive Card Manager run on The Portable
A: Yes. A ROM-based version of Executive Card
Manager will be available soon for The Portable
In most situations Executive Card Manager is
faster than its main competitor, PFSB:FILE and
REPORT, as well as dBASE [email protected]
Q: When performance is a key factor, what product
should I recommend?
While Executive Card Manager's performance is
very good for small (1,000 records or less) to
medium-sized (10,000 records or less) card files,
sorting on large card files (10,000 to 64,000
records) may require several hours. For large card
files, and when frequent sorting is needed, it
might be best recommending R:BASE 5000'".
Q: Is Executive Card Manager faster on the Vectra
PC than on the Touchscreen PC?
A: Yes, significantly. Similar functions on hard
disk-based Vectra PC's are performed twice to 4
times faster than on a similarly configured
Touchscreen PC.
Q: Are PCF and ECM card files compatible?
A: No. The Executive Card Manager package
includes a conversion utility that allows PCF card
files to easily be converted to a n ECM format.
Q: Can I modify the format of an existing Executive
Card Manager card file?
A: Yes. With Executive Card Manager your
customers can add, delete and move fields around,
even when the card file contains data.
dBASE I and dBASE I1 are registered trademarks of Ashton-Tate.
Symphony and Lotus are registered trademarks of Lotus
Development Corp.
Microrim is a registered trademark of Microrim, Inc.
R:BASE is a trademark of Microrim, Inc.
PFS":FILE and PFS':REPORT are registered trademarks of
Software Publishing, Inc.
WordStar' and MailMerge"are registered trademarks of
MicroPro International Corporation.
Design Systems
by which simple memory patterns (binal, octal, hexadecimal) can be entered into a standard ROMIRAM content
file and converted into memory data using a parser facility.
Or, for more extensive memory programming, the HP
64000 microprocessor software development tools can be
used to write source code and assemble and compile this
code. T h e code is passed to the design verification tools
through the HP Software Link inchded in the Design
Verification Interface. HP Software Link supports all the
HP 64000 assemblers and compilers.
Design interfaces to physical layout systems
P Logic DesignStations provide physical links between the
logic design environment and industry standard, printed
circuit board layout systems. Interfaces to SCICARDS and
Calay are available for physical-design implementation.
US prices
HP Logic DesignStation 310, 320, and Personal Logic
DesignStation, equipped with Design Capture including
Database Language software, are approximately $39,000
($38,8451, $46,000 ($45,8171, and $19,000 ($18,9241,
respectively.* Additional parts libraries are priced at $2,000
($1,990) for TTL, $1,500 ($1,490) for microprocessors,
and $1,000 ($995) each for ECL, MOS. and PLD.
HP Design Verification Subsystem, optional on the Logic
DesignStation, includes the Design Verification Interface
HILOE-3 Logic Simulator, and HILO-3 Simulation Libraries
and is priced a t $18,000 ($17,928).
Design Interfaces to [email protected]'and Calay printed-circuit
board layout systems are $3,000 ($2,988) each.
*Prices in parentheses are factory based.
SCICARDS is a ITS registered trademark of Scientific Calculations
HILO"' is a CIS registered trademark of GenRad, Inc.
Logic DesignStations 310/320
and Personal Logic
Pamela Crane/LDO and
Bob Broady/LSD
T h e Logic DesignStations 310 and 3.20 are the mediumand high-performance members of the Logic DesignStation
family. These HP-UX* engineering workstations provide
full-function design capture and verification capability to
automate logic design of electronic systems.
Logic DesignStations 310 and 320 can operate standalone or
can be networked as design capture and verification stations. In a networked environment, the computational
December 1, 1985
power of the DesignStation 320 makes it effective as a
shared verification node.
The Logic DesignStations 310 and 320 are based on the
HP 9000 Series 300 workstation. Both come equipped with
a 32-bit virtual memory architecture, built-in HP-IB (IEEE
488) and RS-232 interfaces, and a 17-inch, bit-mapped display (1024 x 768 resolution).
T h e Logic DesignStation 310 uses a 10 MHz Motorola
68010 processor and provides medium performance a t a
lower price the 320. The DesignStation 310 can be
upgraded eas~lyto a DesignStation 320.
T h e Logic De,signStation 320 is the highest performance
member of the family. Taking advantage of a 16.6 MHz
Motorola 68020 processor, an on-board MC68881 floating
point coproce:jsor, and 16 Kbytes of high-speed, on-board
cache, the DesignStation 320 operates at approximately
twice the performance level of the DesignStation 310.
Configuration flexibility
Both Logic D~:signStations310 and 320 support a variety of
common accessory cards to use in any of the remaining 11
card slots. Printers, plotters, instruments, and disc drives
from a selection of inany HP products can be added without
requiring an expensive node server.
Personal Logic DesignStation
T h e Personal Logic DesignStation is the low-cost, entrylevel member of the Logic DesignStation family. This versatile personal-computer-based workstation runs HP Design
Capture System software that automates logic design. T h e
Personal Logic DesignStation can operate stand-alone or
access simulation resources and peripherals over a network.
Using an Intel 80286, the HP Vectra PC is the foundation of
the Personal Logic DesignStation. T h e Personal Logic
DesignStation provides an MSTM-DOS
environment for
numerous off- the-shelf software applications.
HP Design Capture System software also runs on the IBM
PC AT. A 32-bit coprocessor is added to provide the computational pourer needed for full performance CAE.
Upward date1 compatibility
Designs created on the Personal Logic DesignStation can be
transferred to a Logic DesignStation 310 or 320 without
modifications. When combining portions of a large design
created by many engineers, no conversions need be made to
assemble the design portions on a Logic DesignStation 310
or 320.
Optimizing resources with an integrated network.
T h e HP AdvanceNet network, supporting the IEEE 802.3
protocol, provides the means for communication among the
Logic DesignStations and other members of the logic design
environment. A large design may be partitioned among a
variety of stations and later combined on a DesignStation
310 or 320 network node. These individual design portions
For HP Use Only
Design Systems
from other stations are transferred over the network to a
Logic DesignStation and assembled into the complete
hierarchical design. HILO"'-3 simulation is then performed
on the complete design, either locally, or remotely on a
shared simulation node.
Project management is simplified with a networked
environment. Files can be archived and managed centrally
to prevent duplication and unauthorized access. T h e
progress of each team member can be reviewed easily by
remotely accessing files on DesignStations 310 and 320 or,
for the Personal Logic DesignStation, transferring them
over the network.
'HP-UX is Hewlett-Packard's enhancement of the AT&T UNIX'"
operating systems. UiYIX'" a trademark o f A T & T Bell Labs.
HILO 5 s a US registered trademark of GenRad, Inc.
HP DesignCenter ME Series 50
for mechanical-engineering
Larry Lytle/DSG
T h e new H P DesignCenter ME Series 50, a comprehensive
system of mechanical computer-aided-engineering
(ME-CAE) products was introduced on November 4 at
Autofact '85 in Detroit, Michigan.
ME Series 50 provides design solutions through the entire
product-development process, and is a complete system of
high-level applications software, engineering workstations
and related peripherals configured for a user-specific
Broad functionality
New Logic DesignStation
product line literature
ME Series 50 is a fully-integrated, flexible system, allowing
the user to select interactive solid or 3-D geometric modeling as the base for design.
Clelia deMoraes/LSD
G e o m e t r i c Design S y s t e m (GDS)
There is already an extensive amount of literature available
for the Logic DesignStations 310 and 320, Personal Logic
DesignStation, and software for electrical CAE designs. T h e
following lists the literature and their publication numbers.
All are available at the Literature Distribution Center in
Palo Alto, California.
For 3-D design, GDS features a broad library of geometric
constructs, which can be positioned and edited through
coordinates, geometric relationships, or specified screen
Design Capture System
Design Verification System
Parts Libraries
Logic DesignStation 31 0
Logic DesignStation 320
Personal Logic DesignStation
Logic DesignStation Family
Design Interface for Calay
Design Interface for SCICARDS
5954-661 1
T h e H P Logic Design System A New Generation in Computer-aided
There are more than 20 analytic and sculptured-surface
techniques including: planes, surfaces of revolution, tabulated cylinders, ruled surfaces, B-spline and Bezier surface,
and blended surfaces. A fully associative 3-D database
allows easy movement among, and integration with, all
applications software including numerical control (NC) and
finite-element analysis.
GDS also contains extensive drafting capabilities and
computer-graphics language, which allow easy design for
families of parts. Available options include symbols, shading, flat-pattern layout, and graphics-language compiler.
S o l i d M o d e l i n g Design (SMD)
SMD has all the features of GDS, with the accuracy of
advanced solid-model-based design. It uses a boundary
representation modeler, which supports solid primitives
(e.g. cube, block, cylinder, cone, sphere) and edge-based
construction. It has extensive functionality including: mass
property calculations, Boolean operations, spatialinterference detection, sectioning, center of gravity and
moment of inertia, shading, hidden-line removal, and fillet/
chamfer of edges.
Common data structure allows easy movement from solid
design to other applications, such a s drafting, NC, and
finite-element modeling.
NC T o o l P a t h D e v e l o p m e n t
T h e ME Series 50 NC Tool Path Development package provides strong links to manufacturing. Parts are modeled with
For HP Use Only
! ' - '>
Design Systems
any combination of 3-D wireframe, surface, or solid primitives. These geometric designs are accessed from a common
database to create NC tool paths, which can be displayed
dynamically and edited interactively.
T h e tool path can be in A P T 111, CLFILE, A P T SOURCE, or
COMPACT I1 format. ME Series 50 post processors produce
either paper tape or direct output for 2-to-5 axis machine
Single-vendor source a n d support
A distinct advantage of the HP Designcenter ME Series 50
is that the user can purchase an entire solutio? from HP. All
of the software and system hardware, includirlg peripherals
and instrumentation, are supplied and supported by HP.
HP's customer support, training, and service cover all of
these products. In adclition, H P field engineer:; and applications specialists are trained to assist in needs analysis,
implementation, and on-going consultation artd support.
Advanced CAD capabilities with
the ME Series 10
Angela Suthurst/BEO
Design functionality is optimized through a model-oriented
data structure, which allows the user to define fully a n
object's geometry, dimensions, and other attributes. Design
variations include stretching, adaptive design (similar,
scale, and move), and parametric variations (using
macros). Nesting and sharing parts simplifies complex iissembly designs and allows parts list generation. T h e ME
Series 10 features user-definable viewports, detailing
capabilities, and measurement and calculation functions.
T o provide an open communication system with other
applications, a documented model data interface has been
incorporated. T h e system has direct links to HP-FE for
finite element analysis, and the design geometry is compatible to numerical control (NC) systems, such as A P T and
COMPACT 11. Links to H P Techwriter and HP Draw are
also available.
T h e ME Series 10 runs on the HP 9000 Series 300
engineering workstations. T h e modular architecture of' the
Series 300 allows the user to configure a system to satisfy
present needs, and to expand the hardware as performance
requirements increase.
In addition, a n entry level system called the ME Series 5 is
available. It includes the basic features of the ME Series 10
but has only limited macro capabilities and no links to IJE
and NC. It can easily be upgraded to the full-featured Series
10 as user needs expand.
T h e following sales tools are now available:
Hewlett-Packard's Des2nCenter ME Series 10 is an
advanced 2 - 0 design and drafting system for mechanical
engineering applications. The ME Series 10 itere operates on
a HP 9000 Model 320 32-bit engineering u~orkstationand a
high-resolution (1024 x 768) color monitor.
T h e new H P DesignCenter ME Series 10 is an advanced
workstation-based 2-D design and drafting system for
mechanical engineering applications. It provides a configurable family of design solutions that allow the user to
combine powerful mechanical design and drafting software
with HP's newest engineering workstations, through a convenient user interface.
December 1, 1985
Sales tool
ME Series 10 Brochure
Configuration Guide
Function Reference
Series 5 Product Summary
Field Training Manual
Competition Analysis
Slide Presentation Kit
*Items with Publication numbers can be ordered from yclur
literature distribution center. Other items should be
ordered from either Astrid Wult;Boeblingen Engineering
Operation (in Europe), or Gene Morel, Lake Stevens
Instrument Division (in the US).
For the end user, a comprehensive set of user documentation, including step-by-step examples, has been provided:
User Manual
System Manual
continued on next page
For H P Use Only
Design Systems
Ordering information for ME Series 5 or 10
Opt. 300
Opt. 350
Opt. 200
Opt. 250
US list
ME Series 5 CAD software
J 5,500
ME Series 10 CAD software
L1F format
SDF format
Right to copy HP 98365AlU
ME Series 10 CAD software
ME Series 5 to ME Series 10
upgrade package
LIF format
SDF format
ME Series 10 CAD software
PASCAL to HP-UX upgrade
Right to copy HP 98366AIBIU
ME Series 10 CAD software
ME Series 5 to ME Series 10
upgrade package
HP-DRAFT to ME Series 10
software conversion package.
LIF format
SDF format
Right to copy HP 98361A
(HP-DRAFT Series 10 conversion
HP announces new ME CAD
Anne LeungIASD
In a recent survey, most ME CAD customers have
repeatedly emphasized the irriportance of formal training to
ensure satisfaction with new CAD systems. Boeblingen
Engineering Operations (BEO) has developed two lab
intensive customer training courses for the HP DesignCenter ME CAD products. The two courses are especially
designed to reflect the application capability and customer
training needs for the HP Designcenter ME Series 5 and
ME Series 10 systems.
The ME Series 10 users course is divided into two instructional modules (A&B). Module A is identical to the ME
Series 5 users course. T h e objective is to familiarize
customers with the concepts and operations of the ME CAD
system. Module B covers some of the ME Series 10
advanced features, such as macro development and high
level customization language.
H, use on,\,
T h e two training courses are on the November 1 Corporate
Price List. They will be available at HP training centers, or
can be taken directly to your customers' site. T h e class size
will be kept to a maximum of 12 students to ensure close
interaction between students and the instructor. T h e
course is designed to maximize student hands-on
experience, and students will be encouraged to implement
their own solution to each of the lab exercises. Each
designer workstation will be shared by only two students;
there will be no crowding around watch only
T h e training courses, their course numbers, course length,
and prices are as follows:
MW Series 10
Users Course
ME Series 5
Users Course
US list
HP 98365Af24D
HP 98365Ai-24.4
HP 98363.4+24D
HP 98363A+24A
T h e user interface for both the ME Series 5 and ME Series
10 is friendly even for first time ME CAD users. Rut training can help customers immediately learn the most efficient
and effective way to utilize the system. This will save
valuable designing and drafting time in the long run. Please
refer to the field training ~llanualfor additional course and
completion information.
Course data sheets will be available to help promote the
customer courses, and set student expectations. T h e course
material will be available for ordering from the Software
Distribution Center (SDC) by the end of January.
If vou have further auestions regarding the courses, lease
contact Anne ~ e u n g ' a ~t p ~ l i c a c osupport
Division ;r
Christian Joye at BEO.
Design Systerns
Increase your workstation sales
with technical office autolmation
Stacy PlemmonslTSC
Recently, a multi-client study
by Williamson and York
t h e software neecls of
,- + .
, .
cqa":z "...~
According to this study,
many customers said they
wouldn't buy a workstation
without certain applications
we traditionally think of a.s
office automation. T h e bar
- L ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ - ~ ~ .
chart (at left) shows percentages of technical customers
requiring certain applications.
We now collectively define
these applications as "technical office automation." (From
the chart, you can see that 4 1 percent wouldn't buy our
workstations without a textlword processor and 27 percent
require charts, graphs.) Looking further a t the chart, you
can see that "technical" office automation is different from
"commercial" office automation in three ways: deletions,
enhancements, and extensions.
~ e n e ~ aS cl f t w a r e uequlrements
L rot. ..P 107
. 8.
You've asked for HP-IJX based applications ycu can sell.
Well, effective with the November Corporate l'rice List,
we've introduced eight new applications for the H P 9000
Series 300 coveriilg the top requested software areas on
engineering workstations. Four of these are a130 now available on the H P 9000 Series 500, and three on the H P
Integral PC. All are sold and supported by HP.
Other articles in this issue of Computer News highlight
those eight packs, including AlisIHP-UX, an allplication
that pulls it all together. But in case you're not familiar with
the term "technical office automation," read on for some
r j
. ~ +
Deletions - You won't find H P distributing some of t h e
traditional "office automation" applications on our technical workstations. These include such applications as
purchasing, materials, and accounting. (They are available
in our H P PLUS "listed" program.)
Enhancements - Our technical workstation customers
expect enhancements to common office applications, such
as Greek and Math symbols in word processing, special
spreadsheet functions, and log plots in graphics. (You'll see
more of this in the future.)
HP now offers eight new technical office autom,ztion software
For years, we in tihe technical marketplace h a l e cited
studies and our own "next-benches" showing that
engineers and scientists spend over 5 0 percent of their time
(some studies sha~wup to 8 0 percent) doing "cther" work
not typically considered "engineering." These other things,
the documenting, analyzing, planning, and communicating,
were previously called CAW or computer aided work.
December 1, 1985
Extensions - T h e third difference between technical and
commercial office autoination are the extensions expected
by our workstation customers. These extensions include
horizontal applications like project management, statistics,
and math.
Other articles in this edition of Computer Newsshow the
applications we're introducing to solve your customers'
technical office automation needs. Please take time to
familiarize yourself with these applications both here a r ~ d
from the literature we sent you in the November 1 5
Momentummailing. And sell technical office automation to
increase your workstation sales by 4 1 percent or more.
For ordering and configuration of the technical office
automation products introduced in the following article:;,
see "Technical office automation pricing and ordering
information" and "Technical office automation configuration" on pages 28-29.
For HP Use Only
Design Systems
Alis/HP-UX: office automation
for HP 9000 workstations
Alis/HP-UX supports HP
LaserJet PLUS printer
John Lumb/TSC
Linda Lewis/BOI
While CADICAM software has given engineers a tremendous boost in technical productivity, engineers can spend
over 50 percent of their time in support-related activities
such as documentation, analysis of data, team communication, and presentations to various audiences.
a technical office automation package for the
H P 9000 Series 300 and 500, now supports the H P LaserJet
PLUS printer.
Because of this, on November 1, Design Systems Group's
(DSG) Technical Software Center introduced AlisTM/
HP-UX. AlisIHP-UX is an integrated office automation
package that fits right in with the needs of the technical
environment. Using the HP-UX Applications Execution
Environment, AlisIHP-UX runs on the same systems that
support the technical CADICAM packages. This means that
your customers only need one system to pull all their jobrelated tasks together - the H P 9000 Technical
With AlisIHP-UX, your customers have:
Alis/HP-UX Document Composer is more than a text
editor; the Document Composer pulls together text,
graphics, spreadsheet, and database information into a
single document. AlisIHP-UX easily edits these various
pieces of information, even after they have been integrated into a document.
Alis/HP-UX Spreadsheet pulls together the functionality found in LotusE 1-2-3B and simple equationsolving to provide excellent analysis capabilities.
Alis/HP-UX Graphics Editor creates both business1
data graphics from AlisIHP-UX Spreadsheet data, as
well as provides freestyle drawing capability from simple
logos to complex engineering diagrams.
Alis/HP-UX Personal Database pulls together the vast
amounts of information that exist in technical environments, from project team lists to assembly material lists.
Alis allows users to combine text with graphics, database,
and spreadsheet information to accommodate the complex
document requirements of the technical environment. One
of its features is the ability to see documents on the screen,
a s they will appear in hard copy, complete with font compatibility and bit-mapped display of graphic images. This
provides end users with "what-you-see-is-what-you-get"
terminal displays, eliminating the guesswork as to what the
final output will look like.
Other supported printer features are multiple fonts per
line; superscript, subscript; justification; overstrike; fill
patterns; scale and rotate drawings; drawings up to 32
square inches; user selectable graphic resolutions (75, 150,
or 300 dpi); and line, bar, stacked bar, pie, and strata
Currently, Alis supports the F ( 9 2 2 8 6 F , and J (922865)
font cartridges. In addition, printer sharing is supported via
the Local Area Network. For more information, refer to the
HP Local Area Network data sheet, PIN 5953-9564.
T h e standard LaserJet printer will only be supported in text
mode. For more information on how Alis works with the HP
LaserJet PLUS printer, contact Workstation Sales Development a t Fort Collins Systems Division, TELNET 226-2600
or 303-226-3800, ext. 2600.
A lis'" is a US trademark of APPLiX, Inc.
Alis/HP-UXElectronic Mail pulls your customer's team
Announcing MicroTrakiHP-UX
and PlotTrak/HP-UX for
HP 9000 Series 300 and 500
together to efficiently share ideas and information.
Perry Wells/TSC
Alis/HP- UX Calendar/Time Management improves
efficiency through scheduling and prioritizing.
Alis/HP-UX Data Exchange pulls in information from
other HP-UX products such as MicroTrakTM/HP-UX
for schedules and [email protected]/HP-UX for advanced
equation solving. (See the following articles for more
information about TK!Solver/HP-UX and
AlisTMis a US trademark of APPLiX, Inc.
Lotusm and 1-2-3"are US registered trademarks ofLotus
Development Corp.
MicroTrakTMis a US trademark ofSo.tTrakTM
TK!Solver'"' is a US registered trademark of Software Arts, Inc.
For HP Use Only
project management software, already
introduced on the H P 9000 Series 200 and Integral PC computers is now available on the Series 300 and 500 computers. This latest port of MicroTrak has a n extended
feature set allowing unlimited resources within a n activity,
shell escapes to HP-UX, on-line help screens, and increased
data interchange with other HP-UX application software.
These features are in addition to the standard scheduling,
real-time project updating, 5000 activities per project, easyto-learn user interface, and excellent report set.
December 1. 1985
Design Systems
Plotter output now available
Also available for the first time on the H P 9000 computers
is PlotTrakTM,
the plotting companion program to
MicroTrak. This program allows your customers to plot
their MicroTrak schedules to H P 74XXl75XX l~lotters,providing a graphic representation of the linking and timing of
the project tasks. Automatic plotting of schedule networks
eliminates laborious hand drawing of these chz.rts. This
allows t h e project manager to maintain curren: up-to-date
schedule information.
T h e MicroTrakIPlotTrak project management software
represents a powerful :solution for your customers' project
management problem:;.
MicroTrakrMand PlotTrtrkTMare US trademarks of !;ofrrakrM
T o make the most effective use of this program, four
TK!SolverPacks - sophisticated templates for use with
TK!Solver - are available. These include Mechanical
Engineering, Financial Management, Building Design and
Construction, and Introductory Science.
TK!Solver8 is a US registered trademark of Software Arts, Inc:.
Introducing Picture Perfect for
HP 9000 Series 300 and
HP Integral PC
S harron Viger/TSC
Announcing TK! Solver/HP-UX
for HP 9000 Series 300 and 500
Built-in unit conversion - no need to convert elements
by hand.
Sharro n Viger/TSC
TK!SolverB is the best selling math package on t h e market
today, and now you have it on t h e Series 300 and Series 500
HP-UX computers. This is the same TK!/Solvc.rHP-UX that
is also available on the HP Integral PC and the H P 9000
Series 200 computers.
TK!Solver/HP-UX is an equation-solving package that
allows your customer to solve complex mathenlatical
models that cannot be easily done with programming
languages, spreadsheets, or calculators. It deal!; not only
with single variables, but with entire equations and sets of
simultaneous equations.
How to qualify il potential customer
Knowing how to qualify a potential TK!Solver customer
will help improve your ability to sell the packaj~e.Ask your
customers this question to qualify them for TK !Solver: Do
you work with equations on a regular basis? If the answer is
"yes," you should sell them TK!. People are fazed with a lot
more situations that call for mathematics than they realize.
Key features and benefits include:
Picture PerfectTM,
the popular HP Touchscreen personal
computer graphics software, is now available for the
H P 9000 Series 300 HP-UX computers and t h e H P 9000
Series 300 HP-UX computers and the H P Integral PC. This
is t h e same Picture Perfect that is also available on the
H P 9000 Series 200 workstations. Picture Perfect is a datadriven presentation graphics package that produces professional-quality charts.
Key features and benefits
Bar, line, pie, and combined bar/line charts - offers
wide choice of formats to effectively display data.
Full control ofpositioning and size of chart elements .allows you to dress up charts to match a desired style or
emphasize a particular point.
Multiple charts on one page - allows combination of
interrelated charts.
Wide variety of fonts and formats - allow freedom of
style or emphasis of a particular point.
Context-sensitive HELP facilities - never any doubt
where you are or what you need to do.
Professional output - management quality for presentation anywhere.
Picture Perfect is a US trademark of Computer Support
Natural format forxnulas - easy to input formulas, no
need to reformat or reorder.
Interative and back solving - you can put formulas in
any order; if TK!Solver can't solve the problem directly,
it will "guestirnate" the final answer.
Table andgraphicar'output - flexible, choose the format
for best communication of the results.
December 1, 1985
For HP Use Only
Design Systems
Diagraph now available for the
HP 9000 Series 300 and the
HP Integral PC
Sharron Viger/TSC
Diagraph'". the popular presentation graphics software
package on the HP Touchscreen personal computer, is now
available for the HP 9000 Series 300 HP-UX computers and
the H P Integral PC. This is the same Diagraph that is also
available on the HP 9000 Series 200 workstations.
Your customers can enhance any presentation using
Diagraph to illustrate their ideas and concepts with a wide
selection of clip-art drawings. Diagraph is a powerful, easyto-use program that is ideal for the preparation of organizational charts, forms, signs, word charts, flow charts, and
presentation aids.
Key features and benefits
Over 1,600 symbols organized into categories including
graphic aids, geometrics, signs, icons, and pictorials express yourself in a multitude of ways.
Free-form line drawing allows you to easily combine the
symbols in new and different ways.
Wide variety of shading and fonts allows you to match a
specific style or emphasize a particular point.
Softkey-driven interface makes it simple to use.
Diagraph'" is a /IS trademark of Computer Support Corporation.
MemoMaker/HP-UX now on
HP 9000 Series 300
Sharron Viger/TSC
MemoMaker, the easy-to-use word processing package that
has been so successful on the HP Touchscreen personal
computer, is now available to your H P 9000 Series 300
HP-UX customers. This is the same MemoMakerlHP-UX
that is also available on the Integral PC and the HP 9000
Series 200 computers.
What you see is what you get - the screen displays
exactly what final result will look like.
Single-screen editing allows ease of use.
Standard interface across HP family provides commonality between systems.
Introducing Multiplan/HP-UX
for HP 9000 Series 300
Sharron Viger/TSC
Multiplan " , the most popular stand-alone spreadsheet on
the market today, is now available for the HP 9000
Series 300 HP-UX computers. This is the same Multiplan1
HP-UX that is also available on the Integral PC and the
H P 9000 Series 200 computers.
MultiplanIHP-UX can help your customers process and
manage information quickly and easily. It uses simple commands, has powerful built-in functions to make setting up
the model easier, employs overwrite protection of files, and
has multiple windows to allow viewing of several parts of
the model a t the same time. This package will shine for
financial and statistical modeling, forecasting, and planning.
Key features and benefits
Full-word commands and softkeys - Multiplan is easy
to learn.
Powerful built-in functions - trigonometric, statistical,
logical, arithmetic, and financial.
Multiple windows - eight windows allow viewing
several parts of the model at the same time.
Eight different "linked" spreadsheets - allows building
large models.
Extensive context-sensitive on-line HELP.
Mult~plan" is a registered trademark ofMicrosoft Corporation.
Technical office automation
It is the most widely-used word processor anlong H P
customers today. Designed for people who need occasional
word processing, MemoMaker allows your customers to
create and revise documents without learning complicated
commands. It is the ideal tool for writing memos, business
letters or reports.
Key features and benefits
Optimized for short documents - no in-depth or cryptic
commands to learn.
For HP Use Only
*The Management Solution includes MemoMaker, Multiplan, and
MicroTrak at a 15percent savings over the combined list prices of
the indir~idualproducts.
Design Systems
New sales tools available for
technical office
Technical office automa1:ion
pricing and ordering
inf ormat.io11
9880 1U
Opt. U04
Micro Trakl
Ann Sudduth/TSC
US list
Series 500 one to four users
AlislHP-UX license
Serles 500 one to eight uiers
AlisIHP-UX license
Upgrade from fuur to e i g ~users
AlislHP-UX license (use,rereives $3.500 credit for.
purchasing 98801U)
Series 2001300, single-user
Ser~es2001300, one to fo11r users
AlislHP-UX license
Series 2001300,single-uzer
Series 2001300, multiuser
Series 500, multiuser
Plot Trakl
Integral PC
Series 2001300, single-user
Series 500, multiuser
Series 2001300, multiuser
Series 500, multiuser
Financial management
AlislHP-UX brochure Four-color
containing an
overview of Alis.
AlisIHP-UX technical Complete technical
data sheet
specifications for
TOA software
Combines all TO 4
technical data
sheets and
TOA software flyer
Lists all TOA
products. Targeted
for shipments and
direct mail.
Alis/HP-UX video
Demonstrates all
Alis's major
HP 9000 software
price guide
Pricing information
for all TOA
TOA sales training
Complete sales info
for Alis and other
new TOA software
Mechanical engineering
Building design and con:.truction
Introductory science
22 5
Integral PC
(Mailed in
Series 2001300, single-u:;er
Integral PC
Series 2001300, single-u jer
Series 2001300, single-u jer
Series 2001300, multiusc,r
Serles 2001300. multiuser
Series 2001300. single-u!;er
Technical office automation (TOA) sales tools
There are a number of new sales tools available to help you
sell AlisIHP-UX and other new technical office automation
(TOA) software in both the the design automation ancl
measurement automation markets.
*All videos with a H E A R T number can be ordered only through
the H E A R T System - Corporate Training Development. Please
specify format with: Z f o r %-inch U-matic, V f o r %-inch VHS,
W f o r %-inch Beta.
Series 2001300, single-user
All of the above HP Integral PC products are available on
3%-inch discs; Series 2001300 products are iivailable on
3%-inch disc or 1%-inchtape; Series 500 products are available on %-inch tape. Order Option 045 for 3;5-inch disc and
December 1, 1985
For HP Use Only
Design Systems
How to get Alis/HP-UX and
other technical office
automation support
Steven Kauder/TSC
Technical Software Center's (TSC) technical office
automation is pleased to announce that Alis'"1HP-UX contractual support has been established as part of new
HP 9000 Series 2001300 and Series 500 office tools family
support services. These really can benefit your customers
by providing them with ongoing support after your initial
sales. Your customers will receive the latest product revisions and newest features and they will have Response
Center Support to assist them with their questions and
problem resolution. Please refer to the Alis data sheet (PIN
5953-9596) for particulars on ordering Alis contractual
support. Also remind your customers that HP's support is
ranked number one in customer surveys. Alis contractual
support should be another winner which increases
customer satisfaction.
HP Helpline remains the primary customer contact for
technical office automation products for the H P 9000
Series 200 computers and the HP Integral PC. These
applications are MemoMakerIHP-UX, Text Editor.
Data Grapher, Graphics EdiDiagraphTM,
Picture PerfectTM,
tor, MultiplanClHP-UX, MicroTrakTM/HP-UX,
HP-UX, TK!SolverR/HP-UX,CalculatorIHP-UX, Context
and T h e Management Solution.
New 3278 emulator for HP 9000
Series 200 and 300
Rita W&glesworth/CNO
Colorado Networks Operation (CNO) has revised the IBM
3278 Display Station Emulator (PIN 98695A and 98795A)
to run on the new HP 9000 Series 300 modular computers.
T h e Pascal 3.1-based version (PIN 50955A) provides the
same functions a s the previous emulation product bidirectional file-transfer capability for IBM TSO and CMS
operating systems and emulation of a n IBM 3278 display
T h e emulator operates with bit-mapped and alphalgraphics
displays, HP-HIL and 981619836 keyboards (US English
only), and printers and mass storage devices supported by
Pascal 3.1. Your customers can execute the emulator from
Pascal 3.1 or boot from the environment disc included in
the product. All current Series 200 and Series 300 models,
except the 226, are supported. T o permit the product to be
localized for non-US workstation keyboards and IBM control units, the keyboard and display tables are configurable
by a n HP systems engineer.
Obsolescence schedule
HP 98695A. Coax Interface Card
HP Helpline charges your customers for these products on a
per-incident basis. T h e HP Helpline phone number is 800858-8867. By January I , 1986, we will have contractual
Response Center Support available for these products on
the Series 200 and Series 300 as well a s for those products
which are ported to the Series 500.
Four products new to TSC technical office automation 98820A/B/C Statistics Library, 98821 A Numerical
Analysis, 98815A Graphics Presentation, and 98817A Project Management - are currently supported on a time-andmaterials basis from local offices.
All products listed above, for sales rep pre-sales questions,
are supported by the Workstation Sales Center in Ft.
Collins, Colorado. T h e sales center phone number is 303229-2600.
Diagraph'" and Picture Perfect'" are US trademarks of Computer
Support Corporation.
Multiplan is a US registered trademark ofMicrosoft Corporation.
MicroTrakTMand PlotTrakT"are US trademarks of SofTrak
Systems, Inc.
TK!Solver" is a US registered trademark o f Software Arts
Products Corporation.
Context MBATMis a US trademark of Context Management
Systems, Inc.
T h e new emulator replaces both the HP 98695A 3270 coax
interface card and the HP 98795A 3278 emulator software.
Removal from C P L :
Domestic orders.
Accepted untll December 3 1 , 1 9 8 5
International orders:
Accepted until March 31, 1986
HP 98795A, 3278 Emulator Software
Upgrade to Pascal 3.1 :
Removal from CPL:
February 1.198fi
Domestic orders:
May 1 , 1986
Accepted until May 31. 1986
International orders:
Accepted until August 31, 1986
Ordering information
US list
New 3278 Emulator
(Pascal 3.1-based version)
Opt. 042 Software on 5%" media
Opt. 044 Software on 3K" media
8 weeks
Customers may upgrade their software by purchasing by
January 31,1986, Software Material Subscription (SMS)
PIN 98795AfS00 for $5 per month. Customers ordering
SMS during January must include a note in the contract's
December 1, 1985
Design Systems
special instruc1:ions requesting the 98795A Rev. 2.0 distribution. No upgrade kits for the 98695198795 will be
HP 61062AA
Vectra PC performance
230.0 ms.
5U0.U ms.
Output 1 Character
o u t p u t 255 Characters
4.3 ms.
6.0 ms.
9.9 ms
11.8 ms.
Enter -12.34
Enter -1.234567E-06
6.6 ms.
8.2 rns.
14.9 ms.
19.0 ms.
315.0 ms
740.0 rns
Nelson Benchmark
National Irlstruments offerings
for HP Vectra PC
Donna Kimble/'ISL
The concept of inserting an IEEE-488 interface card in the
IBM PC to control HP-IB instruments is not a new one.
Hewlett-Packard has had such a product since April 1985.
(That's the HP 61062AA.) And in fact, IBM has been selling such a product since September 1984. They OEM their
card and software from National Instruments.
We have now tested the National Instruments GP-IB card
for the IBM PC A T a~ndit is fully compatible with the HP
Vectra PC. When the National GP-IB card is slotted in the
Vectra PC motherboard, its software recognizes the
mainframe as a n IBM PC AT. In the uuper right portion of
the screen, the software indicates an IBM P C A T - ~ S
Although we believe HP offers an excellent competitive
product, we also recognize the installed base 3f the National
Instruments card. An estimated 20,000 units have been
sold through IBM and through National's rep organization.
You will want to keep informed of coming enhancements to
the HP 61062AA, HE'-IB Command Library for MSTM-DOS.
like Compiled BASIC and Lattice C.
Feedback from our customers on the HP-IB Command
Library has been excellent. We have seen that even in
installations where the National Instruments card is more
readily available, users choose the HP solution. They claim
our commands and iniplementation are easier to understand.
Here is a competitive summary of features, which of course
doesn't include subjective measures like ease of use.
Benchmarks were run in Interpreted BASIC and are for
comparison purposes only. Note that National has recently
lowered their price to be more competitive wi( h our products. We still look great.
December 1, 1985
IBM PC AT performance:
Nelson Benchmark
Output 1 Character
5.8 rns.
13.7 ms.
Output 255 Characters
9.9 ms.
26.0 ms.
91 ms.
27.8 ms.
11.2 ms.
30.7 ms.
Enter - 12.34
Enter - 1.234567E-06
IBMlhIicrosoft BASICA
IBM/hIicrosoft Pascal
IBM/blicrosoft Compiled
Lattice C
coming soon
coming soon
application note
Computer Innovations C86
Supersoft FORTRAN
M~crosoftFORTRAN 3.2
IBM Professional FORTRAN no
TURBO Pascal
IBM 8086 Assembler
Card s u e
Phone-in support
Keep in mind that we have another HP-IB Command
Library for the HP Touchscreen personal computer family
(HP 14857AA). This means we offer language compatibility across the HP personal computer product line.
If you have questions about current support for the HP
61062AA or HP 14857AA, contact New Jersey Divisio~~
more information. If your customer has decided to buy the
National Instruments GP-IB card, a t least you can be
assured that it works with the HP Vectra PC. If you need to
contact a National Instruments rep, call one of these nurnbers: 800-531-5066 (National Instruments Sales and Service) or 800-531-4742 (GPIB) (National Instruments
Technical Support).
For HP Use Only
Design Systems
HP Vectra PC runs architectural
CADD software faster than IBM
Conrad Weiss/TSC
T h e Vectra Running Start Program is pleased to announce
that three top performing Architectural CADD software
packages now running on the IBM PC A T are 100 percent
compatible with the HP Vectra PC. T h e really good news is
that they are all running 30 to 50 percent faster on the
Vectra PC.
Autocad'", by Autodesk'", Inc. with an installed base
approaching 35,000 units and monthly sales nearing 3,000
units, ran at speeds ranging from 32 to 55 percent faster on
the HP Vectra PC than on the IBM PC AT. Autocad is the
dominant micro package in the AEC CADD market with
many software houses using it as a "kernel" for their own
applications and utilities to run on. Its rather generic nature
makes it an attractive package to write to, and its "household word" marketing image makes it a safe buy in the IBM
PC A T software market. Autocad will be a distributed HP
product for Vectra. For your local Autocad rep call: 1-800443-0100, ext. 406.
Cadvance8, by CalcornpT",is a high performance
architecture-specific CADD package originally developed
by P-CAD'"',and recently purchased by Calcomp. It has
been highly acclaimed in the architectural trade media and
includes many unique end-user features. Speed is one of its
major advantages with some end-users reporting speed
increases of six times faster than Autocad. Cadvance is
available internationally through select regional dealers.
Cadvance is a listed IlP software product. For your local
Cadvance rep call: 1-800-CALCOMP.
Microtecture'" Inc, is only eight months old in the
marketplace, but is moving their Microtecture software at
the rate of 100 units per month. Microtecture has earned
high praise in the architectural trade media by reportedly
"out-shooting" Cadvance. A full-house software bundle
costs $5,000 and performs 2-D, 3-D wireframe, and full office management with library capabilities. Currently,
efforts are under way to port Microtecture to the HP
Series 300 HP-UX 5.1. Graphics speed on the Model 320
should be very impressive. Microtecture will OEM the HP
Vectra PC and will be a listed HP software vendor for the
Series 300. Microtecture will sell software for either machine to IIP customers. For your local Microtecture'" rep
call: 1-804-295-2600.
T h e future looks good for these CADD solutions as predicted by International Data Corporation this year. Over the
For ,I1 u, on,"
next two years, 1986 and 1987, the market for micro CADD
systems will double each year. Number one will be EE CAD,
which will sell 51,000 systems. Number two will be
architectural CADD. which will sell 31,000 systems. Number three will be ME CAD selling 17,000 systems. Total
CADD sales over the next two years just in these three
markets will excede 100,000 systems.
A u focad %s a US registered trademark of A u todesk, Inc.
Cuduunce 9 s a L7S registered trudenzurk of Calcomp, Inc., n
Sanders Co.
Microtecture " is a US registered trademark of Microtecture. Inc.
P-CAD " is a CIS registered trademark of Personal C A D Systems,
P-CAD'S EE CAD solutions run
faster on HP Vectra PC
Conrad Weiss/TSC
P-CAD" (Personal CAD Systems, Inc.) offers a powerful
and continually evolving series of solutions in the EE CAD
arena. They are in a head-to-head battle with FutureNet
C o r ~ . ' "for the lead in the EE micro CAD marketwlace.
T h e Vectra Running Start Program is pleased to pronounce
P-CAD software 100 percent compatible. And, there's more
good news: P-CAD"' has graphics drivers for both the HP
35741A color monitor and several third party 640 X 480
resolution graphics cards and monitors. This is IBM's Professional Graphics Adapter'" (PGA) product.
HP is currently evaluating several third party vendors
which will allow us to OEM an IBM PGA graphics solut~on
in the near future.
All of the P-CAD software packages are running between
30 to 50 percent faster on the H P Vectra PC than on the
IBM PC AT. Run speed is really a good sell~ngpoint when
positioning the HP Vectra against the IBM PC A'T on
P-CAD'S auto-routing package PC-ROUTET".'l'he end user
w ~ l realize
faster board routes, greater productivity, and a
shorter payback for his purchase versus the IBM PC AT.
P-CAD offers a host of solutions and libraries including:
PC-CAPS, a hierarchical logic design system; PC-CARDS,
an interactive PC board layout design system; PC-LOGS, an
interactive logic simulator; PC-DRCINLC, design rules
checking and net list comparison program; PC-ROUTE,
automatic PC board routing program; CMOS family components library; TTL family components library; Discrete
device components library; Motorola T M O S macrocell
array library; Microprocessor components library; Motorola
ALS-TTL rnacrocell array library; P-CAD. ASCII I10
interchange format; PDIF, P-CAD database interchange
Design Systems
format; NX-SPICET",NX-SCICARDS interface package;
interface package; NX-TEGASTM,
interface ]package;NX-MLCP, P-CAD to
Motorola CAD system interface; NX-HILO, P-CAD to
[email protected] interface; NX-CBDSTM,
interface; NX-CVTM,
interface; LINEAR, symbols and parts library; Motorola
ECL array library; (;E8 semiconductor arrays and standard
cells; [email protected] cells library; LSI CMOS !;ate array
library; and Waferscale Integration gate array library.
Also in this issue
ARA Services chooses HP EGS over
IBM offering.
P-CAD is an HE' listed software vendor. For your local
P-CAD softwane rep, call 408-354-7193. All of these software products are supported on the H P Vectra PC right
now. HP has the better personal computer and P-CAD has
world class software. They make a great conlbination.
P-CADe is a US registered trademark ofPersona! C A D Systems,
FutureNete is a U S registered trademark ofFutureNet
MotorolaN is a US regtstered trademark of Motort,la Corp.
TEGAS'" is a US' trad(omark of Calma Systems.
HILOCb is a U S registered trademark of Gen-Rad, Inc.
CBDSTMis a US bradentark of Bell Northern Resecrrch.
CV'" is a U S tradema~kof Computervision, Inc.
G E " is a U S registered trademark of the General .Flectric CO.
TI' is a U S registered trademark of Texas Instruments Co.
For HP Use Only
December 1, 1985
Test and Measurement
Gates Energy uses HP 3497A for
battery testing
Terry DeKalb and Vic Petrosky/LID
Gates Energy, in Denver, Colorado, manufactures a line of
sealed lead acid rechargeable batteries. These batteries
have high-performance, long-life characteristics over a
wide range of temperatures. They are used in both the
H P 110 Portable computer and the H P 3421A Data
AcquisitionIControl Unit.
T h e Quality Assurance Department of Gates Energy, with
the assistance of H P sales rep, Dave Fonda (Englewood,
Colorado, Sales Office), has chosen the H P 3497A and a
Series 200 controller a s the basis for a test system to evaluate the quality and life cycle characteristics of battery production lots. T h e test system subjects the batteries to a
series of 24-hour chargeldischarge cycles during which
voltage, current, and time of day are monitored by the
H P 3497A. T h e test system then uses these parameters to
control the test process. T h e system r u n s both short 20-day
tests on random sanlples from each production lot of batteries, as well a s long, 300-to-500-day tests on each type of
battery in the product line to determine deep discharge
cycle life characteristics. Obviously, long term reliability
and stability of the test system and its components are
T h e test stand is pictured below. T h e H P 3497A configuration consists of one HP 3497A, two HP 3498A extenders,
eight 20-channel relay multiplexer assemblies, eight 16channel digital output assemblies, and five dual output
voltage DIA converters. An H P 9920 controller, HP 9133
Winchester disc drive and an H P 2225A ThinkJet printer
complete the H P hardware content of the system. One
HP-IB interface connects the H P 9920 to the H P 3497A,
while a second links the H P 9920 to the disc drive and
Ninety-six batteries at a time are tested, each in an isolated
position. Six voltage controlled (0-10V) load cells are at the
top of the test stand. Each load cell provides a current sink
(0-35A) to 16 batteries in series during the discharge cycle.
T h e batteries are discharged at a constant current. A
mercury-wetted relay, devoted to each battery, removes
the battery from the discharge cycle when the voltage
dropped across it falls below some minimum value. During
the charge cycle, batteries are connected in parallel and are
charged in sets of 16 at a constant voltage. As a full voltage
capacity of each battery is reached, it is removed from the
charge circuit.
T h e H P 3497A scans the batteries every 30 seconds.
measuring voltage (during discharge), current (during
charge), and time. Power and watt-hours are calculated and
stored together with the scanned data for later analysis.
graphing and statistical quality control. Relay switching,
and power supply and load cell voltage are also controlled
by the H P 3497A.
Maximum resolution of 4 % digits, together with a required
speed of two scans per second, were easily handled by the
H P 3497A. T h e test stand design, with the HP 3497A, was
substantially less money than the originally proposed inhouse solution. T h e system software, written in BASIC, is
custom. T h e ease of use of the Series 200 computer and the
power of "Rocky Mountain" BASIC were welcomed by the
development team, who have invested around one-half
man-year of programming in the system. Ease of interfacing the H P 9920 to the H P 3497A a s well as the control card
options available for the H P 3497A were also mentioned by
Gates Energy a s selling points. System engineer George
Tyrell's assistance in solving an EMI-related relay problem
reinforced HP's reputation for good. responsive, technical
Gates is very pleased with the system, which eliminates
man-years of painstaking manual data collection. It also
allows them to more accurately characterize and test their
batteries through larger statistical samples and the reliable
and automatic long-tern~test setups. Their future plans are
to build 20 to 30 more test systems over the next 1 0 years
and install them in Gates Energy facilities around the
world. They have purchased an H P 1000 A900 computer to
be used a s the system host, providing archiving, test
scheduling, and monitoring functions. Gates Energy
Marketing will use one of the next two test systems built
for special customer applications testing.
Gates is now in the process of evaluating the H P 3497A and
the H P 3421A for use in some of its production test
r, HP u s e 01
Networks & Peripherals
It can be configured as an Integrated Internetwork Gateway. In this case, it will provide access to the SNA network for all HP 1000 systems configured in an HP 1000
Distributed Systems Network.
31389AJB/C HP-IB cables
Multiple network interconnections can be configurl-d to
the same or multiple IBM hosts. Doing so will allow a
single HP terminal to be used as a 3270 terminal on
multiple IBM hosts.
Paul A mthauer/"MK
T h e following HP-IB cable products will be rc:moved from
the Corporate Price List on February 1,1986. T h e 31389A,
31389B, and the 313S9C will no longer be avililable, but will
be replaced by t h e 10833A, 10833B, and the 10833C. These
products are directly interchangeable.
3 1389A
1.0 meter HP-IB cable
2.0 meter HP-IB cable
4.0 meter HP-IB cable
$ 80
T h e gateway software can be configured to run concurrently with other applications in a processor, or in
extreme cases to run in a Dedicated Processor.
T h e interconnections of SNA 1000 with IBM use X.25
datacommunications. This communication's method is very
flexible, and allows point-to-point connections over leased
or private lines, as well as X.25 network connections (such
as DCS and Transpac). This means that the interconnected
processors can be geographically spread.
Customers may order via HEART, or for fast service and
quick delivery, via Diirect Marketing Division's direct order
phone numbers listed in the November 15 issue of Computer News.
How to order HP 2334A stat
mux for optimal operation wit:h
an HP 3000
Alic RakhmanofVGND
SNA 1000 software links
HP 1000s to IBM mainframes
T h e following hardware is strongly recommendedfor proper
operation of HP 2334A in "stat mux" configuration with an
HP 3000 computer:
H P 3000 hardware
A T P Modem or ADCC
HP 3000 to H P 2334A
HP 40221A for each HP 3000
port associated with one
remote terminal.
Erik Segers/Brussels .Sales
Colruyt is one of the major distribution companies in
Belgium. They have 250 outlets and are a major IBM user.
All outlets are now equipped with an H P 1000 computer for
real-time inventory control. In order to link al those
H P 1000s to the IBM mainframes, the Belgian project
center developed the SNA 1000 software.
SNA 1000 is a Network Gateway software program that
allows HP 1000 processors to integrate into IBM's SNA networks, permitting HP terminals or application programs to
appear to a n IBM host as 3270 terminals. SNA 1000 offers
multiple levels of integration into the SNA network:
It can be configured as a Single Processor Gateway. In
this case, it will provide access to the SNA network for
only one HP 1000 s:ystem. Multiple systems can be configured, each having the gateway software loaded and
having a link to an IBM host.
December 1, 1985
HP 40220A for each HP 3000
port associated with one
remote printer.
"Local" HP 2334A:
Modem control interface
(Option 123)
"Remote" HP 2334A:
Modem control interface
(Option 123)
Use standard terminal:
printer modem cable.
With this im~lementationthere is total flexibilitv to switch
between leased line connection and packet switching network connection, and between "switching connection
methods" (using switched virtual circuits) and permanent
connection method (using permanent virtual circuits). It
also gives different ways of using remote printers accorcling
to data integrity and performance. It also provides better
data security and performance.
continued on next page
For HP Use Only
Networks & Peripherals
However, for leased line connection only, HP 3000 ATP
Direct Connect and HP 2334A with Option 122 can be used,
if no "switching connection methods" are required. But in
this case, a high speed remote printer (like HP 2563A)
cannot be used with high performance (using HP 3000
terminal-type 18). Remember to always use HP 3000
system software MPE-VE or later version with HP 2334A
in "stat mux" configuration.
Trade-in on HP 7935 disc packs
Margo Clausen/DMD
Do you have accounts with H P 7935s that use Copycat or
private volumes and do not have their disc packs covered on
a service contract? Are these accounts wondering where
they can recycle their defective disc packs? Support
Materials Roseville provides this service at a cost of $1,000
per disc pack under PIN 97935-69000, supplying division
Customer orders must be placed through your local sales office. Foreign orders may be handled through Grenoble,
France, supplying division 6350. 'The defective disc pack to
be traded in must be received at Support Materials Roseville within 30 days of the order, or the account will be
billed for a new disc pack. If additional disc packs are
desired, they should be ordered for $1,530 from Direct
Marketing Division by calling 800-538-8787. For additional
information on trade in of defective disc packs, customers
should contact the nearest HP sales office. Sales offices may
contact Jorge Arreygue (ext. 7423) or Sandy Woodward
(ext. 7126) in Support Materials Roseville for further
HP 7907A disc drive support
Lil Blankenship/DMD
It is no secret the HP 7907A 41-Mbyte fixedlremovable
disc drive is targeted for military and security applications
that are dependent on the removable disc feature. This
allows customers to remove disc cartridges containing sensitive data and store them in locked cabinets, vaults, or
other secured storage locations. Many do not realize,
however, that similar considerations exist for the fixed disc.
The fixed disc cannot be removed from the mechanism; but
with the Media Retention option (R01) on the service contract, customers can keep their fixed disc and mechanism if
For HP Use Only
the equipment should fail without having to pay full list
price for the replacement. This means that for just $8 per
month, sensitive data stays in customers' possession and
they can still use HP's Exchange Program to their advantage in replacing the hardware.
Customers who are interested in the H P 7907.4, and are
concerned about the security of sensitive data on the fixed
disc, should be made aware that this option to the service
contract exists and that it was developed especially for
them. For specific details on this option, refer to the HP
CSG Service Price Book (microfiche) under the product
heading "7907A."
How to order the HP 7914CT
Paul Eaton/CPB
For the US and Intercon only
T h e HP 7914CT is a 132-Mbyte disc drive with an HP
9144.4 cartridge tape drive in a Raven cabinet. In the past,
US and Intercon have experienced some difficulties in
ordering the HP 7914CT. This has been due to regulatory
restrictions regarding shipment of the HP 9144A to these
areas and subsequently required Greeley Div~sion(GLD) to
ship the HP 9144A as a coordinated delivery.
We at Computer Peripherals Bristol (CPB) now have FCC
approval for shipment of the HP 9144A unit to the US and
Intercon. This, therefore, alleviates the cumbersome
method of ordering the combination of products from two
separate divisions. CPB will ship the complete HP 7914CT
worldwide beginning December 1, 1985.
Order the 7914CT wordwide as follows:
HP 7914CT
132-Mhyte discltape
220v/50 Hz
Delete cart dev
base price
The ordering method in Europe has not changed.
CPB also becomes the worldwide supplier of the HP 9144A
beginning December 1, 1985.
Also in this issue
Direct mail promotion for HP 7 9 7 6 A t o
HP 7978B trade-in program
Uecernber 1. 1985
Networks & Peripherals
HP 9142A loan units lealdto
sales in major accounts
Nancy M a t e l a K L D
T a k e the new personal computer tape backup (HP 9142A)
loan units into your major account and leave them for
evaluation. During the past two months, major account
sales reps have seen t:xcellent results. By mid-October,
eleven of the sixteen accounts which had corr~pletedtheir
evaluation gave the H P 9142A their stamp of approval, and
we expect to see signrficant sales from these accounts.
Ray Rose of the Lawndale, California, office followed what
has become a successful procedure for many sales reps. He
connected the loan unit with the interface card to an IBM
host. By demonstrating the key features and ::otal IBM
compatibility and then leaving it for several weeks with the
information systems' evaluators, Ray sold the unit. All that
work for one unit? Not at all. He is acutely aware of the
thousands of IBhI personal computers in the eccount and is
sending a mailer produced by Greeley Division to the narnes
on a list he has developed of personal computer users in the
account. "Official" acceptance and the pull of the mailer
should add up to a very good year for Ray and the
H P 9142A.
If you are interested in placing a loan unit in a major
account for use on either H P Touchscreen, Vectra, or IBM
PC personal computers, call Greeley Division at 303-3504658. We not only have the new tape backup I ~ u also
10-Mbyte, 20-Mbyte, and the new 40-Mbyte highperformance disc drivles available for loan. Thl: H P 9142A
direct mail piece can be obtained by calling tht: same
HP plotters on gurney make the
Stuart Schaffer/SDD
IBM Component Technology Division, in Austin, Texas,
recently puchased several data display plotters, including
the HP 7550A, the HP 7475A, and the H P 7470A. T h e plotters are now being: used as output devices in IBM's
laboratory. T h e most fascinating item associatt,d with the
sale was one of the sales tools used : a gurney.
December 1, 1985
Mike Deeny, Southern Region sales rep, demonstrating the
HP 7550A and hisgurney.
T h e IBM division currently uses HP laboratory equipment;
however, they had no plotters. A demonstration was
arranged to show the HP 3562A Dynamic System Analyzer,
and a n HP 7550A was connected to offer the customer a
complete solution. T h e gurney was wheeled in and, in the
words of Mike Deeny (Southern Sales Region's "freewheeling" sales rep), "The customer was really excited
about the speed and the idea of bringing the plotter along
for the demonstration. T h e plotter quickly became the
center of attention and stole the demonstration." As a
result, several HP plotters were purchased, and the
HP 3562A will be purchased subsequently.
While Mike admits the H P 7550A's high performance
actually made the sale, his gurney certainly helped facilitate
the demonstration. T h e San Diego Division (SDD) commends him for his innovative sales techniques. As Mike
says, "More sales reps should include a plotter in the field
demo. . . with every order include a plotter. . . sometimes
the only sale is the plotter." We a t SDD couldn't have said it
better ourselves.
Congratulations to Mike Deeny, Southern Sales Region, ,for
being thefirst recipient o f a free SDDflight/gym bag. SLID
continues to look for customer success stories for small format plotters. Ifyour story is chosen for publication in Cornputer News orInstrument News, we'll send you aflight/'
gym bag with the HP logo on one side and the SDD logo on
the other.
For HP Use Only
Networks & Peripherals
CalComp increases plotter
Jane KellyISDD
CalComp, one of HP's tough competitors for the pen plotter
market in the US, recently introduced upgrades to their
1040 series drafting plotters. These plotters, called the
1040GT series, feature new firmware called Plot Manager.
In addition, CalComp has increased the speed of the
CalComp 1042 from 6 inches per second (ips) to 14 ips,
which is the same speed as the CalComp 1043 and 1044.
CalComp claims the Plot Manager firmware is capable of
increasing throughput up to 60 percent compared to earlier
versions. This increase is due to pen and vector sorting,
which minimizes both pen changes and pen movements.
When competing against the improved CalComp 1040GT
series for a drafting plotter sale, remember the following:
HP has a superior reputation for reliability.
T h e H P 758X family of drafting plotters continues to
generate high praise and loyalty from its customers for its
superior reliability. What good is a plotter if it is standing
idle while awaiting a service representative?
Three independent research studies commissioned by HP
San Diego revealed that HP's drafting plotters have a
superior reputation for reliability. And for the majority of
persons surveyed, reliability was the most important
feature they looked for in a drafting plotter.
The speed of the HP 758X is still competitive.
T h e IIP 758X plotters have faster acceleration (4 g versus
1 g) and higher velocity (24 ips versus 1 4 ips) than the
CalComp 104X.
When H P San Diego conducted benchmark tests comparing
the H P 7585 with the CalComp 1043 without Plot Manager,
the HP plotter was found to be 40 to 8 0 percent faster.
(The benchmark drawings were constructed as a draftsman would; no effort was made to optimize plot time. See
the CalComp competitive brief, PIN 5953-9847.)
Thus, if the new Plot Manager firmware program in the
CalComp 1040 series does increase throughput by up to 6 0
percent, this will, at best, only allow CalComp to achieve
parity in terms of speed with the HP 758X.
Although we have not yet verified that CalComp has indeed
improved the speed of the 1040 series as much as they have
claimed, it is safe to assume that the CalComp 1040 is at
least somewhat faster. T h e positioning of the HP 758X
family, however, has not changed. T h e HP 758X family
offers an unmatched combination of high performanceand
high reliability.
For HP ,,se only
HP 7470A still available
A1 Fitzgerald/SDD
T h e H P 7470A plotter is still available and will be manufactured as long as significant customer demand continues. We
expect some of our OEM customers who focus on the scientific measurement market, to continue to order the
H P 7470A. Over the next year, the new H P ColorPro plotter should evolve into the preferred choice for most AlA4size applications.
A new two-page black-and-white data sheet (PIN 59547076) for the HP 7470A has been prepared to replace the
old data sheet which covered both the HP 7470A and
HP 7475A plotters. This data sheet should be in stock in
your sales office soon.
Graphics software support for
the HP 7550A plotter
Stuart Schaffer/SDD
One of the primary benefits of the HP 7550 is its ability to
plot many graphs without supervision from the operator.
Because the HP 7550 is a high-performance plotter, it provides the perfect solution for customers needing highquality graphics, fast throughput, multiple plots, and unattended operation. However, while many software packages
support the HP 7550, not all of these packages utilize each
of the plotter's advanced features.
Software that supports the HP 7550's automatic sheet-feed
function allows the plotter to draw multiple plots while the
customer performs other operations at the terminal. Software utilizing a batch process gives the user the option of
creating multiple charts and storing them in a batch file.
T h e number of copies of each chart is variable. Spooling
software allows the operator to create another graph, or do
another task. while the current graph(s) is plotting.
Listed on the facing page are software packages that support the H P 7550's automatic sheet-feed function through
either a batch (B) or a spooled (S) process. This list is current as of the date of publication; however, HP 7550 software support is growing so rapidly that it is impossible to
supply you with a complete matrix. This list does not constitute an endorsement by Hewlett-Packard of any of the
software listed.
Networks & Peripherals
Fermx *lsrooyriom
1 510"aPter
rrcisien m?sourcep
~ a t n OEC
I Y I S tanager. I s m G-.PhiES
Osta 1 ~ 1 t h1-
R e r e n t a t i o n QaDhics.
wens @ p l i e d E l e c t m m p n o t l c s
International HP 2603 products
now on Corporate Price List
HP 2627A terminal
Cesar Negret te/HPPR
The HP 2627A color graphics terminal will be removed
from the Corporate Price List March 1,1986. The product is
being discontinued because the HP 2397A color graphics
terminal replaces it functionally at a much lower price
($3,095 versus $5,975).
HP's Finance and Remarketing Division (FRD) will offer
refurbished HP 2627A's through March 31,1990. These
terminals will be priced at the attractive rate of $2,650 (US
list). Please contact Rhonda Willen (FRD Market Development) at TELNET 720-4165 for ordering and availability
The normal five-year support life will apply on the pro~juct.
Last shipments will occur on May 31,1986.
HP 2628A terminal off
Corporate Price List
Duane Schulz/VCD
Cesar Negret te/HPPR
To make it easier to distinguish European and Intercon
orders for the new HP 2603A office printer, we have added
several "international" HP 2603A product numbers to the
Corporate Price List effective December 1.Sir.ce the
HP 2603A features user-selectable internatio:~alvoltages,
these units differ only in the power cord included in the
carton. All current HF' 2603A product numbers are listed
The HP 2628A word processing display terminal will b'e
removed from the Corporate Price List March 1, 1986.
Many of the terminal's features (with the exception of
HP Word capability) are found on the new HP 2390-series
HP 2603A
HP 2603AB
HP 2603AG
USIStandard version
European version
Inte~rnationalversion for
Australia, Argentina.
New Zealand, Uruguay
Intercon version
Swiss version
United Kingdom version
Danish version
HP 2603AK
HP 2603AQ
HP 2603AU
HP 2603AY
cord number
HP Word capability is available on the HP 150BITouchscreen and Touchscreen I1 personal computers. Refer to the
October 15, 1984, and May 1, 1985, issues of Computer
News for further information.
HP's Finance and Remarketing Division will offer refurbished HP 2628As through March 31,1990. The units will
be priced at $2,300 (US list). For availability and ordering
information, please contact Rhonda Willen at FRD
(TELNET 720-4165).
The HP 2628A will carry a five-year support life extending
through March 31, 1991. Last shipments from HewlettPackard Puerto Rico will take place on May 31,1986.
If you have questions regarding any of these versions,
please contact HP Var~couverBusiness Development.
December 1, 1985
For HP Use Only
Please send undel~veredCnrnpul~rfv'~rc,s copies to COMPUTER NEWS. 20BV. 3000 Hanover Street. Palo Alto. CA 94304
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